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Runespoor :iconskinamax:SKINAMAX 3 4
maybe, just maybe
we'd both wake up from nightmares, smiling
in our own place in a location where our dreams would unfold before our eyes
i would kick off the blankets, and put on one of your shirts
the kitchen would be an annoying sunny yellow
and the moldings and details would be blue-green to add a little rain from all the sun
i would make broken sunny side-ups and bacon there
and maybe a spiked lemonade for me to start the day
i would wake you up and tell you "hey baby, it's morning."
and like always, i wouldn't know what else to say because all my words abandon me
when you open your eyes and smile at my noise.
we would go around the city and buy groceries,
living like 'what's for dinner?' is the biggest problem we would ever encounter
and when we get home, you would look around
and smile at all my scattered paper and all the books we have
thinking that maybe, just maybe we're at the right place, at the right time
and that choosing me wasn't an embarrassing mistake after all
:iconizha:izha 7 4
In the darkness of my mind a war goes on.
There is something wrong and nothing done.
Wanting to feel the pain but too scared.
I waited alone while my soul flared.
I still want to feel that same pain.
Though I know There is nothing to gain,
But the temporary release and feeling.
Smiles and laughter from other I am stealing.
I want to end my facade once and for all
Though I know in my heart I'll just fall.
I long to feel the pain and trickle down my arm.
Please don't worry there is no cause for alarm.
I know in my soul I wont do anything self harming
I have to keep going and try hard to be charming.
I have too many people who depend on me
There are things these eyes have yet to see.
I just hope it's enough for the next hit
Depression is not something easily lit.
:iconborn-master-poet:born-master-poet 2 0
These salty tears
Run with hidden fears
Like rain the fall
Feeling my heart stall
Sitting on a swing
Hoping this is just a thing
It will pass right
This horid night
This feeling of nothing
Wanting anything
Recieving pain
Alone in the rain
:iconborn-master-poet:born-master-poet 2 0
On Love and the Broken Hearted
Deep into her eyes, he looks
Deep into her soul
Holds her warm heart in his hands
His stands firm and cold
Sleeping in his arms, she lies
Gentle as a lamb
Dreams a future with her love
Destined to be damned
Deceit, hungry in his eyes
Words and actions play
Lustful vision staring down
Where his beauty lay
Turning cheek, she breathes a sigh
Jolts his fantasy
Smiling, turns her head once more
Never will she leave
Lips of sugar slightly part
Delicate and sweet
Bitter is his selfish smile
Kiss he longs to meet
Wakened now, she sees his face
Falsified by love
Angel like does this fox seem
She is not enough
He is not looking for love
He's not after her
Her display, the only thing
Heightening his thirst
Her mouth shapes words; "I love you"
"I love you too", he says
But secretly, he's waiting
Wanting her, a sin
"Come and let us lay tonight"
Face and smile fall
Heart is shaken and surprised
This request is all
Nothing more she's wanted for
Just a pretty face
To use for the time being
Then leave
:iconphantomharleyquinn:PhantomHarleyQuinn 8 0
How can this be?
My heart is breaking,
My tears are streaking.
My thoughts a blending,
My knees are giving.
My mouth stuttering,
My hopes are crumbling.
My breathing slowing,
My love is still lasting.
:iconborn-master-poet:born-master-poet 2 6
When I see you.
Butterflies rise and smiles bloom.
Eyes sparkle and laughter looms.
Warmth within leads to rosie cheeks.
Playful words and giggles leak.
Long relaxing hugs calm my mind.
As I walk away I wish to stay by your side.
My heart beat skipping and mind buzzing.
Thoughts of you and I hopefully lasting.
Inspiring actions help me to start writing.
Which I don't mind because you're blushing.
:iconborn-master-poet:born-master-poet 8 2
Keep on Falling
All alone in the darkness of my heart.
I wonder why you never even let me start.
Knowing I like you a lot, hoping you feel the same.
Not being able to be with you is making me lame.
