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Word Wars Chat!

Theres heaps of prizes and its great fun for all writers!

It's a friendly competition and great for anyone who wants to put in some writing time. Did I mention there are premium memberships given to random participants?

I will tell you if there is one coming up, especially if the group decides to do one.


I have permission to share this around from writers-in-progress Check em out, they're good, if they've go advice like this from one of their members. I have permission from him too. Enjoy this ^^

Stephen J. Cannell's Advice to Aspiring Writers

Stephen's Advice

Anyone ever heard of the late Stephen J. Cannell? Well, he was one of the most legendary writers in television. He was the man behind the original "A-Team", "21 Jump Street", "The Rockford Files" and "Wiseguy", to name a few.

Cannell actually was not the most brilliant student in school. In fact, he struggled with dyslexia as a child and English was one of his worst subjects. Nevertheless, he loved to write and he would do anything to be an author, even if it meant surmounting his dyslexia.

Sadly, Steven J. Cannell died on September 30, 2010 of melanoma-related complications. He was 69. Still, he will always be remembered as one of our modern equivalents to the likes of William Shakespeare.

The link above is advice that he has about those who want to be as good a writer as Mr. Cannell was.

-by ApacheMan2K

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Lived through every aspect of life, it defines us all in ways that at times, we don't even notice.

The power of freedom of thought, of speech, and of the imagination.

Irreplaceable, precious, and brightest through words.

