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Scrap - Freehand 17

These are all painted with a new family of brushes I've been working on this last week. A family for fast texture creation, a "larger samples with more spacing featuring simplified controls and slight randomness" kind of family...

This is short of my old 'photo manipulation' ["digital composite"!] side coming out, combining texture elements to make a complex whole. In this case it's much faster and more fluid then standard compositing because it's all controlled through a wacom brush, pressure defines size while direction defines angle and speed defines denseness. So basically, it's using the wacom as an advanced paste/transform system to deliver Sample onto the image with more speed and control then conventional means.

Speed really is the cool part, takes as little as 3min to paint a frame like the ones up top. It's a bit rough, but as a fast way to make a texture base, it's a cool new tool in my kit.


Drawn in Photoshop with custom brushes, with Wacom, from imagination. Scale shown is working scale.
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Simply gorgeous, man :)
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Thanks man :thanks:

You do manip and digi painting, so you are in a good position to give a technical opinion. What do you think the pros and cons are of this style visually? Would it be better to do old school manip for textures, or maybe to give up on this and go back to a more classical painting look? Just interested in your two cents.
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I've had problems with old school textures in some ways , I've had in my head an specific pattern/texture I want to have in a certain piece and I have a lot of troubles finding one that I really like and most of the times I end using a random texture which can be helpful but the effect might not the one I was looking for, in this case I could try to simulate a texture of my own taste, so, in that way it could be really helpful, as I said, I think for a hand-made texture it looks gorgeous.

What I think it could be a disadvantage it could be the size, I always work at 4500x3000 px and sometimes is hard to work with textures in that resolution even with high quality photographs so I think that could be the disadvantage of it, because it would require more time, more memory and more strokes, but at the end is art, and art requires patience, time and endless ammounts of love.

If I find the way of doing brushes I would definitely use them for all my works.
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Very good feedback, Thanks :D I think you hit the nail on the head regarding the limitations and assists of the method.

[FYI I could make the brushes much, much bigger. In some cases 3 times a large, which would make sizable textures paintable; but the demands on the computer would be very high.]
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Two is very nice. are you going to be sharing brushes with others? i deleted the brush picture, im guessing that was for 'us' to download and use...

thank you for sharing

i wish you well
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Two is my fav also, an aesthetic balance between brush work too fast [3] and too slow [1].

Some of my brushes [link] for PS CS are up for all ya' to check out just download [link] the brush file.

You you are doing well too man.
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I don't know if you were even trying to do something here...but I like it. Even if it is just messing around with texture and brushes.
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Drew them as technical training and study, but not an attempt at expression. So messing around in some ways, but not completely. Exploratory doodling, time well wasted. :)

And thanks for the fav, btw.
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doodling is always time well wasted. ^^
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