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Hey guys it’s me Lentertament here, Now I know I haven’t been updating much on this group but as before I’ve been waiting for this group to gain some more members before going into anything big.

>> Okay so the first thing I want to talk about is submitting deviations, I noticed for a while I had to always vote for deviations to be submitted, so now I’ve made it so deviations can be submitted without any voting at all and as before it’s unlimited.

>> Another thing is other kinks, so far there are four folders of kink, BDSM, Furry, crossdressing and Vore but I would like to add others, so if any of you know of any other fetishes please tell me and I’ll make a folder for them.

>>Finally I want to point you guys to another group I made called :iconbound-minded: this group will only focus on anything BDSM/Bondage related considering that’s the one I see most submitted to this group, so far this only has 4 members and I would like some more, so if you wish you can join there and post what you want.

Alright that’s all for this journal and I hope to update again soon.
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What If... The Avengers“Unusual targets,” the broad shouldered man said as he looked across the table, “and tricky – but I believe we can meet your request, Dr Armstrong. We will be in touch when we have your order ready for collection.”Cambridge“Professor Gale!”The tall brunette turned and looked across the lecture theatre and said “Simpson – do you have that paper for me?”“I do,” the research assistant said as he handed over the typed sheets. As she read, he looked at her – head of the Department of Anthropology at Cambridge, Professor Catherine Gale was still a beautiful woman despite the grey starting to appear in her hair. She was wearing a long sleeved dress with a pleated skirt, the top just open enough to reveal her chest, and long, tight black leather boots.“hmm – I think some of these references are out of date,” she finally said as she smiled and looked up. “Not your fault – I only got the proofs back from the printer for my new book before the lecture. Come to my office, and you can pick it up for cross checking and referencing.”“Of course, Professor,” the young man said as he hurried off, Cathy smiling to herself as she cleared the board. The last few years had been good ones – but sometimes, she missed the days when she was saving the world with her very special friend…Leaving the lecture hall, she walked down the corridors and then walked out onto the street, drawing admiring glances as she walked through the college gates and up to her rooms. It was only when she opened the doors and let herself into her well appointed rooms that she realised something was amiss.Everything was where it should be, and yet…The noise behind her alerted her to the presence as she reached round, flipping the man over her shoulder and throwing him down onto the floor on his back. He was tall, and well built, dressed in black – but he smiled as he looked up and said “hello Mrs Gale – Intergang send their regards.”“Oh come on, that’s in the past,” Cathy said as she looked at him. “What are you anyway – the warning?”“No – the diversion.”Cathy stared at him, and then opened her eyes wide as the damp, sweet smelling cloth was clamped over her nose and mouth from behind. She reached up, clawing at whoever was behind her as she struggled, but eventually her eyes closed and hr body relaxed into his arms.“Ball tie her.”As she was lowered to the floor, the first man picked up a bag and took several lengths of brown rope out. He started by securing her wrists together in front of her, and then her ankles before her legs were bent and her arms put over her legs. As he bound her wrists to her ankles, the second assailant bound her arms tightly to her sides, and then took the rope under her thighs to further immobilise her.Finally, a rolled scarf was pulled between her lips, before she was lifted ad placed in a laundry basket, sheets covering her before the men looked at each other.A few minutes later, students watched the two workmen as they loaded the trolley into a laundry van, and then drove off…BirminghamPeel Industries had recently moved to a new complex on the outskirts of Wolverhampton, and as the Lotus pulled up in the named parking space some of the passing workers looked over and smiled. The Managing Director had obviously returned from the troubleshooting mission in Cartagena.She had shoulder length black hair, and was wearing a black bodysuit with elbow length sleeves and a scoop neck. Round her waist was a leather belt with a chain fastening at the front, and her legs were tucked into a pair of over the knee black leather boots.She smiled as she walked quickly to the main entrance, the uniformed man at the entrance standing and saluting as she walked in.“Mrs Peel – this is an unexpected pleasure, we were not expecting you until Monday.”“Job finished early,” she said with a smile, “I need to check something in the research lab.”“Of course,” the man said as she walked to a set of lift doors behind the reception desk, tapping her foot as she waited for the lift doors to open. The corridor was quiet - a little too quiet, making her feel on edge as she walked along the clinically cleaned floor.So when the two men stepped in front of her, dressed in black and wearing dark glasses, Emma just shook her head and adopted a defensive stand, using her well know martial art skills to fend off their attack. It brought back memories of the old days, of standing beside him, of when Peter was missing…Peter…The blow to her neck took her by surprise, as her eyes rolled up and she dropped to the floor. The third man nodded as he said “get the gurney…”The workers returning from lunch saw the two doctors load the gurney into the back of the ambulance, wondering what had happened. Had they looked closer, they would have seen Emma Peel on there, her wrists taped to the side with medical tape, and tape over her eyes and mouth. They would also have seen on the second gurney the bound and gagged woman in the floral dress.“Two down.”“Yeah – now it’s over to the international groups…”London“I must say I was surprised to get this invite to dinner,” the dark haired man said as he sat at the table at the Savoy. “But it has been a real pleasure to talk over old times. You are a coroner now, Geoffrey?”“I am indeed,” the other man said, his dark hair balding in the middle of his head, “and I loved your new exhibition, Venus.”“Thanks,” the small blonde said, “but we did want to catch up. Do you hear from any of the others?”“From time to time,” he said with a smile, “but I am a horse breeder now.” The other two smiled as memories came back…CanadaMontreal is a quiet little city, but sometimes those who live there and are not involved in politics attract attention – such as the chestnut haired woman who was walking down the street, her large hat covering her head. She was wearing a mustard coloured blouse and a short black skirt, a wide black leather belt with silver metal trim round her waist. A pair of over the knee tight black leather boots completed her outfit.Ever since the end of her assignment to the UK, Tara King had worked undercover for the Canadian intelligence community – and she had taken the lessons she had learned from hm to heart. Their time in that rocket orbiting the earth had been – educational in so many ways.So when she saw the Pontiac following her in the reflection of the shop windows, she wondered which group was after her this time. Sighing, she moved the strap of her handbag over her head so that the strap sat across her chest, and continued to walk down the road, before turning down an alleyway.The car came to a stop, two men getting our and walking down the alleyway – but there was no sign of her in the road. At least, they failed to notice her in the alcove before she stepped out behind them, and knocked them both out with the cosh she had removed from her handbag.“Amateurs,” she said to herself as she walked to the other end of the alleyway – only to stop as she saw the four clowns performing on the street. They were dressed in the circus style, as Tara stopped to look at them.“You have got to be joking – at least they…”Her eyes opened wide as she felt the pinprick in her leg, aa two for the clowns walked over and held her up, the crowd around them clapping as the other two bowed, and they all walked to a waiting van, carrying Tara inside.They then grabbed some ropes and sat her o the floor of the van, two of them securing her wrists behind her back as the other two bound her legs and ankles. Removing her hat, they then wrapped rope around her upper arms to hold them in place, and then gently pushed a cloth into her mouth before covering her lips with brown sticking plaster.The van drove off, as Tara slept, unaware of what had happened to her…“Whllthshsdhffrnhtn.”“Thhlmhhbhtht,” Emma said as she twisted round. She was now tightly bound with ropes, sat in the chair of the airplane as Cathy sat opposite her. “Shhesdhnnths?”“Nhhddheee – whssths?”“Hmhghddd,” Emma mumbled as the clowns carried the bound, gagged and unconscious Tara onto the plane, sitting her on the other side as they heard the engines start up.“Unhhhr?”“Hyhhsss….”London“No, Peter, I can assure you I have not seen Emma since we had dinner last month,” John Steed said as he looked out of the window of his Chelsea Mews flat. “Nor is she active. You have not had any communication?“I see – leave it with me,” he said as he put the receiver down, and then picked it up again.“Professor Gale, please…”Paris“Miss Wilde! Over Here Please!”Hannah Wilde smiled as she turned and posed in front of the classic cars. Her career as a model had taken off recently, and as she posed in her purple velour playsuit, with long sleeves and hot pants, she was as happy as she had ever been.The over the knee white boots also helped her look, as she tossed her chestnut red hair and posed again. She had never dreamed she would be this successful – but then her friend had recommended her to an agency, after they had both been through the adventure of a lifetime, and now there was no stopping her.“Thank you everyone,” her assistant said as Hannah waved and walked from the display floor, sighing as she said “where’s the next event?”“Across town, in a couple of hours – you’ve got time for a tea before we head off.”“Good – I’m parched. The usual blend?”“Fortnum and Mason – whoever this guy you met was, he has expensive tastes.”“Nah – just taste,” Hannah said as she sat down in her room, and poured the brown liquid into the white china cup. She then looked at the cup, and said “are you sure this is the right blend? It tastes bitter.”“Oh it is the perfect blend for you at this moment, Hannah,” her assistant said as she took the cup from her hand, Hannah blinking and then her head rolling to the side as her eyes stayed open. She smiled as she tore some clear tape from a roll and pressed it down over Hannah’s mouth, before saying “stand up”.Hannah stood, slowly as the other woman produced a length of white cord, and then took her employer’s hands behind her back, binding them together before she fastened a cape round her, covering the binding before she opened the door.“Come,” she said quietly, “your car awaits…”London“No, Mother, I have not heard from her either – and I am concerned. Where is Gambit at the moment?”John Steed nodded as he said “let him know I’m coming to find him – Venus is safe?“Good – I will be in touch…”“Hrruhhh?”The three bound and gagged women twisted in their seats as Hannah was sat opposite Tara.“One more – patience, ladies, your final destination will be reached soon…”“Dr Armstrong?”The grey haired man turned to see a tall, broad shouldered man with dark curly hair looking at him.“You!”“Me – and him?”Armstrong turned to see the second man, dressed in the grey suit with dark collar, smiling as he tipped his hat.“Hello – again. Now, why don’t you tell me why you have employed the services of Objects of Beauty?”Scotland“PULL!”As the two hard clay discs were hurled into the air, she raised the shotgun to the shoulder and followed their flight path, firing twice as they exploded in mid-air.“Well done, Miss Purdey,” the man said as she opened the barrel, smoke escaping as she did so. Purdey was wearing a peach coloured slip dress over a black jumper, and over the knee black leather boots.“Given I am not exactly dressed for clay pigeon shooting, it wasn’t too bad,” she said with a smile as she handed the gun to a bearer, and walked over to the jeep. The call that morning had been unexpected, but she had prepared herself as requested.So when she sat in the back of the jeep, and she was driven off, she was expecting a car to drive them off the road, or a shot to take the tyre out. She was not expecting to hear a soft hiss, or the inhale the gas that made her slip into a deep sleep…The jeep pulled up towards a waiting van, two men in black wearing gas masks getting out and pening the rear door before they carried the unconscious woman out between them. They carried her into the rear of the van, laying her on the back before they bound her wrists together in front of her body, her ankles and legs together, and then covered her mouth with silver tape.“Where’s the plane?”“Local airstrip – let’s go…”As the small plane waited, the van drew up, the two men carrying the bound and gagged woman into the cabin as the other four watched.“Is that them all,” the man dressed in black answered as Purdey was strapped in.“That’s them – ready for delivery.”“Good – inform head office the commission has been completed.”The two men nodded as they got off, the third man closing the door before he said “all right, I did what you asked.”“Very good,” Gambit said as he looked at him, “now sleep.” The blow to the back of his neck sent him sprawling, as he looked at the others.“Forgive me if I do not free you just yet, someone wants to say hello…”The South of FrancePurdey opened her eyes and looked round at the other four women.“Whtsghgnhnn?”“Dhntphnhc,” Emma said as Purdey felt the bump of the plane landing, and then coming to a stop before the cabin door was lowered. She watched as she heard footsteps – and then sighed as she saw the older man walk in.“Ladies,” Steed said with a smile, “I think you deserve a short break and a chance to talk together. Allow me to free you…”