It is who we are, for we are a group where imaginations come alive through words.
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Something Greater than LoveEntry #1. Something greater than love.This crossing of paths is nearly impossible to explain. I cannot fully translate my perception into words that make sense. The peak of which I reached when I was with him is indescribable. Serenity, euphoric, simplicity, symbolic, ecstasy, therapeutic, these words barely scratch at the surface of my heart. When I gently touched his scars, I peered into his estranged dark. Sometimes, our secrets are hidden in plain sight. It can cost a lot of pain to reach for any emitting light.I blindly reached for his hand, and he did not hesitate to reach for mine.When him and I were stood side by side, I would get shivers up my spine. There is this certain energy between us. It is a cosmic-magnetic feeling. The force behind our thoughts and fantasies of the future were overpowering, unknowingly. We were scared of each other, and we did not even know it. The truth behind our eyes were clouded by one another. Our anxiety-tolerated bodies were not accustomed to experiencing peace. We did not know what it meant when we smiled at each other. It was as if we have never smiled before in our lifetimes.We witnessed the hurt behind our hearts before we experienced the healing in our cores.Healing, that is what we did to each other unconsciously. We were each other's medicine. Every glance refueled scarce confidence. Every hug was a bandage. Every kiss was a crutch. The bouts of laughter was us giving life to new galaxies in our minds. When we held hands, it was as if we were filtering out the pollution of loneliness that infested us. The past that infected us slowly regrew layers of trust. As the hours past, we felt like we were slowly becoming worthy enough.It may not seem like much, but, I know in my soul this is...something greater than love.
Short Stories
Fan Fiction
Sonic + Lara Croft: The Yujunaka Statue Chapter 30Sonic and Lara Croft:The Brave Blue Hedgehog and The British Tomb RaiderChapter 30: The Statue's Unveiling Sonic and Lara woke up bright and early the next morning at 8:30, looking into each other’s eyes. “Morning’, British beauty.” The blue hedgehog said, “Hope ya got a good night’s sleep.” “Good morning to you too, blue boy.” Lara replied, “I had a good night’s sleep last night. Well, we better get changed, get something to eat and get ready. The chances of us facing the mainstream media are probably very high.” The fastest thing alive told his girlfriend as they climbed out of bed that he’d dealt with the mainstream media many times before over the last few years and will never forget having to deal with reporters and appearing in the newspaper. “If I can deal with it before like you have, of course we can deal with it again.” Sonic said, finishing his sentence, “But c’mon, we’re famous. We got the statue, this is so going to deserve a bit of press coverage.” “Oh its gonna get A LOT of news coverage for the next week or so.” Lara remarked with a wink, “This happens all the time, I bet the first time you were covered on the news, it went on for a few weeks before it calmed down.” The heroic, adventurous and romantic duo took a warm shower before putting on their best clothes (a suit for Sonic and a long flowing dress for Lara) and headed downstairs to get breakfast in the dinning room. Tom was waiting for them, having just served toast, a chili dog (for the blue blur) and carrots. Tails and Sarah had finished eating and they were looking nice, Tails wore a black shirt and long pants as Sarah wore a green dress. “Good morning, you two.” Tails greeted them optimistically, “Well, today’s the big day. We have to get to the museum in an hour, don’t want to miss the exciting event, do we? Who wants to miss it?” “Tails is a bit nervous as I am.” Sarah said, wrapping her arm around her two tailed boyfriend, smiling a sheepish smile, “He admitted it to me this morning, so I’m assuring him that everything will be fine.” “Indeed it will, guys.” Sonic declared, “After all, we’re the heroes who got the statue and protected it from Doctor Eggman.” He frowned and then face palmed, “Aw jeeze, I didn’t tell the curator about how our quest went.” “Its ok, sweetie.” Lara pat him on the back, “You can tell Mr. Wilkson the full story about our adventure when we get there BEFORE the unveiling ceremony starts, assuming we get there early enough.” Tom scratched his head, “I’m sorry, sir. Did you say you never told the museum curator about your encounter with Doctor Robotnik? Why is that?” “It was a quick visit.” Sonic replied, “We only came by to give him the statue, we talked for a bit and then left. Lara and I only told him that we got the keys and the statue, the details of the adventure never crossed my mind.” “Well now, we’re going to explain the full story to him so that way people will learn about the full story of what we went through to make sure we got the statue into the hands of the museum.” Lara said. “Lets try to at least be very delicate with the details, ok?” Sarah asked, “We don’t want to scare anybody, I don’t think it would be fair to give them the impression that the statue could still be in danger.” “Fair point,” The blue blur said with a nod as he took a drink after finishing his meal, “The whole deal with the statue’s unveiling is supposed to be upbeat and awesome, not one of uncertainty and dread.” “You gonna come with us, Tom?” Lara asked the butler. “No thank you, I’d rather keep an eye on the mansion.” Tom replied, “But I promise to watch it on the TV, assuming most of it is televised. Everything covered by the mainstream media is televised, that’s good enough for me.” “While one of us is stayin’ home,” Oskar said, “There is no way you guys are leavin’ me out of this. I was there, I participated. I bloody hit Doctor Robotnik while protecting the statue, I deserve the credit as well.” Lara