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Jack and Jessica- The Box
Yes first chapter for Jessica I can’t find italics for the flashback. Don’t be afraid to comment!
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Jack and Rebecca
I don't own This Is us, Jack and Rebecca. I was inspired by all of the acting from Mandy in Jack's passing episode and It gave me an idea to do this book. This is a Jack Pearson story
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strength chapter 6
Chapter 6

At church the kids has to sing. Each one sang different hymns when it got to Jessica she was scared but the boys were there as she receive her own microphone and stand. Before she sang the teacher said Jessica note.

"Daddy one day said to me when I was listening to music it was on the radio the hymn I am singing is one of Mommy's favorite song. I hope that she watching over cheering me on. This is for you, Mommy and Daddy!"

The guitar starts to play and out came a beautiful voice in perfect notes for a 2 year old.

"Amazing grace how sweet the sound,That saved a wretch like me.
I once was lost but now am found,
Was blind, but now I see.

T'was Grace that taught my heart to fear.
And Grace, my fears relieved.
How precious did that Grace appear
The hour I first believed

When we've been here ten thousand years
Bright shining as the sun.
We've no less days to sin
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Strength chapter 5
Chapter 5
Kendall was on the tour bus sleeping having a nap when he awoke to his daughter trying to make words.
“Ba Ba Boo.”
James said. “What are you looking at?” In the window Jessica sees a bunny rabbit sitting.
Carlos said correcting her.
Dustin said.
“If she like Babby just call it Babby.”
Jessica said.
“No DUSTY! Bunny!”
Logan said.
Jessica said.
James said.
she point at her tired father who exhausted and fell back to sleep.
“Oh Daddy!”
Jessica walked up to Kendall and smiled.
Kendall opened his eyes.
“Jess what did you say?”
He scooped her up.
“Best moment ever!”
she point at the window but it wasn’t there.
she started to cry but th
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Strength chapt 4
Chapter 4
At the cemetery Kendall brought his daughter over to Angel's grave.
"Jess, this is your mother."
Jessica patted her mother's headstone cause there was a photo of her on it. So they just chilled had lunch shared "family" time. When it was time to go home Kendall kissed the headstone then said to his little angel as he picked her up.
"We'll see Mommy soon I promise."
He got Jessica settled in the car seat as she sees a rose and gave it to Kendall he took her out of the car and Jessica didn't want to let go of the rose but she finally did and Kendall said.
"Mommy will always love you!"
Back home they napped ate and had fun singing songs well Kendall did all the singing on his guitar. At the time went on it was time to go back on tour before the Christmas season and one day during rehearsals Logan decided to bond with his niece by teaching her how to walk.
"Alright left right left."
She walked onto the stage with Logan guiding her and James said.
"Kendall look Jessica she's walki
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Strength chapt 3
chapter 3
At home for Thanksgiving in Kansas it was Jessica’s first and the Schmidt family wanted to make it special for her but also it was the first without Angel, Jessica’s mom that’s why Kendall cringe everytime the boys say sweet dreams, Angel.
Jessica came out in her beautiful dress as Kendall tries to walk her but her legs were shaking a bit and Jessica got scared. Kendall scooped her up and gave her tons of kisses as they watched the parade on tv.
So they said grace and ate and Jessica had taste her first turkey and everything she didn’t like stuffing or cranberry and cauliflower. Kathy, Kendall’s mom turned it into baby food once everyone was full, Kendall sees Jessica yawning.
“Somebody’s sleepy.”
He wiped her face and carried her upstairs to his old bedroom and put her in the crib. As Jessica laid in her crib, she sees a photo a beautiful stunning lady Kendall sees what his daughter’s eyes laid upon on and showed Jess the
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Chapt 2 strength
Chapter 2
Jessica sleepily cries as Kendall woke up.
"What wrong, sweetheart?"
He took off her pjs and changed her diaper letting her feeling comfortable in her own skin since it is hot on the tour bus.
"Better now?" The 17 year old asked.
Jessica laughed because James sleepily made faces behind her Daddy.
"James funny huh? Well anything to keep you smiling but now you need to get your beauty rest."
Slowly he rocked her side to side and said.
"Jay I don't know what to sing!"
James went to get Carlos and Logan as James started to sing Worldwide and toward the end Jess was knocked out.
Carlos said.
"Sweet Dreams, Angel!"
The next morning Kendall started to panic.
There she was in her pink dress in Dustin's lap as Dustin said to Jessica.
"Look who up for Daddy's big performance?"
Kendall smiled.
"Ugh what a nightmare though."
Logan said.
"Dude what happen?"
Kendall took a breath.
"Sarah she killed her while being drunk and I didn't save Jessica. She died in my arms!"
Dustin and
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Chapter 1
"Kendall Francis Schmidt! Where are you taking my DAUGHTER?" Sarah said.
Kendall went in her gently wakes her.
"Jess...Baby wake up."
he picked up his newborn infant and he said.
"We are going on an adventure!"
Jessica sleepily smiled then she was out like a light resting her head on his shoulder as her arms dangled he gently cover her with a blanket and going out the door but Sarah stopped him.
"Where are you going with my baby?"
Kendall said.
"First of all! You are not her mom and she died when Jess was born second your drunk and can't take care of her! You care about money and fame not about me and Jess!"
He got on the tour bus and sees Jessica crying.
"Shhh it ok Daddy here!"
Carlos said.
"Poor Baby."
James took out Jess's CD player it had Jessica's Mom voice when she sings lullabies and Jess calmed a bit. Logan said.
"Ready to have fun Jess our first tour?"
Jessica smiled as sleep took over.
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Chapter 18 Reunion With My Father
Chapter 18 Reunion With My Father
During the stay at the hospital Miracle began to lose her beautiful long dirty blonde hair she inherited from her Dad and it was hard because of the chemo. She wheeled around the hospital with the help from the nurse and sees a little girl at age 3 she has been babysitting for a long time since Niya was born and Miracle is Niya’s favorite babysitter.
Niya looked up and smiled.
Marie, Niya’s mom knows Miracle’s situation through Kendall.
So they hangout everyday and one night the hospital had a talent show for the patients to perform. Sadly it was on Matthew’s birthday he would have been 17 now it was tough for Miracle until it came to Niya’s performance she said to Miracle as the music See You Again by Carrie Underwood came on.
