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Do you like reading? Do you like writing? Then this group is for you! We offer contests, prompts, articles and a whole lot of literature experience absolutely booming out the wazoo! Be sure to check out these guidelines before submitting! :heart:

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Thank you and enjoy your stay here at Writing Rampage!

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Writing-Rampage is a group that allows you to participate in contests, discover unseen lit-artists, participate in prompts, features and a whole bundle of fun!
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Eternal Oblivion: Six Word IV
Shackled hearts, Fading will to live.Famine. fainting is the only tranquility.Sharp blades slashing, scattered body parts.Burning bodies stench, soul destructive atmosphere.Glowing cherry splatters, theatrical purgatorial agony.Cowardice, ferocious slaughterers, heartless malicious laughter.
:iconexploring4life:Exploring4Life 4 0
Comical Nature: Three Haikus II
Usual fishing spotGood scenes, fresh air, eats fair shareDolphin swims awayTree moving slowlyFacing light for synthesisTree trips by squirrel Infected flowerThirsty bee, flower sneezesCorona two four
:iconexploring4life:Exploring4Life 6 0
Essential Colors: Three Haikus I
Breezy summer wavesPleasant feel, tranquil sprinklesDazzling ocean tonesRadiating leavesDynamic glistering sunForest sceneryAutumn’s warm cottageFalling leaves conquer the pondGlowing scarlet flame
:iconexploring4life:Exploring4Life 11 0
Thrilling Worlds: Six Word II
Fishing buddies. Third day. Still waiting.Wife: Got groceries. Husband: Not again!Winged elixir hourglass, joyfully flying times.Impalement artist, knives drenched with blood.Lighthouse keeper notices magical creatures swirling.Weatherman forecasts unusual snowflakes heading north.
:iconexploring4life:Exploring4Life 4 0
Endless Cycles: Six Word III
Unable to paint, unseen ethereal worlds.Abandoned forest hunter, lonely mystic night.Carnival performers jump, gravity breaks loose.Dying literacy within humanity, medieval times.Atrocious demeaning conditions, spawn lethal loonies.Shattered time continuum, chaotically fluxing fragments.
:iconexploring4life:Exploring4Life 5 0
Sailing the broad night SkiesSoothing SightsRoaming afar for colorful ReminiscenceRaging RocksEerie sorrow nearing from EverywhereEverlasting Entropies
:iconexploring4life:Exploring4Life 12 1
Seeing vividly glowing cherry splatters of blood, theatrical purgatorial agony, and misery.Hearing sounds of ferocious yet cowardice steps of slaughterers and their woeful hilarity.Smelling the stench of burning bodies in the midst of day. By dark poisonous humidity.Tasting constantly the dire severity of hunger. Falling into illusions are absolute serenity.Feeling sharp blades slit through skin, muscles, veins, cartilages, and bones effortlessly.Enduring scathing shackles instilling hearts. Fading will to love, Fading comprehensibility. Thousands of words will never deliver how a drop of blood feels. One must endure to sympathize with others. The corrupt get more rotten, while the majority bleed. Stand for the truth, stand against oppression.
:iconexploring4life:Exploring4Life 11 2
Memory Fragments: Six Word I
Sailing into night skies, soothing sights. Hurtful hotel hosts, heroin claims healing.Delirious desire for difference, only dreams.Roaming for colorful memories, raging rocks.Morphine is my medicine, decaying millennials.Eerie sorrow from everywhere, everlasting entropies.
:iconexploring4life:Exploring4Life 5 0
Sapphire: Forgotten Origin of Imbalance
Work in progress. I am learning how to make the story better. I will submit it later as new or edit this one. Thank you for your interest ^^
:iconexploring4life:Exploring4Life 9 9
Bite deep into my neck
Not as if to kill me
But as a sign of craving me
Showing that you want me
The harder you bite
The more I dig my nails into you
The harder I want to bite back
Showing that you excite me
Don't be afraid to draw blood
The sweet taste of passion
I won't hold back with you
So I don't expect you to with me
By: C Matthew Sieradzki 3-12-2010 1721
:iconarmymanski:armymanski 67 30
Mature content
The Great Replacement :iconthesmileydinosaur:TheSmileyDinosaur 3 2
Diamond - Haiku
Surviving the stress
is only difference between
the diamond and dust
:iconlulu-illussions:lulu-illussions 9 7
Fantine's Monologue
There was a time……. When love was blind and the world was full of songs and laughter and sunshine. It was exciting and I dreamed so many dreams…... But then it all went wrong.
Oh how I loved you. I loved how you made me laugh.You made me feel that men were kind. I loved how you made me feel like what we were doing was okay. That God would be forgiving and that it would be all right. That there was no consequence for our actions. That all that mattered was us.
I was so scared when I found that I was pregnant. But I was so excited to be a mother. And I couldn’t wait to tell you. I pictured you kneeling down and asking me to marry you at the news.  But then I turned and in an instance, you were gone, with the autumn.
You were gone. And I hated you for it. I wondered why? Why did you leave me? I wondered did you ever love me at all? Or did you simply see me as a naive young girl easy to manipulate. But then I think no, you simply couldn’t bear what you ha
:iconbaileyalice222:baileyalice222 3 2
Mature content
Super Mario Bros Endgame: Chapter 4: Eternity :iconmetaweegee:MetaWeegee 1 0
Tell me
The lies you were telling me everyday,
don't hurt you, but me.
I swear,
I will never understand you.
I will never understand why you do this.
If you loved me as much as you say, why are hurting me?
Do you tried to tell me the truth once while you are looking in my eyes, without looking away guilty?
May be it's hard to tell me the truth
after all of these lies.
How many times I have to tell you?
I don't want relationship build on lies!
Unlike you
I was always honest in any moment,
I can't lie to you,
I never wanted to do this,
I consider it to continue to be like that.
Is there something you want to tell me?
I give you one last chance.
Say it as it is.
Whether I forgive you,
only the time will show.
Say that you love me!
Tell me honestly,
tell me how you really feel,
tell me that I'm not dreaming.
Tell me more.
Tell me something I don't know.
Tell me something new.
Tell me what I want to hear.
Tell me why,
why you lied.
Tell me that you don't love me.
Your eyes are telling me everything
:iconbelightning:BeLightning 8 6
''Hold on''
I do not want to imagine
without living.
Demons in me will prevail,
I will lose my mind and control
for its existence
I will lose myself.
Do not leave me
on my knees I beg you.
Stay with me.
Go back to me again.
I have to feel
your presence again
I want to see your beautiful face,
to hear your tender voice
and your wonderful laughter
to touch your hands,
to hear the rhythm of your heart.
I promise you,
I'll love you forever, just come back to me.
I would never throw you away
out of my heart,
because I love you.
Come back to me!
I do not want,
without you to live!
All rights to this work belong to me! Do not copy or borrow ideas!
:iconbelightning:BeLightning 8 8