laughed, “Oskar, why would we forget about our favorite Scott You were with us for the journey, yes. Did you help us get ALL the keys? Sort of. But still, you’re a hero too and you will get credit.” “Yeah!” Sonic added, “Its not everyday when you see somebody besides me beat the shit out of Eggman. Nice job smashin’ the doc’s glasses, you were brave, even though ya freaked at the sight of his eyes.” “Sonic’s not the only guy who’s never afraid of standing up to villains like the doc.” Tails chimed in, “Just let me tell you about the time I fought Eggman in a big city all by myself while he was piloting a huge mech.” “Can you try to save it for later, buddy?” The blue blur told the yellow fox, “Right now, we gotta get going. We don’t wanna miss the excitement, so what are we waiting for? People are waiting for us, we can’t keep ‘em waitin’ all day.” “Its fine.” Oskar said as he and the group headed out the door, “Tails can tell me his story on the way. I’d love to know about that huge battle that unfolded involving Eggman with whatever his giant mech was.”*** Sonic, Lara and their friends made their way into London by car, the drive to the museum didn’t take too long as they knew where to go. When they got there, they all found a huge crowd of reporters and Londoners waiting outside. The group got out of the car and headed into the museum as people talked amongst themselves, barely able to contain their excitement. All around the city, posters showing the statue of Senga Yujunaka stood, advertising it. After getting inside, the five adventurers were greeted by the museum guards, who saluted, showing their respect for the heroes who made it possible. One of the guards, as expected, lead them to the office where the curator was waiting. “Sonic, my boy!” Mr. Wilkson exclaimed, shaking the blue hedgehog’s gloved hand, “I’m thrilled to see you today. The statue’s ready to, there are reporters outside. This is talk of the world, my friend. Its talk of the world!” “You mean London, right?” Tails asked, “I don’t think the whole planet knows yet, even though we saw a few global news correspondents on our way in. They didn’t see us yet, but they will soon once the museum opens.” “Mister Wilkson,” Lara raised her hand, “Um, we need to tell you something that we never told you last night, regarding the quest for the Ratakyan Keys and when we were getting our hands on the Yujunaka Statue.” “What is it you never told me?” The curator asked curiously, “I know you told me you got all the keys and got the statue, from what you’re saying, you probably skipped over some details and just said, ‘we got the statue’.” “Its simple!” Sonic replied, “When we went after the Green Key, we were going to originally go to the Chinese rainforest, but a Russian terrorist, an enemy of Lara’s, nabbed it first so we had to go to his base to get it. “As for the Sunny Day Blue Key, it was no prob when we got to the pyramid in Egypt and got past the traps inside. But getting away with the key was hard as we dealt with ghosts and rogues such as Montana Jane. “When it came to the Water Blue Key, well, I had some aquaphobia which Lara cured with some swim lessons at her pool before we dove down to the ocean to get it. We still got the keys without a problem. “But when we got to the Ratakyan statue, while we got it, we were confronted by Doctor Eggman, who wanted to use it for his own wicked gains. He intended to become rich enough to build his theme park and a huge robot army. “We stopped him from getting the statue and sent him into retreat, but there is still a chance he could come for the Ratakyan statue again soon. Sorry that we didn’t tell ya, thought you’d wanna know the full story.” Wilkson was intrigued, “Fascinating, very fascinating. Well there’s nothing to worry about, you succeeded in getting to the statue. Plus you were all brave in fending off the doctor, I promise to make sure the statue is well guarded.” “Aye,” Oskar commented, “What are the odds of you doubling the museum guard in order to make sure somebody doesn’t break in and make off with the statue at some point in the night if that somebody wants to, eh?” “Mr. Bessington, as far as I am concerned, we have plenty of guards. This museum has the best security any museum has. Now its best to stop worrying, time for the world to see the statue for the first time in centuries.” Sonic, Lara, Tails, Sarah and Oskar all followed the peg legged museum owner out of his office and out into the main room of the museum. The guards opened the doors and, in seconds, the crowd outside began to enter. Once all the reporters and everybody was in, the chatter quieting down while cameras still flashed, Mr. Wilkson stepped forward and began his speech... “Dear people of London, thank you all for coming to the British Cultural Museum. As many of you have heard just a short while ago, the light of truth has shown on legend and legend has become history. “Thousands of years ago, somewhere in South America, the Ratakyan tribe allegedly existed. They created many things, such as the legendary Senga Yujunaka Statue in honor of their great deity. “The tribe has long vanished and has long thought to have been forgotten by history, along with the Yujunaka Statue, until recently. A band of brave individuals sought out and found the statue, bringing it here.” “Mister Wilkson?” A reporter raised his hand, “Where was the statue and how did these individuals get it, in fact, who were those individuals? Are they people we know or are they nobody we’ve heard of up until this point.” More reporters started asking questions, a museum guard blew his whistle and Wilkson raised his hand, the crowd fell silent and he continued on... “The statue, I can presume, was found to be locked away in an ancient temple somewhere in the deserts of Africa. In order to get to it within the temple, the ones seeking it had to gather four important keys. “The people who found them and the statue were: Sonic the Hedgehog, Lara