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My life, Just add wealth
'My Life, Just add wealth' by Michael Keegan
{Notes: The persons depicted in this drive-time fantasy tale are real people in my life, related to me or just plain fictional. It's your job as the reader to figure out who's who.
As a trucker, I have many hours a day of steering wheel holding boredom, where I often fantasize what it would be like to suddenly become wealthy.
This is one of those stories.}
Act-1 "It all started with a phone call from NYC..."
My life, my REAL life, has been, for lack of a better term, rudimentarily boring. I've had moments where it all seemed worthwhile, but for the most part, those moments were far and few between. Becoming published, getting my CDL, even saying "I do" once didn't seem to fill the bill to alleviate the mind-numbing boredom I feel on a daily basis.
Which probably explains why I've written so many books. As I've said in other works, be careful what you wish for...
The drive that day was typical for me: Go to a shipper outside of Ca
:iconwritingscifi65:writingscifi65 41 1
Birthday Lunch by writingscifi65 Birthday Lunch :iconwritingscifi65:writingscifi65 37 10
Web Comic Collab with Wildgirl91 Act-3
Act-3: "Bubble flying...Not for the feint of heart..."
12,000 meters up, freezing to death and really wishing she'd thought
this one through...
Shivering and looking down, she sees that castle passing far below her, when suddenly, not one, not two, but three arrows slam into her bubble all around her form. Gasping then bracing for the inevitable 'ka-boom!', she opens her eyes when she feels herself sinking. That's when she noticed that the arrows were hollow!
'That's right! Only a Null Pin will pop these things!' She thinks happily, as a fourth arrow slams into the bubble just a scant meter from her left puffed out cheek. She can feel something unfold inside the pink sphere and sees the thin rope attached to this arrow's shaft, and then the tension of the rope being wound down, she sinking toward a parapet on the castle's west wall. As she sinks, the air warms and she stops shivering. She also notes that despite the arrow pulling her down, she's sinking too quickly, so, again not think
:iconwritingscifi65:writingscifi65 12 0
Web Comic Collab with Wildgirl91
Act-2 "Watch where you step..."
Unknown Dimensional Earth
a minute later...
Blackie got his wits about him first, picking himself up off the soft, grassy floor of the knoll they appeared to have landed in. He also noticed he was standing, and not hovering. Silvia pulled her face free of the lush grasses a moment later, spitting out a mouthful.
"Have I ever mentioned how much I hate that first step?" She sighed, picking up her pack and then sitting on it. He did likewise, since even he knew, bubbles and grasses were like balloons and grasses: Not perfect together.
Silvia looked around at their surroundings, while taking a drink of water from one of the dozen odd bottles sticking out of her bag.
(The protein bar would have to wait, as they were under the water bottles.)
The grassy knoll they sat in seemed to go on in every direction for the better part of a mile, where it ended in a rutty wood to what, she guessed based on the slight breeze at her back, to be East, and more of that same
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Web Comic Collab with Wildgirl91
'The problem with Portals'
A Silvia & Blackie misadventure...
Written by Michael Keegan, Illustrated by Silvia Di Gregorio
Act-1: 'Dreams, and where they lead...'
Silvia's Apartment
Suite 188, Palermo, Italy
Sitting up from her bed with a shriek, she all but screamed "No King Umpa, I don't want to marry you!"
Blackie floated into her bedroom (as he usually has run of the small unit when he visits) when she awoke nearly screaming. She looked a fright, but very few people look spectacular when they first awake. Her hair was the worst he'd seen it in weeks, and he assumed she just needed a spa day.
But, those days had been further and further from her reality, considering she'd barely made rent the last few months. If the art climate in Southern Europe didn't change soon, she'd be on the street, doodling sketches for the tourists.
And sleeping on the beach.
"So, King Umpa asked you to marry him?" He asked, his voice choppy and still high pitched, considering his diminuitive s
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Scouts like Us Act-5A 'Where were you...'
Act-5A "Where were you, when the universe ended?"
Out-system of Ironsides
Once the dance with death maneuvering is completed, the COM lights up with an incoming call from the lead carrier, 'Emperor Tiberius'! Rhonda puts it on the main screen, then splits the screen, one side revealing current Admiral of the Fleet Rolf Von Tourbach and Captain Braxton!
"Wonderful! More furs. This plan of yours had best work, Braxton, or Humanity is doomed." Tourbach says with scorn, eying most of Dixie's crew. Braxton just chuckles.
"Well, if it doesn't, it won't matter will it?" He responds, nodding to Dixie.
And on the bridge of her 'Annihilator' class super battleship...
"What a motley assortment of vessels these 'humans' have assembled to defend this world, isn't it XO?" Sub Admiral Elaina Du-Chance says from her command chair.
"It would appear so, Admiral. Orders Ma'am?"
"81st Royals! Move out! Swat these insects aside like the stray Ashnals they are!" She orders, rising to her feet, the cape on h
:iconwritingscifi65:writingscifi65 3 0
Scouts like Us Act-5 Ironsides, for good or ill
Act-5: "Ironsides, for good or ill..."
Naval Hangar Charlie, Red Sector Alpha
Vicky polished the consoles on the bridge of their new ship as Felix, Dixie, Silvia and Terry (!) got situated.
Their 20 man crew consisted almost entirely of Gideons, with two notable exceptions: Their ship had its forward cargo deck removed and refitted to carry the new 'Cutlass III' aerospace superiority fighter, a dozen of them, commanded by Cmdr Robert 'Bad Ass' Austin, Alex's former wingman!
The other addition to the crew was a Galhadian female named Alycia. Like Alex's mate, she too was skilled in the Arcane, and would serve as resident Mage aboard.
Standing at a waifish 4'10", and barely 40 kilos, her platinum blonde hair spilled down over her shoulders in bouncy curls, but her iceberg-blue eyes seemed to almost glow with an icy brilliance. Her physique, what you could see of it through her light blue mage robes, was slender and athletic, but, like all Gal-females, she was indeed dr
:iconwritingscifi65:writingscifi65 5 0
Scouts like Us Act-4 Skipping the light, Fantastic
Act-4: 'Skipping the light, fantastic!'
Vermillion System