The Long and The Short of itThe town sat in the Cotswolds, a quiet little place where tourists might stop for a meal or a coffee, and the residents were all reasonably well off. The sort of place where something serious rarely happened.Until two things happened on the same street on the same night…Moira Cummings smiled as she stepped out of the butchers – she was int the mood for a rabbit stew, and she had all that she needed now. With her husband away on a business trip, it was just her and her daughter Angela – so she wanted to have a nice night in with her, find out how her first year at university had gone. They had not met since she left in the summer – restrictions and all that.But she was home now, and in that there was some comfort. She smiled again as she felt the wind on her face – the warm weather meat she had chosen to wear a dark blue blouse with a white swan print over a white vest, the legs of her blue jeans tucked into a pair of knee high brown riding boots.Getting into her car, she reversed out and drove off, not noticing the grey transit van that pulled out of the parking space and followed her…“And there we go,” Moira said as she placed the rabbit and soaked prunes into the casserole, and then put the covered dish into the oven, smiling as she closed the door and wiped her hands. The vegetables were prepared, and now she had some time to herself.The knock on the front door took her by surprise, as she walked along the wood panelled corridor and opened it.“Yes, how may I…”“Good afternoon, Moira,” the taller of the two men standing there said as they walked in, Moira slowly raising her hands as they did so. They were identically dressed – black sweaters and pants, shoes, leather gloves, and balaclavas pulled down over their heads, only their mouths and eyes visible. The most striking disparity was in their height – one was a good foot taller than the other. “Please, forgive the intrusion, but we must ask you not to raise the alarm, and to put your hands palm down on your head.”“Who…Who are you,” Moira said quietly as she put her hands palm down on her blonde frizzed hair, “and what do you want?”“My apologies – introductions are in order,” the man pointing the gun at her said as the smaller of the two closed the door, “my name is Mister Tall, my partner Mister Small.”“You… You’re the Gentlemen Robbers?”“Once again our reputation precedes us,” Mister Small said as he put a canvas bag down. “We must ask you not to do anything to raise the alarm while we are here, Moira, so would you first tell me where you mobile phone is?”“My handbag – in the kitchen,” she whispered as he walked past – first removing the connection for the phone in the hallway from the wall. “So you are robbing me?”“Indeed – specifically, your husband’s fine collection of stamps, but we are open to other finds. Ah – thank you, Moira,” he said as Mister Small waved the phone in his gloved hand. “Now, slowly, take your hands down and move them behind your back.”“Why?”“Regretfully, when we say we must prevent you raising the alarm, we mean it,” Mister Small said behind her. “Please, do what my friend asks you to do.”“all right,” she said quietly as she lowered her hands and moved them behind her, gasping softly as Mister Small gently crossed her wrists behind her back, and then started to bind them with a length of white cord. She could feel the rope rubbing on her wrists as he proceeded – it seemed to take no time, but when he was done, she could not move her wrists apart.“Excuse me for one moment,” he said as he made his way into the front room, Mister Tall inhaling as he said “do I smell Burgundy cooking?”“Yes – a rabbit casserole,” Moira said, surprised that he recognised the scent.“Reminds me of my time in Italy,” he said with a smile as Mister Small came back out, and picked up the canvas bag. “please – after you.”Moira walked into the room, now darker with the curtains drawn over the windows, and stopped as Mister Small retrieved from the bag a longer length of rope, doubling it over and then walking behind her as he passed the rope round her body, fed the ends through the centre loop behind her, and gently pulled.“Now,” Mister Tall said, “we have no desire to make more mess than is necessary, so please tell us where the main safe is.”“My husband’s office,” Moira whispered as she felt the bands tightening on her, above and below her chest, forcing her arms against her sides. He was being gentle, but she knew when he was finished, she was going nowhere…“Excellent,” Mister Tall said as his partner secured the ropes, Moira twisting round as she looked through her glasses. “Mister Small, if you would locate and take the necessary steps to open the safe, I will make sure Moira is comfortably secured in the room.”“OF course,” Mister Small said as he walked off, Mister Tall indicating to Moira that she should take a seat on the couch behind a coffee table. As she did so, he drew more lengths of cord from the bag, and said “will you please rise your legs, cross your ankles, and rest them on the coffee table Moira?”“Why – so you can tie my ankles and legs?”“Precisely – but it will be more comfortable for you if you do it that way. If you would please do so?”Moira nodded – this had to be the strangest home invasion she could imagine, but she did as she was asked, watching as the tall masked intruder doubled one length of rope and wrapped it round her ankles. She was fascinated by the way he was working, taking the rope round and between her legs before securing the lengths out of reach of her.The second length went around her legs below her knees, as he made sure they were tightly secured, his gloved hands stroking her legs as the rope was taken between them – but she felt assured this was the most he was going to do, as he knotted the ends and stood back. Moira slowly lowered her legs, feeling the ropes tighten, and then said “now what?”The sound of the front door opening and closing made Mister Tall look quickly over, and then a young female voice said “Mum?”“Your daughter – please, invite her to join us, and no warnings please.”Moira swallowed as she said “I’m in the front room Angela – will you come in please?”“Sure – but why are the curtains drawn,” the voice said as they both looked to the doorway, and her nineteen year old daughter walked in. She had a black and white hairband holding her blonde hair back, a white deep necked top over a peach vest, pink shorts with a wide brown leather belt, and a pair of knee length brown leather boots with a fake lace detail on the front. She stared at her mother, and the masked man next to her, before she said “shit…”“Language, Alison,” Moira said quietly. “As you can see, we have some unexpected guests. This is my daughter Angela – Angela, meet Mister Tall.”“Mister Tall, as in…” Angela looked at the masked man, and then turned as she heard a second male voice say “a problem, Mister Tall?”“I don’t think so, Mister Small. The safe?”“Working on it,” the smaller masked man said as he turned and walked back down the corridor.“So, Angela,” Mister Tall said, “will you please place your bag and you phone carefully on the seat, and then stand perfectly still? I have no desire to harm you, and your mother is safe if secured – I merely need to make sure you are the same.”“Just do as he says, Angela,” Moira said as she twisted round, her boots squeaking as her legs rubbed together. “I promise you, I haven’t been hurt.”“Okay Mum,” Angela said as she inhaled. “Rabbit?”“Yes – although w may have to eat later.”“I will ensure the timer is set on the oven before we leave,” Mister Tall said as he collected some rope and stood behind Angela. Moira watched as the masked man guided her daughter’s hands behind her back, and started to bind her in the same way as she had been. It was a strange feeling, seeing an armed intruder skilfully bind her daughter. The ropes certainly forced her arms into her sides as they were taken round her, Angela biting her lower lip as the bands stretched her top over her chest. “What do they want, Mum – Dad’s stamp collection?”“I think that is the main thing they want, but I also suspect they may take out jewellery as well,” Moira said as Mister Tall pulled the bands tighter round her daughter, and then secured the ends. Placing his gloved hands on her shoulders, she said “thank you – now please, Angela, sit on the far end of the couch from your other, and put your feet on the coffee table, ankles crossed.”“Why?”“He’s going to tie our legs in the same way as mine,” Moira said, Angela walking over and looking down before she sat and placed hr crossed ankles on the table, watching as Mister Tall started to bind her ankles together as well.“We’re not going anywhere, are we?”“I fear not for some time,” Moira said as she watched Mister Tall bind her daughter’s legs as well, before Angela lowered them and she twisted round, nodding as she said “I guess not. So what happens now?”“Well, fi you promise not to scream for help, I will leave you – be aware Mister Small is a short run away, and if he hears anything he will come in. It would be a great pity if we had to take any further actions.”“We won’t raise the alarm,” Moira said, Angela nodding as she continued “so long as you turn the television on, and allow us to watch Pointless.”“Of course,” Mister Tall said as he turned the television on, Alexander Armstrong appearing as he turned the volume up and then left them in the room.“The Gentlemen Robbers? Should we be honoured?”“I guess so, Angela,” Moira said as she heard their boots squeaking as they rubbed against each other, “and I suspect they will make sure we are quiet eventually, but for now…”“Ah – one of my favourite shows,” Mister Small said as he came in and sat down. “I hope you do not mind the company?”“We have a choice?”Mister Small smiled as he said “not at the moment, no…”“Ah – did you find success on the upper floor, Mister Tall?”“I did Mister Small,” the taller of the two intruders said as he placed a pillowcase in the canvas bag, and then held up two black scarves. “And now, with regret, we must ensure both of you ladies remain silent for a while.”He handed one to Mister Small, Moira and Angela watching as they rolled the scarves not a band and tied a double knot in the middle, both men then walking behind the couch as Mister Small said “please, open your mouth as wide as you can – it will be a little uncomfortable to begin with, but you will soon adjust.”“We can talk later… The casserole?”“I will deal with the oven presently,” Mister Tall said as both women felt the silk knot go between their lips and behind their teeth, biting down as the band was secured round their heads, the ends hanging at the base of their neck. As Mister Tall left the room, Mister Small collected other things and put them into the bag, closing and picking it up as his partner returned.“The Gentlemen Robbers bid you adieu,” Mister Tall said as he came in and bowed, “may we…”The sound of the crash outside made both men look at each other, Mister Small putting the bag down and quickly walking up the stairs as Mister Tall said “A moment, ladies.”Angela and Moira looked at each other, wondering what had happened as Mister Small came back down, shaking his head.“Is there a problem Mister Small?”“You may say that – it appears there has been a road collision on the road outside your door, a fairly serious one. With egret, my dear ladies, I fear we may have to stay a little longer than planned – our apologies for that?”“Whhttt?” Moira looked at them, the scarf dampening at the corners of er mouth, as she tried to process what they were saying.“May I ask,” Mister Tall said quietly, “if either of you had plans to meet with anyone tonight?” As Moira and Angela both shook their heads, he nodded before saying “well, we can assist in any way we can. Mister Small, continue to keep them company – I can at least finish preparing their evening meal for them.”“UHchnchk?” He smiled at Angela before he said “you may be the judge of that…”“Mum, you have to admit – he can cook.”Moira slowly nodded as she put another forkful of the casserole in her mouth. She and Angela were sat at the dining table – secured in place with ropes round their waist, and their ankles and legs still secured together. Mister Tall had caried them through one by one and released their arms, then Mister Small removed their gags as the food was placed in front of them – along with the casserole, there were honey roasted carrots, cabbage with sesame seeds, and pomme puree. “As I said, I spent some time in Italy,” Mister Tall said with a smile as Mister Small poured more wine into their glasses, and then left the room.“So where is your friend going?”“Monitoring the situation outside – the police have finished interviewing the drivers concerned, but until the vehicles are actually cleared I regret to say we continue our sojourn here.”“Well, at least you have treated us well,” Moira said, unable to stop herself smiling as she ate. “So what is going to happen next?”“Well, it would be my recommendation you change into something suitable for sleeping in, and at that point I regret to say we would need to silene you – with something else this time,” Mister Tall said. “I am aware, however, that you have a Sky subscription, and there is a particularly fine concert on later tonight – so I see no reason why you should not enjoy that.“Albeit securely, and quietly.”“I guess there is no reason why not,” Angela giggled as she sipped her wine, Moira shaking her head. Eventually, Mister Small returned and said “we have finished.”“indeed – if you would release Angela, and take her to wash and change, Moira may remain here while I clear the plates, and then load the dishwasher.”“I’ll be all right Mum,” Angela said as the masked man pulled her chair back, and untied her waist and leg, carefully coiling the ropes and laying them on the table as he did so. Moir watched as they walked off, before she said “will you be using rope again?”“No – as there is a very real possibility you will be asleep before we leave, we will use something else. What that is, you will see when Angela returns…”A short while later, Mister Small returned with Angela, her blonde hair now hanging loose, wearing a red short sleeved top and matching shorts. “So – what are you going to do to me,” she said to Mister Tall, and then she watched as the smaller of the two me returned with a large roll of white tape.“Kindly put your hands together in prayer in front of yourself,” he said, Angela watching as he tore the end of the roll loose, and wrapped it tightly round her wrists, then took it down until both hands were covered, as if they were fitting inside a single white glove.Moira watched, dimly aware that Mister Tall was releasing her while Mister Small wrapped the tape round Angela’s waist, then her stomach, and finally her upper arms, fixing her arms to her body in front of her as well.“IF you will come with me,” Mister Tall said as Mister Small took Angela by the arm. They all left the room, Mister Tall taking Moira up the stairs as Mister Small led Angela into the front room again.“You have to be the most unusual robbers in history,” Moira said as she stood outside her bedroom.“Well, even if sadly that is the case, w take the recognition with honour,” Mister Tall said with a smile, “now, go and change – but leave the door open please.”“Afraid I may call for help?”“In a way – but more to ensure you remember we have your daughter downstairs, waiting for you.”Moira nodded as she went in, coming out again wearing a pair of white pyjamas with a blue and red cornflower pattern on them. “So, now you tape me up as well?”“In a slightly different way – shall we?”They walked back down and into the living room, to see Angela lying on her side on the couch, her head resting on the arm with a cushion under it. Her ankles, as well as her legs above and below her knees, were held together with a band of white tape in each place, as Mister Small allowed her to drink through a straw.“Could be worse,” she said with a smile as Mister Tall folded Moira’s arms behind her back, resting her elbows in the palms of her hands and then taped them together, elbow to wrist and around her forearms. He then wound the tape round her upper arms, holding them firmly against her body, before she took a seat in the chair next to Angela’s head.“So when does this concert start,” Moira asked as Mister Small lifted her feet onto his knee, and started to tape her ankles together.“In a few moments – some water?”“thank you,” she said as Mister Tall held the glass to let her sip through the straw, Mister Small lowering her taped ankles and then securing her legs above and below her knees.“now, sadly, we must ensure you stay quiet.”With that, Mister Small took a folded cloth and held it in front of Moira’s mouth, the older woman nodding as she allowed him to push it in and then closing her lips over it before he covered them with the white tape. Angela was soon gagged in the same way, as they both started to watch the concert.It was a celebration of Broadway, as to the surprise of both Moira and Angela Mister Tall and Mister Small joined in – both possessing fine voices. Eventually, however, Mister Small looked from the curtains into the dark street, and said “we are clear.”“then we must leave you,” Mister Tall said to both women as he picked up the bag. “the Gentlemen Robbers once again, and definitively, bid you adieu – may we truly never meet again.”They both nodded as the two men left the room, and then turned the attention to the concert as they twisted round, trying to get free from the tight white bands…

