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General Guidelines

Welcome to Writing-Commissions!

We are the first group on deviantART with the focus of literary commissions. The founder, KaixChan, formed this group with one dream: To get writers and their names out there in the commissioning scene. We were also formed because we wanted to show deviantART writing is just as good as art! With a growing membership and watcher count, we hope you decide to join us!

Helpful links

A Beginner's Guide :: Literary Commissions

A Beginner's Guide on Pricing

Job Offers: Writers Wanted!


:bulletblue: When submitting a join request, you must include the following two links in the request, or you'll be automatically declined.

o Your commission sheet. Most commonly a journal (but can be a deviation), a commission sheet includes your commission prices and, usually, a bit about yourself as a writer. Here's an example. Please feel free to use it as a basic template (with proper credits)!

o An example of your writing. This example must be hosted on deviantART (not any other site) to be applicable. We also prefer if this example is a deviation. If you need help with how to submit literature, here is a guide, written by PoisonousTiger.

Your join request will be automatically declined if you do not provide these two links!

:bulletblue: If you're looking for someone to commission, please watch the group! You can also browse through our "Commission Sheets" folder to see what our writers are offering. You can also post a journal with your commission inquiry to our "Looking to Commission" folder, where it'll be seen by our writers!

:bulletblue: Feel free to advertise on the front page, but do so sparingly and please don't spam.

:bulletblue: Casual writing is welcomed, but has to be submitted to the "Casual Writing" folder.

:bulletblue: Bans will be given if anyone does the following: harasses, scams, steals, or rude to other members. If you have an issue with any of these things, please note us and we'll deal with it.

:bulletblue: As long as you're offering writing commissions, you're welcome to join us! Please be aware that all you can post are your writings.

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions for the group, send us a note! It will be responded to as soon as possible.

Enjoy your stay at Writing-Commissions!

Gallery Folders

Commission Sheets
Commission Cafe :: OPEN ::Commission CafeStatus: Open for OrdersWelcome to my commission cafe!Here you can place an order for writing at reasonable rates ó from vanilla fluff to more exotic flavors! I've decided to change the rates and the orders around a little because I'm feeling a touch more confident about what I'm doing. The rust and dust has been shaken off.Now, letís talk about the rules before you decide to place an order! :)> FANDOMS, FANDOMS, FANDOMS <Letís face it. We canít all love the same thing! You know what that would make us? Cookies cut from the same dough and I know we donít want that. Weíre all unique little cookies with our own kinks and fandoms. We love different ships and may hate others. We might even no agree on who tops. And thatís okay, darling! I respect all walks of life! You should too, or Iíll escort you out of this cafe right now.To break it down, I might be a writer, but I am not into every fandom youíre going to throw at me probably. We may have similar interests and thatís great! We may have differing tastes and thatís wonderful, darling! Hell, we may not even be on the same page despite the fact weíre playing the same damn game or watching the same damn show! Thatís FINE! :DJust understand that I may turn your fandom away because itís either something Iím no longer into or I just never got into it! You know what? Thatís okay, too. :)Please note: I am okay with Original Characters. Iím not okay with Mary Sues. ThoseÖ make me uncomfortable. > Letís Talk about SOFT LIMITS and HARD LIMITS <Weíre going to treat this just like a contract. There will be no safe word because weíre going to talk about it in full, like adults.SOFT LIMITS are things that Iím willing negotiate on. Iíll work with it, but may not go into grand detail about it. My soft limits list is a long one, so Iím not going to go into great detail about it. This will be a order by order thing.HARD LIMITS are just thatÖ A hard NO. I wonít write about it. I wonít talk about it. No, you cannot convince me otherwise. If you find Iím not willing to write your kink, then by all means, we can either talk about using other kinks or you can just cancel the order. Itís all good. No hard feelings! This list isnít as long, but to list a few things Iím not going to write:> Bathroom humor/Scat/Water sports> Creepy age difference (keep that loli/shota level stuff away from me)> Weird crossovers (Iíve seen that rabbit holeÖ)To name a few. Other than that, feel free to ask. I wonít collar creativity. If itís what youíre into, you wonít get any judgment from me!> Payment and Negotiations <You know whatís not up for discussion? Paying me. I expect payment up front after agreements are made and before the glorious fun begins! I am not a pushover. I do the pushing. Mostly pushing my muses to push me through whatever Iím working on.I have two payment methods:VenmoPaypal> THE MENU <Before placing an order, please be reasonable. Just like at a cafe, I canít take a small a order and make it something grand. If you come to me with ZERO plot and only a desire for porn, then I canít help you. I canít work that into my higher tiers. I can probably do ĎGreení or ĎWhiteí, but ĎBlackí and ĎHerbalí would be out of the question. To place an order, send an email here:SpookyGuardian@gmail.comSubject Line: Order of (Insert Tea Type)Green TeaWord Limit: 2,500Price: $10White TeaWord Limit: 5,000Price: $20Black TeaWord Limit: 7,500Price: $30Herbal TeaWord Limit: 10,000Price: $40> SPECIAL ORDERS <I've decided to open up the option for multiple chapters, darlings. There are going to be some serious rules about this, though. First rule, it has to be a fandom I'm heavily invested in and enjoy. This is so I know I can dedicate my time to it completely and you'll get the content you absolutely deserve.Second rule, you're paying for the first three chapters ONLY. After, AND ONLY AFTER, the three chapters are completed and we've both enjoyed it so much that you've decided you want more, you can pay for additional chapters.Multiple ChaptersLimit: 3 ChaptersPrice: $50+ Additional Chapters: $10/chapter> Where to Find Spooky <PatreonTumblrdeviantArt (You're already here!)Archive of Our Own
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Casual Writing
Writing Challenges