Croft, Miles Tails Prower, Sarah Ann Vulpine and Oskar Bessington. I believe you know many of them, you’ve heard of them. “As you know, Sonic is a fast and brave hero who has fought many nefarious villains on countless occasions and saved many people. Ms. Lara Croft is also famous for her adventures and her archeological feats. “Together, despite the odds, despite the challenges thrown at them, they gathered the keys, found the temple and got the statue, protected it from the infamous Doctor Robotnik and now it finally sits right here in the museum. “Honored guests, in just a few seconds, you will be seeing the statue with your own eyes and history will remember this as the day a seemingly long lost artifact was finally recovered and made a museum exhibit. “We hope more people coming to the museum will take interest in the statue and see it every day, observing what is seemingly one of the only surviving relics of the Ratakyan tribe that exists today besides the many ruins and keys.” People began to chat amongst themselves, voicing their amazement, reporters asked more questions and several other people wearing Sonic T-shirts were crying out for Sonic himself to give them an autograph. The blue hedgehog grinned and looked at Lara with a smile, she smiled back and they held hands, ready for the big moment coming up. This was it, the pictures were going to be taken, they were going to be more famous than ever. Finally, after minutes of anticipation, Mr. Wilkson put his hands upon the tarp covering what appeared to be where the statue rested and said, “Fellow countrymen and countrywomen... THE STATUE OF SENGA YUJUNAKA!” Wilkson pulled the tarp off and there it was, the shiny golden Ratakyan statue of Senga Yujunaka itself, sitting behind glass. It was now part of the museum, an exhibit for all to see for a very long time. The words on the silver plaque just beneath the glass read: Senga Yujunaka Statue, made by Ratakyans to honor their deity. Once thought lost, it was discovered and brought here by Sonic the Hedgehog and Lara Croft, credit goes to their friends, Tails, Sarah and Oskar. The crowd all gasped. “Yes.” Mr. Wilkson said, “This is the statue. As you can see, it is very real, always has and is not fake for there is no proof that it is! “This was made from Ratakyan gold, this gorilla is what their deity supposedly looked like. The Ratakyans made this with their hands, they were brilliant craftsmen, may their legacy live on forever in history! “And of course, its all thanks to the efforts of Mr. Hedgehog, Ms. Croft, and their friends. Today... we shall celebrate this and the heroes whose efforts made the nearly impossible become more truly possible than ever before!” Sonic, Lara and their friends waved and Wilkson nodded as more cameras flashed and the crowd cheered, several Sonic and Lara fans in the crowd shouted, “WAY TO GO, SONIC! THAT’S AWESOME!” The blue hedgehog beamed and flashed the peace/victory sign between waves, thrilled to have taken the credit. The whole world was happy for him, if only his parents could see him now. Later, once everything had settled down a bit, everyone went over to Town Hall for a party where drinks were served. The Mayor of London had received the news, so it was expected that he would be giving a little speech. As Lara and Sonic sat at a table covered in a red blanket within the room full of people discussing the events, a waiter gave them wine to drink. Sonic was thrilled to oblige and so was Lara, even though they did have wine last night. Tails and Sarah sat at the table across from them, holding hands and smiling happily. The group chatted about what was next with Tails asking Sonic what he and Lara were going to do later with the exciting Ratakyan quest over. “We’re gonna be dating of course,” The hedgehog replied, “Meanwhile, you can expect us to be adventuring together. I plan on eventually heading home with Lara and introducing her to my family, that would be cool.” “I’d love to see your parents,” Lara giggled, “Do you have a sister? I wish I had a sister but, well,” her smile turned into a frown, “I never had one, my mum left before she and my pop could get to work on that.” “Of course I got a sister.” The speedster remarked, “She’s cute too, the problem is, I haven’t seen her or my parents or my uncle in a really long time, not since I left home sometime after my first battle with the doc.” “Sonic’s been adventuring and fighting Eggman for a long time.” Tails explained, “When Sonic and I first met, he was in the last days of his preteens and I was just a few years out of my toddler days.” “I met my first girlfriend when we were both young too.” Sonic added, “She was very cute that day, heck, when we dated, she was still cute. Man, I almost miss her. But at least we occasionally meet up and chat from time to time.” Tails snapped his fingers and looked over at Oskar, who was seated at the nearest table across from theirs. “Hey Oskar!” The fox called out, “Did I tell you how old I was when I fought Eggman in the streets of a city all by myself?” Oskar had a phone up to his ear when Tails spoke to him, he was talking with his mum about what was going on. Hearing the fox, he set down the phone, looked over at him, said yes and then put a finger up to his lips. “Looks like ya interrupted Oskar while he was chatting with his mum.” Sarah whispered in her boyfriend’s ear. Tails rolled his eyes and told her that he was aware, not to mention that he was sorry. Over at his table, Oskar took a drink before answering his mum’s question about what the commotion was about, “Tails was asking me a question, mum. Yes, I’m fine. Were you worried that I was hurt or something?” “Oskar, I was just asking a question.” Marie replied, “I’m curious about what’s going on right now, I’m thrilled about what you and your friends have done. I also hear you hit Doctor Robotnik with a bo-staff, is that right?” “That’s right, mum!” Oskar nodded, “I wasn’t scared, saw