The fold out to the Vermillion system comes off without a glitch, or the intervention of Mr. Murphy. Within minutes of arrival, each of the 'Graf Spee' class ships dispatch an engineering team, along with the team aboard the Mammoth, and the Fold engine components are shuttled down into their various positions all along the collapsed star's warm surface. Surface temperature readings put the temp at a relatively warm 55 degrees Celsius, so work is committed to and the chief engineer assigned by Lorelei directs this team and that with regards to what goes here and there. Terry, Silvia and Dixie, along with 3 souls from each of the other 3 cruisers make up the security teams, with Dixie and Silvia pulling ground assault detail, while Terry and her three counterparts man the small fighters each ship carries.
"Security details, stay frosty. The last survey ship we had out in these parts thought it saw a few Garshans lurk
:iconwritingscifi65:writingscifi65 4 1
Graf Spee redo by writingscifi65 Graf Spee redo :iconwritingscifi65:writingscifi65 7 1
Scouts like Us! Act-3 False Starts and Half Truths
Act-3 "False starts and Half-Truths..."
Trinity Council Observatory
"Well, that went about as I expected." Alex Carlson said, looking to his sister, Lorelei.
"What? You expected them to fail. I expected them to at least make it to that listening post." Amy added, turning to face him accusingly. He simply smirked.
"As much as I want to side with Amythyst in this discussion, Alex is right. One moment of glory does not Heroes make. Despite Valerie's little sister's best intentions, these three just aren't ready. They all have the gene you say?" Lorelei asked, as both Alex and Amy nod.
"We should have let them charge into Omar's, get killed, then re-trained them when they awoke. The ONLY reason we selected the three of them was BECAUSE they have the gene!" Amy said with a laugh.
"Agreed. I wouldn't send Bob and his best squadron to Ironsides to scout that place, and his 'Skulls' are the best in any fleet." Alex added, sighing at the end, a sense of longing entering his eyes.
:iconwritingscifi65:writingscifi65 4 1
Scouts like Us! Act-2 Getting Underway Pt-1
36 hours later...
With help of the half dozen Gal-Techs, the thruster array is back together and running smoothly all the way to 99% thrust. At 100%, the ship begins to cavitate, though Vicky is positive it's because that particular array isn't a perfect fit for this ship, being more suited to a class of Galhadian Escort Frigates, long out of service. When Dixie asks why they can't have one of those built, Lorelei reminds them of their mission: Observe and Report on Garshan positions, not sacrifice yourselves in a pointless and futile exchange (and there it is, the Galhadian approach to avoiding armed conflict).
Felix is up and about by the end of the first day of clean up and repairs, grumbling about Vicky and her apparent disdain for alpha predators (foxes eat squirrels in the wild). She just shrugs and goes back to work.
Dixie manages to pin herself to the upper wall and ceiling of the lounge area atop that bubble she had started, much to the amusement of both Silvia and Felix, who,
:iconwritingscifi65:writingscifi65 4 1
Scouts like Us! Act-1 Conclusion
"Ugh... Now we have to wait three hours. I need to blow a bubble." Dixie sighs, prepping her gum, and starting to breathe out slowly.
"I swear Dixie, one day you're just gonna over do it and we'll either be peeling you off of a bulkhead or you'll just float away!" Vicki says with a laugh.
"And when that day will come, I'll laugh my butt off!" Silvia says with a giggle. Dixie simply sighs into her ever expanding sphere, turning her head away from the curvy lioness.
As both girls retire to the lounge to wait and relax, Vicki goes back to helping the Station's tech team with the drive overhaul, while the automedic finishes fixing Felix.
Dixie's bubble continues to grow, now passing 50 inches across as she sits and puts her hands, palms up, to keep it off of her legs. A chocolate craving hits Silvia a moment later. But just as she rises to fetch some from her cabin, the door buzzer chimes. Pulling up the video feed from the doorway shows 4 troopers in CSS uniforms along with Lt. Case.
:iconwritingscifi65:writingscifi65 4 3
Scout from 'Scouts like Us' by writingscifi65 Scout from 'Scouts like Us' :iconwritingscifi65:writingscifi65 5 0
Scouts like Us! Act-1 Con't
"You're really wrong about this, you meat sack!!"
The first shot misses wide, striking the side of the building on your right and whizzing away.
The second shot is high and inside, nicking his left ear and continuing on .
But the third shot is the money shot. The bullet strikes the goon squarely between the eyes, blowing the top of his head off and spraying both his partner and the Fox with blood and gray matter...
Several vehicles slow as they pass, occupants inside whipping out personal devices to record the action.
"Back up before you end up like your friend asshole!" Dixie yells, drawing her stunner. Hesitantly, he pushes the fox towards you, turns and makes a run for it. As the fox stumbles into the two of you, knocking off Silvia's aim, her next three shots striking the wall of the market to your left, and he landing in Dixie's arms.
Before anyone else can get a bead on the guy, he disappears around a corner and is gone.
"" The Fox stammers, trying and failing to
:iconwritingscifi65:writingscifi65 6 0
Scouts like Us! Act-1 + Prelude
Dixie, Former Imperial Scout/Recon specialist, Now a Scout with Center's Special Projects Detachment, 8 yrs old, Orange and Black striped fur, green eyes, 6'3" 225#
ST-22 (10)
DX-15 (45)
IQ-15 (60)
HT-13 (10)
Adv:                                      Disadv:                                   Quirks:
Combat Reflexes(15)       Impulsiveness (-10)      Bubbles almost all the time-1
Attractive(+1/+1)(10)   Sense of Duty(CF)(-5)  Only lets Vicki scratch her-1
Charisma +2 (10)            Enemy(OCA General)    Tries to keep gum off the
Gideon Tigress (65)         6 or less: (-15)               controls, fails miserably-1
3D-Spatial Sense (10)      Phobia(Trapped)(-10)
:iconwritingscifi65:writingscifi65 6 0
A quest for revenge (RP) Act-3 Making a plan
Act-3 Making a plan...
"I don't want you to get hurt, maybe it's better you didn't know that, since they're only after me."
"If I was concerned with MY safety, I wouldn't be with you. You DO know who and what my father is and does right?"
"I am well aware. I'm also nervous about what he may think of me. But, if you really want to get involved, we can talk about it. But nobody can know I have told you. I love you, and if anything happened to you, I wouldn't be able to forgive myself."
She lets out a long, high pitched squeal when you tell her you love her, leaping into your arms and hugging and kissing you. If not for the arrival of room service, another mega bubble would already be starting.
As you look at her idea of brunch, then look at her nearly super-model curves, you wonder just where she puts it: Eggs Benedict, a double order of bacon, a short stack for you and French toast for her, a double serving of what looks like grits, two glasses of orange juice and a tall urn
:iconwritingscifi65:writingscifi65 4 1


