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Yoshi Babe

By wsache007
"Yoshi!!! :heart:"
What can I say? Princess peach is soooo gonna be damn piss with mario if she see's those two together :XD:
Drawn,inked, and colored done by me© 2013

Yoshi belongs to© nintendo
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© 2013 - 2021 wsache007
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How about "Yo-She"? I think that would work.
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No. Just stop... First of all, why? Second, Yoshi is a reptile and reptiles are intolerant to milk, so why would a reptile have breasts? Third, it is more likely that Yoshi is a self-fertilizing hermaphrodite (as Yoshi can lay eggs without the need of a mate). Fourth, why?
ThatCuteDinosaur's avatar
That's a lot of science. But I totally agree in every way.
I got a question.
I want to win a Price at a contest.
The Challenge is to build a Pic with Photoshop, where Yoshi is in the holidays.
I wanted to ask you, if its ok if I use your Yoshi women for my Picture!? =)
I want to make a picture, where she and a yoshi with Big muscles are at the beachside.
Sry for my bad englisch. Don't really got much practice in the last few years ^^
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Check out my female yoshi.
ThatDinoDude's avatar
I'm pretty sure Yoshis are hermaphrodites.
Legobyte's avatar
Sooo my fan fiction is a lie?!

(Sarcastically plays SAD music.)

ThatDinoDude's avatar
Lol, well I guess I can keep the facts to myself as long as you keep your fan fiction to yourself.
This is very good but for me it loses its appeal simply for it being a yoshi. It just messes with my head. Otherwise its still really good not my cup of tea.
bubbles46853's avatar
Very cute! *hugs*
wsache007's avatar
You and your hug's :D
bubbles46853's avatar
Head-ZonkStudios's avatar
Ummm.... Ah... er.... :confused:

Sir... I'm afraid you missed the mark. This... this just does not work. It's just way too weird.
Yoshi, of any color and type, is meant to be in the cool/cute category, NOT in the sultry woman category. You try to depict something like that in a manner like this, the results are almost always very strange. It ju-just.... Some things just don't work, you know?

No offense, okay? Just... you know.^^;
wsache007's avatar
Yeah, I love you too :meow:
brookerlorichon's avatar
... I dont know what to say. :/ And no im not saying its bad, but im not saying its good either. just my opinion. Mainly its a bit weird to look at a female Yoshi. Sry if you take offence
wsache007's avatar
None taken, Your comment doesn't sound negative at all :meow:
brookerlorichon's avatar
Thx! And hope see more great art soon! :P
T-BioHazard's avatar
:$ so erm... do i still get to ride you?
Mrv365's avatar
:P :D !!!!!!!!!!!!
Zepher87's avatar
Forget Mario i'm taking her for my self! *takes femyoshi and runs off.* ^^
Love your art. ^^ You really know how to make them look increadable.
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