him as a joke more than a threat, but I was scared once I saw his menacing red and black eyes.” He shuddered, “Those eyes still give me the chills, ugh!” “Like I told you before when you were little, dear. Something’s can’t be unseen! Either way, I’m proud of you. You tell the others I said hi, ok?” “Would you like to talk to one of them at some point, are you interested in at least getting to meet Sonic and Tails? They’re very nice people and I enjoy hearing a bit about their adventures, would you be interested in their stories?” “Perhaps some other time, Oskar. Your pop and I have a bit of a tight schedule, but I promise we’ll get together soon. As for me talking to Sonic, I’d be thrilled to do so. But as I said before, we’ll work something out later.” “Ok, bye mum. I’ll call you again tonight if there’s time and I will definitely tell Lara and the others that you called and said hi and that you’d be thrilled to meet with them at some point in the future.” “Bye, Oskar. Take care of yourself!” Oskar hung up the phone and walked over to the other table. “First of all,” He said to the Sonic and Lara gang, “Its not nice to interrupt when I’m talking to my mum of all people on the phone. Second, she says hi. “Number three, my mum says, at some point soon, she would love to meet you, Sonic. We were just talking about it, she’s busy right now, but we will arrange a little meet and greet as soon as possible when there’s time.” “Way past cool!” The blue blur commented, “I can’t wait to meet your mum, how old is she by the way and what’s her job? Heck, what about your old man, can I meet him and what’s he like by the way?” “One question at a time,” Tails held up his hand, “Jeeze, Sonic! One question at a time, why are you asking so many questions at once?” Lara’s Scottish companion scratched the back of his head, smiling politely. “Well,” he started, “Me mum is from Australia and she’s thirty five, she was twenty one when I was born, also, she’s very nice. I’ve got a picture of her and me pop, who’s Scottish like me and, he’s a, uh, billionaire insurance bloke. “He runs Bessington Inc, it’s the largest company in the world next to the other corporations. Mum’s a business gal, comes from a long line of businessmen. Always working, always traveling, but we stay in touch.” “You’re lucky you stay in touch with your family,” Sonic commented, “I haven’t been in touch unfortunately, but I’m sure they’re fine, they probably know about what I’m doing, word about me does spread all over the world.” “Where do your parents live by the way?” “Well, my family used to live on Chrismas Island, then we moved to South Island somewhere near Green Hill just weeks after I was born. So, if I were to guess, they still live on South Island on a small hill in the countryside.” The hedgehog thought back to his youth, reminiscing when he and his sister Sarah, a pink hedgehog, would play games together, eat chili dogs made by his mum and have picnics with Uncle Bob. Sonic remembered the small house on the hill, his parents sharing a kiss, his dog Hurst running up for attention and the day he was commended by his family for his bravery after defeating Eggman during his invasion of the island. He thought back to the day he set out to look for adventure, waving goodbye to his mum, his pop, his sister and their dog Hurst, promising to eventually return and they would meet again someday soon. It was at that second, that a small tear fell down Sonic’s cheek and he blew his nose with a hanky, completely surprising nearly everyone in the room. “You ok?” Lara asked with concern, “What’s the matter?” “Its nothing, I’m fine.” The blue blur croaked, “Just thinking of days gone by, I miss my family. I’ve had so much fun adventuring and hanging out with people, I-I’ve yet to fulfill my promise to return home.” For one minute, the hedgehog dreamed of him coming home to the place where it all began for him, his parents, still young, and waiting for him. The look on his sister’s face, happy to see her brother again. My grown up son is finally home! Sonic imagined his mum Emily exclaiming, tears in her eyes as she ran up to hug him. He could see Hurst, still full of energy, barking as he came forth to greet him. Its been so long since we saw you, the blue blur imagined his pop Chuck saying, Good to see you again. The hedgehog even imagined himself saying, Sorry it took me a long while to come home, a lot was happening. He could even see himself and his family sitting down for dinner, a nicely made welcome home dinner party put together by his mum, old friends welcoming him back and rejoicing his long-awaited return... A loud microphone feedback echoed across the room, ruining Sonic’s happy daydream about his family. “ARGH!” He yelled, covering his ears. “The lord mayor will now be speaking!” A female cat in a velvet dress announced, speaking into the microphone, “Thank you for your patience.” The lights dimmed and all eyes turned towards the stage as a man in a dark suit took to the podium, it was John Burmo, the current political leader of the city and he had been running it for a while now. A smile crossed Sonic’s face, he remembered his meeting with the previous governor of London and it had been an honor, just like when he came face to face with other politicians like the President of the United States. Mayor Burmo coughed slightly and then began his speech, thanking everyone for coming, how he was amazed that the world was always full of surprises and then spoke of why they were here today. When he finally brought up the “commendable combined efforts” of Sonic the Hedgehog, Lara Croft and their friends to bring the statue to the museum, all eyes in the room turned to the guests of honor. Sonic flashed his trademark grin, Tails waved, Lara and Sarah blinked and Oskar, who was sitting at his table, smiled and waved. As the governor finished his speech, a toast was made to the Heroes of the Ratakyan Statue. Way past cool, the blue blur thought happily, by the time the party was almost over, he was surprised nobody had given out any medals. Perhaps the statue was enough of an award, even though it sat in the museum..