Normally so happy around you, now turning quiet.
Not knowing what to do because I lost my safety net.
I can't believe I let myself fall in love.
No one to catch me, no song of the dove
To calm a jumbled mind and soul.
I wish I could call a re-due on a foul.
But everyone knows love is not a game.
If you do then by golly be covered in shame.
:iconborn-master-poet:born-master-poet 1 2
To My Crush
My hopes and dreams.
Are all ripped at the seams.
Torn apart and left alone.
I believe my heart is now stone.
Crying again, I actually let her in.
Knowing this one I'm not going to win.
Letting her go will be very painful.
I want her to know that I'd be faithful.
She wont listen and it's breaking my heart.
Maybe we will eventually have an actual start.
:iconborn-master-poet:born-master-poet 4 2
Pure anger clouds my judgement
As rage blinds my line of sight.
Forgetting who I have become
Turning into something I hate.
Familiar tears stream down my cheeks
Fears now yielding to let me through.
Defined by insidious thoughts
Letting this temptation brew.
:iconborn-master-poet:born-master-poet 3 2
Words can hurt and heal.
Dyke, homo, faggot,
Are words that can hurt.
They can also end a life.
Simple phrases can do a lot.
Are you alright?
Can I help you?
I'll stand by you.
Can change a life.
Change a life today.
Think of the right thing to say.
:iconborn-master-poet:born-master-poet 311 222
The day your world stood still
Watch the flowers go.
Or maybe the sun rise.
Go on the longest walk.
Listen to the earth.
Look up at the stars.
Feel the beat of life.
Remember the sun set.
Be nothing less then you.
Do your unthinkable.
Achieve your greatness.
:iconborn-master-poet:born-master-poet 4 2
because i love you.
listen, just for a few minutes.
take a few deep breaths [even if you don't want to breathe anymore]. listen to the pitter-patter of your heart beating in your ears and feel your pulse racing. taste the silence of the world; see the anxiety take over you.
close your eyes and look at the black. look at the black until you see something worth holding onto inside of yourself. wait until breathing doesn't feel like a losing game and then open your eyes,
and listen.
look, you
are wonderful. you remind me of a lullaby in winter, sung like a secret not meant for anyone to know; but it's a shame, because you're one of the most beautiful songs.
maybe you're fireworks that sparkle and light up the july sky - but unlike fireworks, you'll keep glowing into forever.
or maybe you’re just you, and that’s more than enough.
i know there's magic in the world.
[you're proof.]
i'd give you a rainbow if it erased the gray days; i'd give you a mirror if it made you see how wonderful you really
:iconamertie:Amertie 1,671 598
Is It Love?
If I hugged you,
would you never let go?
If I kissed you,
would you cherish that moment?
If I reached for your hand,
would you take mine gently?
If I needed a shoulder,
would you let me cry on yours?
If I needed to talk,
would you really listen?
If I needed to scream,
would you do it with me?
If I needed to go,
would you come with me?
If I fell for you,
would you catch me?
or just let me hit the pavement?
:iconbrokenxbeauty:brokenxbeauty 18,024 3,982
Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.
My eyes behold you.
Eyes of diamonds,soul of gold, heart of life.
A portrait of art more beautiful than those in a thousands museums.
Beauty is the smile that I see on your face.
Smile as bright as a hundred burning suns.
A smile so radiant,on lookers must shield their eyes.
Beauty is the power that I feel coming off your skin.
You are a man of power and grace.
A power that can blacken a city in a blink of an eye.
Beauty is the rugged yet gentle sound that escapes your lips.
A voice that lifts up and lighty touches the tips of birds feathers.
Beautys definition is you.
