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Members can now submit to 'Poetry 4' and 'Poetry 5' and we'll set up some more folders as we go.

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Ode To Fiona
My baby girl
Cute and dumb
Fat and Furry
Lazy and sweet
Big Black eyes
Little Black nose
Sleeps all day
Barks all night
She is a diva at times
And eats from the trash
She is cute when it suits her
She wants to be held
Barks at me happily when I get home
Grunts at me when I leave her alone
Moody and bossy
My little canine princess
Loves me on good and bad days.
She always makes me laugh
She makes me happy
My baby girl.
:iconmidnightpb:midnightpb 15 20
Mature content
Deadly Tact :iconiphantomsilver:IPhantomSilver 6 0
I need someone
I need someone
Someone whom I can talk to any time I want
About anything I want
Someone I can pour my heart out to
without thinking twice
Someone I can count on to stand by me
And lead me down the path I want to go
Someone who can change my life
And change it for the best
Someone I can chat with over a cup of coffee
Someone I can laugh and cry before
without any inhibitions
Someone who corrects me when I am wrong
Inspires to me aim high
And achieve greater heights in life
Someone who lives and breathes for me
Someone, whose hand I can hold
And bring it to my heart
And say
:iconbuddybmww:buddybmww 9 9
Hidden Language
"Is he ok?"
Is he alive?
"Is he alright?"
Is he breathing?
"Is he sleeping?"
Is he dead...?
:iconvessecora:Vessecora 15 7
Icy Streets
I walk the icy streets alone. Couples with linked arms walk around me. Couples and friends.
I listen to the lonely beep of my apartment card in the security door.
I'm alone in the elevator. Through the elevator glass I watch the city plunge into darkness. I see a single figure faraway, my heart beats for a second. I watch for a moment in hope, that there is another single figure in this city. The distant figure breaks into two.
Two figures walking side by side on the icy paths.
I walk into the empty apartment. The heat greets me in silence. Pounding into my body. I quietly take off my jacket. It's not warm though. This overheated apartment, don't mistake it. It's as icy as the city's streets.  
:icondreamsalone:DreamsAlone 2 0
Emotions Flowed Like A Raging Fire
As I watched The Birth Of Dawn
Softness And Beauty Of Stars Had Past
My Heart Still Heavy And Forlorn
My Spirit Was Ebbing I was About To Go
When Something Caught My Eye
A Solitary Cloud So Pure And White
Appeared From Way Up High
My Eyes Now Ember With Rising Sun
Saw An Amazing Sight
Within Its Fleece A Golden Glow
And A Butterfly Took Flight
Such Beauty I Had Never Seen
It Sat Upon My Hand
And Said To Me In A Voice So Soft
I Was A Spirit Of The Lamb
My Soul Was Open My Heart Poured Forth
It Listened With Silent Embrace
And When I Had Finished It Smiled At Me
With Serenity, Peace And Grace
Moments Of Silence As We Shared The Dawn
Then It Whispered It Was Time To Part
And As It Began To Fly Away
A Sudden Lightness Filled My Heart
I Watched In Joy As My Newfound Friend
Returned From Whence It Came
My Fears And Sorrows All Had Been Taken
By The Butterfly With No Name
Had I Seen The Truth Within The Cloud
I Would Have Witnessed A Wondrous Sight
For The B
:iconthewhitelighter:TheWhiteLighter 68 34
If We Would Only Love
If We Would Only Love As HE Wants Us To
Our Spirits Would Soar Our Souls Renew
Then Mankind Would See A Better Life
Void Of Evil Greed And Strife
The World Would Be A Beautiful Place To Live
If We Would Only Learn To Give
Instead We Take And Desire Of Things
Not Blessed By HIM Who Love Did Bring
HE Came And Said My Brother Man
Accept This Gift From The Golden Lamb
Some Did Listen To The Words HE Said
Others Did Laugh And Turned Their Head
As They Nailed HIM To A Cross Of Wood
Still HE Blessed Them As Only HE Could
The Years Have Passed Since That Holy Day
When HE Walked The Earth Taking Sin Away
If We Would Only Love As HE Wants Us To
Then Our Spirits Would Soar Our Souls Renew
:iconthewhitelighter:TheWhiteLighter 57 43
Once There Was Love; Once There Was Joy
Emotions Now Shattered Like An Old Broken Toy
Confused And Dazed, Wondering Why
Soul In A Turmoil Just Wishing To Die
The Brightest Day Now Shadows Of Night
Infecting The Heart So It Sees No Light
Thoughts Entombed By What's Been Said
A Loved One Lost At Twilights Ebb
Guided By One Whose Words They Believe
Not Seeing The Venom That Flowed To Deceive
The Only Hope Now Is To Pray To The Light
To Guide Them Back To All That Is Right.
:iconthewhitelighter:TheWhiteLighter 69 17
Natures Tears Splash To The Earth
To Flowers And Trees They Offer Birth
Soil Caress The Warmth Of The Sun
Life's Mysteries Which Gaia Has Won
Creation Stirs Behind The Veil Of Time
Bringing Forth A New Era That Of Mankind
Though But An Ember In Natures Fires
None Has Such Strange Whims And Desires
The Candle Flickers, The Flame Dies
The Innocent Child Softly Sighs
Knowing No Shadows In Life's Light
Free From The Darkness Of Human Plight
Delicate In Thought Like Threads Of Silk
Weaved And Adorned With Gaia's Milk
Purity Of Spirit Is What Was Meant To Be
And Such A Child Shall Live For Eternity
:iconthewhitelighter:TheWhiteLighter 45 29
If There's Someone You Love, Someone You've Wronged
And You Don't Know What To Say -
Don't Shrug Your Shoulders, Giving Up Hope
Leaving It For Another Day
For Life's Wake Is Short, Don't You Know
There May Be No Words To Hear -
As You Place The Flowers, Shed Your Tears
Upon The Earth Holding Someone So Dear
Your Mind In A Daze, Emotions On Fire
Wishing You Could Turn Back Time -
As You Gaze Upon A Loved Ones Grave
Memories Of When Everything Was Fine
If There's Someone You Love, Someone You've Wronged
Don't Leave It For Another Day -
