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Welcome to Writing-Commissions!

We are the first group on deviantART with the focus of literary commissions. The founder, KaixChan, formed this group with one dream: To get writers and their names out there in the commissioning scene. We were also formed because we wanted to show deviantART writing is just as good as art! With a growing membership and watcher count, we hope you decide to join us!

Helpful links

A Beginner's Guide :: Literary Commissions

A Beginner's Guide on Pricing

Job Offers: Writers Wanted!


:bulletblue: When submitting a join request, you must include the following two links in the request, or you'll be automatically declined.

o Your commission sheet. Most commonly a journal (but can be a deviation), a commission sheet includes your commission prices and, usually, a bit about yourself as a writer. Here's an example. Please feel free to use it as a basic template (with proper credits)!

o An example of your writing. This example must be hosted on deviantART (not any other site) to be applicable. We also prefer if this example is a deviation. If you need help with how to submit literature, here is a guide, written by PoisonousTiger.

Your join request will be automatically declined if you do not provide these two links!

:bulletblue: If you're looking for someone to commission, please watch the group! You can also browse through our "Commission Sheets" folder to see what our writers are offering. You can also post a journal with your commission inquiry to our "Looking to Commission" folder, where it'll be seen by our writers!

:bulletblue: Feel free to advertise on the front page, but do so sparingly and please don't spam.

:bulletblue: Casual writing is welcomed, but has to be submitted to the "Casual Writing" folder.

:bulletblue: Bans will be given if anyone does the following: harasses, scams, steals, or rude to other members. If you have an issue with any of these things, please note us and we'll deal with it.

:bulletblue: As long as you're offering writing commissions, you're welcome to join us! Please be aware that all you can post are your writings.

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions for the group, send us a note! It will be responded to as soon as possible.

Enjoy your stay at Writing-Commissions!

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Commission Sheets
Fiction Commissions [OPEN]Who am I? What do I write?I am a student of life and academics. I’ve been writing for over a decade now, and I’ve studied creative writing throughout this time formally as well as learned through independent study. I have a self-published novel out, as well as publications in various literary magazines. I write mainly magical surrealism, but I can write anything so long as it’s fiction and I have enough details!I will write for any of the following fandoms, as well as any original content given to me so long as I have enough information! (This includes OCs.) I am also willing to write smut, though I do ask that you understand it is not my forte.DC ComicsDr. WhoStar TrekAvatar the Last AirbenderFullmetal Alchemist BrotherhoodHarry Potter (including Fantastic Beasts)Ouran Highschool Host ClubPricing:I generally work on a word count basis, meaning that I charge per 1000 words. However, I’m willing to offer discounts for longer projects since they would take me a bit longer.1000-5000 words: $5 per 1k wordsFor every 1k after 5,000, I will cut the general fee in half. FOr example: a 6k story will be priced like the following$25 (for base 5000 words) + $3.25 (for the extra 1000 words) = $28.25 for a 6000 word pieceHow it works:You message me with a story idea, and I decide whether or not to take the commission. I give you a rough estimate as to how many words it’ll take to flesh out the story, and we agree on the price. I will write the piece within the following week (at least), and I message you upon completion of the piece. You send me the money via PayPal, and then I send you the story as a form of receipt of payment.I reserve the right to turn down a commission for any reason. If I feel I could not do your story justice, I will not take the commission. Plain and simple.
Commissioned Writing

