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Scrap - Freehand 21

In contrast to my recent work in Painter, my newer work in Photoshop has been about 'getting a grip on the basics'. Generally my sketch focus has been on how a thing is drawn, not what is drawn. Sharpening brush skill. Now I'm just starting to work on putting that skill to use, as is slowly becoming clearer.

Three visual types here. Abstract on top, what may be called visually symbolic in the middle, and what could be called stylized below that. The last type I like the lest, because stylization does not demand enough from artist or viewer. Abstraction is fine, to a point, but it is hard to leverage coherently as a tool of communication... I like the middle best, it's symbolic in the sense that it is unclear unless you are knowledgeable, but if you are informed you will get the message. You can see in this type a meeting point of the other two types [meshes his fingers together], coherent yet free, demanding yet natural.


Drawn with Photoshop in Mac OSX with custom brush[s], with Wacom, from imagination.
Scale shown is working scale !
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i like the top one... reminds me of a demon materializing

the second reminds me of smoke curling over an eye - its nice

the bottom looks like charcoal-ish.. but it looks like a horse/bird/bleh etc...

maybe i see a key in the second one?

uninformed is definitely something i am

but... "you make pretty drawing sir"