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The Black Widow
by nngross
The Black WidowShe smiles,
A slight curve of her cruel lips,
As she walks away,
Leaving another husk of a man in her wake.
Leaving him with only thoughts and memories as useless as her goodbye kiss,
As useless as the "I'm sorry" she whispered sweetly in his ear
Before she sweetly walked out of his life.
Victim number one?
Number three?
Number five?
Number nine?
Or does it really matter?
She is a seducer.
She is a seductress.
She is a succubus.
She is a black widow,
Weaving a web of lust,
Of desire,
Of deceit,
Of lies,
And of love.
Despicable love.
I pity him, her next man,
Her next victim,
Her next prey,
Her next "love."
The next husk of a man that will be left in the wake of her cruel, curving lips.


Lovelorn Death
by dai-vee.
Lovelorn DeathHe who loves must bear the pain
Watching his blood run to the drain
As the one he loves will love another
Suffocating as air does smother
He who loves must pay the price
Hanging because he thought her nice
Naked and beaten, destined to lose
Guilty of what she does accuse
He who loves must bear the shame
She is hurt and he's to blame
The nails stick in on seeing her hurt
The microbes crawl in caked-on dirt
He who loves must feel despair
Even though it isn't fair
Her soul slips through unclenching fists
The blood now draining from his wrists
He who loves must suffer alone
With little hope of shattered bone
Never having felt her touch
Wishing he had mattered much
He who loves must fight his need
To her desires he must concede
Seeing her still prolongs his end
He cannot touch his heart to rend
He who loves must bear the cost
Doubly so when he has lost
He had not gained what counts as loss
Now love must die upon its cross


I’m Still Here
by StarlightComet
I'm Still HereEven after everything, I realize that
I’ll still be the one
Who supports you
When you can no longer stand
On your own.
I’ll still be the one
Who puts the pieces
Back together when you
I’ll still be the one
To hug you-hold you-
When your walls crumble down
Into oblivion.
I’ll be here to catch you
If you find yourself falling.
I’ll be here to save you
If you can’t carry on.
I’ll fight for you
If you can no longer fight for yourself.
My only wish is that
You do the same for me-
My only regret
Is knowing that you won’t.


Time and Tide
by TheBareSheet
Time and Tidewhat good is a day, with no hasty breeze?
my collar, your puppet, the winding kite,
my bread, your balloon, a blight on my bight.
this life would cease(fire) if the wind did freeze.
that dawn I turned down a different road,
waiting for my thoughts become my own.
small fish swim upstream, but then to be sold. 
who knew her children and fate would be sewn.
old habits never die, lest future maul.
time and tide makes us mercenaries all.


The Stretcher
by Achille1996
The StretcherToday a boy sees a green-eyed girl for the first time
and thinks she is the most beautiful thing
in the entire world.
A woman in white lifts her bouquet,
so thankful that she is finally
the one to throw.
Her sister catches the flowers
while blushing at the best man,
who smiles back at her.  
Today a mother kisses her daughter
on the forehead
as she imagines how beautiful
this newborn child will become
in the future.
A black and white kitten
emerges from beneath a family shed,
and two girls on the swings
name him Mittens
and promise to love him forever.
Today someone is carried
down the hospital hall in a stretcher,
and I sit in the waiting room
thinking that out of all these happy,
wonderful things,
I would take the stretcher
if it meant I would be there
instead of you.



Our vision here at written-from-within is to bring writers of all styles and genres together to not only share their works with deviantART and the world, but to also connect with those who have something to say. written-from-within is a place for members to support one another in their writing endeavours.

We want this to be a very active club, and when we get enough members then we can start having contest's and plenty of activities started.

There are many things available here, and we also feel this is a place where someone can ask questions/get advice from fellow members.

( Avatar done by LadyLuck89 )

Please feel free to note us with any further questions or request.









Random from Featured

Valkyrie Down by iamtoolio Valkyrie Down :iconiamtoolio:iamtoolio 3 1 In Your Arms by iamtoolio In Your Arms :iconiamtoolio:iamtoolio 4 0
Sweet dreams...???
Where are you?
Dad !!!!!!!"
Lightning pierces the darkening sky
as rain continues to pour.
But above the thunderous storm could be heard
the sobs of a little girl all alone.
Drenched in her own pool of tears...
her heart torn and bruised.
Her swollen eyes lifts towards the sky...
as her minds drifts...drifts above it all...
" Wake up, my love.
wake up!
Daddy is here.
Her eyes lit up
as she runs into his arm.
Unable to contain her joy
her heart burst with excitement and laughter.
"Why are you laughing? "
"Cause you're here!
I'm so happy you're here!"
"I am happy as well. "
He lifts her up.
Holds her closer than he has ever done.
"Look my dear.
the sky is all clear now...
'It is?'
Now we can do all those stuff you planned.
"Now we can go to the movies together.
Now we can walk in the park, while i hold you close.
Now we could go bike riding together
we could even make something together for your mother.
:icondeanjeno--art:DEANJENO--art 29 14
On The Chair Of Guilt .....
On the same chair of guilt I sit
I sit to ask for forgiveness
On the same chair of guilt I sit
I sit to confess my weakness
On the same chair of guilt I sit
I sit to watch my sin with regrets
Still on the same chair
And my ashtray is filled with cigarettes
And my mind can't stop thinking
And my conscience
My conscience is neither dead nor a live
It only shows up when I sit
On the same chair of guiltiness
:iconghostwriterv:GhostWriterV 16 9
Beating the Odds
:iconthewritersmeow:TheWritersMeow 6 6
Not a Love Poem
I love things you do
Things you say
How that smile can
Take my breath away
But I don't love you
Not in that way
I need to tell you
So that you'll stay
I need to tell you
It's not like that
So you'll know
And that'll be that
But you don't listen
Don't accept
This is my choice
And my promise kept
I said no once
You didn't know
You gave it time
Hoping it'd grow
Sadness I saw
On your beautiful face
From my memory
Is never erased
I'm sorry I hurt you
I can say it again
But I cannot undo
What I did back then
:iconcatsaregreat:CATSAREGREAT 5 3
Chained Blades Part 1: My Lord...
The hush fell over the crowd when a person in a hooded cloak walked up to the king.  The crowd stared at the figure in awe and fear.
"You called my lord?" says the figure as they bowed.
"Yes, I did.  I need you to bring someone to me."  He said in a loud voice, so the crowd could hear.
"Who my lord?  Will they come easily or will they provide some amusement?"  The figure said the last part with a smirk.
"They will provide slight amusement, but they will cave quickly." said the king.
A slightly annoyed look came upon the figure's face, not liking the fact that she wasn't going to get a lot of fun out of this mission.  
"Who is it my lord?"  She said calmly, though clenching her teeth.
"A person you know very well I believe…" The king said slowly, holding the suspense.  "Derik."
No one was able to see the look of pure hatred on the figure's face as she stared at her master underneath the hood. 
:iconzelink4everandever:zelink4everandever 1 10
Hammer on Steel
I lie down to sleep at night with a sad thought,
My family is in the other room hollering, yelling, while my sister sneaks out trying not to get caught.
My brother at college, my grandma in heaven,
I'm twirling in band, fake friends.
Dreaming but not believing in a miracle or Gods grace,
Someone please save me from this place!
My thoughts corrupt me, my dreams are haunting,
My friends ignore me, my classmates taunting.
My head filled with wishes and dreams,
Wish i could see his face, hold his hand,
The boy i like who's in band.
Wish he knew how i felt! If he did it wouldn't matter,
To like me, for him, would be the latter.
last choice, last in line,
My teammates win, I'm stuck behind.
Do they see i'm left out?
Feel the pain i feel? How i wished to be apart of their clique,
They say they like me... It's just a trick.
Don't cry or they'll tease,
If i die the pain may ease.
My mom lay in cold silence beneath the sod,
To save me would be miracle from God.
I feel as though no one cares, Hea
:iconcaeruleus14:caeruleus14 2 2
"Hi, I'm-"
"I know who you are."
"You do?"
"You're the guy who thinks he's invisible."
"I have a name-"
"It isn't important. Because you really don't think it's important."
"All right. Since we've started out this way, let me just tell you, I know you too."
"You're the girl who is broken."
"I am not broken."
"You're the girl whose eyes close every night and open the next morning, only to find you have never slept at all."
"I sleep well. Besides-"
"You're the girl who dreams of a happy ending even though she has seen, eighteen unhappy ones in her eighteen years."
"Happy endings are over rated. And you're-"
"You're the girl who wants something bigger, something stronger, just so the weakness in her body becomes something so much more."
"You don't understand weakness the way-"
"You're the girl whose heart broke when she was so young, and she fixed it back together with superglue, but cannot ignore the cracks."
"Superglue makes for a good companion, especially when-"
:iconuntamedunwanted:UntamedUnwanted 4,812 1,161
Crazy, psychopathic, murderer ladies
Sexy, butt-kicking girls
Crazy/random/hyper self-inserts
Depressed emo/goth/always-dresses-in-black types
Angsty/moody/hot teenagers
The brown-haired girl with no personality
The mean, popular, snobby girl
Unreasonably cruel bullies out to make life harder for the main character
The best friend (if they were a good character who *happened* to be a best friend they wouldn't have to be described as this)
Fun fact: Making victim OCs is cliche
Another fun fact: how someone dresses is NOT their personality
Yet another fun fact: People who claim to be random really are not and they know it.
Super bonus fun fact: A character's breast size need NEVER be stated. The end.
Super de duper bonus fun fact: Please, spare us the paragraphs on what the character looks like. It is a story, not a fashion show. A few sentences with mentions of hair color or other select features you find necessary to point out(KEYWORD: NECESSARY) are perfect. After all, how
:iconmakingfunofstuff:MakingFunOfStuff 683 482
Think Wisely, Think Well by zenithcollector Think Wisely, Think Well :iconzenithcollector:zenithcollector 5 0
Dominus domno
I am Captain of my ship, master of my soul.
Rebellion does not set my trail, angst no
longer anchors my tale.
Invictus is my rhyme, the wind of Henley's
words fill my sails.
Action my waves, motions seize new trails,
riding oceans and seas under full sail.
Experience is my tide, my ride, my time
to learn my current role.
How long to control my fate?
How long to learn my role?
How long to tame my soul?
Questions unknown, tales untold!
This much I do know without fail,
I will no longer set course by braille.
I may never master my fate or completely
command my role but I alone Captain my sole.
:icongalebron:galebron 6 5
my GCSE poem Shadows 5.12.02
My analysis of life;
Is that it ends.
It's there and then it's gone,
snubbed like a candle in a breeze.
A bright sun embraced in the iron fist of an eclipse.
Light mingled with dark,
A shadow that perseveres.
That's me;
I'm the shadow.
No matter how many lights threaten me,
I find a corner to cling to.
A hole to hide in,
The prescipice of reality and limbo.
Here it is always dark.
So I cling on.
And there is a little extra;
Light within the shadow,
Those i love and care for.
They know who they are,
And they know how i feel.
To the rest of you i say no,
What? who cares?
So what?
For what, for when, for where?
Who cares?
I persevere.
Wouldn't you, if faced with that?
A protected life in the twilight,
Or a real life,
In the Darkness.
:iconsimonpark81:simonpark81 8 2
A d d i c t i o n
You took your pocket knife
--The one with your name roughly engraved on it--
And sliced time in two
My mind is endlessly craving
One taste of words from your tantalizing lips
Existing to mock me
Your breath lingers on me
Blurry months after we spoke; I need it passing
Through my needy lips
Your tongue's a fishing line
You reel me in with every word you speak, every
Single move you make
Fresh paint peels off my skin
But you grip the paintbrush; tangerine paint on the tip of your nose
Goofy grin tacked up
:iconsincerestme:SincerestMe 13 5
You can do it.
I was drawing, and thinking about how
I need to practice, even if I don't completely like what I draw.
And although I might get discouraged,
and feel as though I'm not improving,
I still have to remember that I draw because it's fun.
It's not about how professional something looks. My drawings aren't made to be professional-looking.
They're made to express how I'm feeling, or
the way I want the character to be viewed.
So even though I was starting off with drawing people
I thought I'd add a little note to myself at the end.
The note is for me, for you, for whoever is willing to make what they create come to life.
You can do it.
:iconestherella:Estherella 1 8
I Think of You
I think of you
whenever I see something pink
I think of you
even when my pen runs out of ink
I think of you
and the moment doesn't seem to end
I think of you
just the way you are, a godsend
I think of you
and my heart's a flutter
I think of you
all I do when I see you is stutter
I think of you
when I'm listening to music
I think of you
even when I'm really sick
I think of you
when I'm supposed to see the big picture
I think of you
even when tomorrow's the Rapture
I'm thinking of you
:iconraidenzz:raidenzz 4 7
Where do I even begin this one... Well, by telling you why I'm ever starting this discussion in the first place.

Lately I've been spending lots of time with my cousin which is currently serving in the army, and anytime he'd come home, I'd spend my time with him. He came back for a week, and we spent that whole week together. He shouldn't be in the army, though he fought to get in there. He has epilepsy, light, though epilepsy nonetheless. And so, while just randomly talking, I found myself witnessing an epileptic seizure. And honestly, it was one of the scariest things I have ever seen in my life. You might find many videos of these kinds of seizures, and it wouldn't seem that scary, though when you actually see it and have to do something to make sure they won't get hurt, and worst of all, when it's someone you love, it's quite... Well, traumatizing.

And so, this is my discussion for you today. What would you consider a trauma? Do you, or do you think you have one yourself? And if so, how do you deal with a trauma?

I'll be honestly, the reason for this discussion is for two things,  a selfish reason, I really do want to know how to deal with this kind of things. Any time I close my eyes, I just see that same situation, the sound and how he looked during the seizure, and it makes me want to cry.

The other reason, is to know a bit more about you, our members, and for general knowledge. I really do want to know what things you might have experienced, or even better, if you hid such a thing, for you to let it out. We are online, after all, no one really knows who you are, apart from who you told, and so, everything and anyone, feel free to let us know a bit more about you.

Hope everyone has had and will have a great week,

- Michael.
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