Mature Content

Mature Content

Casual Writing
Rest“... Mom?” I ask, my voice not sounding quite like my own. My mother hums at me without tearing her gaze away from the twinkling stars above. Diana, the newest constellation, sparkles down at us like the eyes of my late aunt of the same name.“We need to go, Mom,” I try again, feeling awkward now. Remains of the fallen enemy litter the ground, their blood mixing with the grass under my bare feet. The ruby at my neck grows warm, and I instinctively set a hand atop it as if to quell the power source housed within.“K-Keena,” a familiar voice coughs out behind me. I turn, the smoke in the air bringing tears to my eyes as I search with a frown for the owner of said voice. My youngest sister, Trinity, trips over the ground towards me, and I rush to her side. I catch her just in time, her frail form trembling with what I can only assume to be shock.“Get your sisters and go home,” Mom finally says, her voice oddly serene. It doesn’t quite match our surroundings, nothing but destruction and carnage and those shining stars. I don’t like it. I don’t like how she hasn’t stopped looking at the sky. I don’t like how she apparently isn’t coming home with us now. A ball of bitter grief forms in my throat, and I have to swallow hard around it to find my words.“We’re not leaving without you,” I tell her. I swear I can almost hear her laugh, a light, airy sound that floats to my sister and me like a wisp of smoke.“Do as you’re told, Keena,” she insists, using that maternal tone myself and my siblings have grown up with. It’s always policed us, guided us between right and wrong, but now it’s telling us to leave her here, in this mass unmarked grave. It’s unthinkable. Impossible. After what we’ve gone through, I can’t imagine leaving her here.However, I can feel Trinity begin to shake beside me, and I know she won’t last much longer here, in this place of death. I’m torn once again to choose between one of my sisters or my mother, and a part of me just wants to leave them here, absolutely refuse to make such a choice once again… But, even as I mentally play out the scenario, I can’t bring myself to do it. Even more than how I can’t abandon my mother, I can’t abandon my sister more.“I’ll be right back for you,” I tell my mother. She hums in acknowledgment, though her tone has a dreamy quality to it that gives me pause. Trinity leans heavily against my shoulder as I give our mother one final glance, praying that she’s still here when I return. I then turn around and gently start to lead Trinity away from the worn battlefield, my body screaming in pain and fatigue. The stab wound at my stomach still spills out blood, I can feel it seeping through my clothes, but I can’t tend to it yet. I have to get my sister out of here, then my mother, then perhaps check for any more survivors despite my own doubts at there being none. Then, once everyone is out, I can slap a bandaid onto my stomach and call it a day.Only then can I hope for some semblance of rest.
The Bat and the OrphanCassandra Cain and Stephanie Brown, otherwise known as Batgirl and Orphan respectively, sit on the rooftop of one of many small-scale shops in Gotham. They watch vigilantly as civilians pass by, completely unaware of the masked heroes watching over them. Stephanie glances over at Cassandra, admiring the determined light in her girlfriend’s eyes. She opens her mouth to ask if they should just call it a night, and to suggest that they visit the café across the street after changing into less conspicuous attire. Suddenly, a scream breaks through the night, causing both girls’ heads to snap in the direction of it.  Stephanie spots a woman clutching tightly onto a purse, obviously trying hard to fight off the older-looking man who’s trying to snatch it away. The male shouts something unintelligible at the woman as he pulls out a gun from his jacket. The woman quickly releases the handbag, throwing her hands up defenselessly, and the man starts off at a sprint.  The couple don’t even need to speak to one another. They merely drop off the roof, landing deftly on their feet beside each other in the man’s path. Stephanie glares daggers at the pickpocket, thinking that’d be enough to intimidate him. After all, he’s only a thug. The man skids to a stop, breathing heavily as he sights the heroines. He glances between the two, a calculating light within his beady eyes. “It’s not nice to take a lady’s things,” Stephanie begins, smirking at the witty remark. She mentally compliments herself, thinking she’s gotten pretty good at those since officially taking up the guise of Batgirl.  The criminal, though, seems less than impressed. He whirls about on his heel and sprints off in the opposite direction, earning a tired sigh from the duo. They share an uninterested glance, deciding to allow the man a head start to make this a bit more interesting. Things have been quiet lately, and honestly any action they can find is welcome.  After letting the criminal get about a block ahead of them, they simultaneously retrieve their grappling hook launchers. The girls propel themselves forward, launching themselves up onto the nearest roof to give themselves a better vantage point. They then start off after their target, leaping from rooftop to rooftop.  Their footsteps are synchronized as they run, a side-effect of having worked together for as long as they have. They follow from above in the general direction of the pickpocket, leaping over gaps between the roofs.  