Poison Ivy from DC comics by Atai Poison Ivy from DC comics :iconatai:Atai 673 43 Amythyst Blowing Bubble Gum by PokeGirlRULES Amythyst Blowing Bubble Gum :iconpokegirlrules:PokeGirlRULES 13 6
UNDER ATTACK / english version
A Science Fiction Story
© 2017
In the COC of the space cruiser 'Cogolin' the typical tension prevailed before a battle. Extremely focused, the commander looked at the tactical indicators of the main screen. A huge number of alien ships were displayed there.
You're right there, Ann thought grimly. This was clearly not a friendly neighborly visit. "You do not expect us to be destroyed without a fight, do you?"
The long waiting time had been an up and down of emotions. Three long years had been spent in uncertainty, after the message had arrived, this hateful oath to eradicate mankind from the face of the universe, without mercy and without any reason. Sender: unknown.
Ann had returned from a six-months expedition with her ship a few weeks later, and had found a completely changed Earth. After a period of consternation, disbelief, and fear, determination had already gained ground, and mankind had been preparing for the most important battle of its history.
Within the next
:iconpapagolf54:PapaGolf54 9 18
Ultimate Monopoly by jonizaak Ultimate Monopoly :iconjonizaak:jonizaak 435 157
Trials Of Geia: Salvation Chapter 7
Geuos risked a glance up at the new foe that slowly emerged from the fog. The glow of its eyes began to dim as it breached the thick Miasma. It was clear from the size difference alone that this demon was an important figure; potentially the Demon Lord of this invasion. Its upper torso was like that of a man, with a layer of reptilian scales, and bat like wings poised behind its shoulders. Its head was vaguely human, with large ram horns curved above its brow. It strode onto the battlefield on reptilian legs, towering above the lesser demons that scurried around it.
Geuos looked away for but a second, when he saw a Gladius rushing towards him in his peripheral vison. With snake-like reflexes, he brought up his Parma and blocked the undead warriors strike, and countered. The Sol Blade cleaved through the man’s arm like a hot knife through ice. The blade passed through the unarmored flesh, vaporizing the blood and tissue on contact. With the sickening snap of breaking bone and burn
:iconthenovellance13:TheNovelLance13 1 3
Furball (Request for writingscifi65) by PEEP1897 Furball (Request for writingscifi65) :iconpeep1897:PEEP1897 9 5 12923199 266316987035872 749469418719672827 N by billoon45 12923199 266316987035872 749469418719672827 N :iconbilloon45:billoon45 18 3 Alex Carlson  by Hassan-Draws Alex Carlson :iconhassan-draws:Hassan-Draws 38 3 CM: Alynorae Belvarith by Arcan-Anzas CM: Alynorae Belvarith :iconarcan-anzas:Arcan-Anzas 449 74 Belbal  24 inch imprint by billoon45 Belbal 24 inch imprint :iconbilloon45:billoon45 8 6 Deadpool by Tipsutora Deadpool :icontipsutora:Tipsutora 38 5 Comission for writingscifi65 by Tipsutora Comission for writingscifi65 :icontipsutora:Tipsutora 21 9 Chewie Smashes Guitar Stamp by CassieCros13 Chewie Smashes Guitar Stamp :iconcassiecros13:CassieCros13 72 17 Commission for writingscifi65 by minathetsundere Commission for writingscifi65 :iconminathetsundere:minathetsundere 6 5 Rule 63 Han Solo (Hana Solo) by iron-dullahan Rule 63 Han Solo (Hana Solo) :iconiron-dullahan:iron-dullahan 284 20 Emofuri Amythyist by Matthew250 Emofuri Amythyist :iconmatthew250:Matthew250 15 2