:iconangeliqueluv:AngeliqueLuv 2 0


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Superman only exists because of DoomsdayHey, guys! How are you? Today you will understand the importance of Doomsday for the DC plot that goes far beyond killing Superman. Did you know that if Doomsday had not existed, Superman and the whole Kryptonian society would never have existed? Let's explain!Doomsday is an unstoppable monster, with an insatiable thirst for death and destruction, even if he has it as a simple baby. It all started with an alien genius of genetics called Bertron, who landed his ship on a wild planet, that living conditions were intense, and the planet's air was unbreathable, and was dominated by terrifying dinosaur-like animals with pointed plates scattered throughout the body, and the scientist had a great goal to create a perfect super soldier, and so he chose this inhospitable planet, because he thought that if someone survived there, he would be able to survive anything, and his plan is to get a baby newborn baby and throw it in the jungle so that it would be killed by the creatures and then take the baby's remains and make a clone and then repeat this process over and over, and with each clone that appears, it would adapt the last thing killed him, accelerating the evolutionary process of that creature, for example, if he were killed by a bite, he would evolve the baby to not be killed by a bite, and the fate of his death would have no i mportance.After 30 years of consecutive deaths, that baby finally managed to survive, without any difficulty in dying, and he grew up, became simply giant, had an absurd strength, and definitely led to the complete extinction of all creatures on that planet, without leaving any alive.The problem is that Bertron made a serious mistake, although he was successful in his experiment, he never had any idea what he would do if he tried it out ...And the result of this is that this monster acquired a genetic memory, and he remembered each of the deaths he suffered during the entire cloning process, and so Doomday brutally killed Bertron and ended up fleeing the planet, using a supplement ship.After that, he ended up leaving that slave crew behind, and due to the extinction of all creatures, the planet became uninhabitable, and that slave crew started to populate and colonize that planet that had no name, and two brothers named Kryp and Ton they united their names and baptized that planet "Krypton", due to the fact that Doomsday accidentally freed the slaves of the Bertron crew.Do you know what that means? The same monster that killed Superman, was directly responsible for the existence of Superman and the entire planet Krypton, since Kal-El was born on this planet, which came into existence thanks to Doomsday. Basically, Doomsday is for Kryptonians, the same as the meteor that killed the dinosaurs, it is for us humans.And after all this, Doomsday ends up taking several supply ships and invading countless planets, causing total mass destruction, among them, the planet Bylan 5, the best known for high technology, and he ends up releasing a chemical substance into the air. killed everyone on the planet, without leaving any alive, among them, the princess of the planet who was promised in marriage to a soldier of the imperial guard who had survived the massacre, and when he saw what happened, he freaked out and became an evil being, and his name was Uxas, and if you know that name, don't be surprised, that soldier became Darkseid. In fact, Darkseid himself named his planet "Apokolips", dedicated to the monster that destroyed his world.Wonderful, isn't it? Besides Doomsday is responsible for the existence of Superman, he is also responsible for the fact that Darkseid became the personification of tyranny and the greatest enemy of the Justice League, and for 3 years, Doomsday continued to destroy everything, and that was when the royal family of Bylan 5 performed a sacrifice ritual where their viral energy would be converted into a being completely made up of energy called Radiant, which finally killed Doomsday, and the body was placed in a containment suit and inside a type of steel sarcophagus and in respect. to the tradition of the planet, and after it was launched into space, a meteor hit the coffin, which caused it to fall on Earth.Several years later, he smashes the coffin and emerges from the inside, attacks the city of Metropolis, fights Superman, and the two kill each other.In the New 52, ​​it was revealed that Doomsday, which killed Superman, was just a stage of chrysalis, that is, lava. That's because after he escaped from the Phantom Zone, he was so evolved that he got even bigger, even stronger, and had several powers like emitting hot and toxic radiation, mentioning his comic, and a step that Doomsday took in the sand, turned it into black onyx.In addition, he developed a type of "Doomsday Virus", which infects those who survive his attack, turning them into beings like himself. And if that ever happened to Superman.And in an alternate reality, it has already happened with Batman, who did not suffer the effects of the reboot caused by Barry Allen in Flashpoint, exactly because he was in the Phantom Zone, and there the laws of physics do not apply in the same way as in the real world.As such, it still carries that whole accumulation of reactive adaptation from the Pros-Crisis events to the end of the New 52.That is, Doomsday is a different character and very well worked.
