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Military Snake Emilly_completed

:iconstopsignplz: It is VERY important that you read whatever descriptions that's been written down b4 you comment, because you may find some useful informations that Artists may have stated below in their descriptions as well. So read & enjoy


Private Emilly Reporting on for Duty and a waiting your ordersssss....Ssssir!! :iconsaluteplz:"

:star:- As we all know, we are all merely Humans, and their are certain territories that are either too Dangerous or too Forbidden for even a mere human to even dare enter. So, why not send in a Inhuman soldier. Perhaps maybe this one right. Her names Emily, and she's been hired by the military to scout out or investigate any suspicious targets or Anomalies within the restricted area of a Heavy dense Forest or Jungle.She's a very Excellent Climber and very swift at what she does. So if you even try to catch her....She'll out wit you :D

RANKED: Stealth killer

:star:- Now, in this artwork many of you would be like "Wow...A snake with a knife and a Rifle..So what?” So what? Well then I’ll tell yaz, We’re all all human beings yes? But however, we’re no match for Mother Nature’s deadly elements of life and Death; Air,Water; Earth, & Fire. Infact we cannot live in with only one element or seasons alone. We’d die :dead:
Not only that, we humans don’t even come close to natures most clevered species on Earth...The “Animals” They have been, Now and forever will be one of Nauters most Dominant species on Earth. Cuz Humans are to ignorant and evil. Plus, they Need us as much as we needed them over the past Generations :P

:star:- Snake Emilly, is most Certainly one Snake and millitary that can withstand the harshest conditions in a tropic or dessert region which can cause a strong and smart Soldier to loose his mind, dehydrate, and parish underneath one of Natures most well and Familiarized elements especially during the Wars in the Past and Present...The dreaded and Harmful Sunlight and it’s intensive heat tha can cause a human to hallucinate, loose their mind and die of Dehydrations. But no, not snakes.. Cuz reptilians are Cold-blooded and at which they can handle the heat because they are attracted/driven by heat signatures. And they have no need for water to rehydrate themselves. Anyways, Snake Emilly is one of the best that can handle the Heat that can throw at her...She'll just be passing by ;P With her long thick and strong ass tail, she can use it to help lift herself up 4ft or so off the ground to get a better & Clear view at whatever target that she's been assigned to, even if her Rifle's equipped with a very Powerful magnifying Scope if she can't see her target because of an obstacle that's blocking her line of fire....She can use her tail to give herself a lift :D

:star:- View her in Military form...So of XD

:star:-:bulletwhite:"Light Rays" brushes"___created & downloaded from :iconpsauburnchick12:

:star:- "Pose-study5" drawings and references by :iconkate-fox:©

:star:- Unkown/classified gun practiced, referenced, and with some help from :iconsouzousha: himself :D

:star:- all fire arm artworks drawn,designed, and created by :iconsouzousha:©

:star:- "plateau-04" stock photo downloadede from :icongreenleaf-stock:©

:star:- Do You know Debbie Gibson?....Do remember any of her songs such as the one that was used in the Syfy's original film/movie Mega Python vs Gatoroid?

No??.....well then maybe these will help :D

:iconstarplz:- Debbie Gibson herself: Photos & a biography on her..Enjoy :D :

:iconstarplz:- Debbie Gibson: "Snake Charmer" song : Listen and enjoy :icondancingplz:

Military/Stealth snake Emilly belongs to me©
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Have fun with the gun exploding in your hands.

swegChief69's avatar
It's not a snake if it has limbs

snakes actually had limbs once

Justaguyusing's avatar
Emilly, you don't need a knife. As long as you're venomous you can just bit your target and he/she just get stung to death. Easy. (For you)
CatzK3's avatar
... I dunno, it just kinda defeats the purpose of being a snake if the character has limbs... 
DiamondWolfGirl989's avatar
Ew only guys here?
im bi af and the on,y girl here probably xd ;-; mdmjdjdmmdmdd
hot jdjejsjejd
The-Ender-King's avatar
If her weight leaning on that firearm bends the barreling that gun won't shoot straight
Furmaster147's avatar
I'm so jealous of your skills
JJclaw23's avatar
damn that thing is HOT im talking about the AK-47
WerewolfLinkFan's avatar
Wow this looks really good!!:D
lordmalishun's avatar
Does stealth killer=assassin?
Is that gun the l85
f192's avatar
It appears to be a bullpup ak of some sort
RainbowZekgoIngo's avatar
What call snake and human?
Zowen2001's avatar
Give me a teacup and I'll win. Then we have sex
Canadaguy46's avatar
I would win against her in a fight.
CrazyGraeHawkatoo's avatar
Just saying, you don't EVER let the muzzle of your gun touch the ground.  Aside that, nicccce work!
wsache007's avatar
Ah-HA!!! That's where Dis comes in ;) Military Snake Emilly being shirtless X3 by wsache007
CrazyGraeHawkatoo's avatar
Needless nudity is needless, but nice comeback on the muzzle. =p
wsache007's avatar
To bad that Muzzle Protection doesn't exist though :P

Or at Least, I don't think....
wsache007's avatar
But if it ever does exist. Imagine giving a decommissioned AK-47 with a special gun Barrel Protection like that and then donating it an Elderly old man...and then
he uses it a Cane ;P
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