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Some artists are beyond Crazy. Some of the kids on here (Under 18, you're a kid) are mentally challenged (and I don't mean like Autistic kids and such, I'll explain further along) when it comes to their apparent sexuality.
Look, I have many Gay friends. None of which are Artists (thank the gods) but even THEY think the kids on this site have lost their (BLEEPIN') minds! Just because you're 13 and can post nearly anonymously on DA that you're a Pansexual, or you're a Lesbian, or a gay boy, you are still just that: A girl or a boy!! Not a Woman or a Man, but still a flippin' kid! You have no idea where or what you'll be doing by the time you turn 18. Yet you feel the need to shout to the (artistic) world here, that you are liberated and free, and want to be accepted by the LGBTQ club?

Kiddies, a word from a wizened old man; GROW THE FUCK UP FIRST! Turn 18, have a REAL Relationship that involves having a Same Sex relationship. Especially you Gay boys out there. The first time you strut your stuff into a gay club, and leave with a swinger who's a few years older than you, will be your REAL wake up call...

Good luck surviving that...

And to you Lesbie girls... The first time you run afoul of a Bull Dyke, and she twists you this way and that, you'll seriously rethink your early teen years, and wonder what the F*** were you thinking??

Just an FYI from a guy with a half century under his belt, and friends from all walks of life...
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If you have those kind of standards, i would count as too young, dumb, and a beached whale s o
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It happens. But the age thing is the most important. I don't go under 30 because the market isn't there for a guy my age. Too many others in that bracket to compete against.

Intelligence is relative. I'm no Walter O'Brien, but I'm no where near Forrest Gump. I clock around 145, based on Mensa, so I look for similar compatibility in someone I would want to be with. The ability to have an intelligent conversation is king.
Physical attractiveness is only important if the first two parameters can't be met. WHat are you bringing to the table if you aren't smart enough to graduate HS, and are too young (or old!)?
Looks suddenly become all you have to offer.

So, now you understand. I'm willing to settle for 2 of these three. Looks & brains, but too young, OR, right age and pretty, but no brains, OR right age and brains, but not attractive or very heavy.
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I'm too young, LOL. But good luck!!! :D
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Yeah, I see that a lot here. No worries... :)
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I don't even know what to say to this. I've met a lot of talented people who are just dumb as a mud fence. Unfortunately driven, ambition, and skill doesn't always equal intelligence, just good work ethic. I've known a few of those types. (Dated one.) Then again they still have more going for them than pretty and dumb. I don't think this will be the best site for you to look for a date or girlfriend. I've seen people banned for this before. You may want to be careful. Most the people on here are like 13-29. There are some older folks on here but usually, men that I know of. I wish you luck though.
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I have a number of RL friends who studied the arts. One makes his living now as a freelance vehicle restorer, the other took over his families business after his meeting with Howard Stern tanked his dreams of working in broadcast radio.
I draw the line at 30, and DA is cool with it, since it's a journal post.
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Ah okay, well good luck!
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I do too. No, Bat, it's not a joke.
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Wow nice. I hope you find someone. Lol I'm only 15
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