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Bell 412 Azerbaijan 1 by WS-Clave Bell 412 Azerbaijan 1 :iconws-clave:WS-Clave 18 7 Air War 1969 July by WS-Clave Air War 1969 July :iconws-clave:WS-Clave 15 23 Air War 1967 November by WS-Clave Air War 1967 November :iconws-clave:WS-Clave 13 5 Air War 1941 June by WS-Clave Air War 1941 June :iconws-clave:WS-Clave 13 7 AJS 7R 350 by WS-Clave AJS 7R 350 :iconws-clave:WS-Clave 23 6 Shield Filliol 2 by WS-Clave Shield Filliol 2 :iconws-clave:WS-Clave 6 1 Shield Filliol 1 by WS-Clave Shield Filliol 1 :iconws-clave:WS-Clave 6 0 Shield Ferrers 2 by WS-Clave Shield Ferrers 2 :iconws-clave:WS-Clave 7 0 Shield Ferrers 1 by WS-Clave Shield Ferrers 1 :iconws-clave:WS-Clave 6 0 Shield France 1 by WS-Clave Shield France 1 :iconws-clave:WS-Clave 7 0 Shield Finland 1 by WS-Clave Shield Finland 1 :iconws-clave:WS-Clave 8 0 Shield Fanecourt 1 by WS-Clave Shield Fanecourt 1 :iconws-clave:WS-Clave 6 0 Shield Exeter 1 by WS-Clave Shield Exeter 1 :iconws-clave:WS-Clave 8 0 Shield Eversley 1 by WS-Clave Shield Eversley 1 :iconws-clave:WS-Clave 6 2 Air War 1952 August by WS-Clave Air War 1952 August :iconws-clave:WS-Clave 16 12 Air War 1944 July by WS-Clave Air War 1944 July :iconws-clave:WS-Clave 20 8


Battleship by Lyle462 Battleship :iconlyle462:Lyle462 36 25 Priestess (DVG) by dashinvaine Priestess (DVG) :icondashinvaine:dashinvaine 314 13 Rothmans Porsche by Lyle462 Rothmans Porsche :iconlyle462:Lyle462 65 22 Emma in Armour by dashinvaine Emma in Armour :icondashinvaine:dashinvaine 379 10 Anchor Line by Lyle462 Anchor Line :iconlyle462:Lyle462 19 15 Tiefling Prophetess by dashinvaine Tiefling Prophetess :icondashinvaine:dashinvaine 299 7 Girl and Sword by dashinvaine Girl and Sword :icondashinvaine:dashinvaine 357 13 The Flying Schoolgirl by Lyle462 The Flying Schoolgirl :iconlyle462:Lyle462 57 36 Ladybird  by ChristmasCarol87 Ladybird :iconchristmascarol87:ChristmasCarol87 1 1 Courtyard  by ChristmasCarol87 Courtyard :iconchristmascarol87:ChristmasCarol87 2 0 Cloudscape  by ChristmasCarol87 Cloudscape :iconchristmascarol87:ChristmasCarol87 1 1 Reflection by ChristmasCarol87 Reflection :iconchristmascarol87:ChristmasCarol87 2 0 Dandelion  by ChristmasCarol87 Dandelion :iconchristmascarol87:ChristmasCarol87 1 0 Joan of Arc by dashinvaine Joan of Arc :icondashinvaine:dashinvaine 1,289 202 Sword Fyendbyter by dashinvaine Sword Fyendbyter :icondashinvaine:dashinvaine 48 5


Bell 412 Azerbaijan 1
The Bell 412 is a twin engined utility helicopter that was introduced in 1981.

The 412 was derived from the 212 and widely used by military and civilian operators around the world.

The 412 has a crew of 1-2 pilots and carries up to 13 passengers and 4,500 lb (2,040 Kg) of external cargo.

This example is a Bell 412 of the Azerbaijan Air Force 2018.
Air War 1969 July
In the early part of the 20th century the oppressive government of El Salvador led to many people migrating to nearby Honduras.

The situation for the settlers deteriorated in he late 60s as Honduran nationalism increased.  Events came to a head in 1969 when both countries played each other in the FIFA World Cup.

The rioting and nationalism led to the end of diplomatic relations and skirmishes with both sides using WW2 era aircraft.  The ‘Football War’ lasted from July to August.

The aircraft shown are a Douglas Dakota - used as a bomber - and F4U Corsairs from El Salvador and F4U Corsairs from Honduras.
Air War 1967 November
In 1967 the Vietnam War was slogging on and the US forces were struggling to deal with incursions across the borders with Laos and Cambodia.

Troop-supporting ground attacks had been been carried out by Douglas Skyraiders, but they were large and slow-moving, so losses were high.

A jet powered replacement was needed for close air support, and the tiny Cessna A-37B Dragonfly was chosen.  The Dragonfly flew 160,000 sorties with 22 losses by the end of the war.

The aircraft shown are from the 604th Special Operations Squadron flying a ‘lights out’ mission, which required a dive down 100 feet altitude in the dark before releasing their bombs.
Air War 1941 June
In June 1941 Nazi Germany launched Operation Barbarossa, the invasion of the Soviet Union, which was Hitler’s plan to take territory and resources in the East.

The invasion plan was to win a quick war using the Luftwaffe to lead the attack, despite not being fully re-equipped since the war in the rest of Europe.

The Luftwaffe bombers, dive bombers along with heavy fighters were highly successful at destroying Soviet aircraft on the ground, and their air superiority continued for many months.

The aircraft shown are Ju 88 bombers of KG51, and Messerschmitt Bf 109 fighters of JG51 and JG53 being intercepted by MiG-3s from various Soviet units.
AJS 7R 350
The AJS 7R was a 350cc racing motorcycle built in Britain by Associated Motor Cycles from 1948 to 1963.

The 7R had a single-cylinder engine of 32 hp in original form, but was successful despite it’s drawbacks.

Later factory versions had a new 40 hp engine design, and with it’s light weight, could top 115 mph by 1957.


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