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for people who like to write, any kind of literature, original literature, fanfics, poetry, songs, any type of writing, feel free to join :D words make art
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945 Members
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1. be respectful of other members writing
2. if the writing has any controversial/possibly offensive content we would ask that you put a warning
3. all literature is accepted, all writing welcome, fanfics, original stories, poetry, songs, and whatever else there is
4. the rules of deviantart still apply to this club
5. anyone can join, in fact please join, we need more members



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... one small question ...
You made me smile at a time, that all I did was cry.
You were there for me, even if you didn't know.
And now you're gone – without a word
left me alone…
I'm not mad at you, it was your choice
But still there is one small question,
that keeps constantly playing on my mind
– why you left without a
:iconfloweroftheforest:FlowerOfTheForest 37 8
The First Settler: Chapter 5 by MoonlightPhoenixX The First Settler: Chapter 5 :iconmoonlightphoenixx:MoonlightPhoenixX 3 0
The Hypocrisy Known as Life
I stood above her, looking down into those knowing orbs, those sparkling windows that were staring back into my soul. As our eyes connected, I truly wished that I could glance away but I was unable. I felt as if I were some how transfixed by those golden irises which were clearly conscious of that solitary flaw - an embarrassing short-coming, the ultimate sin and pinnacle failure of my existence.
Inhaling shakily, the cold air tore at my throat as the rate of my inhalation increased along with the speed of a faltering heart. My voice cracked when I tried to speak, salt-doused lips refusing to release the pent up secrets seemingly fused into marrow. However the better nature within forced a second attempt, thus allowing for my petrified frame to utter a single sentence,
"I-I charge thee to speak out the name of thy fellow sinner." I pleaded with her, desperately appealing for her to reveal my sin to the entire congregation that looked up to me as if I were some sort of god. Far be it fr
:iconashleyjordan:ashleyjordan 8 11
Being close to the one I love is a wondrous thing.
To be able to feel their presence beside you.
To hold their hand.
To see their smile.
Their presence brings great joy to me.
The closeness you feel to them is a reminder of the love you share.
It is a stark contrast to when they are away from you.
When they are away, they are always on your mind.
You want to be closer to them,
To be with them.
Even if it is not possible at the moment.
You find less joy in things than when the one you care about is around.
While you can be happy while they are away,
You still want to be by their side.
For that is where I truly feel complete.
It does not matter what we are doing,
Just that I am with the one that I love.
For there is nowhere else I would rather be.
:iconzelink4everandever:zelink4everandever 3 3
I need someone
I need someone
Someone whom I can talk to any time I want
About anything I want
Someone I can pour my heart out to
without thinking twice
Someone I can count on to stand by me
And lead me down the path I want to go
Someone who can change my life
And change it for the best
Someone I can chat with over a cup of coffee
Someone I can laugh and cry before
without any inhibitions
Someone who corrects me when I am wrong
Inspires to me aim high
And achieve greater heights in life
Someone who lives and breathes for me
Someone, whose hand I can hold
And bring it to my heart
And say
:iconbuddybmww:buddybmww 10 9
My beloved, Peter Pan
I fell in love with the way your eyes glittered with times unknown
i fell in love with the way you smiled of mysterious things
i fell in love with your childish ways,
as if you were my peter pan,
a child held captive by time
But i see you followed me,
curious stranger,
as time dragged you along its crooked railroad,
through out the cold winters and the short summers,
It was all those times that i didnt get to see you,
i expected you in red. 
And so i ran through the pathways leading to you,
in oblivion.
it has always come down to this.
It's like i run in circles,
all passages and all tunnels lead to you.
But fate is not real,
which is why im surprised  you came, 
took your chair,
and sat right next to mine.
You are simply a ghost trapped in my reality.
I thought i once knew you,
but you're invitations were a false notice,
and i really should have burned them then,
but i didn't,
and so you slipped in.
So i think,
your existence,
is a little bit disturbing.
You s
:iconcrookedwords:Crookedwords 6 0
Life At Every Corner
As a space clears for life
in search of another adventure,
life reappears over ancient ashes
as if reincarnating for the sole purpose of filling 
When America discovered that there was more land to expand,
they exploded.
And so,
I encourage you to go find me a corner,
small or big,
in which life doesn't inhibit.
I zoomed into landscapes of unfamiliar places,
Baffled at this scale,
hoping to understand it,
and more so accept it. 
And so my eyes spoke forbidden truth,
and it was that Space,
is made for something.
A bigger house is an open invitation
a smaller house is an overflowing home.
And so, i find myself with light bulbs enlighting over my head,
sharp and crisp cutting through my ignorance,
I realized, 
that my home was was not made for only me,
but an invitation to many.
The longer the space,
the bigger the spaces between us,
through these long hallways and closed rooms.
All i hear is a collision of life,
that i once thought wasn't supposed to exist,
but now i under
:iconcrookedwords:Crookedwords 7 0
Kingdom Hearts 2 The Little Engine That Could pt1
Part 1
*It was early in the morning when a little boy named Eric was reading a book. Then his older sister Jill comes in*
Jill: *smirks* Whatcha reading, Eric?
Eric: *smiles* About the little engine and the toys it brings! It's a birthday train and tomorrow's my birthday!
Jill: *smirks teasingly* Ha ha! Birthday train full of toys? I just can't believe you're really believe that.
Eric: Sure I do. It'll come!
Jill: *walks away from him* Don't hold your breath. *her right hand holds the door and turn her head to her little brother, Eric* This is not gonna be any little engines or birthday trains gonna be here.
Eric: It'll come. I know it will! I know it will! I know it will! I know it will!
*After the appearance of the world name know as  Train Yard Express, we see Sora, Donald Duck, and Goofy walking through a forest close to a train yard*
Sora: I wonder where we are now?
Donald: I don't know.
Goofy: Gawrsh me either.
?????: *Loud whistle noise* TO WORK! TO WORK!
*The tr
:icondragonofbrainstorms:dragonofbrainstorms 25 39
Whellcome Home
A short horror story...

