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Shark Week New School gal student

By wsache007
" Shark Week is here and so is school very soon, because you'll be meeting during your first day period :blowkiss:"
:iconsharkplz: HAPPY SHARK WEEK PEOPLE :iconsharkplz:!!!!!

:star:- "Background" downloaded from :iconclaude01:"…"

:star:- "SHARK WEEK" 2013 logo downloaded from here:…

:star:- Poses and references…

:star:- And again View :iconsqueedgemonster:'s work, She's the True Queen who Draws/Designs beautiful Shark Gals and characters ;)
:iconstarplz:View all of my Shark gals here:…
Shark Week New School gal student by me©
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Hope she won't freak out the teachers and students or school is real HELL
ManjiLuo's avatar
turbomag's avatar
She's with the cool kids and so am I or was when I was In school. The cool kids then where the kids in engineering and I was in engineering so I was with the cool kids.
KaitoShion95's avatar
This is why I love shark week... THE FAN ARTS! La la la la  she is gorgeous! ^^
deviantartroll's avatar
Great. Now every time I here the Jaws theme I get a boner.
Head-ZonkStudios's avatar
I've got two questions:

1. Why are all of your ladies standing on their tip-toes?
2. At what point did you stop liking real clothes?
TheLonelyRoad16's avatar
-pokes teacher- 'scuse me, what do I have to do make sure I have the same schedule as her?
lec-the-wolf's avatar
omg,hottest shark ever :D
Struffert20's avatar
she looks like a great white
wsache007's avatar
Yeah, in her younger years XD
HeroOfTengoku7K's avatar
Shark Week is awesome. I've seen it since I was 5
Struffert20's avatar
I saw what you did there.. lol
masivdub's avatar
this is actually hot xD
Lunis1992's avatar
Man, you make great sexy girls x3
wsache007's avatar
Thanks <3 And so do you :D:heart:
furs12's avatar
Nice girl like she
InterJim126's avatar
She is BEAUTIFUL :love: I think I'm in love... (again) :D
sonic-mj's avatar
Просто шикарная,пожалуй женился бы на ней,словил бы такую)).Отличная работа.Love
k-a-y-dee6678's avatar
I have a feeling her classes are PACKED. X3
wsache007's avatar
You and me both brotha >:3
sharkplane77's avatar
wants phone number :giggle:
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