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More Token Icons

These icons are based on the legendary Token icon set [link] by ~brsev.

Contains icons for:
Spotify, Visual Studio 2010 (light only), MATLAB (light only) and VirualBox (dark only).

I know it's not much, but they might be useful for someone.

EDIT 2010-09-28:
I've added an icon for MATLAB.
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Steam icon please.

Thank you!
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thanks for the spotify icon dude :D
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thank you for sharing...
CrazyXB's avatar
thanks i realy needed the spotify icon :D
Add these to 7conifier? :D
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I think they are already?
Ah sorry guess i missed them ;p
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*Added this to The Complete Token Collection linked to in my post sig!*
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dude their great, but can you get the visual studio but in dark?
n___n just asking
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Check my token dark icons for systray:

[link] Action Center
[link] Battery
[link] Volume
[link] Network
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Looks awesome! I'll be doing some resource hacking later tonight :D
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Thanks alot mate, that virtual box icon will work nicely with minecraft.
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Yay, i was really looking for a virtualbox token!
ahhh !! need virtualbox in light if possible ? :|
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Sorry. I think you will have to create it yourself. Go and download the Token pack. It contains a PSD with the styles ;) Use IcoFX to create the icons.
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nice icons thank you
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Great Set! Now if only we had icons for Microsoft Publisher & Google Sketchup as well :)
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Haha. Thanks! Though I have no plane to create those icons, you can always create them yourself. The Token pack contains a PSD file that makes creating your own icons a breeze. Give it a try and share the result with us!
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Thank you very much!:D I've just installed Visual Studio 2010 and all my icons on taskbar are Token ones. You made my day, friend! Great work:).
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Thanks! And tanks for the comment, it is always more fun when you know that your work is appreciated! :)
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