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Sergal stud #2 _Full body sketch

  It's been such a while since I've drawn any Sergals lately, however...I've only drawn Female Sergals :) Sssoooooo, why not a Male type Sergal this time then huh? ;P
A big, strong, gentle, and quite the Relaxing male type Sergal..Hmm? Hehe, this is one Sergal that's probably gonna steal your heart/love or something in near Future O3o.

 Oh well :shrug: Enjoy, But don't Over-enjoy it too much :XD:

:star:- This is the same character as the Previous one Sergal stud by wsache007 This is the Full body version of Him :) Don't he look so adorable? <3


:star:- Sergal species created and belongs to :iconmick39:©

:star:- Art drawn by me :iconwsache007:©
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EugeniyBurnt's avatar
Wonderful pectoral muscles.
GURGLEGUY12345's avatar
...No, really, please, lemme meet 'im... Big and sexy, yet sweet, gentle, and cuddly? I'm in LOOOOOOOVE.
GURGLEGUY12345's avatar
...Holy SHIT I'm in love...
PanScolipede's avatar
Oh, I wouldn't mind hitting that~
marktorquequantum's avatar
take me my handsome man as i shall melt in your arms like butter in a microwave (faints)
Scoots-Buragi's avatar
Mother of all bara!
InterJim126's avatar
Corrr ohh yes! <3
Shadow-Monger's avatar
He's kind of feminen how he holds himself; all goof in my book, I'll help him find a guy who can make his life!

... Not me if course, I like girls, I just want to be friends. ;)
boysketch's avatar
Holy Mother of God ... I think we have a very disappointed father of your child (no offense)
wsache007's avatar
Lol XD


I don't get it :meow:
boysketch's avatar
Well, what I meant is that I was pretty good at drawing male Sergal
lucidhero696's avatar
The artsy muscle definition is always my favourite thing about your work, bro.
Another awesome addition.
Cash-Cow's avatar
I still want him inside me
marktorquequantum's avatar
i want the whole package *giggle* *blushes*
Superbro24's avatar
I'm not gay but this is kinda sexy
marktorquequantum's avatar
im a bisexxual woman so lol your not alone
CinemaFurryBoy150's avatar
Wow! What a hunk! *faints*
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