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Scrap - Freehand 15

So, each little 'swatch' was made with the related brush, and no downsizing or smudging or any fancy tricks went on. Rough and fast sketches, but the point is to show you my repeating brushes at work alone. This brush type is responsible for letting me paint texture so quickly, and lately I've often just used these to create the whole structure shape [in place of conventional airbrush].

I've been making new brushes and renaming / sorting my older ones. Sometimes I make a brush or two on the fly for a given sketch and don't save it, or I make variants of my main brush if I need to... Those two at the top are my newest, [I think I'm in love]. Anyhow, inventing new brush designs means i also have to invent new ways to use the brush, which is a good way to enhance my wacom dexterity and discipline; so making the brushes is as enjoyable as making the sketches imo.


Drawn in Photoshop with custom brushes, with Wacom, from imagination. Scale shown is working scale.
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this brush pack isn't working with my pjotoshop - I have photoshop CS4 but I run the windows OS is there any way for to make this pack windows freindly? because I love them :)
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Try this one, [link]

Otherwise I don't know, it should work cross platform. Don't have windows to test it here, so likely no chance of me editing it to work in that OS.
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Wow, those are nice!