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Death is the Start Chapter 13Melissa and Anthony ran through the crowds of drunks giddy as Sarah trailed behind. With the mission put on hold until tonight their main priority was having fun. Unfortunately, everywhere they looked all they could find were events for adults bars, raves, various parties anything the twins tried to participate in had them shooed away at the front entrance. For an hour this continued with no success eventually the twins sat on a set of stairs with defeated looks on their faces, as Sarah stood in front of them. “Look it was a long shot that a place like this would even have stuff for children.”, Sarah said with a deep sigh. “This place is surprisingly stingy about ID.” “They wouldn’t even take our bribes.”, the twins sulked harder now. “Probably cause you pointed a gun in their face a minute earlier. Also, why’d you use threats before bribes.” “Cause violence solves everything. Isn’t that why we’re here.” The twins kept sulking as people from the crowd in front of them started rushing off in a direction, this caught their attention as the number of people heading off in the same direction. With peeked curiosity and nothing better to do they followed the crowd of people. “Great what cool attraction is this that’ll send us away.”, Melissa scoffed. Lost in thought she bumped right into her brother who stopped moving, “Ow give a little warning before you…” Melissa trailed off as she saw what was in front of her. Both of the twins jaws dropped as they looked out at an entire carnival set up people as far as the eye can see people were playing games as the smell of popcorn and cotton candy filled their noses. Anthony and Melissa looked at each other with wide smiles and ran in. Sarah followed behind confused cause not only was this a complete turn around from what they saw up to this point, but she could’ve sworn this all wasn’t here before. Grabbing a passerby by the shoulder and asked him what’s going on. “Ohhhh I this your first… your first time here.”, his breath stunk of alcohol and was slurring his words but for the most part it looked he knew what he was talking about, “Yeah St-Starpoint never stays the same ever… everytime someone new comes alo… here they make something new so they can have fun.” This was unreal did they really create an entire amusement park just for two children. “Sarah Sarah! You have to try this!”, the twins came back to her eyes sparkling as they shoved cotton candy in her face. ‘I guess it doesn’t matter as long as we’re having fun.’, Sarah said as she followed the twins further into the carnival. Games as far as the eye can see the twins raced through looking for their first game. “Step right up and test your marksman skills!”, a carnival broker shouted causing Melissa’s head to do a 180. “Hey little lady you wanna go. The rules are simple once the game starts targets will appear at random, hit as many as you can before the time runs out and if you hit enough you could win a prize.” “But where’s the gun I’m gonna use?”, Melissa asked. “Oh that well…”, the carnie ducked under the stand he continued speaking with a lot of strain in his voice, “I was thinking you could use this!” Melissa stood in awe as she looked at minigun in front of her, she handed her cotton candy to Anthony before she walked up and hugged the gun. It was her life long dream to own one of these things and finally being able to use one almost brought her to tears. “I take it you want to play then!” Melissa didn’t speak all she did was nod her head as she felt up the gun. The carnie set up the game for her making sure everything was in place then got the minigun on a stand for her. “Ready in 3 2 1!” A loud buzz sounded, and the game started. In a normal target game you’d expect wooden target but when the targets showed up they were actual zombies. Melissa didn’t let this falter her she took a deep breath as she grabbed the trigger savoring every moment. She finally pulled the trigger as a storm of bullets flew out hitting everything in sight. The zombies were getting mowed down one after another and when one fell another took its place in an instant. Melissa was wracking up points but she honestly didn’t care, this was the most fun she’s ever had as she let out a maniacal laugh. “Is your sister alright?”, Sarah asked. “Yeah she gets like this a lot, especially when she gets a new gun. Don’t expect me act like that around…”, Anthony was cut off by the roar of an engine. Anthony turned around to find monster trucks driving through the street. Anthony’s jaw dropped and drool formed on his upper lip, he handed his snacks to Sarah and ran off towards them. “I guess it runs in their family.” Anthony followed the monster trucks close behind and they led him to a stadium. Inside