Mayron in Underground ReservoirIf Mayron was in Arikado's place in Underground Reservoir:Soma Cruz:?!(Sum sees Graham is stabbing Yoko with a knife)Graham Jones: Damn! I hate to be interrupted!Soma Cruz: YOKO !!(Graham vanishes and Yoko collapses)Soma Cruz: Are you alright? If you're OK, say something! Anything !!(Yoko keeps herself steady)Yoko Belnades: I'm ... al ... alright. Thank you ... for rescuing me.Soma Cruz: Graham, that bastard! What has he done ?!Yoko Belnades: He has ... absorbed this castle's power ... and he'sgotten much stronger. Oww, aaah ... My plan has ... failed ...Soma Cruz: Save your strength! There's no need to speak!Yoko Belnades: Be ... cautious of him ... But d-don't ... overexert ... yourself ...(Yoko faints)Soma Cruz: What ?! YOKO!!! Oh, she's just unconscious ... She's still breathing.(Mayron enters)Mayron Legenrok: I presented the amount of energy he acquired. I'm sorry for Yoko.Soma Cruz: Don't just stand there mumbling! Yoko's in bad shape!Mayron Legenrok: Ah, stop being antipathetic. Let me take care of her.Soma Cruz: I can't just leave her like this! She's my friend!Mayron Legenrok: Don't be so immature. I know you can handle this.Soma Cruz: Graham went to the throne. What's there? What are you hiding from me ?!Mayron Legenrok: I cannot say. In case you are not, you will lose Mina and Yoko too. If you really want to know what I'm hiding, wait for the right time to complete our goal and you will know.Soma Cruz: Damn you! I ... don't like your attitude, but I don't think you're lying. I feel as if I'm being manipulated. I don't like it, but I'll do as you say. But if we ever escape from this castle alive, I want to know everything.Mayron Legenrok: I admire your logic and your motivations very well. But I still have the habit of depressing his high emotional complexity to full levels, with complex attitudes and actions, antipathetic, euphoric and impulsive of high levels, has extremely high immaturity, being very credulous and intolerant in rare moments, and not often. And these things make their own motivations and morals even worse. And I don't even do these things to show resentment, dislike, ambition, credulity, and not even obsession, but because I do these things because of the great and absolute needs of lucidity and detachment.Soma Cruz: WHAT DID YOU SAY !? HOW ... HOW DARE !? AS A DAMNED DISGUISE HOW CAN YOU DARE TO SPEAK EVIL TO ME !? HOW DARE YOU!? YOU BASTARD !!!Soma goes in front of Mayron to attack him, but Mayron manages to fight back quickly and punches Soma in the face and falls to the ground.Soma: AAGHH!Mayron Legenrok: Wow! Wow! WOOW! Calm down there, hot guy with the snowy hairstyle! I know your antipathy is great because of that, but let me ask you a question. What is the reason you are so immature and so limited due to your high antipathy for the rest of your life? Huh? Do you know?Soma Cruz: Huh !? Well, I ... I don't know.Mayron Legenrok: I know. I even recognize that this is because of his emotional imbalance, but any evidence with anyone is quite evident.Soma Cruz: I understand, Mayron. Excuse me.Mayron Legenrok: Very well done. Now you can go on your way. Good luck.
