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Welcome to the group! This is a replacement for the original group, Writing-Is-An-Art-I. Feel free to join, submit art, and invite friends. This is a creative work space! You're encouraged to give feedback to others and share your own work for critique and, of course, our entertainment.

Feel free to comment and ask questions!

-jinchuurikininja, co-founder


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This spring I will be interning as an editor of my university's publication, the Clare Literary Magazine.

Clare has been around for quite some time (I believe 17 years) and has featured many writers who have gone on to write for some of the most prominent literary magazines out there, including The Missouri Review, as well as several Pushcart Prize nominees and winners.

Clare is currently open for submissions.

Normally the magazine opens submissions in November and closes them on February 1st, but this year we have not had as many submissions as we would like to review. As a result, the end of the submission period has been extended to March 1st, 2016. We currently have a little over 100 submissions, and I want to make it my goal to double that number of quality submissions by the end of the submission period.

In particular, we are looking for poems and creative nonfiction prose pieces. There is also a fiction category that I would encourage you to submit to if you feel that you have written an original, previously unpublished prose piece that would be qualified for publication in that section.

Only a few pieces are selected each year. We would really like to have a broader range of submissions for the creative nonfiction section especially, as we have only a few submissions in this category and would like to publish at least two pieces. If we determine that we do not have enough pieces of adequate quality, we may have to eliminate that category this year, and I have made it my personal mission to prevent that from happening.

Whether you would like to be an officially published writer or already are, this is a call for submissions from you! It's also a great way to build experience for those pesky resumes and query letters, especially for writers who have not yet been published and who are seeking to publish other works, but have found that they need to prove their experience to agents or publishers to do so.

No query is necessary to submit, and we do accept unsolicited pieces. There is no charge to submit.

Further submission rules are on the site. Again, the site can be found <a>here.

Thank you for your quality submissions and good luck! I hope to read and accept your stories and poems soon!

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