the stadium an announcer stood in the center with a microphone, “Ladies and Gentlemen are you ready for Starpoint’s first ever Monster Truck battle.” The announcer was answered by the cheers and screams of the crowd. “Alright let’s go over the rules one more time. Before you are 8 monster trucks and when gong sounds off they will fight until there’s only one left. Ramming, running over, setting on fire anything goes here. Now let’s get started!!” One by one the monster truck engines roared to life, “Alright I’m so ready!”, one of the drivers exclaimed. Suddenly the door to his truck opened up, “Hi I’m Anthony and I’m taking this truck.”, he said before opening the door on the drivers side and forcing him out with a firm kick. The former driver fell into the mud before scurrying away to avoid getting run over. “Alright let’s get this party started!”, Anthony turned the key as the roared, he heard the sound of the many engines in the past but this one was something else. Eagerly he waited for the gong to sound off. “Alright everyone let’s goo!!” The gong finally rang out as every monster truck bolted out except for Anthony’s. Anthony tried to reach the gas pedal but his legs were way too short, “Oh come.”, Anthony turned to the back seat area, “There’s gotta be something heavy I can use.” As he’s occupied a truck straight in front of him saw that Anthony was just sitting there and put the gas pedal to the floor ready to ram him. “Ah here we go.”, Anthony emerged from the back with a brick and dropped it on the gas pedal. Mud flew everywhere and Anthony’s truck leaped forward crashing into the other guys truck causing him to flip over. Anthony laughed like a psychopath doing donuts before chasing off towards the other monster trucks.“I’m on a team of psychopaths.”, Sarah sighed. She turned to Melissa who was still having the time of her life with the minigun, “Hey I’m gonna look around for a little bit remember to be ready by sundown.” “Yeah yeah yeah. Oh, what’s that you wanna go another round? Well, if you insist!” Sarah walked off everywhere she looked was another game with people around it. “Come on doll let me win you a prize.”, Sarah overheard. Finding the source, she saw two people at a strong man game. The man was given a hammer and went for a swing, but the puck only got as high as ‘Little Miss’. The carnie at the game snickered as the man started to fume, “This game is completely broken I am way stronger than some Little Miss!” Sarah walked behind with curiosity on her face she picked up the hammer and with all her force hit the pad sending the puck racing up and destroying the bell with a loud ding. “I don’t know looks fine to me.”, Sarah remarked. “Here’s your prize lovely lady!”, the carnie said handing Sarah a large stuffed tiger. “You can have it.”, he said handing the tiger to the lady the man was trying to impress as she walked off. The crowds got denser and denser as Sarah continued walking through getting pushed and shoved every which way. Eventually she broke out of the crowd and found herself in a back alleyway. “Hey, come on shorty why don’t you show us your pretty face.”, a man said close by. Sarah turned to see two men harassing a person who’s face is covered by a hood. One of the men grabbed to hooded figure by the neckline, “You can hide your face but you can’t hide that curvy body of yours we know you’re a girl, now we just wanna know if you’re easy on the eyes or not.” “Hey leave her alone.”, Sarah protested. “Oh, now here is a pretty lady what say we go back to my place for some fun.”, he let go of the hooded lady and walked over, slyly putting his hand on Sarah’s shoulder. Sarah’s face turning annoyed grabbed the guys wrist and squeezed it, he let out a cry of pain as bones were starting to break. Eventually Sarah let go as the man fell to the ground clutching his wrist. “Why you little…”, he said but was cut off by a quick kick to the stomach by Sarah. He crumbled to floor knocked out cold, “Wanna push your luck or do you wanna take your friend to get help.” Scrambling the remaining guy grabbed his friend and dragged him away. “Don’t think you’ll have to worry about them again, but you shouldn’t…”, Sarah turned around and saw that the person she saved left as well, “Geez save someone and they can’t even say thanks.” Sarah looked at the sky and saw it was getting dark, ‘Guess it’s time to head over.’, she thought to herself as she walked through the crowds towards her destination.A few blocks away the man stopped dragging his friend along to catch his breath. “Man… that bitch is crazy.” He went to reach for his friend but saw something was in his non-broken hand. Taking it from his friend he examined it, “Must’ve been pulled off the other girl. Ugly necklace anyway.”, he said before tossing it away....
