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None Shall Pass

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Sun rose in the morning anemically, one must say, seemingly unable to climb over the mountains and thus leaving my valley in shadows, with the wind howling down it. Brutal, with teeth, with bite. Cutting up the snow into new forms, which I had to catch. -27ºc. On my hike to the river, my preferred shooting location, I found the gate shut to me by a dune which formed in the night and by frozen locks.

I do not typically shoot manmade structures but the barred way held some resonance with me. Work from '08.

I climbed over it and went to work.

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I love the smooth, white, untouched snow, the dark and menacing trees in the distance. The whirls of snow contrast with the somewhat calm and collected surroundings. Nice photo :)
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Wow.. that looks amazing!
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Aww you don't mean to say you made foot prints... :no:
I always have found it hard to make the first tracks in the snow..but the first step is always the best,a bit like taking the first bite.

A beautiful and invigorating scene :)
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Had to get to where I had to get to :( But the wind was such that by the time I came back to my home, most of my steps where filled in and smoothed over :o
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I understand,but it's quite creepy that nature can erase a path like that,fooling us into believing know one was ever there..
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i don't think i could ask for a better shot.
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