Blood Moon Battle -A Zelda Story-The blonde hero stood on the tallest hill, overlooking the peaceful, yet ruined land of Hyrule. It was a tragedy that a hundred years prior, the world had been ravaged by the dark malice-filled evil known as Calamity Ganon, who remained in Hyrule Castle. Link could see the cloud of malice that was Calamity Ganon itself, swarming around the towering castle in the distance. In there, the princess herself was struggling to keep the Demon King contained, but that would not last long. Soon, she wouldn’t hold much longer. Soon, if the hero didn’t do anything, the world would fall and all remnants of Hyrule would be eradicated and give rise to a new world ruled by Ganon, covered in malice and populated by only monsters with no hope remaining. The sun had set, dusk was becoming night and the stars were coming out and soon, the moon. But tonight would be no ordinary night, the moon would be no normal moon. According to Hino, Blood Moon Night was coming again. Ganon’s power grew to its peak at the hour of the Blood Moon on blood moon night, allowing the dark lord to revive any monsters struck down in the name of the light or bring forth new monsters to terrorize the world itself. Link had fought hard on his journey to liberate Hyrule from Ganon’s dark terror and save everyone from his great evil, the Blood Moon made it very challenging. Today, he’d faced a Lynel. It would be a pain to face that Lynel all over again after the moon came. Even the Hynox Brothers were going to be a nightmare to confront again, especially after the hero had gone to the trouble to clear the woodlands of them. Those corrupted guardians as well, they were terrifying to face, even though Link had the Master Sword. With the Blade of Evil’s Bane, in spite of Ganon’s growing power, the hero had made all the enemies in the world look like a joke. If he had the ancient and sacred Light Arrows once used by past heroes, things could be simpler and easier. Link walked down the hill and decided to rest for a while at one of the campsites that had been a Bokoblin camp, he was exhausted after all and he did need something to eat. Finding a cooking pot, he lit a fire and started to make some apple steak. Cooking took time, but with the right ingredients, Link made his food in minutes and it tasted delicious. By the time he’d eaten, a red glow could be seen behind the large rocky mountains and it finally emerged: The humongous blood moon. Stalfos Bokoblins emerged from the ground along with Stalfos Moblins and Stalfos Lizalfos, even on normal nights with normal moons, skeleton enemies came about to attack wandering adventurers such as Link himself. It was part of Ganon’s power even when no blood moons were involved, the blood moon could still strengthen the skeleton enemies and not yet defeated foes before midnight however. Dealing with seemingly invincible enemies scared Link. He drew his sword and fought back against the skeletal foes coming for him, taking them all down and decimating their skulls as their remains disappated in puffs of malice colored smoke… back to the underworld where all monsters came from. Link looked up at the Blood Moon as it rose higher, the sky seemed to begin turning red. He could remember the first time the Blood Moon had come, it had taken him by surprise or would have, had Zelda not telepathically contacted him. Be on your guard. She had said, Ganon’s power grows at the hour of the Blood Moon, rising to its peak. By the glow of the moon, the souls of monstrous defeated by the light and its name return to flesh. Please watch your back, Link. The night air grew cold and red sparks began to float up into the air, malice starting to appear. This was it, the Hour of the Blood Moon. Link heard Zelda’s voice again, urging him to watch out for the Blood Moon was powerful as it was before now. Just then, the ground began to rumble and a humongous monster unlike any beast Link had seen before burst forth from the earth. It looked at him with two blank red eyes, baring ferocious fangs, the creature was bulky and hulking arms and stubby legs. “Link!” Princess Zelda cried out, “Watch out, the Munoxblin is the most powerful of all monsters. It is said to be the fiercest of them all, forged by the powers of the Blood Moon and Ganon himself. Fight him if you must, but do not let him crush you, Link!” The Munoxblin roared a hideous roar that was unlike a Lynel’s roar or a Hynox’s growl, marching in Link’s dirrection and approaching him, eager to smash him. The hero redrew his sword, ready to face this new enemy as the Blood Moon got higher in the sky. Getting closer, the beast raised its fists and brought them down, attempting to squash Link, yet the hero leaped back to avoid the attack. Just as the Munoxblin got its fist stuck in the ground, the hero jumped forth and plunged the Master Sword into its hand. Feeling the blade pierce its skin and muscle caused the giant monster to scream in agony as dark red blood poured out of the sword wound, the demonic beast finally got its fist out before starting to nurse it, falling on the ground on its butt. Link drew a Rito Bow, grabbing a bomb arrow and took aim at the monster’s face before firing. The explosive arrow struck the Munoxblin right between the eyes, exploding on impact and causing it great pain as its face burned and its eyes stung like mad. The Blood Moon’s power intensified further, fallen Bokoblins came back to life and Moblins appeared, both monsters ready to aid the Munoxblin at any time. Link had to finish the battle, he seemed to be beating the Blood Moon Monster. As the towering titan staggered, fazed by the bomb blasts in its face, the Hero of Hyrule ran forward, leaped up high and plunged the blade of the Master Sword itself deep into the skull