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Scrap - Freehand 16

More warm up sketches for you. Nothing that new, just refining the style I picked up over the last couple weeks.

I'll be going back to simpler brush work in awhile, once I feel I got this look more or less explored. It's time I get back to airbrush and blender work and take that to the next level, and also explore other brush types in painter and such.


Drawn in Photoshop with custom brushes, with Wacom, from imagination. Scale shown is working scale.
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do you design your brushes for this? i love your weird biomechanical drawing first i wondered if they were pencil!
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if you ever offer a pack of any of these brushes, i would use the hell out of them
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Yes pretty much all the brushes I use these days are custom made. The standard PS brushes don't have the feel I want, and no one else I know shares their stroking brushes [though lowly stamping brushes are a dime a dozen]... Currently I am mastering Painter's Brush Creator feature, trying to carry what I learned from PS to Painter and then take advance of Painter's superior dynamics. Slow going though...

I'm happy so many people seem to enjoy the style. Myself I consider it a mere stepping stone, a natural and thus comfortable style of drawing; perfect to use while I learn. I'm sure I'll venture into more ambitious styles once I have some confidence in my skills... Ha, they do look a little like pencil I guess, which is cool bonus imo. I have zero traditional drawing talent, I've hardly done so much as a ball-point sketch in my life. Born into digital era I fear.

Anyhow, enough rambling form me, :lol:, Thanks for the fav ;)