End of the road?
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Published: August 6, 2011
Well, things have not worked out well so I'm very near to closing this place now.

I thought this would be a good place to sell my work and that has not turned out to be the case - sales and requests for prints have been almost nil and unless things turn around I will cancel my account and give this place up for good.

I am reluctant to do this, but after many years of trying to find out what people actually want to buy, I have have concluded that they don't want to buy anything...

Final decision pending.

Thanks to all my followers again, you have been great.
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don't go dude, you are a vital to this website
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LaterTimeLordStudent General Artist
:omg: Don't. Just don't. I love your artwork.
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Element4ryHobbyist General Artist
Hey, I'm watching your work some time, and I enjoy it. Did you try sending some previews to magazines about aviation? From time to time they need this kind of work. And don't close account here:)
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As for the "right-clickers": that's what watermarks are for! ;)
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Sudsy and others hit the nail on the head - DA isn't a good place to sell art but is a great place to show your work.

I don't have a paid DA account for this reason, but I do pay for my own website and direct interested parties to it with a link in my caption or statement on the art.
This strategy has landed me quite a bit of work (and more window shoppers/ tire kickers who lose interest once the learn you want to be paid for your hard work that they "loved"... ;) ).

Your work seems like it would sell like crazy at air shows or in military history or aviation magazines. I need to do the same thing: promote my work at car shows and in car/ off road magazines.

My brother did this with his fish carving business and once the ground work or network of exposure was laid, he was busier than he could handle.

DA charges too much for prints, too. A price point that people will pay is hard to find. Sell cheap prints with minimal profit margin and you might do more business in bulk and still make out good. Or sell high end prints with reasonable profit margins (profit is a fair thing!) and get less buyers, but still do okay.

I'm glad to see you are reviewing your decision, I've gone thru this several times too. Even thought about shutting down my website once (I wasn't busy because I wasn't promoting it! People don't often just "happen" across my site, but they see it all the time because I attach it to everything I do online: Facebook, emails to friends, DA, etc.).
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Thanks for the comment, some sound words there.

I have pretty much finalised this place as a loss-leader now.

Things have changed drastically in the last few months, and I am actually earning proper money doing none-aviation CAD work.

So I have a split - My 'hobby work' (aircraft) and my 'real work' (CAD) This means I can stop thinking about earning money from here but still take on commissions as need be, at the same time as concentrating 90% of my effort into CAD (which pays 10x aircraft work)
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That's the crux of it isn't it? If only we could be paid to do what we love to do! ;)
If you leave DA, it will be less rich and (unfortunately) more populated by mindless anime and smut.
So, hoping to see your "hobby" work from time to time (pretty most of what I put up here is in that category, too).
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AviatorGriffinHobbyist Traditional Artist
please dont your work is really helpful
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the7kid90Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Dude, I would buy a few shirts and stuff, your art is friggin' amazing. No money though -.-+
Alot of people, like you, get looked over becuase people perfer friggin' Sonic over planes. I know this becuase I used to draw sonic stuff, but when I stopped, 98% of my watchers left.

People just don't appricate art anymore, but you shouldn't leave becuase some one ain't buying it, Hell this should be an excuse to do better! You still have plenty of watchers, me included, Hell you inspred some of my plane designs. Keep at it man, Never Give Up!

Semper Fi
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Thanks - I wish you well, and hope you get richer... :D
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the7kid90Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I hope you do good too. Good Luck Mate. :)
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You should make sexy plane print maybe with girls, maybe like this one: [link]

Otherwise you really should contact publishers that writing about warplanes.
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That's a nice picture.
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I'm glad to hear that you are not leaving yet!

However, and I have to say this, here in DA the successful one are the guys that drawn (and not created art) anime fanart with lots a lots of sex in it (without being graphical), heck, that's why people like you get overlooked all the time.

As for me, I would love to buy a calendar of yours, or a print, but I don't have paypal over here, the only way is sending you the money directly, and that involves exchanging personal information, I don't have a problem with if, but I don't know about you...
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I know what you are saying, but sadly for me, I am terrible at drawing people!

As for buying stuff, you would be buying from deviantART, not me direct, so I don't know if there are other options like sending a cheque or something... it might be worth asking...
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Its not worth it, believe me, basically (and excuse the language) you have to suck Japans dick in order to be a somewhat "successful" devianart...

Well, I've seen that you can use a credit card, but... my family and I have had so many problems with those in the past, that its unlikely I use that method...
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danybozHobbyist General Artist
Back from some holidays, I just discover your journal... and I'm so glad you decided to stay.
Like other members here, I don't think DA is the best place to sell. It's more like a big portfolio for showing what you can do... and you're one of the best "aircraft profiler" I've ever seen. ;)

I hope you'll stay here and also find your expectations... if not here, perhaps on another website with more selling opportunities.

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Thank you for that - I have decided to review things again at the end of the year.
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maikarantHobbyist Photographer
I agree that dA isn't the best platform to sell your stuff, but then you're trying to cater to a niche market... but dA might be one of the better platforms to show off your stuff and create a following. ;)

There are a few specialist publishers out there who are constantly looking for artists though who provide 2D or 3D art...
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Yeah I agree that Devianart is an excellent place to show off your work but not the best place to sell. It sucks that you are thinking of leaving but if you are looking for a place to sell artwork I think you should go elsewhere. Deviantart takes a significant piece of the pie from the artist last I checked and I know I have not bought prints. The only thing I do on Deviantart involving money is to buy subscriptions or deal directly with artists for personal commissions. I am sure some people buy prints though as I see many people selling their work that way.

You are one of the best aircraft and vehicle artists on Deviantart but I don't think even that talent will sell here. Dealing directly with customers is the best bet or hosting your work on sites dedicated to aircraft art.
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Thank you, I have decided to stay open for a bit longer.
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SudsySutherlandHobbyist General Artist
I have to agree with the general sentiment that DA sucks for selling; but is fantastic for both a portfolio and a free gallery to show off your talent to the world. I think you would certainly do pretty well getting physical prints done by a good print shop and setting up a booth at air shows and other venues where aviators and enthusiasts gather!

I love seeing your work in my DA Watch!
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I'm re-thinking strategy...
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SudsySutherlandHobbyist General Artist
I thank you for doing so!
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