With Love In Your Heart, Hug Them Close
It's All The Words You'll Need To Say
:iconthewhitelighter:TheWhiteLighter 88 40
The Wasteland
The Wasteland is not just a place. The Wasteland is a state of mind.
There is nothing in it, not a tree in sight, not a beast in the scrub, not a cloud in the sky. A void, like the great Void before the birth of the universe, empty, but full of infinite possibility. Infinite freedom, a myriad of roads, all going in every direction, all converging, all leading nowhere.
Once you enter the Wasteland, one thing you can do is to move forward. There is no place to stop, no place to rest, to catch your breath. No food, no water, no shade, no help. No choice but to move, one step, then another, left foot forward, then right, then wrong, no matter in which direction as long as you keep moving. The Wasteland moves with you, through you, dancing to the rhythm of your steps, to the tune of vulture cries, a dance macabre, a quantum superimposition of life and death.
The other thing you can do is to hope. That you have enough supplies with you. That the long-overdue rain will start any moment. That
:icondalentalas:dalentalas 2 0
Dutch Courage
So here we are; the bitch and the coward
Things still scratch your itch but for me they've soured
I've hinted at the truth, still you don't see
You're still aloof and it vexes me
I'm not playing hard to get, I don't want anything more
You wanted a pet, I wanted a whore
Weeks after our encounter you're still in my ear
So let me down these dregs and make it clear
And I'm aware I didn't mention this all from the start
But a drunken mind speaks with a sober heart
:iconthe-feral-gentleman:The-Feral-Gentleman 8 0
I close my eyes and all I see is you
The nightmare that never ends
The lifeless look on your face
Robbed my happiness
The cold skin
Gave me chills
The body without a soul
Tortured my own
The heart that no longer beats
Stopped my own
My only memory of you
Is the nightmare that will haunt me till I die
:iconnmfinney:nmfinney 3 1
"Hey! What're you scribbling on your notebook?"
"It's always nothing. Com'n, tell me." With that she snatched the notebook from him and caught him offguard. She was only able to read the first few words that he snatched it back from her.
"Love doesn't exist?" She asked in a confused tone
"It's nothing alright!"
"It is something. What are you not telling me?"
"I said it's NOTHING" a rage in his voice. She was taken aback by his anger that she couldn't reply in fear.
After a few minutes of silence, he finally spoke.
"I'm sorry. I shouldn't of reacted the way I did."
"It's okay. It's not your fault."
"The thing is I don't want people to know how I feel about things."
"You can tell me. You know you can trust me. Please tell me. I want to help you. How can you say love doesn't exist. What about your mom? A mom always loves her child."
"My mom left me and my dad when I was five for another man." His reply was cold.
"I'm sorry. I....I didn't know. But your dad loves you right?"
:iconslipcast-chrysalism:slipcast-chrysalism 66 88
One Less
Would you love me anymore
If I were beautiful
More graceful
More like her
Or her
Or her
Or her
If I were someone other than me
Would you care about me
Love me like you love her
Take away ten
Or twenty
Or thirty pounds
It wont matter
I will always be just me
My own idea of perfection
God's vision
If I was someone else
There would be no me
There would be one less
One less athlete
Brown haired
Creative girl
One less
:iconnc1394:nc1394 33 24
Every touch
Every hug
Every kiss
You're my prince in shining armor
My prince charming
Always ready to fight for me
Making my world so much brighter
Loving me the way no one else could
Then my alarm rings
I wake up
Only to realize it was just a dream
All of it
Every second
Of every minute
Of every hour
Of every day together
Just a dream
My prince charming
A fake
I wake up
And you are the same
:iconnc1394:nc1394 9 10
Our favorites are carefully selected from the weekly prompt winners. Each week there will be a new piece of art work added. The best of the best will be added.

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This group is all about getting your feelings out through poetry and prose. We are looking for your best deviations. As well as giving critiques to always better yourself as a writer so you can convey your emotions even better.
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This group was created to give poetry writers a chance to get seen. Everyone is invited to join. We want our numbers to increase so that everyone can get the opportunities to view each others work and grow from them. You never know what you will be inspired by. When you submit your work make sure it is your personal best! If you have any questions about our group, we will be happy to answer them.

Rules for Submitting:
:bulletblack: You submit either poetry or prose or Haiku
:bulletwhite: Only submit your best work
:bulletblack: Make sure that you put your work in the correct folder


Things to note:

Weekly Prompt- Make the weekly prompt your best work, for the winner(s) gets the prize of being in our group fav's. All of the contest entries will go into the regular group folders.

Best work is defined as:
:bulletgreen: Gives the reader a feeling of the emotion that the writer is feeling
:bulletgreen: Uses stanzas and punctuation as an effective way to get across feeling
:bulletgreen: The poem or prose flows
:bulletgreen: And other basic necessities for a good poem

Best of luck to everyone!

Check out the blog for more info on what's new, and how to enter these contests, and to get more involved. We wish the best of luck to everyone!










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