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I would like to start a new contest, but want feedback on who would like to participate.
What I propose is to do something monthly that keeps the energy going as I'm sure some are always writing and others are not. I want to help keep that drive going.
I plan to release a group of prompts to select from for about 2 weeks, and move to another set for the following 2 weeks; essentially taking up the entire month. If anyone has ideas they wish to share, this is the place to do it. Happy to answer any questions if there are any.
Welcome to another volume of Over the Moon, a growing collection of art from talented deviants! I encourage you to Added to my devWatch! and Favourite Star these pieces and authors and take a look through their galleries! 

Over the Moon: Literature (Volume #57)

tetheredthe tethers are breaking
frayed strands
and i am drifting
farther off the shore
into a blue wild
i don't know
who i am.
i don't know
how to rebind the tether
holding me
to reality
yesterday someone told me
that i am strong
and brave
and i wish i could
tether myself
to whatever
she sees
i wish
a lot of things
in the night
when everyone else
and i am floating
watching the strands
and slipping a little farther
every moment
where will the waves
take me
when the tether
is gone?
Shadow of a MemoryI fear I’m living lies, I’m far from the truth
But if I question them, I fear everything I’ll lose
But I see a shadow of a memory
I can’t remember the faces
But I know they’re always there
Beside me in different spaces
I dream into the nighttime
But the pieces don’t make sense
And no one seems to understand
Or let me give them a chance
They say push it away dear
Those dreams they aren’t real
They’re just magical illusions
So forget how they make you feel
Because chasing shadows in the night
Will not keep us safe
So move along you silly child
those fantasies you must erase
Yet still I sing about them
And write them in a song
I paint them in pretty colors
I plan to prove them wrong
A shadow of a memory
Has more to it than that
And I will learn about it
And I state that as a fact
Try to stop me if you can
I bet you never will
Learn to control this girl again
So take that bitter pill
Because this precious heart you cannot kill
A cerulean birdA cerulean bird gave me its dying song,A subtle aria taken from its small heart,A sweet secret it kept in its flesh for so long,The musical design of a beautiful chart.I saw my mind burning, my eyes flying insideUnder the influence of this sad melody;I touched the carnal soul, the unlimited hideOf this majestic beast which had eaten the sea.The time broke its clockwork, I lost my mortal selfUnder the canopy of this angelic flowwhich took me from my skin to change me in some elfWith a lute in his chest and a celestial glow.I was dressed in music, a rainbow complexionWhich protected my world in its isolation.
NightthingYou give form to the shadows shifting in the night Give voice to the whispers You put knives in the hands of lunatics Let silence have sound, all saliva and gums Confuse giants who gibber and titter and topple You madden children till they're chaotic Draw ink on your face with ill intent And with a creeping smile I know deep deep down Down down I'll be next... The organizationThey had this way, of “showing up”, and it was always in “places”“Outside the law, judiciary”, “above and beyond any government”"subverting, re-directing", that and those not given "approval"They dressed as if the belonged to “the organization”but you wouldn’t get any more namesworthy than that “operators on the arrest”, ones at all timesnever seeming to restinfinite in location and number….I knew that many of them began looking like “those who went missing”but “came back eventually”as I track their trails but un-earth nothing….…what is this grip that now binds me….?Where is this….….where…oh god….where am I?Why am I so bound? Shackled, unable to move?Gloved palms stretching my mouth placing, putting something in an agent for an agents making I am beginning to lose my reasoning….I believe…it shall not belong….…before you begin seeing me around….….as one of them….….”showing up”so to speak….So help you…if you cross our collective path….... Way of the World“Your Highness?” The king jolted out of his thoughts as he glanced at the knights to the side and his advisor waiting with troubled eyes. “Yes? Sorry, was lost in my thoughts. What is it?” he asked. The advisor fidgeted uncomfortably before he spoke.
“The magician is…” Alarm shot through him and he straightened his slouching posture.
“If he’s here, send him in. If he’s ill, tend to him.” The advisor bowed as the king stood up. Waving his hand in front of him, he could see that the magician was once more rushed to the room that would take care of him. With a growl, he dispersed the image as he teleported to the area. The magician shrugged off everyone and did a wobbly bow.
“My liege,” he rasped as he grinned cheekily.
“You already know my name and I gave you permission to use it.”
“Of course, Lord Edmay. Still, why the- ooo….” He collapsed once more and everyone, including Edmay,

Check out the March 2020 Lit DD Roundup! 

Happy Writing,

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Shnedarek Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2021  New Deviant Hobbyist Writer
Hey guys, what's up?

After a few years writing fan fiction (Star Wars and Harry Potter-based), I've gotten into a hiatus while pursuing a Master's Degree, thus doing scientific writing for 2 years. 
A few weeks ago I had this weird dream where I was a bit different, where some different life choices were made, and that got me thinking about this different life, in a parallel-universe (Avengers, much?). You know when people ask things like "what would you say to your teenage self if you could?" So I exercised that on my writing and came up with this:

Oddly the Same by Shnedarek

Alex Svalberg is a 16 year-old boy who has been through a lot while aspiring to live his life unapologetically. After being adopted by his aunt's long-life girlfriend, in a time where same-sex marriage wasn't official, he moves to a new country and has a clean slate to be known as he wants to be known. For how long and from whom can one keep skeletons in the closet? 

It's a realistic fictional story, LGBTQIA+, possibly 18+ (yes, there will be sex) and may cast some light into what goes through the mind of a teenager who is born different from what society expects. The photo is by Dan Senior on Unsplash. I editted it on Canva.

So far I've been writing it and posting here, on Wattpad and Blogger since I don't know of any platforms where people go to read fiction stories... And that's that. Any thoughts? Ideas? Considerations? 

HarryPotter999999999 Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2021  New Deviant  Writer
Hi! I'm new!
Roesavlon Featured By Owner May 23, 2020  Student Writer
I accidentally submitted three of my pieces into the featured folder instead of poetry how do I fix that?
TheGuyWhoTells Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2020  Hobbyist Writer
Hey, I recently posted two submissions called "The Ninth" and "Please, Don't Move". Feel free to give read and leave a comment.
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