Meaning of Synpocrisy- Characteristic or condition of synpocrite; blending and merging sincerity with hypocrisy; Frankness: Synpocrisy is a great quality.- Unreal hypocrisy, which honestly, is hypocrisy that is not worthy of being true hypocrisy, because that person is not unjustly false, and never demonstrates falsehood by wrong motives.- Action or effect of pretending fairly, kindly and honestly; The ability to hide the most sincere feelings about gossip, and also to be fully aware that Sincericide, the great excess of sincerity, has one of the strongest bad sides in the history of life, something the synpocrite never wants. accept and have it forever; The synpocrite only persists in sincerity only once during all moments of life, and then persists even more through absolute and unreal hypocrisy, irony and eccentricity as a form of extreme and absolute competence and absolute good intentions, obviously for everything in life, and the reason for this is to demonstrate an eternal fight against the Sincericide.- At all times and throughout life eternally, the synpocrite never uses his great excess of hypocrisy to demonstrate normality, credibility, optimism, pessimism, unbelief, credulity, deceit, antipathy, contempt, injustice, ambition, obsession, grudge, opportunism. , intolerance, low self-esteem, and all these kinds of things infinitely for nothing and everything in life, he strongly takes all these things by force and never uses them again; but only to demonstrate abnormality, lucidity, detachment, fairness, mockery, irony, eccentricity, honesty, candor, clarity, seriousness, dignity, moral sense, moral conscience, etc. Moreover, the synpocrite only demonstrates only great excess of understanding, understanding, inopportunism, lucidity, detachment, and great self-esteem.- A person who never demonstrates without any importance and emotional feeling with her own life and destiny, she just keeps and protects her for extremely certain and necessary motivations (even this person has full awareness and notion that the downside to the importance of life is a of the strongest things in the history of life, because that importance, naturalness and normality have great bad sides of worsening the limits of the human being due to the difficult, bad, complicated and extreme moments), and also causes the conscience the person was denatured (not denatured), so that he could deal with absurdly dramatic extremes, extremely difficult, bad, complicated, extreme moments, and many things because of the lack of limitation of consciousness.- A person who never forces people to do things they have to do or need to do, and that would be because of the over obsession and ambition, and also because the sinpórita has full notion that if a person were totally equal to everyone, he could have but the same physical difficulties, except for other difficulties that other people don't have. Moreover, the synpocrite is aware that being different is far more important and certain than being equal to everyone else.- Person who even being overly incredulous, she never proves to be overly thoughtful, which makes this person extremely interactive even though she is still extremely understanding and aware of everything.- Person who never shows persistence or excessiveness of being a liar (or false), true (due to sincerity), obsessive, ambitious, and neither being right nor wrong, etc.- A person who does right and wrong things for extremely right motives, and without any motive is wrong, but this person is nothing right and nothing wrong, but is extremely logical of everything in life, because being too right can simply get worse. more its own motivations and morals from excess of sincerity and perfectionism, and the synpocrite has full awareness and notion that extremely logical people are infinitely far more certain than extremely certain people obviously for everything in life, without any exception.- A person who never respects those who have power, and treats everyone equally out of respect, constantly gossips, gives their opinion, helps people without asking for anything in return, never criticizes people for looking better, admires many people and keeps telling them They do not strive for others to like them, they never brag about themselves or their achievements, they talk a lot and never do anything, they always do what they promise, they never work to get attention, their goal is not that the universe revolves around them, etc.- Synpocritical, loyal behavior: During the speech, he behaved in a loyal and sincere manner.- Said, synpocritical analysis: I apologize, but honestly, I didn't say any lies unfairly.- Demonstrates extreme and absolute logical reasoning for everything in life.NOTE: Synpocrisy is something I have invented myself, and it does not exist, so if it is extremely necessary that synpocrisy really exists, it may be able to deal with the serious consequences of excessive sincerity and hypocrisy.Tradução PT BR (Translation PT BR):(Significado de Sinpocrisia):- Característica ou condição de sinpócrita; mistura e fusão de sinceridade com hipocrisia; franqueza: a sinpocrisia é uma grande qualidade.