Death is the StartFor most people death is feared because it is viewed as the end of something because you don’t know what happens afterwards. If only it were that simple for us death is feared not because it is the end, we fear it because it is the beginning, the beginning of something awful. "Hey get back here you little shits!", shouted a man covered in paint at two girls running away. "As if old man! You want to hurt us you'll have to actually catch us first." the taller girl with long blonde hair shouted. "Please don't antagonize the angry man any more than you already did Sarah." said the smaller and slightly chubby girl with medium black hair. "Why it makes being chased by him a lot funnier, I know you agree Chubs." Sarah responded in a joking manner. "You know that's not my name", Chubs said defeated. "I know but Chubs is way cuter than Chelsea, come on we're almost home free just around the corner and..." suddenly Sarah was cut off by a wooden plank smacking her in the face. Sarah fell to the ground in daze but was able to shake it off quickly and looked up at her attacker what she saw was a tall muscular man with a very pissed off look on his face. Annoyed and slightly angry at him for hitting her she said, "What the heck is wrong with you smacking a cute girl in the face with a wooden plank Blake. What kind of city chief does that?" Blake retorted, "A cute girl where? The only one that I hit in the face with this plank was you." Shocked and offended by this Sarah tried to come up with a come back but couldn't partly because her brain was still a bit rattled. Blake then continued "So why did you dump paint on that poor innocent storekeeper like that? If you give me an answer I like that punishment will only be slightly cruel." as he said this he started to crack his knuckles as he had a crocked smile on his face. Sarah then blurted out, "That shopkeeper was not innocent he's been harassing women who came to his store for the past month staring at them and the 'accidental' bumping into them. I just thought it was time to give him some payback." Blake didn't even look surprised with Sarah as she went on with her explanation. As chief he had to deal with Sarah and her antics on multiple occasions and has pretty much heard all of her excuses. These excuses started to repeat to the point that he's been keeping a mental list of how many times he's heard them, the whole "This person was sexually harassing people" excuse was used 15 times including now. The chief cuts Sarah off in her rant and asked, "Sarah your what 17 now, I thought you'd grow out of doing these pranks years ago but you keep doing them why is that?" Sarah then took on a serious and slightly agitated look and said, "Why? You want to know why? We're stuck in this city walled off from the rest of the world, and to make matters worse we can't even die without causing a problem for everyone. Basically we're trapped in a prison and I'm the only one who realized it." Blake was taken a back by this, as he looked into Sarah's eyes he could tell she was serious this was a side of Sarah he never say before. Blake then sighed and said, "Chelsea you can head home I'll discuss Sarah's punishment." Chelsea fumbling on her words said, "Th-thank you sir p-please go easy on her." she then ran off. Blake took Sarah to the edge of the city and told her to stand there for an hour with a bucket of paint on her head. Blake then put one hand on Sarah's shoulder and said to her, "Your right you know, we're basically stuck in a prison of fear because of what's outside, it'd be ok if that was but even in hear we're not safe. Come talk to me tomorrow I think I have a way to make you feel better that doesn't involve pranks." Sarah then looked at him with a playful, "Sorry but I don't think of you like that." Blake then said annoyed, "No I was talking about a job I want you to be my assistant. Your smart cunning and you know the in's and out's of this city better than anyone, you might just be the next chief." After saying that Blake left Sarah alone as she thought about what the chief said and before she knew it an hour had already passed. Sarah not wanting to go home yet decided to go for a walk though the main area as she walked along she heard what sounded like crying. As she tried to find that source of the crying she found a little boy hugging his grandma as two men tried to pull him off. One of the men said, "Come on kid you have to let go of her, your just making this harder than it needs to be. She's already 75 it might be too late if we let her live any longer." The child still cry and he struggled to speak said, "No I don't want to say goodbye to grandma I can't." as he said that the two men got him to let go of his grandma as he screamed out, "NOOOO!" One of the men gave the child back to his mother and told her to keep the child close and don't let him see this. The grandma now free continued to walk forward towards a platform with a row of nooses ready for her the other elderly and the terminally sick and injured. Sarah forgot that it was that time of the month again and continued on her way not wanting to see what comes next.When Sarah got home she was greeted by her parents who scolded her for pulling pranks again and telling her that she can't keep doing stuff like this. Normally Sarah would've laughed in there faces but today she just apologized and said . Sarah didn't want to tell her parents about the job offer knowing they'd force her to take it, and she still hadn't decided yet so for the rest of the night she stayed quiet lost in thought. As she went to sleep that night she thought about today could she really be the next chief, "Maybe I can change things around here." she thought. "I can change it so we won't have to live in fear of death." her voice then trailed off, "Maybe something around here will finally change." Sarah fell asleep that night unaware that come sunrise everything would finally change.