of the Munoxblin, right through its creepy brain. The demonic entity howled in agony and Link got off, sheathing his weapon, just as the Munoxblin shot to its feet, clutching its head and staggering around as dark monster blood poured out of the wound in its head all the way up until the beast toppled over. Link watched as the defeated enemy fell forward, its body charing and then exploding out of existance completely, leaving behind a small puddle of blood and a pair of monster guts as well as teeth and a horn. It was around that time that the Blood Moon’s power had resided, the moon becoming a normal moon. The monsters who’d seen what had unfolded went into retreat, shrieking with terror at the sight of the hero defeating the creature they saw as the best of the best. Relishing in his victory and having survived another Blood Moon, the hero decided to take a quick nap. He would continue his quest to save Hyrule later, after fighting a gigantic monster brought about by the Blood Moon, Link deserved some rest. Finding a sleeping bag close by, he lay down next to a lit campfire and dozed off, hopeful that Zelda’s power and the creators of Hyrule would keep him safe while he slept…The End...
Sleeping Beauty Crossover Ch 1I do not own Naruto, Bleach, Mortal Kombat, and One pieceIn a far away land, long ago, lived a king named Hiashi Hyuga and his fair queen Hina. Many years had they longed for a child and finally their wish was granted. A daughter was born, and they called her Hinata. Yes, they named her after the sun for she filled their lives with happiness. Then a great holiday was proclaimed throughout the kingdom, so that all of high or low estate might pay homage to the infant princess. And our story begins on that most joyful day.As all the people in Konoha village came over to the Hyuga kingdom and sang.Joyfully now to our princess we come, Bringing gifts and all good wishes too.We pledge our loyalty anew.Hail to the princess Hinata!All of her subjects adore her!Hail to the King!Hail to the Queen!Hail to the princess Hinata!Health to the princess,Wealth to the princess,Long live the princess Hinata!Hail Hinata!Hail Hinata!Health to the princess,Wealth to the princess,Long live the princess Hinata!Hail to the King!Hail to the Queen!Hail to the princess Hinata!Thus on this great and joyous day did all the kingdom celebrate the long awaited royal birth. And good King Hiashi and Hina made welcome their life long friend.Trumpets played when someone came to the Hyuga kingdom."Their royal highnesses, King Minato Uzumaki and prince Naruto." The Hyuga Announcer replied as a blond haired man and a eight year old boy came over to the castle.Fondly had these monarchs dreamed one day their kingdoms to unite. Thus today would they announce that Naruto, Minato's son and heir to Hiashi's child would be betrothed. And so to her his gift he brought, and looked, unknowing, on his future bride.Hina brought the blonde boy over to their daughter in the crib. When Naruto sees Hinata, and made a awkward look on his face. Trumpets played again. Suddenly a beam of light shined through the window as a three females holding staffs appeared."The most honored and exalted excellencies, the three magical warriors. Dragon Fukai, Kitsune Minako, and Dark Phoenix Jade." The announcer replied as a girl who in her late 20s, she has dark blue long hair, golden eyes, wears a dark blue hanfu, cloak, boots, fingerless gloves and a circlet on her head. Another girl was a teenager who is seventeen, has white long hair with fox ears, green eyes, and nine tails, she wore a white kimono, with socks and sandels. And the last was a twenty year old girl with Black long hair with red, blue and purple highlights, red eyes, wears a black long kimono, black feathered cloak, boots, fingerless gloves, a ice blue crystal necklace and a circlet. They came over to the crib and was adored when they see baby Hinata."Oh, the little darling!" Jade replied as Fukai and others approaches to Hiashi and Hina."Your majesties," They replied. "Each of us the child may bless with a single gift. No more, no less." Fukai replied as she went to the crib first."Little princess, my gift shall be the gift of beauty." Fukai replied as she waves hers staff around and made a spell for Hinata.One gift, beauty rareFull of midnight blue in her hairLips that shame the red red roseShe'll walk with springtimeWherever she goes.The gift of Beauty casted down on Hinata, as Minako came over to the crib."Tiny princess, my gift shall be the gift of song." Minako replied as she made a spell.One gift, the gift of song. Melody her whole life long. The nightingale's her troubadour. Bringing her sweet serenadeto her door.As the gift of song casted down on Hinata. And lastly Jade came over to her."Sweet princess, my gift shall be ...As Jade was about to cast a spell on Hinata. Suddenly wind blow through the castle, the doors are wide open. Hiashi, Hina and the magical warriors sees who it is. Thunder zapped as black flames appears. A woman who is about Fukai's age has black long hair, wearing black robes, a Xenomorph queen crown on her head, and holding a black staff. A xenomorph bird named Talon flew over and sat on the staff."Why, it's Kurome!" Minako replied."What does she want." Jade growled."Shhh!" Fukai replied."Well, quite a glittering assemblage, Hiashi. Royalty, nobility, the dragon, and, the Kitsune, and even the Dark Phoenix." Kurome replied as Jade was about to attack her but was held by Fukai and Minako"I felt quite distressed of not receiving an invitation." Kurome replied."You weren't invited!" Jade replied."Not wa...? Oh dear, what an awkward situation. I had hoped it was merely due to some oversight. Well, in that event I'd best be on my way." Kurome replied as she was about to leave."And you're not offended, your excellency?" Hina asked."Why no, your majesty. And to show I bear no ill will, I, too, shall bestow a gift on the child as well." Kurome replied as