- Irreal hipocrisia, que sinceramente, é hipocrisia que não é digna de ser hipocrisia de verdade, por conta dessa pessoa não ser nada falsa injustamente, e nunca demonstrar falsidade por motivações erradas.- Ação ou efeito de fingir justamente, bondosamente e honestamente; capacidade para esconder os sentimentos mais sinceros por conta de fofoca, e também por ter noção total de que o Sincericídio, o grande excesso de sinceridade, possui um dos lados ruins mais fortes que existem na historia da vida, coisa no qual o sinpócrita nunca quer aceitar e ter isso eternamente; O sinpócrita só persiste na sinceridade apenas uma vez durante em todos os momentos de vida, e depois ele persista ainda mais por absoluta e irreal hipocrisia, ironia e excentricidade como forma de extrema e absoluta competência e de absolutas boas intenções obviamente para tudo na vida, e o motivo disso é demonstrar uma eterna luta contra o Sincericídio.- Em todos os momentos e em toda a vida eternamente, o sinpócrita nunca usa seu grande excesso de hipocrisia para demonstrar normalidade, credibilidade, otimismo, pessimismo, incredibilidade, credulidade, falsidade, enganação, antipatia, desprezo, injustidade, ambição, obsessão, rancor, oportunismo, intolerância, baixa autoestima, e todos esses tipos de coisas infinitamente para nada e para tudo na vida, ele fortemente tira todas essas coisas á força e nunca mais usa elas; e sim para apenas demonstrar anormalidade, lucidez, desprendimento, justidade, gozação, ironia, excentricidade, honestidade, franqueza, clareza, seriedade, dignidade, senso moral, consciência moral, etc. Além do mais, o sinpócrita só demonstra apenas grande excesso de compreensão, entendimento, inoportunismo, lucidez, desprendimento, e grande autoestima. - Pessoa que nunca demonstra sem nenhum de importância e sentimento emocional com sua própria vida e destino, ela apenas a mantém e a protege por motivações extremamente certas e necessárias(até essa pessoa tem consciência e noção total que o lado ruim da importância da vida é uma das coisas mais fortes da história da vida, por causa que essa importância, naturalidade e a normalidade possuem grandes lados ruins de piorar os limites do ser humano por conta dos momentos difíceis, ruins, complicados e extremos), e também faz com que a consciência da pessoa fosse desnaturalizada(e não, desnaturada), para pudesse lidar com extremidades absurdamente dramáticas, momentos extremamente difíceis, ruins, complicados, extremos, e muitas coisas por conta da falta de limitação da consciência.- Pessoa que nunca força as pessoas para fazer coisas que tem que fazer ou precisam fazer, e isso seria por conta do excesso de obsessão e ambição, coisa no qual o sinpócrita nunca quer aceitar de ter isso, e também porque o sinpócrita tem noção total que se uma pessoa fosse totalmente igual a todo mundo, ela poderia ter mas mesmas dificuldades físicas, com exceção de outras dificuldades que as outras pessoas não tem. Além do mais, o sinpócrita tem consciência que ser diferente é muito mais importante e certo de que ser igual á todo mundo.- Pessoa que mesmo sendo excessivamente incrédula, ela nunca demonstra ser excessivamente pensativa, o que faz com que essa pessoa extremamente interativa, mesmo ela ainda sendo extremamente compreensiva e ciente de tudo.- Pessoa que nunca demonstra persistência e nem excessividade de ser mentirosa(ou falsa), verdadeira(por conta do Sincericídio), obsessivo, ambicioso, e nem de ser certo e nem errado, etc.- Pessoa que faz coisas certas e erradas por motivações extremamente certas, e sem nenhuma motivação nada errada, mas essa pessoa não é nada certa e nada errada, e sim é extremamente lógica de tudo na vida, até porque ser certo demais pode simplesmente piorar ainda mais suas próprias motivações e morais por do excesso de sinceridade e de perfeccionismo, e o sinpócrita tem consciência e noção total que pessoas extremamente lógicas são infinitamente muito mais certas do que as pessoas extremamente certas obviamente por tudo na vida, sem nenhuma exceção.- Pessoa que nunca respeita aqueles que tem poder, e trata todos igualmente por respeito, fazem fofoca constantemente, dão a sua opinião, ajudam pessoas sem pedir nada em troca, nunca criticam pessoas para parecerem melhores, admiram muitas pessoas e não deixam de lhes dizer isso, não se esforçam para que os outros gostem delas, nunca se gabam-se por si mesmas e nem de suas conquistas, falam muito e nunca fazem nada, sempre cumprem o que prometem, nunca trabalham para chamar atenção, sua meta não é que o universo gire em torno delas, etc.- Comportamento sinpócrita, leal: durante o discurso, comportou-se de modo leal e sincero.- Dito, análise sinpócrita: peço desculpas, mas sinceramente, eu não disse nenhuma mentira injustamente.- Demonstra extremo e absoluto raciocino lógico por tudo na vida.NOTA: A sinpocrisia é algo que eu mesmo inventei e isso não existe, de modo que, se é extremamente necessário que a sinpocrisia realmente exista, isso pode ser capaz de lidar com as sérias conseqüências da sinceridade excessiva e da hipocrisia.