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Mature Content

Mature Content

The Real D-eal with Lady Distracto“I know you're here, somewhere!” The deeply rich, cultured, booming voice resounded through the well-furnished, elegant castle halls.“You bet your dumptruck derrière I am.”“I'll find you!” The voice rang around the walls, again, closer this time.Followed by the echoing, thudding, approaching sound of very, very heavy footsteps.Lady Distracto eyed each door, severe, stern, focused...more focused than she'd ever been! She was ready, she was prepared, she was entirely set to resolve this very serious and very critically important problem. Here and now!“I hope so.” She hummed, meshing her fingers, stretching, then wriggling them in the air. As the thumping footsteps grew closer still, she opened her laptop where she was sat on at a grand piano so big it looked like it'd been built for a giant. She pressed her lips thin, brow furrowed, fingers ready to hit those keys as soon as her foe showed herself. She...was...ready!“You can't hide from me!” The door on the other side of the piano was open, and passing by, could be seen...well, the lower part of the immense, impressive, intimidating figure of Lady Dimitrescu.There was only room for 'one' Lady D in this multiverse, and darn it Lady Distracto was first! Today, one way or another, she would settle the big mutant vampire lady's hash!And her plan was perfect! Simple, certainly, but thorough! For in front of each door, waiting, was a hellish, tangled mess of weighted nets, ropes, chains, and other restraints, just waiting for Lady Distracto get typing and 'then' they'd see who real Lady D was!“There's no sense hiding, tiny one-”“...who're you calling tiny, jumbo...” Lady Distracto muttered, sourly, fixing her hat tightly on her head as she tensed, listening, out.All she had to do was be patient, to hold her nerve, keep her cool, bide her ti-“-I could smell you from across the cas-”“How dare you! I do 'not' smell!” Lady Distracto blurted, pushing back the stool and jumping to her feet.The sudden jolt bumped the piano, and knocked her laptop back into the middle, where the heavy, hard lid snapped heavily shut, sealing it inside. Very loudly.“...oh rats...” One of the doors creaked open, and behind it was the now incredibly threatening lower half of the enormous and shapely monster woman.“There you are.” The refined, yet deep voice sang through the door.“Oh bother.” Lady Distracto started backing away, toward the opposite end of the square lounge. Well, no need to panic, yet! Lady Dimitrescu was huge, maybe she couldn't even get 'through' the door!The pale-skinned woman stooped, almost sideways, and ducked under the doorway. Adjusting her sweeping, elegant hat with one hand and pinching the long cigarette holder in the other. For her size, she managed to make even navigating a door half her size look like an act of award-winning choreography. “Oh fiddlesticks.”Once inside, she brought herself up to her full nine and a half feet height, casting a towering shadow across the room. Her long white dress rustled, quietly, with each movement, flattering a figure that hardly really needed any extra help.“I didn't think you were Mr Winters.” She puffed on the cigarette, sashaying like a battleship into the room, slowly, around the piano. “No matter. You're a little small, but you'll do for a snack.” Her dark lips curled, revealing a grin of shining white teeth, as Lady Distracto backed increasingly swiftly away around the room in the other direction.“I don't suppose we could discuss this over a cup of tea?” She tried, a desperate shrug, arms wide, trying to edge closer to the piano....maaaaaybe she could get close enough, pop the lid quick, and snatch her laptop out?“...what were you...up to, in here?” She prodded one of the piles of ropes, chains, netting, dubiously. “Were these..for me?” The grin was obscured between dark lips, pressed into a thin, amused curl at the corner of the mouth.“Well, you see-”Lady Dimitrescu darted forward suddenly, and with an ease that would have been amusing if she hadn't been in the room too, flung the piano aside like it was made of cardboard. It spun through the air, crashed up onto a ringed balcony above the lounge. And her laptop with it!Lady Distracto stared the way it had gone, through the piano-shaped hole in the wall above. She stared through a settling cloud trail of dust and splinters, as Lady Dimitrescu strolled forward, closer. Almost in front of her now, towering above her, at what Lady Distracto optimistically liked to think of as 'only' twice her own height.“Perhaps I should try these...on you...?” The enormous woman held up a bundle of ropes, in one black leather gloved hands, predatory eyes going from it, down to her.Lady Distracto coughed politely, staring transfixed, like a rabbit in headlights, and carefully cleared some dust from her monocle on her sleeve....well, maybe it was time for 'Plan B'.She booked it for the nearest door, clutching her hat to her head, as she heard the enormous vampire-mutant thudding heavily in pursuit.“Come back here, rodent!”“No!”She hared down a hallway, as fast as her comparatively, reluctantly-admittedly shorter legs could carry her. She heard the vampire-woman laugh, lightly, her slower, measured, consistent thudding paces still never far behind.Pumping her legs as fast as she could, she sprinted for the next corner, latching out with one hand and skidding around it on one foot. “Pest! Vermin! You're with the other one, aren't you!?” Lady Dimistrecu demanded, still hot on her comparatively tiny heels. “Where is Ethan Winters?!”Lady had no idea what she was talking about, still emphatically focused on legging it. Two doors lay ahead, at the end of the hall, and her pursuer hadn't quite made it around the corner. She barrelled into one of the doors, throwing it open, then scrambled to double back. Quietly, quietly as possible, she ducked through the door opposite, pulling it quickly shut with a soft click and pressing her back to it.“I have no idea what an Ethan is, but it sounds lame!” She yelled back.“You can't get away, little rabbit!” Lady Dimitrescu called, in the hall, stomping loudly past...and through the door she'd left open! “I will find you!”Lady Distracto let out a breath of relief she'd been holding so long without realising she nearly folded up into a jumble of bendy limbs.Carefully, very cautiously, she shuffled along the floor, cracking the door open and peeking through the gap. Just in time to see the nine foot monstress bending over to stoop under the low door frame, on her way in the opposite direction.“Cripes.” Lady Distracto murmured, slightly transfixed on all the fascinating ways the dress sort of moved, and hugged her-“Right? And what about those mammaroonies?” A female voice chimed in, happily, overhead.“I'm more of a bum kind of...wait.” Lady Distracto blinked, pulling back from the door, and glanced up. “Oh no.” She winced, recognising the newcomer.“Oh yes.” Doctor Kink grinned, like a shark at dinnertime, down at her. “Sup, Distracted? Miss me? Guess where this is going!” She leaned down, alarmingly close, and was yanking a thick white cloth taut in her hands, repeatedly.“I'd rather nrrmpphh!”…“Mmrrmmpphhmph!” “Quit whining, I'm doing you a favour, Lady.”“Nnmrrppmmph!” Lady Distracto struggled, stubbornly, under the ropes around her arms, and those tying her hands behind her, and her ankles together. “Mmmrrmmmpphh!” She growled, under the white cloth gagging her as Doctor Kink pulled her along the floor, by her legs.“Alright I'm doing me a favour, but whatever. I've been on vacay for ages, about time we caught up. Or I caught you, anyway.” Kink snorted, pausing to catch her breath. “Did you put on weight? Do you have any idea how hard it is looking this good and not having pockets? It's tough being me, I needed that holiday. You should be making this easier for me!” She started off again, dragging her down the polished marble floors awkwardly trying to juggle her phone in one hand.“NNRRMPHH!” “Whatever.” Doctor Kink shrugged, barely listening. “How about tall, pale and vampy, right? That's a lot of woman. More than you can handle, half-pint. This whole spat of're out of your we are!” She finally pulled her to a halt at what looked like an antiquated, complicated, shiny brass mechanical elevator or something.“Hrmphh!” Lady squeaked, as Doc dropped her legs, carelessly, and wandered over to the control panel, peering closely at it and adjusting her glasses. “...hhhrrrmmmpphh...” She managed to roll onto her side, not watching her stupid rival, but staring intently at her phone, as she set it down on a box beside her, to fiddle with some buttons.“ does this dumb thing work? Stupid old technology, what good is it without a touchscreen?” Her captor muttered, impatiently, rubbing her head in frustration and apparently not seeing the big button labelled 'Open', on the panel. “I heard this place has some amazing basements!”“Mmrrmph...mmphph...mmphhh...” Lady Distracto wriggled, shuffled closer, still curled up on her side. “...mmgpph...mmphh...mmphh...”“Ah, hey, there it is.” Doctor Kink finally punched the button, opening the rattling elevator doors. “They should label these things, riiiIIIIIIIGGGGHHAAAGGHHH!” She started to turn around, hands on hips, smug, only for Lady to give her a shove on the behind, sending her flailing and tumbling down the shaft, screaming all the way.There was a loud splash below, followed by coughing and spluttering. Lady Distracto struggled to sit up, and shuffled nearer to the edge of the shaft, listening.“Like, oh my god, this had better be wine!” A moment of quiet, with some gentle sticky, dripping sounds. “Oh god, it isn't!” Doc wailed, below.There was a groaning noise below, like a lot of sloshing, shuffling feet, and it went quiet again.“Aaggghhhh, smelly old people! Heelllmmpppphhh!” Doctor Kink was muffled, suddenly, followed by a lot of splashing. “HHRRRLLMMHHPH! HHLLMMPHHH! HHHLLLLRRRRrrrmmmpphhhh....!” Her shouting faded, into more quiet.“Hrmrph.” Lady Distracto grunted, satisfied, and pushed herself to her wobbly tied feet. “Hhmrph...hmmph!” She hopped backward, bending to pick up Doctor Kink's abandoned phone.Admittedly, she hated these things, but it would have to do, in a pinch! Opening Kink's favoured app, she managed to tap in a few words, badly misspelled, buuuuut...