As they turn the corner at the end of the block, a gap bigger than the ones before stretches in front of them. Stephanie glances over at Cassandra, who’s only acknowledgment of the obstacle is quickening her pace. She wonders if they can make the jump, but seeing as how Cassandra doesn’t seem worried about it, they’ll probably be able to make it after all. Stephanie matches her girlfriend’s speed, and waits until her foot is just on the ledge before throwing herself forward with all her might. She just overshoots the distance, having to tuck her legs in against her chest to avoid making a rather nasty landing. She turns to smile victoriously over at Cassandra, but skids to a halt at seeing the other isn’t at her side. She whirls around to face the gap, her heart clawing its way up her throat. Stephanie moves to peer over the edge, hoping to see the Orphan dangling at the end of a grappling hook. However, the only out-of-place thing she can make out in the darkness of the alley below is a balled-up form. A whisper of a pained groan floats up to Stephanie’s ears, and next thing she knows Batgirl is shimmying down the nearest drainpipe to make her way down. “Orphan!” Stephanie shouts upon sighting her. Cassandra is curled up in the fetal position, hugging her left leg close. Stephanie rushes over to her side and kneels down, pulling her girlfriend close. Her heart beats frantically at seeing the pained expression on Cassandra’s face, tripping over its own pattern against her ribcage.  “I think it’s broken,” Cassandra tells her, her voice coming out breathy and uneven. Stephanie shakes her head, picking her girlfriend up in her arms and moving towards mouth of the alley. “Where are we going?” “The hospital,” Stephanie replies. “We need to get you to a doctor.” “What about the pickpocket?” “Doesn’t matter,” she answers. “Someone else will get him, I’m sure.” Cassandra sighs, shaking her head at how easily Stephanie brushes off the criminal. However, she can’t bring herself to argue with her about it, the pain of her broken limb silencing her. “Thank you, doctor,” Stephanie says, shaking hands with the physician. The doctor nods, shooting a weary glance over at Cassandra. “Be sure she stays off of it for about a month,” he commands, “which means no crime-fighting.” He pauses before adding, “Can you promise me that?” Cassandra sullenly glares at the cast on her leg, cursing that gap she had failed to jump across earlier.  “Don’t worry,” Stephanie assures him, “I’ll take care of everything.” He nods, and then excuses himself to go gather the necessary paperwork. She turns to her girlfriend, crossing her arms over her chest. “Sorry, but it’s for the best. I don’t want your injury getting worse when it isn’t even necessary. Someone else can take over our patrols until you’re ready to get back out there.” Cassandra doesn’t respond, her eyes unwavering on her leg. Stephanie calls Nightwing for a ride back to her and Cassandra’s apartment, one he’s more than happy to give. She asks him to make sure they’re taken out of the Bat rotation long enough for Orphan to heal, and he easily obliges. He tells the girls to call if they need anything. Stephanie thanks him for the offer, but is pretty sure she won’t need it. After all, if she can’t take care of her girlfriend when she needs it, what kind of girlfriend is she? Stephanie wheels Cassandra into their apartment, kicking the door closed as they pass it. She rolls her girlfriend in front of the television, and hands her the remote before moving into the kitchen.  “Are you hungry?” she asks, opening the fridge. “Because I sure am. It’s crazy how a night out on the streets can you get you starving.” Silence answers her, and she can’t help but sigh at Cassandra’s sullen behavior. She can understand where the other is coming from, sure. It’s awful not having the freedom to patrol like you’re used to, but it’s for the best. If she tries to patrol in her condition, Cassandra would only end up hurting herself more. Cassandra knows that, Stephanie is sure of this, but it won’t keep her from sulking for a while. Sighing, Stephanie gives up on trying to find something to eat, worry for her girlfriend’s emotional state staving off her appetite. She goes to sit on the grimy couch, the best they can afford on dual part-time salaries at the nearby diner. Batman had offered to pay for their lodgings, even after they had denied the offer to live at Wayne Manor, but they refused. Both wanted to only depend on each other for what they needed, loving the feeling of independence that came with it.  She moves closer to Cassandra, and rests her head on the other’s shoulder. Cassandra quietly leans her head atop Stephanie’s, heaving a deep breath. They then allow the drone of the television to lull them into a complacent state, staying up late into the early morning hours.  Two weeks pass, during which Cassandra’s mood doesn’t improve much. She becomes restless in the tiny apartment, trying to do anything she can to distract herself from the feeling of uselessness overtaking her. Throughout the endless days of moping around the apartment, she’s unable to keep her gaze from lingering longingly on the window. Stephanie notices this, growing more and more worried.  The couple sit on the couch, staring at the television. The news is on, the tinny audio blaring through the air about Gotham’s crime rates. Stephanie glances over at her girlfriend, thinking she probably shouldn’t have allowed them to settle on the nightly news for their entertainment. She sighs, returning her gaze to the television as the anchor switches the topic to celebrity gossip. Stephanie jolts, an idea coming to her. She can’t help but smile, thinking it to be the perfect distraction for the both of them. “Tomorrow,” she says suddenly, “we’re going out. We’ll go on a real, proper date. We haven’t had the time between work and… our other work, but we do now. So, we should take advantage of it.” Cassandra looks over at her questioningly, surprised by the suggestion. “I don’t think we should—“ “Why not?” Stephanie insists. “We don’t know when we’ll get an opportunity like this again, so we should do it now.” She pauses before adding, “Besides, it’ll be a great way to get you walking with those crutches. The doctor said you should move around as much as you can, so your body doesn’t get too used to the inactivity.” Cassandra pauses hesitantly, unable to deny the pleasure the idea brings her. She loves the idea of being able to go on a date with the other at long last, and, to be honest, getting out of the apartment is a nice bonus. She finds herself nodding, to which Stephanie flashes her a delighted smile. Stephanie snuggles close to Cass, happy to have given the other something to look forward to. Stephanie rushes Cassandra out of the apartment the following afternoon, excitement coursing through her veins. Cassandra asks repeatedly where they’ll be going, but Stephanie doesn’t give even a hint to their destination, much to Cass’s dismay.  They take a taxi to the mystery date location. Stephanie doesn’t even tell the driver the destination verbally, mysteriously showing him a piece of paper with the address written on it instead. The driver nods almost immediately, clearly recognizing the place easily. Cassandra raises a suspicious brow at this, her curiosity growing.  The driver drops them off in front of an older building. Stephanie slides out of the car after paying the fee, and holds Cass’s crutches for her until she gets out of the car as well. She then moves to hold open the door for her, waiting patiently until she’s through the door. Cass looks around the interior, eyes widening at the retro décor. A musty, yet oddly-satisfying aroma fills her nose as she looks around to take it all in. “I figured a movie would be a nice, normal thing for us to do today,” Stephanie explains, joining  Cassandra at her side. “I looked online and found this place. It only plays those old-timey, glamorous Hollywood flicks.” She glances over at Cass hesitantly before asking, “Do you like it? We can go somewhere else if you don’t.” “It’s great,” Cassandra answers softly, shooting her girlfriend a smile. Stephanie chuckles softly, feeling extremely accomplished at having found a proper place.  They go to the counter to get tickets. There’s only two to choose from, since it’s such a small theater, and Stephanie leaves the decision to Cassandra. She picks the movie with slightly more action than the other. Stephanie can understand why. After being unable to patrol for so long, she’s also willing to get some action however she can.  After lingering in the lobby long enough to get some typical movie snacks, they move into the theater room. The movie is only a minute or two from starting, and there’s no one else in the theater. The two share a glance, loving the thought of having the theater all to themselves. They could criticize all the fight scenes as much as they want and as loudly as they wish.  Stephanie leads them to the center of the room, sitting them down in the best seats in the house. They then snuggle close, staring up at the projection screen excitedly. Throughout the movie, neither say a word. It isn’t as if the movie is particularly captivating or anything, but the mere fact that they’re able to sit down at a theater and watch a movie together is enough to make it seem like the best film either has ever seen. Stephanie periodically reaches into the popcorn to snatch up a handful, and bumps into Cassandra’s hand a little. Neither can help but feel bashful at the slight touch, it filling their stomachs with butterflies. The action is so wonderfully average that it delights the living daylights out of them. Cassandra sighs contentedly, leaning her head over to rest it atop her girlfriend’s. Stephanie smiles at the screen, her heart beating wildly in joy. This could quite possibly a new favorite movie of hers, if for nothing else than because of this moment. Sadly, the movie comes to an end much too soon. They linger in the theater as long as they possibly can, but have to leave once the ushers come in to clean. They hail a taxi, Stephanie deciding for them to go to a diner in an effort to prolong the outing just a bit more. Neither are willing to go back to the apartment quite yet. They sit down at a sticky table, opening the oversized menus to decide on something to eat. They aren’t really all that hungry, too stuffed with popcorn and candy to order a full meal. Instead, they decide on sharing a plate of fries. The waitress comes by and takes their order, and returns soon enough with the food. Cassandra reaches over and grasps Stephanie’s hand, lightly rubbing her girlfriend’s knuckles affectionately. Stephanie shoots a small smile to the other across the table, squeezing her hand in response. Cass feels a certain phrase coming to her as she stares at the blonde woman, her heart swelling with the thought. “I love you, Steph,” she tells her, hoping her eyes convey how sincere she is. Stephanie’s eyes widen is surprise at the sudden confession, but Cassandra doesn’t feel anxious in the slightest. “I know we’ve only been living together for a few months,” she begins to explain, “and that this is our first actual date, but I don’t really feel like that matters. It doesn’t change how I feel.” “I—” Stephanie says, emotions clogging her throat. “I love you, too, Cass.” She can’t help the slight laugh that escapes her, surprised at how easy it had been for her to say. She didn’t think she’d be able to feel so much for someone since Tim Drake, but here she is, falling all over again. Though, this time, it’s for someone completely different. They stare lovingly into each other’s eyes, unable to wipe the smiles off their faces. Neither know how long they sit like this, unwilling to break the gaze. By the time they do manage to look away, their fries are stone-cold. They laugh simultaneously at the realization. Stephanie merely shakes her head, pulling her wallet out to pay. “Let’s go home,” she says, feeling as if she could fly the both of them to their little apartment halfway across town. Cassandra nods quickly, already moving to get her crutches ready.  They get back to their apartment quickly, the taxi ride feeling like it only takes a few moments despite the evening traffic. They settle down on the couch after changing into outfits a bit more apt for lying about doing nothing, Stephanie sliding her arm around Cassandra’s and snuggling her head onto the other’s shoulder.  The couple falls asleep that night on the small couch, awakening the next day with the same impossibly wide smiles they had shared in the diner. ...
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Your friendly admin team! If you have any issues regarding the group, we encourage you to contact the founder, who will consult with the rest of the admins regarding your concern(s).





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...please be careful about who you shelf out money to.

Be cautious about blank / empty accounts in particular. The reasons we've added the rule to have at least one piece of writing submitted is to protect potential commissioners against those who would scam. (Plus, it was suggested by a kind deviant a while back who was looking out for you guys too.)

I was personally noted near the end of 2018 about a writer who was blatantly rude to a potential customer. The way they handled it was suspicious, especially since their account was (somewhat) new and completely blank. I noted this person to warn them about their actions in a polite way, to which they never responded. And about a day ago, the group was noted about the same person who scammed them out of their money.

Please be reassured this particular user has been blocked from the group. I gave permission to the one who was scammed to write a PSA on our front page them, but I'll also write it here.

Do not contact Macrofur-Writings about a commission. Not only did they scam a person out of their money, they were also beyond rude and highly unprofessional to another person when asked about a commission.

I also plead with those looking to purchase writing commissions to make sure you're careful. Blank / empty accounts in particular should not be trusted unless proven otherwise.

Just know I, and the rest of my admin team, are looking out for you guys and will do our utmost to protect this community, both client and writer. <3
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Group Info

Writing-Commissions is the first deviantART group focused on literary commissions. Created by KaixChan on November 20th, 2012, the group was formed with one dream: To be a place where writers can join, spread their commission information, and get their names out there in the commissioning scene.

Writing-Commissions has expanded over the years; we have two admins besides the founder, imaginary-rose and newest admin x-chaoticdawn-x. imaginary-rose has been an invaluable help with expanding and getting the group to where it is today, and we're sure x-chaoticdawn-x will be a valuable asset as well!

Thanks for checking us out!
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