Heart of a Schizophrenic (Poem)The Heart of a Schizophrenic By J.C. Solis You don't understand Why I choose to act this way Because I am not just someone Who shuns the light of Day You don't understand Why I act odd and quite obtuse Though I still do have a conscience And will put it to good use I get lost and quite forlorn In a mind that has no end As I suffer from a pain That never seems to mend I feel hopeless and unbound In a mind forever lost As I try to hold the pieces Which has come at a high cost But though I look disheveled I am far from human blight Even though my odd behaviors Cause people to have fright But though I am often judged To be a creature full of Hate I will not become that monster And Spite I won't create Because I am not a devil Who wishes to cause pain Though people judge me cruelly And from my presence they refrain Because I vowed during my throes As My mind began to break That I will not become the monster That the people have me take Because having Mental Illness Does not mean you are unkind The only thing thats different Are the thoughts that come to mind Because this stigma is degrading To those who suffer from its throes For the truth is that these people Have a good heart that they can show And to what is deep inside It is important to not assume For these people suffer greatly As their pains do always loom For we all have Mental Illness But we do still have a soul And we hope to live Life happy By healing our wounds whole For I am not the Monster That the world has made me be For I am still a man Whose heart does wander free I am not the Demon They say that stalks the Night For I still do have Compassion And within me there is Light For I am full of Love Though strange I may still look And remember that the cover Does not dictate a good book For I am a Schizophrenic And I will be one till I die But I will also be a saint And raise my own heart high For I am also a LoverOf every man and beast So judge only by Merit And judge by Looks the least And as my Life unravels My Regret will start to cease Because I aim to be a Good Man And so live my days in Peace...
Alone (Poem)Alone By J.C. SolisI know for a factThat when I fall to the groundAnd start to begin sufferingAnd cry beggar's tearsThat no one will comeThat no one will careAnd allow me to existIn suffering profoundWhen what I wish is for LightIn this world swallowed by DarknessI know for a factThat Man can be cruelEver uncaringFor his actions on othersAnd what he does to the worldToo Intelligent for own goodToo Proud to be humbleToo Aggresive to slow downAll to his downfallAll to Not be WeakI know for a factThat the World is so cruelWhether Eat or be EatenOr Kill or be killedOr Kill because you canFor Life is not truly valuedAt the sum of the World's NihilismEvery Life without a meaningEvery Meaning backed without purposeAnd in the end will only cause DestructionI try to be AloneAway from those peopleThose with good intentionAs well those who mean no goodBecause in the end we cause painWhether we want to or notAnd the sins that we commitOur self serving pleasuresI am afraid of being corruptedBy hearts unwholly goodI am just a simple manBorn of this worldWho seeked to find companyOnly to realizeThat Company means troubleAnd Trouble I already haveFor my heart aches for LoveYet always greeted with indifferencesBecause no one has timeBecause no one remembers what love isSo too my burdenWhich I carry on my backThe Power of OneWhich can heal my broken soulIs lost to this WorldMy corrupted salvationOnly the affluent get powerAnd cut out their own heartFor achieving Petty GreatnessOvershadows all KindnessThis is My WorldOf Saints and of SinnersThose who use othersAnd those who are unwittingly usedPeople with two facesSometimes even moreAll of it a lieAll Emotion Ill IntentionedWhich is why in this DarknessI prefer to live AloneUntil this world that I liveCan be healed from selfish dogmaPass the trials of tribulationBe cleased of evil maliceI will not moveNor allow myself to be movedFor the world is too uglyAnd I am too frailSo long as this goes unendingI will now live by myself......Alone...
