My Own Personal Steven Universe Drinking Game

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So I've been introducing my cousin to the series, this involves rewatching virtually all the episodes. In doing so, I started noticing patterns in each episode. Thus I have my own SU drinking game, even though I'm under legal drinking age at the time I'm writing this.
So without further ado, let's do this.

The Steven Universe Drinking Game

Take one shot if:
1. The theme song plays.
2. Steven cries.
3. Steven shouts " No! "
4. One of the gems shouts, " Steven! " ( Take an extra shot if it's Pearl )
5. A character makes a ridiculous facial expression.
6. Someone bursts out singing.
7. Steven barges through the front door.
8. Garnet speaks.
9. Amethyst shapeshifts.
10. Pearl uses a hologram.
11. Steven's shirt tears or pulls up, exposing his gem.
12. Steven's gem glows.
13. Steven's eyes make little stars.
14. Steven or any of the Crystal Gems get banned from someplace.
15. Lion ignores Steven's orders.
16. Lion roars.
17. Somebody mentions Rose Quartz.
18. Steven summons his shield.
19. Anybody else cries.
20. An emotional scene plays.
21. They end up fighting a gem monster.
22. Amethyst eats something that she probably shouldn't eat.
23. A character says something that sounds really wrong out of context.
24. A character does something that looks really wrong out of context.
25. A gem takes something literally.
26. The gems destroy a portion of Beach City.
27. Amethyst and Pearl bicker.
28. A gem is confused by human customs.

Take two shots if:

1. Connie appears in the episode.
2. Connie's eyes turn into little diamonds.
3. Greg becomes nervous or freaked out. :(
4. Lars and Sadie argue.
5. Steven visits the Big Donut.
6. Steven demands fry bits.
7. A gem retreats back into their gemstone.
8. A gem reforms with a brand new outfit.
9. Anybody fuses.
10. We actually see Rose Quartz's eyes open.
11. A gem other than the Crystal Gems appears.
12. A fight with a homeworld gem ensues.
13. There's any mention of the Kindergarten.
14. The show suddenly switches to a more simplistic artstyle.
15. Ronaldo develops a conspiracy.
16. A human uses the warp pad.
17. A human fights a gem or gem monster.
18. There's a scene in outer space.


Take three shots if:

1. A corrupted gem is healed.
2. Garnet and Pearl fuse.
3. We see Yellow Diamond.
4. A new gem joins the team.
5.  Steven meets his mom.

There we go. I am just teeming with unoriginality, aren't I?

Oh, you might be in a comatose afterwards. Forgot to mention that.
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I'm favoriting this. so that sometime I can do this
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Doing it with soda and other non alcoholic beverages.
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Eh. Doesn't matter to me
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Bring on the wave of death!
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