New Year's with Mr. Winters - Chapter OneCHAPTER ONEDECEMBER 30th, 2008She heard waves brushing onto a beach. The whooshing back-and-forth rhythm of the water calmed her; it excited her.Sappho Höst loved the ocean. Sappho Höst loved the ocean. She was barely past 25, but she knew that much.She loved the ocean so much that if she had to make a choice between sweet tea and the Florida coast, she'd choose the beaches of Saint Augustine. Her eyes gazed into an endless blue horizon. She sighed. The full moon glowed; the waves below the night sky glittered like lights on a Christmas tree, reminding her of the one still in their living room.Sappho smiled. She took small, slow careful steps as she walked just out of reach of the foamy brush of tide, leaving tiny foot prints that were quickly washed away. Despite being an earth witch with a natural knack for growing things out of dirt, it was water and sand that drew her now.I wonder if the Gaian Witch Guild can help me learn water magic, she mused, thinking how useful it would be to be able to conjure up water whenever she needed to for her garden and plants. And she could fill George’s water bowl too! The leader of the guild, The Oldest, probably wouldn’t go for it though. Well she don’t gotta know! And what she doesn’t know won’t hurt her! Sappho huffed.She dipped her toes into the water and smiled as she felt the rush of cool water wash over her anxious feet, causing her to shiver. It was a quick jolt that quickly drifted into serenity around her ankles. The Oldest can just kiss my bare… the water around her feet became cloudy as her toes wiggled in the murky sand.Sappho was at peace with the universe. She was in Nirvana. She wanted this moment to go on for a long while- she was drifting away into bliss.But, the wind suddenly changed. It blew harder, and harder. The soft quiet tranquil sounds of the ocean became blarefully loud; it was like the groans of an old dog taking his last breaths.*poof*The ocean and beach vanished. Her eyes shot open. She blinked and looked around- instead of a vast dark ocean, she saw the dark interior of her bedroom. Her eyes drifted to the falling snowflakes that landed on the window sill outside before promptly melting.What a nice dream, she thought; she wished she could have stayed at the beach longer.It was the middle of the night- the flurries outside glowed like fireflies as they fell to the ground. Disappointed, Sappho sighed again as she lightly kicked the blanket tangled around her feet. She was wrapped in a soft comforter blanket and felt snug, like a caterpillar in a cocoon. Only her face showed, illuminated by the light glow of the white pillow it rested on.The bedroom was neat, clean, and organized- save for some scraps of torn wrapping paper on the floor next to the desk in front of the window. I need to clean that, she noted, squinting at the small mess in the dark.She returned her gaze to the snow outside. She was hypnotized by the shadows cast on the bedroom walls by the snowflakes outside, their descent seeming like a slow dance in the winter wonderland that was her bedroom.Well, her bedroom would have seemed like a winter wonderland... if not for the obnoxious bellowing of a large bear of a man sleeping and snoring beside her. The familiar feeling of the mattress sinking under a man's large frame drew her in softly like an inescapable black hole.Mr. Winters, Sappho thought, snorting softly at the name she used to address Matt with when she worked for him. She tried not to giggle as she rolled her head over on her pillow to gaze at the man sleeping next to her. Matt's hairy right leg, chest and arms were out in the bare air, the shared blanket wrapped around his waist like a sash, barely covering what would make most church going Christian women blush. Whereas only Sappho's head showed from her cocoon, his body showed just about everything.He was practically naked! She blushed- the thought that she should move the blanket to better cover him crossed her mind.Well, he's got boxers on. That's better than nothing, she thought.She studied him. This man formerly and still sort of known as Mr. Winters was not just any man to her.He was her knight in shining armor sans armor, and her heart fluttered as she looked at his strong handsome face in awe and wonder.He needs to shave, she noted. She thought of shaving him herself in the morning.During the day, Sappho didn't show deference to anyone. She was a powerful witch with her own office who hexed sexist men while wearing suits by Hugo Boss. She was an assertive liberal feminist who smoked ganja just to blow it in a cop's face.During the day, Sappho was powerful. She was strong; she was like a warrioress out on the prowl and-Suddenly, Matt's serene face twisted. He moved to shove his fist down the back of his briefs, and aggressively scratched an itch that was biting his ass.To this debauchery, Sappho just rolled her eyes and shook her head. She then went back to her thoughts. What was she thinking? Oh yeah-During the day, Sappho kicked ass, jumped over cars, lassoed misogynists, and told Republican men to kiss her pink pussy hat. She did everything she could to ensure her son became President of the United States as foretold by the witch council. When the sun was up, her entire being was laser focused on either