“Hhrmrph!” Lady breathed, in relief, as the ropes binding her simply slipped loose, and fell off, releasing her. “Hrmrph-...ugh. What a stupid time she picked to come back.” She tugged the white cloth gag from her mouth, letting it hang loose around her neck.There were two doors, across from the elevator. Composing herself, after her momentary Doctor Kink-based diversion, she strode over to one, still muttering to herself about her frequent foes bad timing.“Can't she understand I'm busy with some...thing...” Lady Distracto trailed off, flinging open the first door and finding herself face to terrifying and beautiful face with Lady Dimitrescu, midway through stooping to get under the door.“There you are.” The vampire beamed, exposing a lot of shiny teeth.“...eep.” Lady slammed the door hard, and darted for the second. You won't scurry away this time, midget!” The other door shattered, as the nine foot woman crashed through, even as Lady Distracto took off through the other.“Watch me scurry!” Lady beat a hasty retreat, across what was probably a very grand entrance hall but what she only saw as a series of colourful blurs.“Where is Ethan, pest?!” Dimitrescu lunged down, and through the second doorway, and swept across the hall, while Lady scrambled up a wide staircase. “I don't know any!” She derailed that trail of thought, and paused in her attempt to heave shut two heavier doors, barring the way to the next, larger hall....ideaaaaaa!Frantically, Lady Distracto whipped out the phone and started tapping rapidly away at the stupid useless touchscreen, all while the enormous vampire lady was striding with alarming enthusiasm toward her, at the top of the stairs. Eventually she got across what she'd wanted to type though and...“...anyway, yeah, that's it. That's 'why' Sabina doesn't wear a beret any...uh...what? Where the hell am I...Lady?” Ed Storm rubbed his head, in confusion, as he noticed her stood beside him. “What...what are you up to this time? And...why am I dressed like this? Where's my...everything?” He glowered, accusingly, even as Lady Distracto backed up hurriedly through the double doors.Bereft of black shirt and cowboy hat, he was wearing only worn jeans, grey fleece, work boots, and an olive greenish winter jacket.“Hey Ed, nothing much.” She grinned, widely, and swung the doors shut behind her, pressing her back to them. “Good luck, Ethan!”“Ethan? What-” Ed started.“Look, an Ethan!” Lady yelled.“Ethan Winters, there you are!” Ed started yelling, followed by the sound of rapid feet trying to make a break for it.“I'm not Ethhrrrmmphhh!” There was some ruckus, relatively brief, and then it was over. Lady Distracto backed up further, into the big, wide, ornate hall. It was quiet. Too quiet. She held Doctor Kink's phone, ready, at her side. Adjusted the brim of her hat, settling it straight on her brow. Tense.The double doors shook, then swung open. Lady Dimitrescu ducked low, and swept in, full of grace and poise. She raised herself once again, to her full height. Towering, imposing, thoroughly terrifying. She adjusted her own wide, stylish hat, and straightened the folds in her immense dress. One hand rested on her wide, curving hip. The other held a bundle of rope, raised. “Time to stand and fight is it, tiny rodent?” Dimitrescu smirked, eyeing the rope in her hand, and taking slow, but definite steps toward her.“There's only room for one Lady D around here.” Lady Distracto growled, staring her opponent down...or trying to, anyway, when that opponent was nearly three times as tall as you.“Oh I'm sure I can make room somewhere in the castle for you.” Lady Dimitrescu thudded closer, now looming over her. “A little rope here or there, and I could probably fit you in my rooms, somewhere. Perhaps a trophy, on my desk? A late night snack?” Those dark lips curled, yellow eyes predatory and unblinking.“...nah.” Lady Distracto shrugged, and brought up the phone sharply while the vampire made to grab her.“What...what are you doing? What is that?” The vampire paused, bemused mid-lunge.“Nothing.” Lady Distracto struggled to tap her way through a mostly legible sentence, thumbing the wrong letters repeatedly. “”“Nothing? Something? What a strange litt-...hey!” The massive woman yelped, flinching, as the rope in her hand leapt to life, suddenly. “, stop this!!” The giant mutant vampire yelled, as the ropes swiftly and sharply looped around and around her towering figure, tightly binding her arms, and hands.It was such a strangely helpless sound, coming from the nine foot woman.More ropes slithered across the floor, coiling around her ankles, and legs. Tightly squeezing around her immense frame, cutting into the folds of her billowing dress. She wobbled, side to side, before finally flopping to one side, on the floor, like a falling tree.“Timber.” Lady Distracto grinned.“What have you done?” The massive woman struggled, mightily, but she was trussed up too tightly now. “Release me at once, pest! Release mrrrmmpprrgghhhggppfffhhgh!” She managed, garbled, as her wide open, angrily ranting mouth was stuffed suddenly by a huge, scrunched up cloth.“Do be serious.” Lady Distracto tipped back her hat, with a smile. “We're just getting started.” She wriggled her fingers, eagerly.…“LRRMMPGGHHPPHH MRRMMPGGHH GRRRMMPFFHH!” “That strikes me as a rather poor idea.” Lady Distracto looked up from the phone screen, giving her hands a quick shake, to loosen up.“URRTTTPGGGHHPPFFFPHH MRRMMGFFFHHPHH NRRRGGHHMMPHH!” The vampire demanded, petulantly.It seemed that she was finished, at last. It had taken a lot of work! But the end results were, if Lady Distracto said so herself...spectacular.“GRRRFFPPGGHHMHPH TTRRRHHGGHHMPHH URRFFPPHGGH MRRMMPPHGGHH!” Lady Dimitrescu struggled, thrashed her awesome figure against her bindings to little practical, but considerable visual, effect.The enormous woman lay curled on her side. Ropes bound her hand and foot. Bigger, thicker, stronger ropes, than before. Ropes wound around her arms, and middle, securing her arms to her sides. Ropes around her upper arms, above and below her heaving, considerable chest. Ropes tied her hands, and forearms tightly behind her back, horizontally, keeping her hands out of reach of each other. Yet more thick, coarse rope was wound around her upper thighs, her knees, her shins, and ankles. All so tightly tied it squeezed the shape of her dress out between all the coils. “MMRRMMPPGGHHHPPHHMMPPHH!” She strained, heaved, wrestled against her bondage, the ropes actually creaking and cracking with the strain of her efforts...but they seemed to be holding. So did the gag. Which was just as well, really, given the business with the teeth. Dimitrescu's mouth was packed to bursting, her cheeks bulging wide, with big tufts of wadded cloth thrusting out of her wide, pouting lips. Not that you could see much of them, under the multiple, tightly secured, thickly layered cloths tied over her heavily stuffed, muffled mouth. Wider and wider with each layer, all knotted in a huge tangle of floppy ends, behind her head, covering her face nose to chin. So wide and thickly layered the mass of gag itself bulged outward from her face.“Blimey.” Lady Distracto huffed, tiredly. “That was a lot of work! I think I need a sit down.” She plopped herself down, contentedly, sat comfortably on Dimitrescu's wide hip.“GRGRMMPGGFFFMMPHHUMMPGHHMMRRPRPHGGH!” Her captive demanded, thoroughly muffled, glowering at her with sheer fury.“Sometimes I don't think I give myself enough credit. I mean, do I do the business or what?” She slapped a hand, without thinking, on the vampire-mutant's thigh.“HHRRGGMFFHPHH!”“Oops, sorry!” She retracted her hand, quickly. “Look, this wasn't 'really' anything personal. This was just something rather important that required clarification. I was Lady D first!”“WRRFGGHHRRRUUGGHYYRRFFGHTRRKKLLGGHUMMRPPGGBBGHGHH?!” Dimitrescu demanded, trying to lift her upper-body to glare at her further. “HHRRGGHPH!” The vampire yelped, as Lady Distracto abruptly plucked off her hat, swapping it with her own.“Oh man, this is literally the biggest, fanciest hat ever.” She giggled, amused, as she tried to fit the enormous headwear on without it falling down and covering her entire head. “I'm chalking this one up as a win!”“GGRRPFFPGGH MRRGGHH HRRRTTHHGGPHH BRGGHHHKKPPHH!”“I think I'll keep it as a trophy. Just so people will always know.” Lady Distracto lifted the weighty, sweeping brim of Dimitrescu's hat yet again, where it had fallen, and smiled down at the enraged woman. “I am the real D-”“Mother...”“...what has...”“...this tiny creature done to you?”Lady Distracto froze, as three shadows were cast suddenly over her from behind. She lifted the hat again, from her face, and heard the gentle rustling of what sounded like three figures. “Drrgghhtrrgghhssph...” Lady Dimitrescu 'might' have been smiling, hungrily, under the enormous gag, but Lady Distracto couldn't really be sure.She was sure she might be in a spot of bother though, as she slowly turned to find three still rather tall, angry, hungry-looking women peering down at her.“, anyone?”
Clowned and CapturedThe rain fell in heavy sheets, drenching the concrete walls and slanted roof of the abandoned factory as lightning flashed and thunder rumbled in the distance. It was nearly midnight, but the stars were hidden behind a blanket of stormclouds that continued to pour water across the city. The backalleys were flooding already and would be completely washed out by morning. Most people had left the streets hours ago and were now either cozy at home or drinking away the storm at a bar.But when your sister’s been kidnapped by an actual clown, getting a little wet is the least of your problems.Aria ducked under an overhang near the front entrance. Her long black hair spilled down her shoulders in heavy, dripping tresses, parted only by the sharp points of her elven ears. She would have preferred extra protection for a job like this, but there hadn’t been time. So, instead, she found herself standing under a dingy, failing lamp in a rundown neighborhood in just her black, babydoll-cut tee, denim leggings, and boots that were now caked with mud. All of which was soaking wet, of course.She grabbed a handful of her top and growled. “When I find that stitch-faced little monster…” She squeezed and twisted, wringing a miniature river of water from the shirt. Not enough to consider it dry by any means, but at least it was a nice outlet for her frustration. Then she took out the rumpled photo with one hand and snapped her fingers with the other, conjuring a tiny flame for a little more light.The picture showed Melody seated in a simple wooden chair, wearing a long, cream-colored dress. Her arms were crossed behind the chair’s back and tied with rope, forcing her to sit up straight in a prim position. Her ankles were pressed together in front of her and similarly tied, with more rope around her knees, thighs, and chest. The sash of her dress had been removed and folded over her mouth to gag her, with the ends tied behind her long orange hair. The final touch to her helplessness was an exaggerated expression drawn on the sash where it covered Melody’s lips, mimicking a joyful smile.Behind her stood the captor. Aria had heard her described more than once since they arrived in the city: a woman with bleach-white skin, red lips, and stitchwork markings across her cheeks. Her hair was a deep green laced with violet, with long bangs that were usually brushed to hang over one eye. She had a penchant for kidnapping, taunting, and occasionally embarrassing unfortunate men and women, but her methods were non-violent. The victims were always found sooner or later, usually more annoyed or even amused rather than frightened. She wasn’t a threat. She was a nuisance.A real joker.But there she was, casually leaning over Aria’s captive sister, waving excitedly and grinning like a goon. At the bottom of the photo was an address, hastily scrawled and now smeared by the rain but still legible. A quick glance at the factory’s doorplate confirmed this was the place.Aria stuffed the photo back into her pocket, flicked her wrist to extinguish the fire, and stomped through the doorway.On the second step, her boot caught on a concealed cord. Immediately, the door slammed shut behind her and the overhead lights burst to life. Aria raised a hand to shield her eyes as two colorful, hand-painted signs dropped from the ceiling.Right this way, step right up, said the left.To the damsELF in distress, said the right.Aria stared up at the signs with a flat, humorless glare, then proceeded down the hall to the left. A massive warehouse awaited her, crammed with empty steel racks, a defunct conveyor belt, and piles of old wooden pallets. A scattering of dim lamps hung from the ceiling to provide weak lighting throughout the facility, and the continuous rainfall that spattered onto the roof created a quiet, constant pattering that echoed across the room.Seated in the middle of it all was a petite, orange-haired elf, sitting bound to a chair just as she had been in the photo. Only now, a bag had been draped over her head, with a cartoonish frowning face painted across the front.“Melody!” Aria shouted. She bolted forward.“Mmmnr?” Melody mumbled through her gag. “Mmph!”“It’s alright, I’ve gotcha,” Aria answered. She grabbed the bag, pulled it off, and tossed it aside.A burlap face and blank button eyes stared back at her. A generic nose had been drawn on as well, and an orange wig was fitted over the head to cascade down the back. In place of a mouth was a recorder, playing out the same sound over and over again.“Mmmnr? Mmph!”Aria froze.A doll.A decoy.The realization struck her immediately. She tensed and started to turn only to have a damp rag pressed over her nose and mouth from behind. In the same instant, an arm wrapped around her chest to pin down her arms and yank her backwards. She gasped instinctively, breathing the sick-sweet smell of chloroform even deeper.“Nrrphm!” she protested. She tried to pull away, to break free, but found her strength was already waning. Instead, she bucked and twisted, shaking her head to get loose of the rag’s soporific effect.“Come on, don’t be a sore loser,” a woman giggled. “You fell for the trap fair and square!” “Mmph...mmn…”Her eyelids grew heavier. Aria found she could no longer keep them up. Her arms fell limp as well, and she teetered backward to fully fall into the clutches of her captor. Slowly, gently, she was let down to lay on the floor, where she stared hazily up toward the ceiling.The bleach-white face of the woman came into view. Her stitchmarked mouth curled into an overjoyed grin as Aria succumbed to the chloroform. She raised her hand in a playful wave and winked.“Night night!”***Awareness returned gradually. The rain was still coming down, plinking off the metal sheets of the roof, but the thunder was further away. The warehouse lights were back on, too. The real ones, not the dingy lamps dangling from the ceiling. And the sweet smell of the chloroform was finally fading.Aria sat up. Or, at least, she tried to. Something held her back.She groaned and, with some effort, opened her eyes. The world was still a drug-induced blur, but she could still make out the movements of the green-violet haired clown pacing around her excitedly.“What the...hell...?” Aria managed.Her captor gasped. “You’re up!”“What is this?” Aria attempted to move again, only to feel the tug around her wrists and chest again. She turned her head as much as she could to look behind her. Coarse rope crisscrossed her wrists, tying them securely behind her. Another two coils wrapped around her chest to hold her against the chair’s back. Aria clenched her teeth and jerked one way, then the other, to test the ropework. The chair scooted an inch or so, but the ropes gave no such leniency. This clown girl was a pro.“Ooooh, you’re wiggling around already,” her captor laughed. “Usually it takes a little longer.”She knelt down and picked up another length of rope, looping it under Aria’s knees and pulling it taut. She repeated the process several more times, humming a little tune to herself. Aria watched her work. “Where’s Melody?” “Hm? Oh. I never had her.”A scowl creased Aria’s brow. “What?”“Yup!” the clown girl laughed. “Crazy what you can fake these days, huh?”Aria lunged at her, straining forward as much as her ropes would allow. The chair scooted forward again with a loud scraping sound, but stopped just before she reached her captor.The clown girl simply looked up, smiled, and tapped a finger against Aria’s nose. “Boop!”“Cute,” Aria snarled.“Aww, thanks.” She crossed the ends of the ropes tightly and cinched off the knot. “Did you like my signs?”“Yeah, they’re a real riot. So what’s your plan here, Misses Comedian?”“It’s Miss, actually,” the clown girl said with a smile. “Miss J.”Aria rolled her eyes. “Thanks so much for clarifying. Now what are you going to do with me?”Miss J continued her work, sitting cross-legged in front of Aria and gathering up her ankles. She measured out the rope again and started tying, this time running the bonds in between her captive’s legs after every few coils. “Do I really look like a gal with a plan?”“Heard that before,” Aria grumbled. She twisted her wrists behind her, checking the ropes again. They still held snug, and the knot was nowhere within reach of her fingertips. “So just kidnapping for the sake of kidnapping?”“Of course not,” Miss J said. “That would be crazy.”Aria looked at her evenly. Miss J met her eyes and cracked a grin. “I was bored.”“ faked kidnapping my sister, cleaned out an abandoned warehouse, and made two gigantic painted signs because you were bored?” Aria stared at her in disbelief.Miss J simply shrugged. “Not all at once. I mean, I took breaks sometimes.” She pulled again, cinching off another of the ropes to further restrain her captive.“Wait, so, you don’t know who I am or what Melody can do? You don’t know anyone who’s after us or why?”“Nope! Now hold still, this last part’s a pain.”Miss J gathered the last of the rope and knelt down by Aria’s side. She pushed her bound ankles back underneath the chair and ran one end of the rope through the knot. With the other end, she reached behind the chair to Aria’s tied wrists, ran the rope between them, and then knotted it off again. One sharp tug later and the ropework was finished, with Aria’s ankles bound to her wrists to prevent her from wriggling.Aria winced and tugged at the ropes once more. Any attempt to free her hands forced her legs further back, and trying to move her feet did the same to her wrists. The ropes around her knees and chest kept her firmly seated in the chair as well, limiting her movement even further. As much as it infuriated her to admit, she was helpless. And completely at Miss J’s mercy.“Almost done,” Miss J teased. She collected two items from a nearby shelf: a black bandana and a handheld camera. Aria knew what was coming. But there was nothing she could do about it.Miss J practically skipped back over to her. “You know, a lot of kidnappers do the gag first, but then you miss out on fun conversations like this.”Aria turned away from her and pressed her lips together, earning another laugh from her captor.“You know that’s not going to stop me, right? Keeping your mouth shut only works if it’s a cleave gag. And this…”She shook the bandana out and draped it in front of Aria, aligning it with her mouth. Then, slowly, she pulled it snug over her lips. “...goes over your mouth!”“Grrt frghd,” Aria huffed.Miss J gasped. “Watch the language, this is supposed to be an all-audiences story!” As punishment, she yanked the gag back sharply before knotting off its ends behind Aria’s head.“Srr whrmph rr crmrr frr?” Aria mumbled beneath her newly-tied gag.“For pictures, duh,” Miss J answered. “We have to take one together. After all, it’s our first time meeting!” “Frff tmmph?” Aria raised a brow in question.Miss J waved her off dismissively. “Don’t worry about it. Smile!” “...hrr cnn yrr tll?” Aria asked.After a moment of thought, Miss J shrugged. “Good point. Say cheese?”“Nrr.”“That didn’t sound like cheese.”“Brcrph rrt wrsrn’t.”A sudden thought struck Miss J, and she lit up in excitement. “Hey! If we’re taking a selfie together…”“Drn’t srr rt,” Aria cut her off.“...and you’re an elf…”“Plrrrrrrs!” Aria groaned.“...does that make this an elfie?”Aria rolled her eyes the hardest she ever had in her life. And in that moment, Miss J bent down with her, blew a kiss to the camera, and snapped the picture.

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Cult of Vvlad: Chapter One (Preview) by Alveolin
A pharoh proves herself"Why will you not just eat your embers?" Gudako groaned to the five-foot-six women who levitated in front of her. The woman had long dark hair that looked like a mix of green and blue almost as long as she was, she wore a modern tight-fitting white jacket that had a large black streak that reached from her breasts to her waist, even tighter leather short shorts that turned into dark seethrough tights and boots that came almost to her knees and skin far paler than her Egyptian nature would imply. Several golden rings adorned her body, some large rings hung at her hips, one was braided into her hair, two hung from her ears and even her boots were embroidered with gold."Why should I, they are the embers of peasants and I am the last pharaoh of Egypt! You should be worshiping at my feet," the woman snapped at the young Japanese woman whose short red hair contrasted her Asian heritage. "Look, Cleo, you aren't going to get stronger unless you eat them and if you don't get stronger you're no use to me, but I have to rely on you since you are my only assassin above 3 stars. Serenity can't keep carrying you and the other assassins. If the embers are good enough for Gilgamesh then they're good enough for you!" Gudako snapped back at the queen who glared daggers at the young mage."begone from my room now! Master or not I have no use for a master who would order ME to eat something so revolting and devoid of both flavour and nutrition!" the Pharaoh was the famous Cleopatra the last Pharaoh of Ptolemaic Egypt but was now an attention-starved Tsundere much to her master's frustration."Fine I'm leaving," the young mage reached the door of the gleaming white room "But if you don't get stronger Ceaser, Ozymandias, Nitocris and certainly not Iskander, none of them are going to look at you with even the slightest ounce of respect." Gudako grinned but made sure not to show it to the pharaoh. Cleopatra had barely laid on her bed when Gudako made her comment, it was enough for her to leap from the bed her boots cracking against the marble floor."Wait maybe I was being too rash," the queen whimpered weakly, her eyes watering at the idea of being useless to her heroes. She tried to regain her composer but her body trembled weakly."Oh? Now you want your embers? Well, that's a shame since I already gave them to Cursed arm and Hundred Faces." the mage shrugged half-heartedly."Wait, but how can I power up if I don't have embers?" the Pharaoh whimpered timidly. Gudako thought for a moment before an idea popped into her head. "Tell you what, I have a few servants who I've kept around due to their rarity but they just annoy me so maybe we can use them to power you up. I've got enough to get you up to level ten so you will still overpower those idiots." "Umu, I wonder why master called us here?" the high pitched voice of the wannabe singer Emporer of Rome that was Nero. Nero was the picture definition of a dumb blond bimbo in a long red dress with white frills, the dress was designed to show off her white panties."I bet he just wants to praise me and just called you bimbos by accident but didn't want to be rude." an annoyingly happy voice laughed, the voice belonged to the egotistical false kohai BB, a busty woman with pink hair that reached to her knees with bright purple eyes, a long black coat and matching thigh-high boots and a tiny black skirt with a white shirt that was clearly too small for her. She liked to claim she was invaluable and the most beloved person at Chaldea even though almost everyone hated her guts especially her family. She was also an AI who had nearly destroyed the world before changing sides but still put people in danger routinely. "That can't be, master promised me ramen," Musashi groaned rubbing her empty stomach. The samurai had short pink grey hair aside from a shoulder-length strand, she wore a tiny blue kimono that barely passed her thighs without sleeves but rather long tights instead as well as matching tights with small sandals. The three were all airheads who lived in their own world only serving to stress their master out or just annoy the mage. A loud creak drew their attention to the Pharaoh who sauntered in with a smile. The three glared at her, the four of them were among some of the biggest diva's in Chaldea, all of them with some inflated ego, only Musashi was even slightly down to earth but even she would go on about how great of a warrior she was, how there were no better swordsmen in Japan. "So, do you know why you were called here?" the Pharaoh smiled wickedly at the oblivious airheads."Head pats?" "A concert?" "Food?" the three beamed at their ideas of why they had been called, despite their mere level one status they were all convinced they were the most powerful around."Well, one of you is right. There is going to be food, just not for you three." Cleopatra grinned the door slammed behind her a loud click signalling that the door was locked, complete with a barrier preventing the heroic spirits from escaping or turning into their spirit form. The Pharaoh's steps were elegant and graceful as she made her way over to the three bimbos her arms wrapping around BB and Nero. With one fluid motion, she slammed the two together BB collapsed to the ground with a cry, Nero fell backwards into Cleopatra's arm. Musashi ran forward sword in hand she swung but the Pharaoh ducked under the sword sending a kick into the samurai, Musashi spiraled into the wall with a crack. Cleopatra turned her attention to the unconscious Roman who mumbled something about a city of beautiful women. The Pharaoh pulled the Emperor up her mouth opening above the blond, saliva dripped onto the red servant finally breaking Nero out of her daze."Boudica, your boobs are amazing, let me squeeze them," Nero mumbled as her head slipped into Cleo's maw. She was greeted with a spiced flavour that overpowered her natural taste, her salty texture was barely noticeable under the waves of thyme, Cumin, Basil, Parsley and any number of other spices. The Pharaoh chomped past Nero's neck forcefully, despite the overwhelming combination of spices. The roman began to struggle finally aware of what was going on, Nero's protests failed to help her escape but rather helped Cleo to engulf the idol wannabe. Nero's shoulders slipped into the Egyptian's jaws, her teeth bit into the saber with vitriol, she hated Nero not because she was annoying or egotistical but because she got to spend more time with Ceaser than Cleopatra did. Her teeth sunk into the tender flesh drawing blood from the Emperor who cried out in pain. To her surprise, the taste of blood washed away some of the gaudy flavours the Roman relished in. With the taste lowered Cleo was able to enjoy the Roman's body but it was quickly replaced with the bland silk dress though it was thankfully light so she could still taste the Roman bimbo, a mercy as she reached the Emperor's C cup breasts, the creamy orbs bounced against into the Pharaoh's jaws. Nero flailed desperately to escape her impending fate."Ceaser! Romulus! Uncle! Master! anyone, please save me!" Nero cried as loud as her lungs could handle but her voice was muffled by the tight throat that encompassed her. The gullet reverberated around her, each pulse smacking her as she cried in pain. The Pharaoh leaned her head back lifting Nero off the ground her feet flailing desperately."Please, whatever I did to anger you, I'm sorry," the Roman sobbed as her torso slipped past the Egyptian's maw. Soon the Roman was little more than her flailing legs which quickly vanished into the Pharaoh, Cleopatra looked down at the wriggling bulge that had filled her stomach larger then she had ever had, even compared to when she had been pregnant with twins."I have to admit, Master was onto something, maybe I should try this again if he wants me to get rid of that stalker snake." She chuckled to herself. Her musings were interrupted by a pitiful punch to the face that didn't even hurt, she turned her gaze to the tall pink-haired BB who was desperately slamming punch after punch against the assassin but not one hit with enough force to hurt her even slightly. Cleopatra brought her hand slamming into the Moon Cancer sending her to the floor again."How dare you strike me, you are nothing more than a machine with delusions of grandeur! I am a god, the embodiment of beauty and the sun god Ra. Know your place!" Cleopatra slammed her leg into BB, the AI screamed in pain. Cleopatra grabbed BB's legs with all her strength, the AI struggled in her hands but failed to escape, the Pharaoh tore the long coat from BB with a smile."You know this is a nice coat, if it doesn't vanish when you die I think I'll keep it for myself. I think it would look good on me, don't you?""Go fuck yourself you dumb bitch!" BB screamed trying to punch Cleopatra again but her attacks missed as her vision grew dizzy and blurred. Cleo replied to the AI by raising her feet until they were at the queen's hungry maw, her lips wrapped around the Moon Cancer's feet drawing them into the waiting throat. BB cried angrily as her calves began to become food for the pharaoh, her wails grew as Cleopatra sunk her teeth into the computer program's artificially created flesh, she was shocked just how realistic it felt, it wasn't plastic or anything that felt unreal but rather it had the soft creamy warmth and tender give that came with a set of meaty thighs. The pharaoh buckled under the combined wriggling weight of Nero in her stomach and BB struggling partially in her mouth, with the almost two hundred pounds of weight fighting to escape it wasn't a surprise that the queen collapsed to her knees. BB scratched at the floor wildly trying to pry herself from the hungry Egyptian, her nails dug into the tiled floor, her skin tore from her fingers."Senpai, please! Someone save me! Mash, anyone, I don't deserve this." the AI sobbed, tears streaming down her face as she threw clutching hand after