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We are the first group on deviantART with the focus of literary commissions. The founder, ResonantCrimson, formed this group with one dream: To get writers and their names out there in the commissioning scene. We were also formed because we wanted to show deviantART writing is just as good as art! With a growing membership and watcher count, we hope you decide to join us!

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Open for Writing CommissionsHi, my name is Nathan and I’m a storyteller by trade. My job is dedicated to the literary arts and storytelling, I may not have done real commissions but I have taken part in some projects and even host projects that are still WIP and will be released to WebToons [in due time]. This may be my first time doing writing commissions, but it certainly won’t be the last. In between my personal and outside projects, I’ll make sure the success of the commission is guaranteed and the way you want it to be.Provided below you will see the relevant information regarding my business practices and the requisitions you can ask for. Anything else like questions, comments, concerns, and everything in-between you are allowed to note or personally contact me yourself with this email I’ll be sure to answer them professionally and to the best of my ability.I can do basic novel/books to stageplays and comic books [with different prices, both being optional and can be discussed]QualificationsLiteracy wasn’t a formal first, but hell, was it quite a messy relationship back then. Starting around 6 or so, I ended up doing a first “mini-novel” for my own class at one point. As you would’ve expected, it was pretty garbage. Going forward in time I did some time with a couple of fanfictions which was just as equally horrible. I had to stop at one point and decide not to go any further with it. Then high school came around, and what a shlep that turned out to be. Also, some private affairs at that time but not the point at the moment.Throughout the mess that was, I took a gamble with literacy again. With some happy results. I got better at it and throughout the bits of high school, I’ve written down a significant amount of stageplays and managed to leave the high school with two prized projects I’m proud of working on Project 626 and 2036 a graphic novel and a novel. Of course, that's a different topic.Today I am training myself to become a self-publisher, and I want to continue my ongoing profession of writer and storyteller by posting here and creating commissions for people. So on that note, I’m looking forward to working with you on creating a story that is unique and truly yours.PricesEditingWriting isn’t the only thing I can do, if you got something, I can proofread and make edits for you if you have works of your own that need it.2$ = 200 wordsWriting Pricing500 [Ficlets]: 20 USD1000-3000 [short stories]: 30 USD+3000-5000 [average stories]: 40 USD+5000-7000 [medium stories]: 50 USD+7000-9000 [big stories]: 100 USD+9000-12,000 [bigass stories]: 150 USD+The additional pluses equal the in-between of the commissions.First-timers dealFinding someone for commissions and doing them have one thing in common: they’re both a pain in the ass. To relieve the stress, I’ve decided to open up a first timer’s deal. First timer’s deal is a much more comfortable experience for those who want to know my writing capabilities a little more and be more confident about what they’re spending their money on.By doing that, the pricing is different. Anyone offering their first commissions will have the pricing offer of 2$ per page on the story they’re offering [from short to large, ficlets are excluded]. After that, you can gain the choice of doing the deal again, with a 1$ increase, or proceed with original pricing. But once you reach the second time you use the deal or decide you want to switch to original pricing, that’s about it.Additional FeesNSFW: At the moment, won't be doing NSFW for the time being. But the original price for that additional fee was 5$Research: 2-6$The research is for fandom writing in terms of character and setting. If you don’t want detailed descriptions, let me know and I’ll omit or wave this charge.Privacy: 50%If you desire to be the only person who reads it, this fee will be applied to the final price. Practical for those who have private characters, or don’t want their names attached to the piece.Fandom Commissions?Sometimes, it heavily depends on what I’m currently working with. I mostly prefer original works [thanks to my bad experience with fan fiction] but they are usually accepted with exceptions. I do accept OC x OC stuff. Fandom commissions for most forms of Anime fit the list of things I can’t do. But I am willing to discuss it if that's what you're looking for.All prices are not final and will be subject to change.Payment methodsYou mainly have to pay in Paypal the link will be provided if neededIf you’re interested you can contact me with the necessary details through my Email or Deviant notes or in the form of a Google Form that I will be working on and releasing soon.
[CM]: Asher - Prologue© Catherine LaCroix & Twisted Key Publishing 2020 Asher stared at the dry bottom of the wooden mug. He was three drinks deep and running out of coin. He needed stories. Good stories. And the night was not promising. Henry, the local farmer, had been thrown from the second floor by his wife. Again. Cedric, a captain promoted from royal blood alone, had lost the most recent jousting tournament, bringing shame to both king and country. That one could almost make a song, but it was to no one’s surprise that he couldn’t sit astride a horse any better than he could command a troupe of men.No, Asher needed something sensational. His crude ditties about the three princesses had gone stale and barely earned him enough to pay for his booze. Most nights, the bard slept in a pile of hay amidst cows and pigs. Henry’s sudden landing in a hay bale beside him was a rude awakening indeed.And so, he spent the last of his pennies that evening at the Twisted Key, a pub that had withstood tests of time and war. It was bursting at the seams with patrons—loud, bawdy men that made suggestive remarks at the barmaids who rolled their eyes and cut their beer with water. They were too drunk to notice, of course. Often times the ladies charged more for each drink as the night went on, watered down or not. Just a small increase at first; insignificant, and difficult to notice. But Asher had seen them work up to double the price on more occasions than he could count, and the men paid for it without a second thought, all the while licking their lips and stealing sideways glances. He thought that in itself would make for a great song, but he didn’t want to draw ire from the Key’s owner. Brutus was a mountain of a man who could snap Asher’s spine over his thigh without breaking a sweat.“Another one, Asher?” Rose, a barmaid as pretty as her name suggested, held a plate of empty mugs in one hand and reached for Asher’s with the other.“I wish. It seems I’ve emptied my purse already.”“Aw, that’s a shame. I could put one on your tab?”“My tab must be as long as Princess Victoria’s wedding train. I think Brutus will beat me bloody if I add another.” Asher tapped his mug a few times against the bar, then handed it to Rose.Rose snorted and added the mug to her growing tray. “It’s on me tonight. Well, it’s really on those gentlemen over there.” She pointed at a particularly rowdy table. They beamed with the attention. “They’re already at twice the price. They may reach three times with those comments. We’ll see where the night takes us.”“You’re a gem, Rose.” Asher chuckled.She offered him a genuine smile and went to refill the cups.Unlike the majority of the Twisted Key’s patrons, Asher was kind to the ladies that worked there. While they took the brunt of the catcalls and errant grabs, Asher found himself constantly at the butt-end of jokes and jeers for his songs. Being a bard was not for the faint of heart. But, making friends at the pubs he frequented meant free booze, and owners like Brutus’ wrath if the patrons grew too rowdy.Rose was quick to return and served him his ale with a wink. Asher had a mind to drain it in a few deep gulps, drowning out the noise of the atmosphere, but he nursed it with small sips instead.“I heard you were looking for stories,” a voice stated only inches from his ear.Asher started, his beer sloshing over the ridge and spilling on the thighs of his pants. Damn, he’d just cleaned those, too. He swung in his seat to offer a harsh word to the one who snuck up on him, but his voice caught when he looked the stranger in the eyes.The man had steely, flint-colored eyes set deep in his face. And they were hard and cold. Asher surmised a person could strike fire with those eyes. Ragged scars marred the skin that held them, from forehead to chin. Dark hair was tied back at the nape of his neck. He wore clothes that looked in worse shape than Asher’s sleeping situation, and his bare forearms were equally as scarred.Asher swallowed against the sudden lump in his throat. “Y-yes. Stories.”“How much are you paying for them?” His voice was like carriage wheels on gravel; rough and uncomfortable.“That depends on the reception of the song, I suppose,” Asher replied in a small voice. “I-I’m tragically short on coin at the moment.”He took a seat, leaned one strong forearm against the bar, then locked eyes with Asher. There was a moment of silence before his features grew dark and he said, “I hunt dragons.”Asher burst out laughing. It was the last thing he’d expected out of such a man’s mouth. He gasped for air to form his reply. “Dragons aren’t real. You expect me to pay for that?”He grimaced, his lips pulling into a tight, hard line. “I thought you’d say as much.”“You’re serious?” Asher wiped tears away from his eyes. He could barely catch his breath. “My God, you’re as serious as the grave. You hunt dragons? Actual dragons? Not trains of horses or humans in costumes?”The man looked around the bar, searching through the patrons with scrutiny. When at last he was satisfied, he pulled a bundle from the pack on his belt and set it carefully on the bar.Asher’s laughter slowed and he tugged at the hem with curiosity. “What is it?”“Open it,” he said.The entire parcel could fit in the palm of Asher’s hand and he wondered what could fit into something so small. He untied the strip of leather and the cloth fell to the sides. At its center was the largest ruby Asher had ever seen.“A ruby?” Asher’s eyes went wide.“Look closer.”He leaned in and realized there was so much more awaiting inside the gemstone. Strokes of yellow and orange swirled in its center, and they were moving, circling like clouds in a storm. Asher moved to lift it for closer inspection.“Wait—”But it was too late. When Asher touched it, fire seared through his fingertips. He yelped and pulled back. A few of the patrons stopped talking and glanced his direction. As he sucked on his fingers, he hoped it wouldn’t ruin his mandolin playing for good. He was already hurting for money. Seemingly satisfied with his silence, the loud conversation returned.“I told you to wait,” the man admonished, situating the cloth over the gem, and retying the fastening. Asher realized then that the stranger wore thick black gloves.“What in the devil is that thing?” Asher assessed the damage to his hand. It may hurt for the rest of the night, but nothing permanent.“A Dragonstone.” He returned the gemstone to his pack. “You can assume where it comes from.”The burns were very real. And Asher knew he’d seen something in that rock move. “Dragons are real? Why does no one speak of them?”“I pay good coin for them not to,” he replied easily. “And I get paid to…dispatch them.”“You kill dragons? By yourself?” Asher’s disbelief shifted to awe.“Who said anything about killing them?” For the first time, the man smiled. It looked awkward on his face, repositioning the scars in wicked lines so his skin looked like tanned leather.“What do you do with them then?”“How much will you pay for my story?”Asher sighed. “I haven’t got a copper to my name. I’m a bard, sir, not a,” he paused and gestured toward the pack, “noble dragon hunter. Besides, aren’t you paying to keep dragons out of people’s minds?”“Yes, but it’s…a complicated situation.” He paused for a drink and Asher waited. He sighed. “They deserve to know of their existence. And dragons deserve to stay alive.”Asher studied him, unsure of the man’s game. He clearly didn’t need the money, and a bard wasn’t the quietest of sources. What was his aim? He waved down Rose and ordered the man a drink.“Do you have a name?” Asher asked after the man had some ale in him.“Nero.”“Well met, Nero the Dragon-helper. I’m Asher. I am at the mercy of your stories.”Nero awarded him with a dry laugh before looking once again around the pub. Asher wondered what or who he was looking for. He dared not ask. Songs of dragons would be farfetched, but the people loved to be transported to mythical realms of magic and beasties. It would draw a crowd, at least.“What about payment?” Nero’s smile disappeared.Asher sighed. For someone who didn’t need the coin, Nero was certainly pushy. “Why don’t you tell me one story. Just one. I will write the song, sing it, and pay you whatever is earned. If you’re not satisfied, there are many bards in Oryn who can pay upfront.” He drained his mug, grateful that his pants had finally dried. “But none who can sing like I can.”“Alright. You have a deal.”And so, they began.
~ Closed~ Writing and Editing Commissions! ~ Hello friends ~ I have recently graduated from university and have obtained a degree in Creative Writing and English Literature! I've written and edited loads of creative work including many short stories and poetry. I've also helped edit and publish two literary journals. I'm particularly passionate about writing and creating lore for Dungeons and Dragons campaigns and characters. But I'm open to so much more! I'm obsessed with fantasy, anime, and SO much television. I want to work with you to write or edit the projects you've always wanted to see come alive!Expertise: — Vivid Description— Realistic Dialogue— Character Development— Dungeon & Dragons characters, parties, and adventures— Romance & Erotica— OC’s and self insertsWon't Work With:— Incest — PedophiliaI'm open to pretty much anything else (including smut)! * I reserve the right, of course, to reject other things I'm uncomfortable with! Editing & Revisions:If you simply want proofreading, that includes corrections for spelling, grammar, punctuation, verb tenses, POV discrepancies, and other mechanical errors. However if you also want revision I can give you feedback about the piece's logic, technique, clarity, originality, and more! You'd just have to tell me what you want out of it and I can help! Payment: Because I've obtained a degree in Creative Writing and I have had lots of experience I will charge just a bit less than one third of the professional rate (~ $10 per 100 words ) which is about $3 per 100 words. Just give me an estimate of how many words you'd like and I will accomplish as much as I can in that range. I will not charge you if I go over the word count you have requested as long as the word count suggested is reasonable. I will also do some research for free if I'm not familiar enough with your fandom! If the research is a considerable amount, however, I may charge a little extra (we can discuss). I work through Paypal. I will ask for half of the payment upfront and half when I am finished and you are satisfied! I plan to send you an outline and a draft when I am part of the way through and then we can make adjustments together to guarantee your satisfaction.Pricing Table:Writing: $3/100 words Proofreading: $4/1000 wordsRevising (proofreading included): $8/1000 wordsContact me: Please PM me on here to get a hold of me and then I'd love to connect with you on discord! There we can discuss your project and my services! The more specific you are with your request the better. Do you want fluff, romance, action, adventure? Do you want multiple parts and settings? Lots of dialogue, lots of description? Keep thinking and let me know! Also please check out my profile to see samples of my writing. Hopefully I'm the right fit for you! ,~ Just some of the fandoms I know really well: ~Animes:All Studio Ghibli FilmsYour NameHunter X HunterInu YashaMy Hero Academia Sword Art Online Fate seriesSteins;GateParasyte Attack on Titan Fruits Basket ToradoraBlue ExorcistYuri on IceMadoka MagicaCowboy BebopFullmetal Alchemist Deathnote Akame ga KillNo. 6Banana Fish AnohanaVideo Games: PokemonLegend of Zelda (Botw, skyward sword, +) Stardew ValleyFinal Fantasy (X, XV, +)Chrono TriggerMinecraftSuper Smash Bros The Sims Doki Doki Literature ClubShows:Avatar: the Last Air Bender & Legend of KorraCastlevaniaSherlockGame of Thrones Over the Garden WallAdventure TimeSanditon The Witcher Chilling Adventures of SabrinaGilmore GirlsStranger Things Outer Banks EuphoriaShamelessYouThe OfficeParks & RecNew GirlHow I Met Your MotherOther franchises:Harry PotterTwilightHunger GamesStar Wars Lord of the Rings Marvel BTS Army
Commission Sheets
Open For Commissions!! by tientai1
Taking commissionsHello, Deviants!I'm an experienced writer looking to take a commission. I've written a fair amount of requests and commissions in the past, and the best ones are available on my profile. I specialize in smut, though I'll also write SFW fics if you want me to. Here are a few limitations and what I'm actually offering:Adult content of what I like to call 'non-extreme' nature. Mostly everything goes except the usual stuff people won't do (scat, gore, vore, etc.). I will not do anything where one concept or idea overpowers everything else - such as an entire, 5,000 word commission being solely about a woman's breasts. Breasts are nice, five thousand words of breasts less so.I will do everything (within reason) except for M/M (or anything involving masculine characters together).I'm most proficient with third person, but I'll do any perspective if you so desire.I will do fanfics only for media with no set personalities - Warframe is a good example, as none of the warframes come with personalities. This also means I might write in a particular pre-set world, as long as all the characters involved are original.Please note that I might make up minor characters to help write the story unless you request me not to. These may or may not be used again in other stories or my own personal work. Do ask if you want to use them outside of the work you've requested!Note that due to my own highly set standards, I tend to work quite slowly. This also helps make sure I sell you something deserving your money.Here are a few things I'm likely to write quicker and better:Robots/biomechanical beings of the humanoid kind. Think warframes, mainly.Military settingsSoft sci-fiMild sub/domM/F, D/F, H/F (anything God intended, or at least similar)There is likely more, but this isn't my f-list. Ask in a note and I will answer.Payment InfoMy rate is 25 USD per 1,000 words.Deadlines are a soft "no". Negotiable, but I'm likely to decline an otherwise good commission. My writing is unfortunately very erratic.If you intend to use my work anywhere (just displaying is fine by default, but do inform me) please inform me before I accept your commission. We will work something out.Transactions will be conducted through PayPal.Before starting work on your commission, I'll need half of the full payment. Once the work is done, I will provide highlights so you have a general idea of whether the final product pleases you, and once the other half is paid the full work will be sent.Refunds if you have paid the first half for a commission and cancelled before it's finished are proportionate to the percentage of completion. Meaning if I have finished 20% of the work, then you'll get 30% of the full payment back, 40% done 10% back, so on and so forth. Hopefully my work pleases you enough for this to not be necessary at all. This should go without saying, but if you cancel when I've written above the 50% point, no refund will be given at all. You will still get the amount of words you paid for, however.SamplesThe latest posts on my account here are usually the best samples.
Writing Commissions - CLOSED! by CharliesKorner
Commissioned Writing
(Comm) A Knight and A Rebel by CinnaMonroe
Commission: Precious Moments Chapter 5The defeat of Majin Buu came with many costs and trials. Once the terrible creature was freed, Babidi took it all over the Earth. The Earth's population was decimated as Buu turned people into treats. There were few that escaped Buu's wrath; even Babidi was slain by Buu. The Earth's savior, Hercule, was among them. Unfortunately, even Earth's 'hero' couldn't keep Buu calm for long. Vicious humans caused a split between the newly good Buu and an evil incarnate. The evil Buu attacked the Lookout and began a chain reaction that led to its defeat. Of course, before all that, preparations were made. After giving the children the terrible news of the demise of Vegeta and Gohan, the children were given little time to grieve. Immediately, Goku and Piccolo started to train Trunks and Goten to perform the fusion dance. Shortly after, Babidi sent a telepathic message to all the Earth. He wanted to track down Trunks, Goten, and Piccolo. Trunks's identity was given up by the scorned mother whose sons Trunks and Goten beat. Because of this, Goku believed they'd need the Dragon Balls again, so he planned to send Trunks back to his home to get the radar. Of course, Bulla cut in and demanded she go instead, afraid that Babidi might track Trunks down. She already lost her father that day; she wasn't going to lose her brother too. Reluctantly, Goku agreed, and so he continued to train the boys in the art of fusion. To buy time until they mastered the dance, Goku went to fight Buu. Even he couldn't beat the monster, and he perished as well. However, once in Otherworld, Goku sensed the life force of his son and used instant transmission to reach him. When Gohan saw his father, he was so relieved until he noticed the halo over his head. Goku then told everyone what happened on Earth while Gohan was training. At least Gohan was alive and not dead like Goku thought. Even so, Earth's last line of defense was a bunch of children who never had to fight a menace like Majin Buu before. Eventually, Buu did find Trunks and Goten, even fought and trapped them in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. When they did escape, the children fought their hardest, but Buu still managed to consume them and take on their abilities and characteristics. Gohan also returned to fight, but he let his guard down once he thought victory was assured. The Earth was truly doomed. Until Old Kai gave up his life for Goku to return and Vegeta was given permission to return to Earth to fight alongside his rival against Buu. The evil Babidi awoke in Vegeta was gone, and the Saiyan's mind was calmer now that he'd been at rest with no nightmares. As reluctant as he was to fuse with Goku using the Potara earrings, assured that their fusion would be permanent, the fact that his wife and children were killed by this monster didn't sit well. Through a series of miracles, the two Saiyans separated again, and then had to take Buu out in a different way. Kid Buu was evil, unrestrained, and strong. A quick wish of the Dragon Balls brought all the good people of Earth back from the dead, including Vegeta if he ever felt need to question himself. A spirit bomb defeated Buu, and the horrific events of the day were like nothing more than a bad dream. In fact, it was pretty much just that for the people of Earth, as another wish remained and Hercule requested that everyone be made to forget about Buu's involvement in the disaster, the good Buu who he befriended. Everything was back to normal, and peace reigned once again. --------------- Bulma heaved a sigh of relief as she thought over the events from weeks ago and how everything had worked out. It had been horrific, losing her husband, fearing the loss of her children, and then being eaten by that monster that now walked among them as a…friend? She shook her head. Sometimes Son could be too forgiving, but Buu seemed capable of change. As Vegeta explained it, there had been different version of Buu and the one that remained had taken a liking to Hercule. Everything seemed to be under control, for the moment. The blue-haired woman leaned back in her patio chair and stretched out her arms in the sunlight. She looked to her husband who held a cup of coffee in his hand. A pensive expression darkened his features, and Bulma frowned. The night that everything occurred, the couple had had a long discussion about the role Vegeta played in the events, both the good and the bad. Bulma knew her husband had been struggling. She hadn't realized how much his stress and anxiety had taken over his life until what they were now dubbing 'his breakdown' since Bulma could not voice what happened without getting upset. He still wouldn't tell her what fully happened with that, only that it would never happen again and that his mind had been too weak to fight off the wizard. That was probably the only reason Bulma hadn't told him to leave that night, that and the fact that she loved him and wanted him close after losing him. Still, since then, Vegeta seemed calmer, but he was so withdrawn. It almost reminded Bulma of the day she invited him to live at Capsule Corp. She wasn't used to these prolonged and deafening silences anymore, and it alarmed her. Before she could voice her concern, laughter caught both hers and her husband's attention. Vegeta's gaze shifted from his coffee cup to the three children down below. Trunks, Bulla, and Goten chased each other around the yard. Bulma watched them fondly; their carefree nature and unbridled laughter eased her uncertainty. Her attention was back on her husband, the man still lost in thought with guilt shining in his eyes as he watched the kids. It didn't deter Bulma. She was a woman on a mission. "So, are you ready to talk about it?" she pressed. Her voice left no room for argument, and the Saiyan didn't bother to protest. "What is there to say?" Vegeta returned as coal-colored eyes met blue. "I made a mistake." Bulma's eyes softened. "Hun," she softly called, "according to both you and Goku, it's not like you made the choice. You were exhausted." Vegeta grunted sardonically, bitterly. "I was weak. I let the enemy get the best of me, and I gave into the power to prove a point." Bulma's eyes lit up. Finally, they were getting somewhere. "Speaking of, what point was that?" Vegeta winced. He was reluctant to explain himself, mainly because Bulma had dismissed his nightmares. Still, after what he put the woman and their family through, she deserved to know. He glanced off to the side of the table. "I told Kakarot about my nightmares, and he said something that rubbed me the wrong way." His eyes shifted back to Bulma. His wife's eyes narrowed slightly in confusion, but she didn't stop him, didn't yell. She was just listening. "I asked him if Frieza ever returned, would he let him go like the first time?" A sigh escaped Bulma. "I take it he said 'yes'?" "Worse," Vegeta scoffed a disparaging laugh. "He pointed out how he let me go, that I changed. After I lost control over myself, all I knew was that I was so infuriated with his answer, that in that moment in the stadium I wanted to prove that not everyone changes." Bulma placed her hand on his and smiled sadly. "You did change," she told him. "That much is true. A lot of our friends have. Most of them started out as our enemies. Son always gives everyone a second chance." Vegeta's expression grew grim, his form rigid. "That doesn't mean we all agree with him all the time, and you better believe we'd all give him hell over Frieza. He was a monster, and I'd be damned if I let him anywhere near our family and our children." A weak smile formed on Vegeta's face. Bulma reminded him so much of a Saiyan in that moment. "But I also want you to remember," she cut into his musings. "Frieza's gone, dead. New Namek is somewhere he can never find it. And the only other Dragon Balls are here on Earth. Frieza isn't coming back." "Mark my words, Bulma, but Frieza will return," Vegeta warned, "but now Kakarot knows what he must do. As for everything else that happened," both his and Bulma's eyes fell on Trunks and Bulla. Vegeta sneered and mentally berated himself. "I regret ever putting them in that situation." Vegeta never wanted his children to experience pain as he had in his childhood, even slightly. In one day, the two had to grow up so quickly. The Saiyan prince could never forgive himself for that. Bulma, though, she just flashed him another brilliant smile. "If there's anything I know about our children, it's that their incredibly strong and strong-willed. They'll bounce back with time. The fact that they can still run around out there with smiles on their faces is a testament to that strength." Vegeta agreed, so he simply nodded, and then the couple went back to watching them in silence, hopeful that the children's innocence would erase all of the dark memories. Laughter was all that could be heard from the kids. Trunks, Bulla, and Goten ran around the yard and every so often engaged in a light, playful spar. Their play fighting lasted for about another hour before the three found themselves on their backs in attempts to catch their breath. They were under a tree; the sun peeked through the leaves. The children stared up at the sky, each breathing heavily and lost in thought. The events that transpired weeks ago still lingered in the children's minds. They each endured their own challenges that day, felt so much pain and reality that most children their age could never imagine. All of them had to experience grief for the first time. Where the Dragon Balls repaired all the damage done, the deaths, or supposed deaths, of Vegeta, Gohan, and Goku left their psychological marks on the young children. Trunks never expected his father to lose. To him, Vegeta was the strongest man to ever exist. The man taught his son to fight and be strong, but Trunks was not prepared to lose his father or any battles. He learned pretty quickly that his Saiyan nature made him and Goten both cocky, especially when fused. Had Trunks fought more seriously, he probably could have stopped Buu. The same went for Gotenks. But the children were naïve, not battle-hardened. Trunks would have to convince his father to train him more harshly now. He was certain his mom wouldn't like that, but Trunks didn't care. He needed experience, and he would no longer allow Vegeta to go easy on him. The next time an enemy showed up, Trunks would fight alongside his father, and the two of them would take the creep out together. Out of nowhere, Trunks abruptly announced, "I'll be back guys. I need to use the bathroom," before he left the two alone. As the boy rushed away, Bulla closed her eyes and wore a look of irritation. "Too much information," she muttered, which in turn caused Goten to laugh. The sound made Bulla smirk. Bulla was the first to sit up, and Goten followed suit. They simply smiled at each other and shared a quiet moment together. And then the moment passed. "So, what have you been up to?" Goten's question snapped Bulla out of her small trance; she wondered if Goten had caught her staring at him. She responded easily, despite the face that she had been lost in the peaceful moment. "I've been training a lot with Papa," she told the boy. "After everything that happened, I need to learn more." What Bulla said was true; however, that was not the reason she trained with her father. Since the day Majin Buu showed up, the day the Earth was nearly destroyed, the day Bulla lost her father, the little girl did not want to be too far away from the man at any given time. Bulla was terrified, if he wasn't within her sight, he would go away again. Right now, if she looked up, she could see her parents together, so that was okay. Any other time during the day, though, was a challenge. Vegeta had been very put off when Bulla ran to his training room and grabbed his arm before he could walk in. She jumped up and hugged him and refused to let go. After failed attempts to remove her without force, Vegeta allowed Bulla to come inside, but only if she trained with him. Bulla knew her father was frustrated he couldn't do more, but he took advantage of the moments Bulla went inside for a snack or to use the restroom. One of his escapes was a colorful cartoon Vegeta normally cursed the existence. Now, they were extremely helpful. For many nights, Vegeta had to stay with Bulla. Sometimes, he had to stay with Trunks. Bulla pretended not to know about her brother's need for their father. She understood. Both were distraught when Goku told them their father was gone. For the sake of her brother's pride, Bulla didn't mention it. Goten beamed. "Hey, that's cool!" he exclaimed. "I bet you'll catch up to us in no time!" Bulla seemed surprised. "You…you think so?" "I know so," Goten answered with a wide grin. "You're a Saiyan, after all." At that, Bulla smiled and lied back down on the grass. "So, what about you?" Goten was taken aback by Bulla's interest, and his expression fell. His shoulders grew rigid, and his brow furrowed. Honestly, he wasn't doing so well since the Majin Buu incident. Goten lost a lot that day, same as his friends, but it was harder for him to bounce back from it. Gohan was his best friend, and he almost lost him. Thankfully, it didn't happen, but for a time, that's what Goten believed. Then, his father was killed by Buu. Since everyone was wished back, the Son household returned to business as usual. Chi-Chi worked to make the home a safe and healthy family space. She was even more against training now, but Goku and Gohan would still train with Goten in secret…when they were around. Lately, Gohan was so busy with balancing school and a new girlfriend, and his dad would go to who knows where to train. Goten felt a bit left behind, especially because he couldn't dismiss the events a few weeks ago so easily, so he started showing up at the Briefs's home more often hoping for a distraction. He was certain Bulma and Vegeta noticed, but so far no one had asked him. Until now… "Honestly, everything is back to normal," he started, his voice full of disbelief. "Mom scolds us when we train or if I fall behind on my studies. Dad trains and shows up when he's hungry. Gohan studies, and now Videl comes around more. Everything is just…how it's supposed to be." Bulla noticed that Goten didn't mention him. She was an empathic child, and she could read into more than most. "That's great for them, but I asked about how things are going for you? You said you're training and doing schoolwork. How's that going?" There was a heavy silence between them before Goten sighed and let his shoulders slump. Bulla sat up again and faced the other half-Saiyan. "It's back to normal for them," he reiterated, "but I have no idea how to react to any of it."
C: Sleepy LoveByleth lets out a heavy, drawn out sigh. Today was difficult. Running around, doing various errands for people, eventually ending up fighting those who would want to rebel against the queen. Her days are often ridden with these types of things, but deep down the former professor doesn’t mind. She would do anything for her beloved queen… anything at all.Running a hand through light green tresses, Byleth looks out at the tangerine horizon. So much happened in so few years. Edelgard made Fodlan in her image, a realm where people no longer relied on crests to determine who was above anyone else. She overthrew the Church of Seiros. Edelgard, simply put, is an amazing individual, one Byleth loves with her whole heart. After Edelgard was revealed to be the Flame Emperor, Byleth vividly remembers the look in her love’s eyes when she promised her sweetheart she would be with her no matter who or what she was. This was a decree Byleth swore she would never break. Edelgard means everything to her. She would go to war if it meant Edelgard would be safe… and, with a little smile quirking her lips, Byleth had gone to war. She fought against those who the Black Eagles fought with. She killed in Edelgard’s name. And does Byleth regret it?Not one bit.Perhaps she’s changed over these years… some may think it was for the worse, but Byleth doesn’t care whether it was or not. Edelgard is her queen, her most precious person, the one she would fight and die for. Even if she’s far more wicked than she was in the beginning, Byleth wouldn’t change for a second. Edelgard loves her, no matter how she was. But Byleth likes being this way. This version of herself would stop at nothing to ensure Edelgard was safe from harm. This version wouldn’t hesitate to put the Sword of the Creator through a person’s heart. This version values Edelgard more than any other person in all Fodlan. Edelgard is Byleth’s reality, the reason she exists. And if someone dares to try to take her away, they would be met with the Sword of the Creator. They would be met with someone who wouldn’t hesitate to kill.Stretching and letting out a little yawn, Byleth walks in Edelgard’s palace, nodding at the guards and those she passes. She hopes Edelgard is still awake. Deep down, Byleth knows her precious queen is. Edelgard has a bit of insomnia issues. She tends to be awake until they have their little… sessions. What were these sessions?As Byleth steps in her shared room with her beloved, she notices Edelgard in seconds. The poor woman is at her desk, head bobbing. A large yawn echoes throughout the room and Byleth giggles softly, walking towards the white haired woman.Edelgard is so absorbed in whatever paperwork she’s doing she doesn’t notice the taller woman behind her. She does notice when Byleth’s front presses against her head. A tired sigh leaves her lips as she leans against her love’s chest, a content smile curling her lips. “Hello, darling,” Edelgard whispers, relaxing fully against Byleth. “How was your day?”“Same as always,” Byleth murmurs, wrapping her arms around Edelgard and leaning heavier on her. “More rebels, but I took care of them.”“I hate that you have to do that,” Edelgard says, venom coating her voice. “But I suppose it will be so for longer yet…”“Sadly,” Byleth replies easily, moving off Edelgard to take her hand. She takes her off her chair, guiding her to their bed. Edelgard sighs quietly, cushioning her head between her love’s bosom. “You need to sleep, El. How are you going to lead Fodlan if you’re exhausted like this?”“Mm… a few minutes,” Edelgard mumbles, her entire head almost consumed by Byleth’s breasts. But Byleth tuts, pulling her queen out so she doesn’t get smothered, and lies her on the bed. “Byleth…” she whispers, giving the former professor a weak glare.“I’ll be there in a few moments.” Byleth winks, shedding all her clothes, then joins Edelgard on the bed. “Sleep, precious one,” she says softly, pulling Edelgard close, her face cushioned in her breasts once again. “I’ll be here when you awaken.”“Mm…” That’s the sole sound Edelgard makes before soft snores drip from her throat.Byleth smiles, ensuring her queen doesn’t get smothered by her chest. Once she has that straightened away, she wraps her arms around her beloved, burying her face in snow white tresses. Edelgard’s musk is something Byleth could inhale all day.But, eyes drooping, Byleth tightens her hold on Edelgard and drifts off.Edelgard awakens to her face smothered by Byleth’s front, but, as always, Byleth has it so she would still be able to breathe. A quiet laugh leaves her lips at the thought. Her love always ensures she would be able to breathe, even while her face was cushioned in her rather large assets. Deep down, Edelgard wonders what it would be like to not be able to breathe. A dark flush coats her cheeks at the thought. It wasn’t the first time she thought such a thing. She loves how Byleth is so attentive to her, but what would it be like if she wasn’t? ‘Stop thinking such a thing!’ Edelgard scolds herself. She is the Queen of Fodlan; she cannot be thinking of being… smothered to death by Byleth’s breasts. What would the people think if they found out their queen was wondering such vile things?Shaking her head, Edelgard doesn’t think the thought is vile. Far from it. It’s… curiosity, to put it in simple terms. She doesn’t want to die. Fodlan needs her to lead and show them the right path. Yet… the thought refuses to leave her, no matter how much she tries to shove it away. It’s frustrating. Perhaps she should bring it up to Byleth sometime… would she think her strange? Would she stare at her and not say a word, but wonder why she thinks such things?Edelgard shakes those thoughts as quick as they came. No. Byleth loves her, utterly, totally, and completely. She wouldn’t fault her for having odd thoughts. The queen also knows Byleth has done terrible things in her name. There are some instances where she feels bad about the whole situation. However, there are also times where she feels it shows Byleth’s devotion to her and her cause. She knows Byleth would do anything she could to protect and keep her safe. Shamefully, Edelgard knows she’s taken advantage of Byleth and her devotion. Is that such a bad thing, though? They’re both wicked people. Why shouldn’t their love be wicked as well?A low moan enters her ears. Edelgard looks up, meeting Byleth’s deep blue eyes. “Good morning, El,” her love says softly, kissing her forehead. “How did you sleep?”“Quite well, thanks to you and… and…” A dark blush colors Edelgard’s cheeks. “That.”“Haha! You’re so shy; it’s adorable,” the former professor teases, brushing back her queen’s white locks. “But I’m glad you slept well.”Edelgard nods, worrying the inside of her cheek. Now would be a perfect instance to bring up her… her thoughts. Watching as Byleth stretches and moves off the bed, those thoughts leave her as she watches Byleth’s backside. No one should be this perfect… it’s a crime against the goddess.A scoff leaves Edelgard’s lips at that thought. The goddess? Who cares about the goddess. If Byleth was a crime against her, then loving Byleth was a crime as well.Does Edelgard care about such a silly notion?Absolutely not.She looks away and blushes when Byleth turns and winks at her. She truly loves this woman. Her world would be such a darker place if Byleth wasn’t a part of it.“Like what you see, El?” Byleth teases, slipping her clothes on. Once she’s dressed, she turns towards Edelgard and lifts her face. She presses their lips together, tongues mingling in a familiar dance, before pulling back. A thin line of saliva connects them as Byleth smiles and smooths back Edelgard’s hair. “You know I do. I always do,” Edelgard says softly, sliding her fingers across Byleth’s cheeks. It’s her professor’s turn to blush as her smile softens, redness coloring her cheeks as they bask in one another’s presense.“I’ll see you later?” Byleth murmurs, dusting her thumb across Edelgard’s forehead.“Of course.” As Byleth stands and turns towards the door, Edelgard calls to her. “Byleth? I love you.”Byleth turns, winks, and whispers, “I love you too, El,” before shutting the door behind her.“My lady, you seem a bit off. Is everything alright?”Edelgard blinks, turning towards her most trusted advisor. Hubert looks at her with concern. “Ah, yes, I’m fine. What makes you think otherwise?”“You’ve been staring off into space for a few moments,” Hubert replies. “Is something amiss with Byleth?”“Oh, no… everything with her is fine,” Edelgard replies, chewing her lips. “More than fine.”“I do not need to hear the details of your… escapades,” Hubert utters, shaking his head. “But if something is going on, whether with yourself or the Lady Byleth, please do not hesitate to come to me.”“I know. Thank you,” Edelgard says, smiling at her advisor and friend. He’s seen her through her best and worst; she trusts Hubert nearly as much as she trusts her love. “Is there something else you wish to speak to me about?”“There’s a small group of rebels gathering, but Byleth should be dealing with those. She has been for the past while.”Edelgard sighs. “I know she has. I wish she wouldn’t.”“Why is that?”“I know she can handle herself… yet part of me dreads a time where I’ll hear she didn’t make it out of a skirmish.”Hubert sighs and places a hand on Edelgard’s shoulder. “You’ve fought against the Church, monsters, and everything in between… she can handle a few rogues.”“Yes, I understand. But isn’t it natural to worry about the one you love?”Nodding, Hubert lets the matter drop. “When will she return?”“In a few hours at most.” Looking at her advisor and friend, Edelgard blushes faintly. “Hubert, may I ask a favor of you?”“Anytime, my lady. What do you require?”“I need you to…”“Hah!”A rebel screams as the Sword of the Creator pierces through his chest, ending his life. Byleth smirks as she turns on the next rebel. The group started to disperse as she killed their ranks, but their leader stands strong against the threat.“Servant of evil! We will never falter!” the rebel leader screams. “Edelgard is not our queen!”“Good, because she deserves far more than you scum!” Byleth cries, charging toward the leader. He readies his axe, but the Sword of the Creator snatches his weapon and tosses it away. “If you leave the Empire, I will spare your life.”“Nngh… how dare you!” Even without a weapon, the leader rushes Byleth.Sighing, Byleth extends the Sword of the Creator to slice the leader’s head off in one clean motion. “Pity…” she murmurs as the rebels retreat. “You could have had a life.”What once was green grasses are stained with crimson and corpses. Byleth sighs, sheathing the Sword of the Creator. ‘The knights will deal with clean-up,’ she thinks, dusting herself off. ‘I need to report the rebels are becoming far more daring.’Walking away from the battlefield, Byleth’s thoughts become consumed with seeing her queen. No matter what threat stands against Edelgard, Byleth will cut them down.“Keep coming. I have no qualms with ending you.”Edelgard stands in the throne room when Byleth comes in, covered in blood. She gasps and wants to run towards her, but her duty as queen keeps her still. “Welcome back, Byleth,” she greets. “How did the extermination of the rebels go?”“Their leader is no more,” Byleth replies, kneeling to her queen. “But I fear the rebels are becoming dangerous.”The knights perk up at those words. “Whatever do you mean, Lady Byleth?” “Without a weapon, their leader charged me and was intent on stealing my life in whatever ways necessary,” Byleth reports, eyeing her queen. “Until now, the rebels would retreat when their weapon was stolen. This is a new level of crazy.”“I see… we’ll send guards out immediately to deal with this threat,” Edelgard murmurs. “Thank you for all you do to protect Fodlan, Byleth.”“Anything for you, my queen,” Byleth replies. Standing and bowing, she leaves the room.The knights start to chatter amongst themselves, nervousness and determination in their voices. Edelgard silences them with a raised hand. “We will deal with this before it becomes overwhelming,” she reassures. “For now, prepare and be ready. I must retreat for the day, but I will give you orders tomorrow.”“Yes, Queen Edelgard!” the knights cheer in unison.Nodding at Hubert, who nods back, Edelgard leaves the throne room towards her shared room with Byleth. Shedding her bloodied clothes, Byleth feels weary to her bones. She wants nothing else than to be with her queen, but Edelgard--The door opens, and Byleth blinks, seeing Edelgard standing there with a warm smile. “El?”“The day is ours, my love,” Edelgard whispers, approaching Byleth and enveloping her in an embrace. “And there is something I must ask of you.”“Anything for you, my queen,” Byleth replies, leaning heavily on Edelgard.‘She’s so tired… perfect opportunity.’“I wish for you to smother me.”“Hm?”“I want to be cushioned by your…” Edelgard can’t bear to say the word. “And I want to not breathe.”“Oh… is that all?” Byleth says sleepily, placing her full weight on Edelgard. Edelgard preens when her face is consumed by her love’s front. She finds herself unable to breathe within a few moments, and the feeling is every bit invigorating as she imagined. Breathing becomes a challenge after a few moments, and Edelgard pats her arm. Byleth mumbles in confusion, but after another pat, she moves off with a large yawn. “Oops… I’m sorry, love,” Byleth murmurs, leaning on her queen with another yawn. Edelgard’s face becomes cushioned by Byleth’s chest once more, but unlike last time, she’s able to breathe without an issue. “That could have ended up bad…”“It’s okay, sweetheart,” Edelgard says softly, nuzzling her cheeks against Byleth’s breasts. “You need to sleep… shall I guide you to bed?”“Oh… sure,” Byleth whispers, letting Edelgard guide her to their bed. Once she’s a foot away, she falls on it, dragging her queen with her. “Will you sleep with me, beloved?“Of course. Anything for you, my precious professor,” Edelgard replies, curling against Byleth as the taller woman drifts off. A gentle smile curls her lips. She got her wish… and it could have ended badly, but Byleth was attentive to her as always. Happy and sated, Edelgard closes her eyes, following her professor into sleep.

Mature Content

Casual Writing
AT: OverprotectiveAkira watches from his place on the chair as Roi putters around. He could do things. He told Roi this multiple times. However, his alpha is a stubborn asshole, and won’t let him do crap.“Roi--”“Nope. Not hearing it,” Roi says automatically.He’s setting up their pup’s room and as soon as Akira started to help, Roi planted his ass in the current chair the omega was sitting in. And he damn well hated it. Akira knows Roi would never make him feel like a useless omega on purpose. Despite that fact, Roi is doing everything and Akira is stuck watching. “I can do something!” Akira protests, moving to sit up. At that moment, his pup decided to give him a hefty kick, and he winces. Roi, noticing the wince, runs over and sits Akira down again. “Once again, no.” “I’m not useless, Roi--”“I know you aren’t. You’re the furthest thing from useless,” Roi reassures his moody omega. “You’re fragile and you need to look after yourself. You would run yourself ragged if I didn’t make you sit down every few hours.”Akira huffs. Roi gives him a smile and rubs his stomach, making a trill spill free from Akira’s lips, and Roi’s smile grows larger at the noise. He offers his own chuff at Akira’s happiness, making the omega preen and reach for his alpha.Roi envelops Akira within the safe cocoon of his arms, one large hand massaging his ears while the other wraps around his waist. Their rings - gold with green and red - glimmer in the faint light as Roi presses a kiss against his precious omega’s forehead.“You mean so damn much,” the alpha whispers in a rare show of vulnerability. Knowing his love doesn’t show this side of himself often, Akira nods, curling within Roi’s arms. “You and our little one.”“I know…” Akira mumbles, a faint smear of pink coloring his cheeks. “But I can do tiny things, can’t I?”“No,” Roi replies, and Akira narrows his eyes in irritation. “Because I know if you do one small thing, it’ll spread to multiple large ones. If that happens, I’ll have to tie you to a bed.”“Who says I’d be against that?” Akira mutters suggestively, knowing Roi is shaking his head without looking. “I know, I know, no sex until our pup is born. But that doesn’t mean you couldn’t give me release when I’m tied to said bed.”“...You’re a cheeky little brat, aren’t you?”“You love me anyway.”“I do. More than you’ll ever know,” Roi whispers, splaying one hand over Akira’s stomach. At three months, he’s showing, but not obviously. You’d have to strain to see the little bump. “You gave me a reason to exist again.”“Roi… what am I supposed to do with that sappy comment?” Akira complains, cheeks burning. “You are my reason to live too… even if you piss me off with your alpha nature.”“And you piss me off too at times, like now.” Roi chuckles at Akira’s light punch to his shoulder. “But we’re mates, and I’ll always be here to protect you, even if you don’t want me to.”“Jerk,” Akira says softly, eyes burning with tears. “Damn hormones.”“Don’t cry, my treasure,” Roi utters with his own gentle tone, catching Akira’s tears when they fall. “I will always be here, to love, cherish, and devote myself to you… so please, dry your eyes.”Tears fall faster from Akira’s eyes, but Roi doesn’t chastise him for his tears. He wipes each of them as they fall, kissing his closed eyes. “Remember this, my precious omega… no matter what happens or who tries to tear us apart, I will always be by your side.”“...How do you expect me to stop crying with those declarations?” Akira hiccups, burying his face within his alpha’s chest. “I love you, you stupid bastard. I love you so damn much.” “I know you do.”“Even if you annoy me, even if I want to scream with how damn overbearing you are…”“I know.”“Even if I want to punch that stupid smirk off your face and make sure you never fight again…”“I know.”Akira looks up through his tears, seeing Roi gazing upon him with every bit of love and adoration it makes his heart swell. He leans up, pressing his lips against his alpha’s in a chaste peck. Roi chuffs at the contact, wrapping his arms around Akira and kisses him to the point he’s breathless and yet wants so much more. “I love you until the stars no longer burn in the sky, and even then my affection for you will not cease,” Roi whispers against Akira’s lips, a soft smile on his lips.“You’re an idiot… an idiot I love with my whole self,” Akira whispers back.Pulling back, Roi moves off, winking at his omega. “You’re still not helping.”“...Fine,” Akira mutters, huffing and leaning against the chair. “That was enough to satisfy me.”Grinning, Roi returns to his task, his mate watching him with tenderness and adoration. Their lives are already so warm and full… but their pup will make it even moreso.Akira gives an inward sigh and a smile. He can deal with Roi’s overprotective nature a bit longer.

Mature Content

The Final RoundBotan was alone—downtrodden and panicked after she took Genkai’s spirit to Spirit World. The ferry girl still couldn’t believe she had been tasked with guiding one of her loved ones away. Even though it was her job and she was used to ferrying souls of the dead, Botan never expected it to be someone she cared about. Of course, her position was extremely rare. After all, she was the first assistant to the spirit detective, and the only ferry girl to spend so much time in the living world.When she sensed Genkai’s life fade, