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The Black Widow
by nngross
The Black WidowShe smiles,
A slight curve of her cruel lips,
As she walks away,
Leaving another husk of a man in her wake.
Leaving him with only thoughts and memories as useless as her goodbye kiss,
As useless as the "I'm sorry" she whispered sweetly in his ear
Before she sweetly walked out of his life.
Victim number one?
Number three?
Number five?
Number nine?
Or does it really matter?
She is a seducer.
She is a seductress.
She is a succubus.
She is a black widow,
Weaving a web of lust,
Of desire,
Of deceit,
Of lies,
And of love.
Despicable love.
I pity him, her next man,
Her next victim,
Her next prey,
Her next "love."
The next husk of a man that will be left in the wake of her cruel, curving lips.


Lovelorn Death
by dai-vee.
Lovelorn DeathHe who loves must bear the pain
Watching his blood run to the drain
As the one he loves will love another
Suffocating as air does smother
He who loves must pay the price
Hanging because he thought her nice
Naked and beaten, destined to lose
Guilty of what she does accuse
He who loves must bear the shame
She is hurt and he's to blame
The nails stick in on seeing her hurt
The microbes crawl in caked-on dirt
He who loves must feel despair
Even though it isn't fair
Her soul slips through unclenching fists
The blood now draining from his wrists
He who loves must suffer alone
With little hope of shattered bone
Never having felt her touch
Wishing he had mattered much
He who loves must fight his need
To her desires he must concede
Seeing her still prolongs his end
He cannot touch his heart to rend
He who loves must bear the cost
Doubly so when he has lost
He had not gained what counts as loss
Now love must die upon its cross


I’m Still Here
by StarlightComet
I'm Still HereEven after everything, I realize that
I’ll still be the one
Who supports you
When you can no longer stand
On your own.
I’ll still be the one
Who puts the pieces
Back together when you
I’ll still be the one
To hug you-hold you-
When your walls crumble down
Into oblivion.
I’ll be here to catch you
If you find yourself falling.
I’ll be here to save you
If you can’t carry on.
I’ll fight for you
If you can no longer fight for yourself.
My only wish is that
You do the same for me-
My only regret
Is knowing that you won’t.


Time and Tide
by TheBareSheet
Time and Tidewhat good is a day, with no hasty breeze?
my collar, your puppet, the winding kite,
my bread, your balloon, a blight on my bight.
this life would cease(fire) if the wind did freeze.
that dawn I turned down a different road,
waiting for my thoughts become my own.
small fish swim upstream, but then to be sold. 
who knew her children and fate would be sewn.
old habits never die, lest future maul.
time and tide makes us mercenaries all.


The Stretcher
by Achille1996
The StretcherToday a boy sees a green-eyed girl for the first time
and thinks she is the most beautiful thing
in the entire world.
A woman in white lifts her bouquet,
so thankful that she is finally
the one to throw.
Her sister catches the flowers
while blushing at the best man,
who smiles back at her.  
Today a mother kisses her daughter
on the forehead
as she imagines how beautiful
this newborn child will become
in the future.
A black and white kitten
emerges from beneath a family shed,
and two girls on the swings
name him Mittens
and promise to love him forever.
Today someone is carried
down the hospital hall in a stretcher,
and I sit in the waiting room
thinking that out of all these happy,
wonderful things,
I would take the stretcher
if it meant I would be there
instead of you.



Our vision here at written-from-within is to bring writers of all styles and genres together to not only share their works with deviantART and the world, but to also connect with those who have something to say. written-from-within is a place for members to support one another in their writing endeavours.

We want this to be a very active club, and when we get enough members then we can start having contest's and plenty of activities started.

There are many things available here, and we also feel this is a place where someone can ask questions/get advice from fellow members.

( Avatar done by LadyLuck89 )

Please feel free to note us with any further questions or request.









Random from Featured

Every Litte Thing - Prologue
    "Emily!",I Squawled,"Please eat,I spent all morning making-" SWAT! A heavy object make contact with my back. Mother had hit me with today's newspaper.
    "Apologize to your sister,RIGHT NOW JOAN.Or you can forget about seeing that new Elvis movie."my mother snapped viciously. I turned to face her,appalled. No. You couldn't! I've been waiting to see Jailhouse Rock for a month now! Besides,what did I do wrong?!
    "I'm sorry...." Emily glared at me,sitting down at the table and picking at the food I had just made.
    "Good. Go get changed,You'll miss school.I didn't waste good money over you for nothing!'' Mother called after me as I made for my room. I had just been excepted to an Institute,one far from here (considering the fact I reside in Blackpool). And if I got into it,it wasn't because of my mother or her "money". I can work just as hard as she to be excepted.
    My room was
:iconfoxsnout45:Foxsnout45 4 8
Season family
'It is spring! It is spring!'
The little girl jumped around the living room, round and round the table.
Her sister was not as happy as she was.
'But my snowman! I miss him..' She sniffed. Winter was her season. My husband chuckled. 'Sweety, I'll miss my pumpkin! Autumn, pumpkins... great!'  I intervined. 'Noooo, you are all wrong. The sun! Who doesn't love summer?!'
They all stared at me. 'Allright.' I admitted. 'Stupid question.'
It is so wonderful how a family can live with each other. We are all as different as the seasons. All as unpredictable as the snow, the pumpkins, the flowers and the sun. But we love each other. I love him, I love my children. And they love me. Because all seasons are different, but all fit in one year. All together. Just as us. Nothing has to be perfect to last.
:iconjusthavetoloveit:JustHaveToLoveIt 11 4
The last pumpkin lies rotting
And the last snowman melts away
Autumn is a distant memory, fading
Winter we are glad to leave behind
For here it is almost springtime
New life springs in our gardens
Tiny shoots push through the soil
Exploding into bright colours
The days are so much longer now
We are bathed in strong sunlight
Warming us, a welcome sight
As blue skies replace the grey
Soon it will be the summer
Much too hot for my taste
So, despite my hay fever starting
I will enjoy the spring while I can
:iconcreated-by-caz:Created-By-Caz 17 18
Lost Hope's
She sit's alone, isolated under
The stars.
She watch's the shadows of
A horrible future that just
Wont shine.
She wants to touch a star,
But its not hers.
Memories sail across her eyes,
Wanting to be released from
Their imprisonment.
She tries to paint a lovely picture,
But her realease from the
Shadows comes with a horrible
For her paint brush is a razor
And her paper is her wrist.
:iconvenusmari:venusmari 19 67
Just Look Into My Eyes
Great. Just great.
I sighed as I entered the Liverpool College of Art. No one really seemed to notice me; after all I was only one little bird out of a population of thousands. And I certainly wasn't very pretty. It wasn't that I was ugly, it's just that I was mousy and awkward. If I knew how to style my hair a little better, maybe wear something other than sweather and long skirts I'd get more glances. But no one noticed as I entered room 1400, plopped my stuff at the desk with my name on it reading 'Cynthia P.' , and straightnened my sweater.
After all, I only wanted to learn art. I wasn't interested in romantic relationships, much to the chagrin of my father. All he wanted me to do was get married and bear my husband a boy. Not yet, I told him, not until I become an art teacher.
I looked to my left to see who my partner in Lettering was. The neat tag read 'John L.'
Didn't ring any bells. As far as I was concerned, Lettering was going to be a drag.
The door opened with a thwack
:iconheartsapocalypses:HeartsApocalypses 9 5
If I Needed Someone - 1
It was just starting to rain as I walked outside.  I shivered, breathed on my cold hands and set off at a fast pace into the street. Mentally, I cursed this weather. Back in Australia, it'd be over 90 degrees Fahrenheit on an average day, so while my body naturally prepares for the heat, it needs to prepare for the cold of the oncoming winter.
Me and my best friend Talia had decided to take the big leap and move to Liverpool, England, searching for better opportunities, even though we were barely 18. It was my idea to move here, because Talia had envisioned herself soaking up rays on a beach in Malta.
As I thought this over, my boots crunched the snow, my long bronze hair topped with a beanie which I would've worn in the dead of winter. My cheeks and nose were bright red, and I hurried to the warm corner shop; I was sent out to purchase some much-needed bread.
The windows were fogged up, indicating the warmth that lurked within. I smiled into my thick coat-
-and was completel
:iconripplingsharingan:RipplingSharingan 5 10
Things We Said Today: Prolouge
"Please don't go". His words broke the silence that had been forged between us, those words stabbed like knifes at my heart. He held me by the wrist refusing to let go, "Please stay with me". His eyes were looking deep into my own. I couldn't look away, the pain was obvious in his eyes, those eyes of his that always gave away what he was feeling. My own eyes started to burn my tears blurring my vision, "Please…don't make this any harder than it needs to be". My voice cracked making me weaker all the same, even though I had told myself I would be strong and not shed any tears. The sky above our heads with its menacing clouds didn't help much either, the rain would come soon I knew it "We both knew this day would come that, I couldn't stay…that I would have to leave eventually".
"I refuse to let you go!" He brought me into a tight embrace my face against his chest, I could hear his heart hammering at his chest. "I love you…I love you more than I could have e
:iconbelislythindor:Belislythindor 17 108
Standing in a field,
Tranquility on my soul,
War wholly settled.
:iconnyiana-sama:Nyiana-sama 11 11
Untitled 28
Time ticks by as I lay by your side,
Thinking of all the tears that you've seen me cry.
Running a finger down your sleeping face,
I know there are millions who would take my place.
Laying there safe and protected in your arms,
Thankful that I fell for your undeniable charm,
I think of how many times you've dried my tears,
Picked me up, helped me through and calmed my fears.
I feel you stir and I let out a sigh,
The tilt my head to see those gorgeous grey eyes.
They're beautiful, yet have a dangerous hint,
And looking at you now I see a mischevious glint.
Trailing my fingers across your skin,
I return your look with a devilish grin.
Watching those eyes, like a stirring storm,
Watching their depths change and transform.
I raise my head to your passionate kiss,
And I wonder what I've done to deserve such bliss.
I snuggle in closer to the warmth of your side,
And am thankful you weren't scared by all the tears that I cried.
Now my eyes are dry, there are no more tears,
And I no longer have
:iconevilin050991:evilin050991 42 36
The Window
I can hear the wind howling outside of my window, each minute followed by a small pause, where there is complete silence, and all you can hear is the sound of the waves crashing on the cliffs, constantly shooting seawater into the sky. My dog is cowering under my bed, my bird letting off the occasional twitter. I pause and put down my novel, adjusting my glasses and pushing my fringe back, a habit of mine. Turning my head I look outside the window, and see the dark line of black covering the horizon. I pull my knees up to my chin, and wait in anticipation for the storm to fully hit.
I jerk awake and lose my balance, toppling over on my bed. I must have dozed off whilst watching the rain. I was woken by my window flying open, producing a loud whistling noise, and something else, which I can now identify as the constant thrum of the waves against the cliffs, and the rain pouring into my room, wind, and my window now squeaking in its hinges. I jump off the bed quite clumsily, running to
:iconspringbird:SpringBird 1 0
Mature content
Doing Dishes :iconfllnthblnk:fllnthblnk 11 19
Dawn is breaking,
But the Earth still sleeps,
And in the twilight,
Horrors still creep.
Holy ground, they are profaning.
The Sun is on the horizon,
Sky ever lightened,
But in eternal darkness,
My spirits won't be heightened.
The light, I am disdaining.
I sit alone,
In the early morn light,
Beset upon every side,
By beings of the night.
My joy, they are restraining.
Alone, watching the east,
Left to my own wretched cries,
Watching the immaculate Heavens,
The clear, crystal skies.
Yet, where ever I am, it's raining.
:icondarsol:Darsol 4 0
Games of Knight and Dae
Knight found her staring trance-like over the flowing river, the moonlight shimmering on its surface and catching in her eyes.
"Are you ok?" He asked her.
"I don't know. I've never thought about it." She replied casually.
"What are you going to do with that knife?" He asked cautiously. Dae looked down at her hands as if surprised to find a knife there.
"I don't know… Perhaps I will kill myself with it." She looked up at him to gauge his reaction. His face was unreadable. "Or I could kill you, with it." She caught the quick flash of surprise on his face before he shuttered it over with a mask of indifference. She smiled smugly; it was a contest between them, always trying to get to each other, inspire some sort of emotion. He was always trying to smother her with his stupid notions of love. She on the other hand intended to seduce him to the dark side; make him uncomfortable one minute, flustered and impassioned with desire the next, then leave him sexually frustrated and lo
:iconmiss-sunshine-fairy:Miss-sunshine-fairy 1 9
Blinding Light
But I can see.
Bound in darkness,
Light won't set me free.
The purest bliss.
You'll never know,
What you think you missed.
The sweetest flowers.
Stay a while,
And lose the hours.
Right through the dawn.
Numb to everything,
That is going wrong.
Suns' rays, moons' beams.
I don't care anymore,
For what I've seen.
:icondarsol:Darsol 0 0
I'll Stand In The Rain
When it rains
I'll stand and let it wash
All the mud away
So I can be pure and clean
And so maybe the
Light will shine again
So I can finally love you
Like I've always want to do
For such a long time now
I'll stand in the rain
And risk the cold
To see your face
Walking through the streets
Searching for me
On this cold night
I want you to go back
The rain will ruin
Your clothes
Covering them with regret
That seems to flow
From me to you
I'll stand in the rain
To become pure by the
Rain's sweet drops
I want you to go back
The rain will ruin
Your clothes
Splashing new life
And all my regret
Right onto you
I'll stand in the rain
And wait for it to stop
So hopefully
You'll go back home
Where you can be pure
And clean in your own way
So please let me
Wash away everything
That doesn't have a place
When it rains
I'll stand and let it wash
All the mud away
:icondumplingmomo:DumplingMomo 3 4
Where do I even begin this one... Well, by telling you why I'm ever starting this discussion in the first place.

Lately I've been spending lots of time with my cousin which is currently serving in the army, and anytime he'd come home, I'd spend my time with him. He came back for a week, and we spent that whole week together. He shouldn't be in the army, though he fought to get in there. He has epilepsy, light, though epilepsy nonetheless. And so, while just randomly talking, I found myself witnessing an epileptic seizure. And honestly, it was one of the scariest things I have ever seen in my life. You might find many videos of these kinds of seizures, and it wouldn't seem that scary, though when you actually see it and have to do something to make sure they won't get hurt, and worst of all, when it's someone you love, it's quite... Well, traumatizing.

And so, this is my discussion for you today. What would you consider a trauma? Do you, or do you think you have one yourself? And if so, how do you deal with a trauma?

I'll be honestly, the reason for this discussion is for two things,  a selfish reason, I really do want to know how to deal with this kind of things. Any time I close my eyes, I just see that same situation, the sound and how he looked during the seizure, and it makes me want to cry.

The other reason, is to know a bit more about you, our members, and for general knowledge. I really do want to know what things you might have experienced, or even better, if you hid such a thing, for you to let it out. We are online, after all, no one really knows who you are, apart from who you told, and so, everything and anyone, feel free to let us know a bit more about you.

Hope everyone has had and will have a great week,

- Michael.
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Summary: 16 years ago, the people of planet Cronos fought a terrible war against a merciless foe; the cronians survived, but their home was left in ruins. To this day the consecuenses of the war are still tormenting the people of Cronos. And if nothing changes they will all perish.

Meanwhile, 16 year old Aika from planet Earth is desperatly trying to cling to her normal life. Nothing has been the same since the day she woke up with a strange bracelet on her arm. The bracelet gave her the ability to transform into a magical girl. Luckily there are four other girls just like her, and together they have to fight mysterious monsters that have been showing up from nowhere. 

In a twist of fate Aika meets and falls in love with a boy, Kazu from Cronos, who seems to have a special connection with the monsters. Soon she realizes that the monsters aren't the only threat to humanity
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The official website for the comic book series "LUNATIC FRINGE" is now live!  I am the writer, but there is some amazing artwork featured as well.  If your sick of the state of the world today, this book is for you.  Would love to get some feedback from my fellow members.
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