clutching hand to the floor. Her nails snapped as they scraped across the floor as the Egyptian used her teeth to pull the fake kohai deeper into the hungry gullet. BB's waist passed through the queen's jaws the AI's fingers bled as she gave up her attempts to try and escape. With her food now surrendered Cleo slurped in BB's bizarrely tiny stomach, it was as if the AI had designed her appearance of a literal cartoon complete with a waist as thin as her neck. The Pharaoh threw her head back slightly drawing in the AI's breasts that were nearly as large as her empty head. The moment the mounds hit her tongue Cleopatra screamed at the rancid taste, even through the fabric of her clothing the queen could taste how BB had gone from a sweet creamy taste to a rancid expired flavour that made Cleo want to retch. She crashed her fist into the AI's head eliciting a scream of pain from the deceiver."Why? Isn't it bad enough you're eating me?" BB whimpered as the pharaoh threw her head back again forcing BB's shoulder's into her maw, she wanted the wretched taste of BB evil boobs out of her mouth as quickly as possible. The AI's arms dangled outside the hungry lips pinned beside her head as she began to sink deeper into the bloated belly. She could feel Nero wriggling, trying to find space to allow them both into the comparatively small orb. BB's long hair washed over the Pharaoh's entire body but she didn't particularly care about the mild annoyance of the hair tickling her body. A powerful gulp pulled BB's face in between the mighty assassin's lips, she starred out longingly as the lips closed around her face and elbows. Cleo slurped the ridiculously long hair down along with BB's struggling arms. The Pharaoh let out a loud sigh of contentment followed swiftly by another thunderous punch to BB."You evil whore! Boobs are supposed to be filled with the hopes and dreams of men (and lesbians) but yours were rancid with lies, deceit and evil! Your boobs are a lie!" Cleo shuddered at even the momentary remembrance of BB's beastly breasts."And on top of that you're going to ruin my figure, do you have any idea how much exercise I'm going to have to do to work you, two bimbos, off?" Cleo sobbed as images of a fat or even obese version of her waddling around ran through her mind. "Ceaser would never love me if I was bigger than him, I think I'd die of shame." the queen whimpered tears streaming down her face at the nightmarish idea. "Oh, I'm real sorry you ate us and only now realize that that's fucked up! I hope you get so fat you can't move you stupid whore!" BB snarled at the pharaoh. Cleopatra brought her fist smashing into BB repeatedly."Don't say such evil things," the queen cried in horror, the AI's insult bringing even more horrific thoughts to her mind.Inside the large belly, BB and Nero sloshed against each other as acid splashed against their flesh. Nero's thin dress was little more than a tattered fabric that barely clung to her newly soft skin. BB's clothes were still intact but large bruises on her head that were now almost as large as her cranium as the Pharaoh kept hitting her. Her hair was falling from her head, the Emperor's flesh had already softened to the point skin was peeling from her body."Master will burn you into Mana prisms if she finds out what you did to me, she'll never let you get away with killing her favourite servant," the Roman tried to sound intimidating as she sloshed in the gut, her threat was met with a raucous laugh that threw the two women together, Nero cried as a large chunk of flesh was reduced to goop."You think Master would be mad at me? She's the one who planned this and chose you three to be eaten by me." Cleo chuckled much to her victims horror."No! You're lying! Master loves me!" Nero began angrily beating against the tight gut that surrounded her but every strike only served to reduce more of her to mush.Musashi staggered to her feet clutching her head as her world spun around her, she stumbled but managed to BARELY steady herself. She turned to face where the other three heroic spirits had been but only found Cleopatra with a bloated belly that writhed, voices crying out from the orb of fat."Nope. I know a lost fight when I see one, that's one dual I'm not taking." The swordswoman turned and tried to run but tumbled back down to the floor, her swords clattering away from her."Oh ya you, I kind of forgot about you since Master mainly wanted these two gone. Sorry, I don't really have an issue with you but Master says it's either you or one of the Artorias and they're already levelled plus you only have a single target noble phantasm so Master wants to get rid of you just to cut down on food costs." Cleopatra floated off the ground to easier support her bloated belly, with her gut now not nearly as prevalent a problem the queen levitated over to the samurai."You're joking, right? Master is going to have me killed so horribly just because I eat a bit too much?" The samurai whimpered weakly. Ya, sorry," Cleo apologized but didn't particularly care about the whining of food. "But I'm too full to eat you as well," Musashi let out a sigh of relief at the queen's comment "So I'll use my noble phantasm," Cleopatra smiled."You evil bitch," Musashi cried, she leapt forward to try and grab one of her fallen swords, her hand clasped around the Tsuka. She drew the sword from its sheath holding it aloft."The Cause for the Fall of Egypt, The Serpent That Signals The End Times. I command you as "The Last Pharaoh". --"Uraeus AstrapeHere Stand The Snakes, At The Dawn's End"!……However, it is definitely not my fault!" Cleopatra shouted as a massive green and gold Asp formed around her it's head alone was as large as her entire body. Musashi didn't have time to use her noble phantasm but brought her sword down as the massive serpent, the sword slashed at the snake but bounced harmlessly off of it. The giant Asp bit down on the samurai's arms and with a powerful jerk threw Musashi into the air before plummeting back down to towards the snake's now wide-open jaws."Noooooo," she cried as the jaws slammed shut around her, with all the strength she could muster Musashi pried thee jaws open. "I will not die like-," her words were cut off as the Asp wrapped its tongue around her ankle and with a flick threw her sprawling against the rough organ. She screamed as the serpent gulped sending the swordswoman into the tight confines of its stomach, the gut was so tight, unlike Nero or BB she couldn't even try to fight or struggle. She tried to grasp for her sword if she had that then perhaps she could cut her way out. Her hopes were dashed as she felt the snake rear up a loud squelch rang through her tomb followed by the clatter of metal on tile. The snake had kept her sword away from her and spat it out.The door clicked open as Gudako sauntered in with a wicked smile across her face, she made her way to the pharaoh and playfully poked the writhing gut."So did you have fun," "So much fun. This was a great idea Master, but do you think Ceaser would like me if I were big after I digested these girls?" Cleopatra rubbed her belly ignoring the cries and struggling of its now mushy occupants."Well he's hardly loyal now so this might actually help, maybe you can bond over food if this sparks a new hobby. I mean most of your diet was health over flavour so maybe now you two can enjoy food for the taste. Or you can both work out together." Gudako smiled as she laid her head against the writhing orb."That's brilliant Master." Cleo beamed brightly at the idea of her and her husband going on romantic dinner dates, something she hadn't been able to do much without worrying about putting on extra weight. "Master this isn't funny please let us out. I'm sorry I'll never play another prank ever again. I'll never insult Mash again I promise so please let me out." BB sobbed her partially melted face bugled from the gut, Gudako could see the details of her face as it pressed tightly against the skin, the fact that more than half of her face was a skull, that her hair was completely gone along with one of her arms."You've been insulting my girlfriend again!" Gudako hissed with a murderous glare that the AI could feel through the tomb of flesh. Inside the stomach, BB and Nero were already dissolving in the pit of acid that seeped into every nook and crevices the two had. Just like BB Nero's golden locks were now gone from her head, what few of them remained floated around in the soup of acid and flesh that the two soaked in. Their bones were visible as most of their flesh had been reduced to little more than slurry, every shake, poke and rub peeled more off the two egotists. Nero was silent but alive albeit barely, she gurgled in pain unable to even form proper words, not helped by BB using her as a raft to keep herself from being digested. Gudako realized this and gently pushed against BB's breasts, a scream shook the stomach as BB's boob was reduced to mush by the young mage."Hey Pharaoh you should try dancing a bit, I bet that would help digest these two nicely." the redhead grinned wickedly.Noo!" BB cried in horror but before she could voice her protest Cleopatra had leapt to her feet and began shaking her hips in rhythm, her belly going in the opposite direction with each shake or thrust, resulting in a beautiful belly dance despite the queen's size. BB screamed in pain, her skin being torn from her with every minute jiggle of flesh, her bones snapped as the acid covered every inch of her melting her down until nothing but bones and flesh remained."What do you know, she did digest quicker doing that, thanks, Master. As a reward for being my most useful adviser in centuries, I will reward you with a kiss." the Pharaoh smiled placing a gentle kiss on her Master's head. "I do more tonight. By the way, you wouldn't happen to need to get rid of some other irksome servants would you?" Cleopatra licked her lips at the prospect."I'll let you know after I get my reward tonight," Gudako smiled as she slapped the Pharaoh's soft ass with a smile.