Because Man is so Small (Poem)Because Man is So Small By J.C. SolisMan is So frailAnd the world is so largeOur hearts are so fragileAnd our lives are so shortWith death always constantWith a mouring unceasingAs the dawn gives no comfortAnd the sun brings no warmthFor on the last day to comeWhen we've used up our strengthShall we cry into the dirtAnd laid burried with our tearsBecause Man is so weakAnd the World is but cruelAs our hearts can be shatteredAnd our bones can all breakAgainst the cascade of TimeAnd powers that eclipse usWhen we meet the AlmightyAnd the coming of DemiseBecause Man is so weakAnd to survive he must sufferAs the weak will soon perishAnd the Strong will suffer stillFor Man is So FrailAnd we realize our fragilityAcross the Horizon of TimeWhere we'll meet the great endWhere the sins of our pastAnd the grief that we carryAnd all our burdens we bearShall hang us from the nooseFor the world always winsAnd will put Man in placeFor the powers man seekWeren't meant for him aloneBecause Man is So SmallIn a place that is So BigAs he strives for a powerThat's beyond his own mightFor Man will not acceptHis place in this HellAnd shall push back the forcesThat wish him his deathFor he has a strong willAnd the will to surviveAgainst the forces against himAnd all that stands in his wayMan is so smallYet can change the whole worldTo make to his imageOr to aid what is thereFor though He is frailHe is not quick to dieWhen he strives for much moreAnd wants to surviveFor Man is so short livedYet can alter his FateDespite opposing forcesFrom both Nature and his KinFor alone He is weakAnd is insignificant to LifeBut congregate the massesAnd the world itself quakesFor Man has a powerTo change the whole worldA burden we carryAnd an honor no lessUnless we give into greedAnd the desires of our heartsThis world is our paradiseTo shape into beautyFor Man is So SmallYet can do so much stillWhether Good or quite BadThat is up to Man's will...
HIM (Poem)HIMAlt. Title: The Voice Inside us All By J.C. SolisThe voice I hear so oftenWho mocks me very frequentDawn through Dusk and heard all dayHis cackle comes in sequentAs all my thoughts are worthlessAnd all I choose is wrongHis judgement rings through all I doAnd I can never hide from his songYour heart is in His gazeAnd your secrets you can't hideYour heart He will touch, your soul He will breakThrough this agony He'll make you bideInside your heart He lies in waitUntil that moment whenYour weakness shows and your strength then foldsAnd your corpse He will feast on thenHIM makes you suffer and drains your strengthFor HIM wants to feast on your soul and your heartAnd Life He makes dark and the future so bleakTill nothing is left once He's torn you apartYet despite His strong tenacityHis own weakness is so clearThough he shows great power and terrible mightIt is courage that He most fearsFor the strength of oneself can trounce HIMAnd the reason is clear as to whyAs you challenge every fib he makesHis voice will dim and dieHe will run a cowards running sprintHis voice now lost its spiteFor your heart allows HIM no more placeAs he now loses this dire fightYet do not think He will stop his campaignFor His fervor increases with ireYour life he will still reach to takeTo damn you with HIM to fireYet do not fear the will of HIMFor you alone own strong powerBecause the heart bears a strength to triumph it allAnd to fight HIM across all hoursSo listen to me, girls and boysLive your dreams of hope and joySearch the world at you're heart's contentAnd away from His evil ploysFollow your heart, follow your dreamsLet your mind wide open and freeNever fear the voice of HIMAnd always pursue your victory...
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