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September 14, 2010
the suggester said: "7CONIFIER by ~wronex is a truly useful application for all people who run Win7 and like to customize it. It is easy to use, and you can feed it with other icons/iconpacks! A clear recommendation!"
so, if you ever wanted to exchange icons for free and in one go.. then this is what you've been looking for.
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Due to some new DeviantArt policy it is no longer possible to submit executable files.

UPDATE Version: 0.7 R4
Released 2012-09-06.

It should now run on Windows 8. It should also display a useful error message if an icon can not be applied.

Download it here [link] if you are having problems or are running Windows 8.

UPDATE Version: 0.7 R3
Released 2012-03-30.

I've fixed a problem that made backups impossible to create if no shortcuts had ever been pinned to the start menu.

Is this the final release? Only time can tell.

UPDATE Version: 0.7 R2 BETA
Released 2011-09-20.

I've added three new packages! Two from ~deleket and one from ~aablab. Be sure to check them out. Also, please note that these packages are released under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License (see their respective license.txt file). Thus, I requested special permission to create these packages.

Otherwise, there are only some minor changes.

UPDATE Version: 0.7 BETA
Released 2011-06-26.

This release is looong over due; but now its here! I have made a lot of small updates, as well as some big once.

For the package creators I have included a way to auto assign icons to programs. I hope this will encourage more people to create packages :D

As for the rest, there is a new backup system that will ensure your shortcuts are always safe. It should be virtually impossible to destroy them now!

It is also possible to change icon of unpinned shortcuts! This is possible ONLY if you apply the package to a folder that contains the shortcuts you use then launching the program. This should not be a problem though since it's possible to apply a package to any folder on the hard-drive!

UPDATE Version: 0.5 R3 BETA
Released 2011-01-20.

Fixed an error in the Dark Token package concerning Skype.

In short. There is no need to update if you have not experienced any problems.

A while ago I became interested in changing the icons on my Windows 7 Taskbar. Unfortunately I had to do it manually which required a lot of work. After much blood, sweat and tears I decided it was time for a change. It was time to create 7CONIFIER.

7CONIFIER is a tool is capable of changing all your taskbar and start menu icons in a single click (and key press)! All you need to do is select the package you would like to use and hit "Apply".

7CONIFIER comes pre-loaded with three packages (Eclipse 2, Token Light and Token Dark). If you like variety you can easily add more packages. Simply download a package and place it in the folder called "packages".

● One click (and key press) to change your systems appearance.
● One click (and key press) to change it back.
● Comes pre-loaded with three packages.
● Supports future package releases.
● Built-in editor that allows you to edit or create you own packages.
● Works on both big and small (xp-style) icons.
● Backup system.

How to install
Simply unzip the file and place the folder called "7CONIFIER" in a good place. I do not like applications that change registry entries and spread files allover my hard drive thus 7CONIFIER won't touch the registry and it will keep to itself as much as it possibly can. To uninstall simply delete the folder -- remember to reapply your default package though.

● Windows 7. Works on both 32 or 64 bit (thanks ~se7ensinner).
● .NET 3.5 (should be included in your Windows installation).
● Taskbar buttons need to be set to: "Always combine, hide lables". You can find this option by right-clicking the taskbar and pressing Properties. Screenshot: [link]

Preview info
● Visual style: Shine 2.0 [link] by *zainadeel (thanks ~dysgenics)
● Wallpaper: Name and author is unknown.
● Star orb: steelOrb for Windows 7 [link] by `ap-graphik

I have been granted permission to redistribute Token [link] and Ecqlipse 2 [link] as part of 7CONIFIER by each respective author (~brsev and ~chrfb).

Woahw! Never thought I would get a DD! Never! I am honored :D

Enjoy! I hope you find it useful.
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Guscraft808Beta2's avatar
does it work on windows 8/8.1/10? im confused :baffled: 
i don't know but it doesn't change the icons completely in windows 10 (build 1709). The change in icons appears only when the app is not running, but when i run the app, its icons changes to default until i close that app. Any idea to fix this?
citistyle's avatar
doed anyone know how to create and installer .exe of a folder of icons?? I apologize in advanced for not knowing. Thank You 
Mixterix-Se7en's avatar
Cool, is very good the software. Downloading :3
work with Windows 10 and Windows 8.1?
jcvorsteh's avatar
How I love this theme..I'm gonna use this..I will try it when I got home tomorrow :) .
Any update to make it work with Windows 10?
wronex's avatar
No update necessary. It already works on Windows 10. But do make sure you have the latest version

Cannot make it work with Windows 10 Build 18363.836

I have downloaded the latest version of 7coifier and when I try to run it, it asks me to install .NET Framework 3.5

However Win10 comes with it onboard and so does not allow one to install the Framework.

Will this work with tuneup packs? You write "capable of changing all your taskbar and start menu icons" does this mean it wont work to change other icons like my computer and the rest of the system icons? Will it work with this icon pack?
wronex's avatar
It can only change the icons on your taskbar and start menu. That is it.

It cannot change the icons that appear in Explorer (hard drive icons, disk icons, My Computer icon etc.) or the Control Panel. These icons are stored in special system DLL-files. 7CONIFIER does not mess with system DLL-files; hence, it cannot change these icons.

7CONIFIER works with any icon-files. You may have to create your own package though, and assign custom icons to the programs that appear on your taskbar and start menu. This is quite easy. If you speak Spanish there are plenty of tutorials on YouTube (the internet is a wonderful place).
Will this work with TuneUp icon packs? Does it change the icons system wide or just the ones in the start menu/taskbar?
Hey wronex, i've been using 7conifiier for years (on my windows7 laptop) and all of a sudden i get an error "Unable to create backup. The specified path, filename, or both are too long" when i haven't changed anything! I moved the folder to C: so the path name is certainly less than 248 characters and i still get the same error. If i continue applying a theme without backup or try to restore a backup, the theme is partially applied and there are many icons missing.
wronex's avatar
Weird. Does it mean the backup's path or the icon's path, I wonder...
manuphilip's avatar
This doesn't seem to work on Windows 8.1, none of the icons get themed. Esp the Explorer. Am i doing something wrong? Just noticed that it hasn't been updated in a long time. Has the developer abandoned further development on this?
wronex's avatar
I'm still here, but I haven't switched to Windows 8 yet... therefore I can't test it :(
keep it up!!...after all the running was your installer that helped me the most..simple and precise..cheers!
Christianust's avatar
I must say I was also interested in that theme in the preview picture. Do you know how to get it?
It's not theming explorer icon on windows 8.1, help me out?
hey wronex, I'm on Windows 8.1 and some icons such as library and its subcategories, and explorer.exe on the taskbar, aren't getting themed, can you help?
ClockworkBastard's avatar
Unhandled exeption. Too bad
freakydays's avatar
How i can uninstall this program ????
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