    Long time ago, there was a heart-warming home of a modest family of three. Before that, it was nothing more than an old abandoned house. When they moved in, the young couple restored it and planned to raise a family there. Soon enough, their son was born and the old house lit up with joy.
    Their life, however, wasn't easy. Work demanded long trips for the couple. On such occasions, their son would stay under the care of his grandmother, who lived nearby. She wasn't always in best terms with the couple. Still, the boy would often stay for several days and, among many things, he loved grandma's stories of local folklore, witches, bat wing recipes and magic cauldrons. He liked it there. Nevertheless, nothing compared to mom and dad arriving to pick him up and going back home.
    Unfortunately, home vanished from the boy’s life too soon when his parents died in a tragic car accident. His stay at gr
:iconmiguel-santos:Miguel-Santos 80 63
In the parking lot, my brother shoots plastic arrows
at our station wagon, sleeping bags piled in the back.
"Can we have a pool shaped like a bass guitar,"
he asks, "when we get to California?" I float gum wrapper boats
in the shimmering heat mirage, my knees barnacled
with scabs and mosquito bites. As we drive, we count road kills,
eighteen wheelers and truck stops named after some guy.
You can drink it," Mom says cutting open a barrel cactus.
"Even if you get lost, you'll never die."
She taped Dad's latest postcard to the dashboard.
"Found work. I love you all. Come." We have postcards
from almost every state: amarillos from Louisiana,
pine flats from Arkansas, a Texas gas station with pipestem hoses.
Dad once worked in a diner, brought home day old cherry pie,
placemats I could draw on. When he kissed me goodnight,
I could hear jukebox songs. "Be my baby, do wah."
Mom stoops beside me, touches my spearmint boat with a bitten nail.
"Where is this one going?"
:iconswansisters:swansisters 23 29
Mature content
Prey and Predator :icondragonnerd445:Dragonnerd445 5 24
A Good Place To Die
Rain skittered and popped across the battered window. The trees and foliage bowed respectfully before the lull of the wind, letting it caress the fragile house the window belonged to before blowing past it. The air was cool and soft, tangling with the rain as it dropped on the house with a sweet rhythm.
Inside the house, a face peeked from underneath a hood and a bed sheet it had been hiding under. Pale blue eyes gazed on the scene outside with serene curiosity. The eyes belonged to a boy, barely 17 and already dying. He had left his home behind to find a quiet place to die, not one filled with drugs, abuse, and hate. He struggled to find a place to stay before he found the house, as broken down and abandoned as he was.
The insects and birds played a bittersweet dirge.
The flowers wept.
The trees bowed.
The rain sang his eulogy.
He knew he'd found a good place to die.
And so, as he watched how the rain ran down the plants outside his window, how each drop gave itself to the plant silen
:iconbuddhathebob:BuddhatheBob 44 39
The Silver Haired Maiden
   The sun was merciless as it glared through the tall windows. Alice could already hear the sounds of the maids and butlers busting through the castle. What she didn't hear though was the sound of one of the servants entering her room to wake Alice up.
   "Princess Alice, Prince Edward awaits downstairs for you." The maid stated. The silver haired woman cringed under her sheets. To Alice the whole "princess" name annoyed her. She and Edward were not even married yet and the maids were already calling her princess.
    "Why does he need my attendance?" She asked under the warm covers. "He wants you to discuss the wedding with him." The maid replied yanking the blankets off of Alice. The young woman groaned miserably. "Why would I participate in a wedding, let alone be a bride, that I was forced in?" Alice asked reluctantly sliding out the bed. The maid chuckled though I didn't find anything funny. "Ah, King Harry was the same forcing hi
:icontokimikum22:TokimikuM22 2 3
I'd say you have a flawless mind at its finest,
But then I remember you don't have a heart in the slightest.
Those sleepless nights and morning excitement,
With them combined were our lovely messages sent.
You stole my heart and took my breath away,
Upon thinking of us together is when my mind would sway.
I gave you me, my soul, my heart, and my happiness; you had it all in your hands,
And then the tables turned, time changed; and it all became a gamble to have it all.
The messages stopped the way they were,
Within days, I found myself fragile, broken, upon the concrete floor.
I don't blame you, I don't blame you, I don't blame you,
Neither do I regret the moments spent together.
I wish you had told me the truth so that I knew,
But you hid it all; you played my heart ...
Without those intentions, and hurt my soul.
And now, I am stuck while the world is too busy in its own hole.
:iconlittlenikita:littlenikita 11 5
Dr-Vergissmeinnicht, of KnightsOfRomance, says the group is hosting a "Summer Love" Contest and all members of that group's affiliates are welcome to join.

This blog has remained pretty active and this contest sounds like a fun idea!! So, feel free to visit KnightsOfRomance and submit your work for their "Summer Love" contest. You can also ask them for more information, such as deadlines and prizes.
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