the three magical warriors is protecting baby Hinata."Listen well, all of you! The Hyuga princess shall indeed grow in grace and beauty, beloved by all who know her. But, before the sun rises on her sixteenth birthday, she shall prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel and die." Kurome replied."Oh no!" Hina replied as she grabs baby Hinata out from the crib and held her closely. Kurome began to laugh evilly."Seize her!" Hiashi shouted as the guards were about to attack Kurome but she stopped them."Stand back you fools." Kurome replied as she disappears in black flames and continued laughing while Talon flew away out of the castle. Hiashi and Hina frowned that Kurome put the curse on their daughter."Don't despair, Hiashi. Jade still has her gift to give." Fukai replied."Can Jade undo the curse?" Hiashi asked."Oh no, Hiashi." Jade answered."Kurome's powers are far too powerful." Fukai replied."But she can help!" Minako added as she and Fukai pushed Jade."But." Jade replied."Just do your best, Jade." Minako replied."Yes." Fukai added as Jade made her spell."Sweet princess, if through this wicked witches trick a spindle should your finger prick, a ray of light there still may be in this, the gift that I give you. Not in death but just in sleep the fateful prophecy you'll keep, and from this slumber you shall awake when true love's kiss the spell shall break." Jade replied as the final gift casted on Hinata.For true love conquers allBut Hiashi, still fearful of his daughter's life, did then and there decree that every spinning wheel in the kingdom should on that very day be burnt. So it was done.All the spinning wheels were being burnt by all the villagers while Fukai sees it outside of the balcony. Both Minako and Jade were drinking red wine."Silly fiddle faddle!" Fukai replied as she came over to the Kitsune and the Dark Phoenix."Now, come have a nice glass of wine, Fukai. I'm sure it'll work out somehow." Minako replied."Well, a bonfire won't stop Kurome." Jade added."Of course not. But what will?" Fukai asked."Well, perhaps if we reason with her." Minako answered."Reason?" Fukai replied."With Kurome?!" Jade replied."Well, she can't be all bad." Minako replied."Oh, yes, she can." Fukai replied."I'd like to turn her into a roach." Jade replied."Now, Jade, that isn't very nice thing to say." Minako replied."Besides, we can't. You know our magic doesn't work that way." Fukai replied."It can only do good, dear, to bring joy and happiness." Minako replied."Well, that would make me happy." Jade replied."But there must be some way ... There he is!" Fukai replied"There he is?" Jade replied."What is it, Fukai?" Minako asked."I'm going to ... shh, shh, shh! Even walls have ears." Fukai replied as she sneaks around the castle to see no one is hearing them"Follow me!" Fukai replied as she shrink herself along with Jade and Minako and hides into a box filled with jewelry on the table."I'll turn her into a flower." Fukai replied."Kurome?" Jade replied."Oh no, Jade, the princess!" Fukai answered."Oh she'd make a lovely flower." Minako replied."Don't you see, a flower can't prick its finger." Fukai replied."It hasn't any." Jade replied."That's right." Minako replied"She'll be perfectly safe." Fukai replied."Until Kurome sends a frost." Jade replied in sarcasm."Yes, a ...oh dear!" Fukai replied."She always ruins your nicest flowers." Minako replied."You're right. And she'll be expecting us to do something like that." Fukai replied."But what won't she expect, she knows everything." Jade replied."Oh but she doesn't Jade. Kurome doesn't know anything about love, or kindness, or the joy of helping earnest. You know, sometimes I don't think she's really very happy." Minako replied."That's it, of course! It's the only thing she can't understand, and won't expect. oh, oh, now, now ... We have to plan it carefully, let's see, a cottage, yes, yes, the abandoned one, of course Hiashi and Hina will object, but when we explain it's the only way" Fukai replied."Explain what?" Jade asked"About the three women raising a foundling child deep in the forest." Fukai answered."Oh, that's very nice of them." Minako complaint"Who are they?" Jade asked."Turn around!" Fukai replied as Jade and Minako faced a mirror. Fukai turned them into their human form and wearing normal maid dresses."Why, it's ... us!" Minako replied."You mean, us?" Jade added."Take care of baby Hinata?" Minako asked."Why not?" Fukai replied."Oh, i'd like that!" Minako replied as Jade changes her dress from pink to black."Well, yes, yes, but will we have to feed her?" Jade asked."And wash her and dress her and rock her to sleep. Oh I'd love it." Minako replied."You really think we can?" Jade asked."If her parents can do it, so can we." Fukai replied."And we have our magic to help us." Jade replied."That's right." Minako agreed"Oh, no, no, no, no, no magic! I'll take those staffs right now. Oh, better get rid of those feathers, Jade too." Fukai replied."You mean, live like normal? For sixteen years?" Jade asked as Fukai removes the feathers from Jade's back."Now, we don't know how. We've never done anything without magic." Jade replied."And that's why Kurome will never suspect." Fukai replied"But who'll wash, and cook?" Jade asked."Oh, we'll all do it." Fukai answered."I'll take care of Hinata!" Minako replied."Let me have it, Jade." Fukai replied as Jade hands her staff to her."Come along now, We must tell their Hiashi about it." Fukai replied as she changes herself to normal height."Fukai!" Both Jade and Minako shouted as Fukai stops and made a spell again that both Minako and Jade are in their normal height. As they headed ran into the castle. Outside of the castle. Hiashi and Hina looks down on the balcony seeing the magical warriors holding their baby and ran off.As Hiashi and Hina watched with heavy hearts as their most precious posession, their only child, disappeared into the night.
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