Mature Content

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Looking To Commission
Chad story by jugo1516


Your friendly admin team! If you have any issues regarding the group, we encourage you to contact the founder, who will consult with the rest of the admins regarding your concern(s).




Thanks for stopping by! We hope you enjoyed your stay. :heart:
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We were noted about the possibility of making a discord for our group, so I have gone ahead and done so! You may join with this link:

Please note writers AND commissioners are welcome in our server. ^^

Once you've joined, please read the rules on each server (especially the ground rules!). But most importantly, enjoy yourself! <3
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Group Info

Writing-Commissions is the first deviantART group focused on literary commissions. Created by KaixChan on November 20th, 2012, the group was formed with one dream: To be a place where writers can join, spread their commission information, and get their names out there in the commissioning scene.

Writing-Commissions has expanded over the years; we have two admins besides the founder, imaginary-rose and newest admin x-chaoticdawn-x. imaginary-rose has been an invaluable help with expanding and getting the group to where it is today, and we're sure x-chaoticdawn-x will be a valuable asset as well!

Thanks for checking us out!
Founded 7 Years ago
Nov 20, 2012


Group Focus
Art Creation

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authorromance Featured By Owner Edited 2 days ago
Hey, this writing/doujin studio will give you exciting offers/discount when you're subscribed to their mailing list. Check it out:…
bloodrose83 Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
Hi folks,

I am a freelance writer with over 14 years' experience bringing other peoples' characters and scenarios to life. I am available for commissions, $10 per 1,000 words. I also edit and revise existing works. Examples of my recent previous work can be found in my gallery. Please no NSFW or fanfic. More details can be found here:

If you're looking for something Halloween-themed, the price drops to $8 USD per 1,000 words.

If you have questions, please note or post here. Thanks for looking and have a great day!

VanillaMetal Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2019  Professional Writer
Pastel Pink Heart Bullet If you'd like a writing commission, feel free to check out my details~! Pastel Pink Heart Bullet 


Kageyama Smirk Icon 
of course i'm still making this joke
So my 15,000 words for $420 (instead of $450) offer was such a big hit during the end of last month and this month, that I've decided to bring it back...for the moment, permanently!
And this time around it's indefinite how long I'll keep it going. A lot of commissioners took advantage of the deal recently so it seems like something people really like Kawaii Face: Smile Which is great!
If you want to commission me for a written work, check out my full details here:
Details on the offer are as follows:


Buy 15,000 words bulk (one payment), and instead of $450 you'll only be charged $420! That's a discount of $30!

In 2018 I wrote over 3,000,000 words! I wrote over 400 different pieces, and 300 of those were commissions! I'm always open to working for new clients, and I'd welcome you to contact me if you're interested! Check out these journals for my details, prices, and testimonials from happy customers~

little star Writing Commissions little star~

~WRITING COMMISSIONS~ (UPDATED 24/08/19)Thank you so much to everyone for helping me to come this far and continuing to support me ^-^
Please read through this journal if you would like to commission me~

IMPORTANT: If you contact me regarding a commission, you are bound by these rules, regardless of whether I ask you to confirm that you've read/agreed to them or not. It is your responsibility to read them and agree to them, as all my current commission links lead to this journal and this warning, so make sure you read this journal properly and understand it clearly before you message me. If you commission me I will assume you have read and agreed to these terms.

DISCLAIMER: With regards to pieces about established properties, fandoms etc. I do not own these properties, I am simply producing fan works based on or inspired by them. 
If you have any questions or issues feel free to contact me either via Private Messaging on DeviantArt, messaging on my linked websites, or email at vanillacommissionsGMA

~little star Editing and Proofreading little star

~EDITING AND PROOFREADING SERVICES~ [UPDATED]Please read these terms thoroughly, if you commission me I will assume you have read and agreed to them!
Now, onto the details~
[I advise reading these terms too: ~WRITING COMMISSIONS~ (UPDATED 13/05/19) - Same rules/disclaimers apply here, and I will assume you have read and agreed if you commission me]
PM me on DeviantArt or email me at Please include an editable copy of your text and any instructions you have. Please also make sure to include your email so I can stay in contact and send it when it's done.
Make sure to tell me any additional instructions before editing begins, so I can best tailor the piece to your requirements.
I will happily edit anything. I can edit and proofread bot
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