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Mature Content

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Cats-ino Royale Part 1
After Catwoman’s arrest at the NYC Art Museum, she was transferred to Blackgate Penitentiary’s high-security wing to prevent her from escaping as she had from Arkham Asylum the last time. That’s why Selina Kyle found herself strapped to the bed of her cell, staring at the ceiling.
She was strapped in a straitjacket (with a chest loop, preventing her from raising her arms in an escape attempt). Huge straps went over her shoulders and waist, preventing her from sitting up. Ankle cuffs held her legs to the bed.
That’s how she spent the majority of her four months at Blackgate so far. She was only allowed out of her cell ninety minutes a day; she was only let out for exercise. Otherwise, she was forcefully bedridden.
She spent a lot of time thinking about why she was there; she had hired Taskmaster to teach her Black Cat’s fighting style so that she could beat her in a one-on-one fight. And she did, defeating her on top of the art museum’s roof before st
:iconempoleon666:Empoleon666 32 18
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C-18 and Krillin Part 2 - Toy Boy - DBZ FanFic :iconacarobasito:Acarobasito 20 8
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Cristina - A Relaxed Autumn Sunset
Hi everyone!
During holidays seasons at Cristina's Big Mountain-House/B&B there are a lot of people.
There are Guests with and without their Families and above all, some good friends that help Cristina in ruling her activity.
But there are also some periods when Cristina is all alone into the big solitary farmhouse.
This short story tells you what sometimes happens when our Friend is home alone.
I prefer to write this novel from the Cristina's perspective.
You have only to imagine that this is a letter sent to you by her.
“A Relaxed Autumn Sunset”
Talking about self-bondage, I'm gonna say to you that, when I'm home alone, after an hard-tiring day at work, i like to relax myself (and “sometimes”, for me, to relax means to live and to enjoy certain sensations) in my “nest”.
My attic, my romantic place par excellence.
The "self-bondage" that I do is almost always a trifle bland, never too hard, neither uncomfortable
This occurs either for safety or simp
:icondreamerforever2004:Dreamerforever2004 5 9
Cristina's Mountain Bed and Breakfast Introduction
Cristina! ... ?
Who is this woman, in her middle thirties, that lives in the Northern Italy's Mountains ?
Before to write about her, I think that, in order to understand better her novels, previously, I have to make a short history/explaination about her and her life.
I only hope not to bore you too much :P
Cristina is a woman who has strong principles, a great strength of character, determination and, above all, she is very smart and brilliant.
More over, she's a very attractive woman. (If I have to tell you which celebrity she looks like, I would say that the first one that comes to my mind is the former Star Trek's actress Terry Farrell).
But, unlike a lot of other (stupid) beautiful women, she does'nt need to be unfriendly or "do the diva" to give her a tone or to confirm her place in the world.
She's a country girl. A smart woman whose roots are deeply planted in the Northern Italy's mountains.
She knows how to be nice and handsome to everyone and is open and friendly towards her
:icondreamerforever2004:Dreamerforever2004 3 7
004 urgency by sigeel 004 urgency :iconsigeel:sigeel 273 55 (Com) Expansionlove by FoolishReplicka
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(Com) Expansionlove :iconfoolishreplicka:FoolishReplicka 103 7
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Hi Tech Mummy by TaralWayne
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Hi Tech Mummy :icontaralwayne:TaralWayne 148 5
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The Evil That Men Do - Part 1
"The evil that men do lives after them; the good is oft interred with their bones". Act 3, Scene II – Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare
The Victorian mansion that nestled within the thick circle of scrub brush and oak trees once was a place of happiness. Built in the 1880's by a prosperous family whose name is only remembered in the family cemetery, its halls once echoed with laughter, hymns, and song. But then Tuberculosis swept Europe, and the patriarch of the family returned from France only to bring death to his own family. People that might have helped them shunned the house and for good reason, so no aid was forthcoming that might have saved them. So the father sent for what he hoped were keenly trained doctors and nurses with the knowledge to save them.
The doctors first tried Artificial Pneumothorax: The infected lung was collapsed and refilled with gas or filtered air. Treatments were daily. If the patient showed little response, then they used Bilateral Pneumothorax:
:iconknotfever:Knotfever 5 1
Mature content
Dottie's Night In Leather - Part 1 :iconkp-presents:KP-Presents 11 2
My Melody. by pingufugu My Melody. :iconpingufugu:pingufugu 75 5


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Blackmailed Teacher RP

Ms. Williams is the newest teacher with a mysterious past. One (or more) of the students find out she was in a lesbian porno as a college student they use that info to make her into their sex slave

Public Humiliation
Forced nudity
Forced piercings/tattoos
Orgasm denial
Forced orgasms

(Too much) Blood

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