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Writing Commissions--OPEN!
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NSFW Writing Commissions are Open!

NSFW & SFW Writing Commissions

From OC works to fanfiction, I'll bring your story to life ~

~ Profile Rules ~

NSFW content is strictly 18+ only.

Keep comments and messages professional, polite, and clean!

A complete list of rules can be found in my Commissions Journal

My main account: writeddreams2reality

Writing Advice Series

~ Writing Advice Series: Wednesday Writing Weeklies ~

(As seen on writeddreams2reality )

Red Flags and Job Searches Daily Deviation: Poetry Writing and Submitting

Levels of Thinking in Writing Types of Feedback

Types of Feedback--Extra Examples Good VS Bad Criticism

Characters Characters: Asking "Why?"

Scary Stories Are These Rules? Polishing a Draft

Writer's Block Big Projects and Word Counts

Let's Write a Story! Writing Resources Wordy Language

Freelancers & Boundaries Pt.1 Editing Exercise 1

Sounding Like a Writer Walking and Talking

How to be a Copywriter Editing Exercise 2

Guest Writer Feature: Katie Whisler

Details World Building "You Just Don't Get It"

Bite Sized Tips #1 Bite Sized Tips #1 --Bonus Examples

Guest Feature: Carrie Jones Writing Job Red Flags pt. 2

Showing VS Telling Dialogue Tips Journaling and Writing

Fanfiction What Weakens a Character Writing About Colors

American English VS British English Doodling as a Writer

How Not to Write a Novel Writing About Sounds

5 Habits That Degrade Your Writing

Writing About the Holidays Similes & Metaphors

The Editing Process Reading Out Loud

Types of Writing Writing Practice 2

Guest Feature: Sarah Ward Writing Environment

Take a Break How to Plan a Story pt. 1

Guest Feature: Charles de Lint Types of Poetry: The Limerick

Bite Sized Writing Tips #2 Bookish Terms & Phrases

Publishing & Querying Vocabulary Traditional Publishing: Who is Who

Buyer's Beware: Writers' Red Flags pt. 1

Romantic Interruptions: A Genre Trope

Buyer's Beware: Writer's Red Flags pt. 2

Traditional Publishing And Where to Start

Author's Bio for Query Letters

How to Find a Literary Agent

Finding a Good Fit for (Querying)

Querying Tips What is Proofreading?

Comic Writing Tips

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