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I want to know if the vampire story I'm writing is cliche or not? Like disgusting cliche and bad. I want to know if you enjoyed reading it/think that it would be acceptable? It's directed towards young adults and WILL contain gore, but no nudity or major profanity, so it's safe to read.

Appreciate it if comments were on the page itself :3

Minor gore. Nothing 13+ couldn't handle. xD


There is no specific year it's set in, since it has nothing to do with the real world, but it's based off of medieval times. It's hard to explain the plot without spoiling what it's about and causing more confusion. The basic idea is that there is a pact between Contritum (human kingdom) and Lunasol (lycanthrope kingdom) in which they vow to protect them from vampires, as long as they give a third of their crop/animals to them, but the pact gets broken when children (who are not killed) are mysteriously stolen from the Capitol, and the werewolf princess flees home, and a war starts between the lycanthrope and humans, giving the vampires an opportunity to plan against them. They plan on building an army of stolen children (since children are easily manipulated) and attempt to take Contritum. The second half involves two children who live on a human plantation/farm where the vampires keep humans like animals. They manage to escape with  two others, and try to find their way back to Contritum. (interesting stuff happens that makes this side interesting). I think the plot will become more clear when I add new chapters.
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It looks like this group is inactive. I'm trying to kickstart a few new writing groups. Check them out if you're interested. :) 
This is a writing critique group. It works off of a give-one get-one basis. Folders are routinely emptied to ensure critique requests are from active members.
A Fantasy Literature showcase! Find fantasy writers or display your work. This group is organized by subgenre and offers dedicated folders for members' chaptered works.
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hello, im not sure im right here
i have werewolf stories, (sci fic) anthro stories and fanfictions about it

If im correct here can you make a sci fic folder or werewolf -anthro folder? :D
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Hey, I'm a longtime writer who's just recently gotten into professional editing- what would the etiquette be for offering my services to the group?
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OMG everyone! I just made my own website! That's where I'll publish original stories and here I'll keep fanfiction. So if you're wondering what happened to the Unique People series and Supernatural Separation now you know. This site will be updated whenever I get the chance to update or whenever I get new chapters in for stories. I hope you guys can come check it out. It's the link right below this sentence...

Again please check it out and enjoy yourself as you submerge into my world.
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