“This is the song you sang when you were my age and I want you to sing it with me.”
Miracle got on stage as Kate
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Chapter 17 Reunion with my father
Chapter 17 Reunion with my father
Miracle was not feeling good it was the third time she threw up. For the past couple weeks she has been tired sleeping all day. Kendall carried her into the car and she said.
“I’m scared, Daddy.”
Kendall said.
“Me too.”
At the doctors Miracle research her symptom in the waiting room and gulped at the results almost dropping her cell phone.
“Daddy look at this.”
Kendall read it she is suffering from Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, the most common form of childhood cancer.
“I don’t think it’s that, Baby I promise you.”
The doctor took blood and they waited for the results. As they waited Miracle felt tired and fell asleep in her Dad’s arms. The doctor came back shaken by the results because he has been taking care of her since the orphanage days and she has been doing well.
“Mr. Schmidt I am afraid to say your daughter is diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leuk
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Chapter 3 Christina's Special angel
Chapter 3 Christina's Special Angel
Kendall has been so dedicated to raising Samantha he gets up when she cries changed diapers give her a bath.
“Whew you are wearing me out Sammy.”
Samantha smiled.
When Christina came home she was exhausted she had an exam from 9 am to 4 am she walked in and took a quick shower then got into her pjs and fell asleep. Kendall crawled in and held her close kissing her neck.
she sleepily moan.
Kendall smiled.
“How was the exam?”
Christina said.
“Intense but I knew the answers.”
she replied snuggling up to him.
“How’s Sammy?”
Kendall replied.
“ her Mama.”
Christina fell asleep with a smile.
The next morning Chrissy woke up and without waking him she walked in Samantha was standing up in her crib.
“Mama misses you.”
she picked her up and rocked her side to side as Samantha doze off in her mother’s arms she loves Kendall but she’s att
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Chapter 2 Christina's Special Angel
Chapter 2 Christina's Special Angel
The next morning Christina woke up she was happy she has broke her silence on confessing her love to him she was that scared. She noticed Kendall massaging her feet.
“You don’t have to do that.”
Kendall came over.
“Good morning.”
he pecked her lips and stroke her hair.
“I don’t want you to get stressed when you go into labor.”
Christina nodded.
“So tired but the bed is not comfy.”
he walked her to the big chair and elevate her leg up she held Kendall’s hand.
“It’s ok try to sleep.”
Christina was scared but he started to massage her shoulders and slowly started to fall asleep but she is cold.
“Kenny it’s freezing.”
Kendall got her a huge blanket and held her close to give her body heat and she was out resting her head on his chest feeling relaxed.
Later that day the doctor said she needed to walk around as she not fully dilated so she walked with Kend
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Christina's Special Angel Chapt 1
Christina's Special Angel
Chapter 1
"Christina...sweetie it time to go to the hospital."
Her older sister, Terri said.
Christina mumbled.
Terri sat her sister up who was out like a light. It has been a hard year for her. Chris, the baby's dad passed away so suddenly when she was 5 months pregnant. She need her best friend, Kendall Schmidt. He knows what going on but doesn’t know the story that lead to the pregnancy in the first place she admit that it was really stupid at the time.
Terri's friend, Monica was able to carry Chrissy without waking her into the car and she slept straight when they got there, Christina felt rested but was scared.
“I wish Kendall is here.”
and he made it back to Kansas in time to be at the hospital Terri brought him up to Chrissy’s room.
“Sis, what did you say when we got here?”
Christina sighed.
“Kendall I wished he’s here.”
Terri moved and said.
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Chapter 2 Nick's And Kendall's Angel
Chapter 2 Nick's And Kendall's Angel
The Schmidt family came over upon hearing the news and Kendall was worried sick for Jessica they have been friends since preschool.
Nick was so thankful Kendall was here.
“Thank God you are here Jessica is up almost every night since Leslie passed and it kills me.”
Aaron smiled standing near Jessica door.
“It’s all yours.”
Kendall went in and sees Jessica playing video games in her wheelchair looking really tired dark circles were under her eyes he turned off the tv.
she looked at Kendall.
Kendall sat next to her.
“You need to sleep.”
Jessica simply said.
“I can’t...Kenny just can’t.”
Nick listened behind the door along with BJ, Angel, Mike and Aaron as Kendall said.
Jessica took his hand as she struggled to speak and he said hugging her seeing her looking like she was going to fall out of her wheelchair and co
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Nick's and Kendall's Angel
Nick’s and Kendall’s Angel
Chapter 1
Jessica couldn’t sleep her older sister Leslie Carter had passed away.
“Leslie I hope you are ok in Heaven.”
Alyssa, her niece started to cry.
“Shhh it’s ok.”
Jessica scooped her up and everyone turned to her.
“Go to sleep don’t you worry about me.”
Aaron, the once famous pop star and her second older bro kissed her forehead.
“Promise me you’ll sleep.”
she nodded lying to him.
“Don’t you worry.”
Nick Carter, the older brother yes the famous BSB member hugged her knowing she was lying he saw it in her eyes.
She rocked Alyssa back to sleep.
“I bet you didn't notice
First time your heart was broken
You called me up and we talked til the morning (Oh)
And the time that you were stranded
I was there before you landed
He was a no show, I made sure you got home
I've been right there (right there)
For every minute
This time, it's no different
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Chapter 5 Logan's Little Girl
Chapter 5 Logan's Little Girl
“Daddy wake up.”
Logan woke up as she sees Angel in her wheelchair looking sleepy but frighten her ventilator was going on and off so he called the doctor and they gave her a new ventilator right away.
After the delivery guy left he wheeled her to the bed and carried her as she fell asleep in his arms.
she sleepily asked.
Logan tear up a bit hearing her voice was like music to him and replied.
Angel yawned.
“Sleep with me please?”
he laid her down in bed then crawled in and Logan stroke her hair as he fell asleep. The next morning Logan woke up and sees Angel looking peaceful in her sleep as she had her head rested on his shoulder he quietly took the photo without disturbing her sleep then posted it on Twitter.
Logan Henderson1loganhenderson
My beautiful girl. I love waking up next to her as she sleeps. #Daddy’sGirl #Myeverything #ProudtobeherDad #ThereasonwhyItourandworkhardisbecauseof
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all of my writings


Rent - Seasons of love by Julipy Rent - Seasons of love :iconjulipy:Julipy 45 13 RENT cast by jjmccullough RENT cast :iconjjmccullough:jjmccullough 460 59 Stan Lee by CJRamosArt Stan Lee :iconcjramosart:CJRamosArt 13 0 In Loving Memory by NarwhalsAreAwsome In Loving Memory :iconnarwhalsareawsome:NarwhalsAreAwsome 11 4 Rip Stan lee by Escy9990 Rip Stan lee :iconescy9990:Escy9990 11 0 Excelsior by DarkChroniclesCom Excelsior :icondarkchroniclescom:DarkChroniclesCom 17 0 Goodbye, Stan lee by Tibsey Goodbye, Stan lee :icontibsey:Tibsey 25 3 Rest in Peace Stan Lee by Reshiramaster Rest in Peace Stan Lee :iconreshiramaster:Reshiramaster 19 3 R.I.P Stan Lee, by Hellblazer. by hellblazerRN R.I.P Stan Lee, by Hellblazer. :iconhellblazerrn:hellblazerRN 26 0 RIP Stan Lee by Rose1234567890 RIP Stan Lee :iconrose1234567890:Rose1234567890 28 5 Goodbye Stan Lee by FreakyComics Goodbye Stan Lee :iconfreakycomics:FreakyComics 36 2 Stan Lee Narration in Spiderman PS1 by ErichGrooms3 Stan Lee Narration in Spiderman PS1 :iconerichgrooms3:ErichGrooms3 30 9 SPEEDPAINT: STAN LEE TRIBUTE by KevinTrentin SPEEDPAINT: STAN LEE TRIBUTE :iconkevintrentin:KevinTrentin 151 10 Stanley and Joan by Nolicedul Stanley and Joan :iconnolicedul:Nolicedul 38 2 Never Forget by Cookie-Lovey Never Forget :iconcookie-lovey:Cookie-Lovey 68 25 Excelsior by A3DNazRigar Excelsior :icona3dnazrigar:A3DNazRigar 274 43
Love all these drawing, photos and writing from my fave da artist :heart:

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