herself or her sons. She'd gladly beat up any douchebag gods who tried to mess with her goddess self.But at night— this nightshe didn't want to kick ass or beat up a god; she wanted to worship one. At least, she liked to think of this man sleeping next to her that way. Right now to her— Matt was mightier and braver than any god of war. He certainly wouldn't mind her viewing him this way, she felt.He would love it, if he knew.Sappho wondered, does he know?She thought it would be strange at this point in their relationship for him to not know how she felt; how, after a lifetime of rejecting the Christian God, he was the only god she wanted to worship right now.If he doesn't already know, maybe he needs to find out.Her hand carefully moved to take hold of his arm, and gently shake it before quickly withdrawing back under her cover. She waited.Matt made no movement.She shook his arm again, a little less gently this time; and waited.Matt coughed and snorted--his eyes stayed shut. He suddenly moved to scratch his ass again, a dumb drooling smile forming on his face as he found the right spot.Sappho's mouth twitched; her gentle grasp on his arm became a firm grip.Damnit! He can be a real Al Bundy sometimes, she shook him really hard now.Her rough shaking finally succeeded. Matt jerked himself awake, his snoring shutting off like a hose clamp. He shook his head, blinked his eyes open and displayed a lion's set of teeth as he yawned hugely. His eyes fluttered as he blinked stupidly at the petite woman next to him.What does she want now? I'm pretty sure I put the dirty dishes away last night... his thoughts were churning; he was preparing to defend himself against unjust accusations.Matt covered his mouth as he yawned again and his face settled dumbly into Sappho's eyes- her coy blue eyes gazed lovingly back at his half-lidded stare, and she smiled. The hand that shook him was now softly rubbing him; she then winked at him. He felt dumb for a few seconds, not understanding; then his dumb eyes widened into knowing radiance.She was in the mood.That mood.The mood that he loved more than any other mood in the universe of moods.Matt's mouth widened into a grateful grin, and he moved to take hold of her. Sappho nearly squealed with joy- nothing made her happier than when he understood her, when he got her. She rocked forth to plant a soft kiss on his lips before rocking back onto her bottom.He probably doesn't know how I really feel though, she thought in adoration as he reached his huge arm forward to place his hand behind her. As he pulled her close, his free arm reached behind to grab for his eyeglasses from the nightstand.Too much trouble to dig out those stupid contacts, he thought, his hand finally finding and gripping the frame.And she said she likes the glasses better anyway, he inwardly chuckled, swiftly placing the glasses over his eyes, like how a superhero placed a mask on. He now felt prepared- he wrapped both of his large arms around the small frame of his wife. Sappho felt engulfed yet shielded by this man she loved so much.What was about to happen was a rare moment for them both. Only after the kids were in bed (and sleeping) could Matt be with his wifehis bunny— the way parents often long for. Intimate moments like this were always put off for another time or another day because, well- just because, because, and always because!The because that happened yesterday was movie night with the boys. Matt inwardly groaned at the memory.If I have to watch that cartoon about the thief and the blue genie again, I'm going to throw myself off a bridge, he thought in agitation.No, he rather do this with his wife than ever watch a cartoon ever again. It was hard for him to do anything like this when Sappho was busy worrying about the boys, which was all the damn time.When the boys were around, he had to be careful. When the boys were around, he had to be discreet. When the boys were around, Matt had to watch what he said, watch what he did, and sometimes even watch how he felt.When the boys were around, he had to treat their mother like a saint, and pat her on the back like she was his platonic pal.I'd rather pat her somewhere else, he thought coyly.The boys were sleeping now, though; Matt had his bunny to himself in the way he secretly always wanted but never dared admit out loud where anyone could hear. But right now, he didn't have to share her with the boys nor treat her like his pal; right now, he could treat her the way he wanted... like a lover. For at that moment, Sappho's mind was not focused on the boys or trying to take down the patriarchy, but was instead centered on him, her man.Mr. Winters, she thought as she brushed away the covers separating them. His hold on her tightened and they both moved to get into better positions. Matt started kissing her face and neck softly. They held each other and struggled, slowly getting into a rhythm that was familiar and felt good. The snowflakes outside were still falling- they continued. The bedroom was no longer quiet or still; beautiful yet furious sounds of their struggle disturbed the old silence in a lovely way.Suddenly, a thought crosses Sappho's mind— she pulls away from Matt. He gives her a confused look, his lost eyes blurred behind his fog covered spectacles, but he didn't get an immediate