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writingscifi65's Profile Picture
Michael K
Artist | Professional | Literature
United States
So, write something about myself? I'm a writer, you'd think this would be easier.
I freelance write in my spare time, offer my advice to up&coming writers, write in various universes (BattleTech, Car Wars, White Wolf, and a host of others) as well as in one of my own creation.

Favorite movie quote: "You need to decide right now, are you the one hangin' on the cross, or the one bangin' in the nails."

MY OC GOT HER START in :thumb82244456: as a WoW: Blood Elf by stamp-me WoW: Mage by stamp-me and a proud member of the WoW: Horde Stamp by RealmKnight and she's ALWAYS ridden a WoW Stamp - Frostwolf by DivineTofu

Hi, I'm Mike and I'm a writer (Or so my friends say).

Started out with a screenplay about rescuing the hostages in Iran. I was 15. Got published the first time, in 2005. Then again in '07, again in '09 and lastly in '10.
Went to the Kindle format in '14. Most of my works are on Audio book (

Been the following: Geek, Gear-head, Gamer, and that's about it. Been to all 48 states and lived for a time, in 5 of them (NJ, PA, TX, FL, and MT) Philadelphia is home now, or the TA truckstop in Paulsboro, NJ, but only on the weekends.

A gamer since 1979, I started out with D&D, and then pretty much everything that followed it. My main RP system of choice is Steve Jackson's GURPS system.
The Infinity Chronicles got it's start as a 20yr running GURPS Space campaign. Alex and Talia both got their starts in that universe, though Alex was the main focus. Some of my OCs are bi by AriaGrill {Most notably Amy & Talia}

My OC of choice is Amythyst, simply because I loved playing her in WoW, and she integrated nicely into the I.C.

Single Trucker's saying: "Wife before the truck, together you will be, but woman after the truck, and a gypsy life you will lead."

Beware the hidden message---
blue eyes stamp by SheilaMBrinson Heart Stamp Template by StampsByNeekko Still with her -Pro Hillary Clinton Stamp- by Lirase Winter Stamp by Kezzi-Rose music! stamp by crownstamps !
(I love Cunt-Tree Music)

Any questions, send me a note.
Not normally am I swayed by an animated musical, but this one is really good! Especially good, is the Porcupine rocker, Ash.

Like her or hate her (I like her, but I hate her political stance), but Scarlett can SING!

{And yeah, that's Scarlett Johansson... You know, Black Widow}


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