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Soo haha Rainy...mmm do you know anyone who writes stuff? :3
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that face XD by ZoraSteam that face XD :iconzorasteam:ZoraSteam 1,660 146
Nightmares III
She was miserably weak and tired. She was also cold. She sat up and hit her head on something. She looked up to see bars, like from a cage or a jail. There were metal bars all around her except for one section, which she assumed was the door. Across from her, she saw him. He looked dead. her face turned a white as a sheet as she stared at him behind the bars. He was in a duplicate cage either asleep, or dead. she forced the tears back and leaned on the door. she stared at him waiting for him to awaken. He was covered in blood, and she had a nasty bruise on her left side. She also had some small scrapes on her neck and her palms. He sat up quickly and slammed his head on the ceiling of the cage. She winced and crawled towards him. They whispered as quietly as they could. They were in what looked like a van. There were no windows, and nothing to eat or drink except one, rotten, brown apple. She didn’t feel like getting sick again, and he didn’t want it, so she threw it at the
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The Cross part one
Amelia (Amy)
#9 Emily
Corey eliminated,  Peter.
Natalie eliminated
Zach eliminated
Maddie eliminated
Other people - Peter, prisoner
The rest were ‘’eliminated’’ >:D   JUST LIKE IN DAUNTLESS MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA.  Keep in mind its a romance, horror, drama.
D~ There were once 40 of us, now only 24. The 6th grade homeroom was partly destroyed. There were 12 glass rooms in a circle. Down the middle school hall was a door. Whoever went in, came out as a different person. Shaky, jittery, untouchable, scarred. The Circle, as they call it, was right outside of our Science
:iconrainfrost123:rainfrost123 1 12
The Part Two of Part one of The Cross :D
I opened my eyes to see Cameron staring at me. He looked afraid. I furrowed my eyebrows and touched my cheek-- tears.
“That was a dream?” I said to myself aloud.
“I guess it was,” he says. I felt his hand supporting my back and sat up. “You were crying in your sleep-- a lot. What did you dream about?” he asked.
I decided to be straightforward with him.
“You--” I started, but I didn’t know if I should tell him about what he said or not. “You killed yourself.” I said slowly, sighing a breath of relief when it was over.
“I died for you, didn’t I.” he said, lowering his voice. Dawn had just barely peaked over the horizon. The sun was touching his eyes perfectly, making them shine. It made it harder to answer.
“Yes.” I squeaked. He wrapped an arm around me and eventually hugged me. We stood, his arm was still wrapped around me.
“No nightmares for you?” I asked.
“I had a few abou
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Part Two of the Cross
Cameron climbed back up. i wrapped my arms around me, somewhat forcing him to do the same. my voice was shaking. I was sweating on my forehead. i felt like I was falling. I tilted backwards and screamed in fear of falling.
“It’s okay,” he promised. He clutched me tighter. “I won’t let you fall, I promise,” he whispered in my ear. I could tell he was hugging me tight from the tickling feeling I got from his soft voice. How was he so calm? Kendall and Logan were sitting in the tree together trying everything to fight the spiders off. I closed my eyes and sobbed into Cameron’s shirt. I was so scared I couldn’t think of anything else that made sense.
“When does this end?!” Kendall screamed. She sounded like she was just about to give up. I felt as if I knew the answer. Someone would have to be killed for this to stop. Cameron looked over at me, thinknig the same thing. He looked back down at the spiders.
“Don’t you dar
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The Ending and Epilogue of the Cross
Cameron snuggled against me. He rubbed my cheek with his thumb, probably thinking it could calm me. it only made things worse. ~K My face was burning and I wish he would stop. Kendall and Logan were sitting there trying not to burst out laughing while Cameron sat there unaware of anything else besides me. I move slightly and he stopped, he finally realize. Took you long enough, I said  to myself.
“Okay,” I say. “After these wolves get tired of looking for us I suggest Kendall and Logan go up to the waterfall. Cameron and I will go ahead and scout out the area around the ditch. Just nobody go anywhere without the other person.”
“‘I doubt they’ll just.. give up,” Logan says, not really focussed on me but on the wolf that just attacked me. “Do you think we’re able to kill one of those?” He asks interested.
“Maybe,” I say, knocking an arrow. I’ve kept a wolf in the corner of my eye. This one looks like
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Just a Nightmare...
My class is sitting in History. They’re working silent as a mouse. Almost instantly, I get a feeling in my gut.
‘Something… is very wrong.’ I think to myself. Then, over the intercom, a woman whose voice sounds unfamiliar screams:
“CODE RED! CODE PINK! CODE WHITE!” The intercom breaks and screeches as the cheapness of the system starts to poke out. I knew something different was going to happen. I remember the old man saying so. I didn’t actually believe him until now. When I turned around to ask him (Or her now, I guess) what the codes meant, he looked different. A woman stood there. She looked middle aged, with dark hair like me. She had a nasty scar that ran from her right temple to her chin.  
“What do they mean!?” I scream at her again. I had a bad feeling this was going to be about me.
“Child--” the woman screamed and fell to the floor after the sound of clinking knives. A faceless man darted into the room, a
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