answer. Her nervousness over her thought delayed her- for this new thought she was having was no ordinary thought. It was a wild thought; a wicked thought; a wild, wicked, wanton thought. She blushed, then smiled shyly up at him.Wiping the fog from his glasses, Matt stared back at her and returned her smile with his own clueless grin; his glasses mirrored her adoring eyes. Then she moved, and the way she moved was unfamiliar- it was new to him. As she moved, Matt's eyes slowly grew wide with realization- he felt both excited and unprepared.The reality of what was going on— what she was doing— became clear to him. He strained himself not to shout with joy; waking the boys was the last thing he wanted to happen right at that moment.She finally looked into his eyes as if to ask him for permission for what she was doing, and maybe ask him for forgiveness, too.There's nothing to forgive! Is this really happening? F**k those guys who told me marrying a liberal feminist witch was a bad idea! God I love you so much, bunny... Matt thought as his heart fluttered. Is she really...? He brushed her chocolate brown bangs from her eyes, a pair of ocean blues that looked back at him as if he were some kind of God. But she said she would never, he thought.He was afraid of getting his hopes up; this could have been a cruel, teasing dream that he would soon wake up from. Well, if it was a dream, then he wanted to sleep forever. He would have welcomed being knocked unconscious if it meant he could stay in this moment forever.Whatever this was— reality or dream— Matt was really stupidly happy right now. They were now doing what Sappho declared she’d never do. Yet, here they were, doing that. As his glasses became foggy again, he tried to recall her exact words."If you ask me to do that- even once- that's it! You'll get no more babies out of me and no more sex, for all of eternity!""For all eternity?" he had asked, just to confirm."Yes! Don't ask, ever. Never. ever. N.O. NO!" she had quipped, her cheeks rouge like the red watercolor paint she was using at the time to paint a cartoon of Donald Trump (as a red-haired goofy-looking obese clown with a big red nose)."Alright," he’d replied, his heart filled with disappointed sadness despite the funny picture in front of him.But now must be different, he thought, his breath quickening. As their struggle became more hurried and frantic, so did Matt's inner struggle.Why is she doing this now?Is she drunk?Stoned? Was it that Platinum Kush again?No- she's not drunk or high.. . .Ohdamnit, who cares! Matt decided he’d just accept and enjoy the unexpected yet very awesome turn of events.Sappho meanwhile thought she would lose herself within him, be found, lose herself again, then be reborn a liberated woman. She rediscovered her love for him on a deeper level that night. They found ecstasy together, held on for dear life, reached the heavens then-It was over. The whooshing waves of wind outside stopped. The snowflakes had stopped; the bedroom became quiet and still, like the rest of the world. Exhausted, Sappho reached for and pulled the comforter back up to her chest and rolled to her side, leaving her back bare to him.That almost makes up for him voting for George W. Bush, she thought (though she still intended on raising his sons as Democrats).Pulling her close to him, his heaving hairy chest left damp imprints on her back like the forgotten soft wet kisses of a long lost beau. She turned to look at him with liberated adoration. They fell asleep, returning to dreams as snowflakes resumed falling outside, soundless without roaring winds.
Memories of Freedom (Poetry)Across the winter sky it became from blue to gray,As the snowflakes has fallen down you beg to stay,The air feels cold against your skin when you pray,A sense of peace when you close your eyes and wander astray.At least tell me if I can be like a cloud,To create art in the sky and away from the crowd,Not that I am screaming out loud.We dream about flying and waited so long to find our wings,Each star in space is like a dream in a diamond ring,I am not looking for a king,At least I want to sing.When you open your eyes do they gleam or sparkle?Dancing above the ocean waves spinning around in a circle,Do you ask yourself if you ever wanted to be mortal?What are the problems of being a human when they don’t have their own wings?Do they bring?Or do they cling?No one knows how hard it is to be a simple angel on earth,Even when we give it our worth,There is something deeper than the soul to find how much it is known to be a hearth.Every human goes dark,To lose that spark.Those who opened their eye sees something different,They find something in their moment,To remember what they represent.We all have different wings whether they are an angel or a demon.What are you really?Dancing with an angel or dancing with the devil?Who knows…We all believe that we are our own hero.No matter if we are our own villain.There is nothing wrong with being a shade of gray.There is magic wherever we go.Even when we can’t see it anymore.Whatever our choices are in the future...Don't forget that we were all once innocent.No one is alone.It is never too late to find that part of you to remember.Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

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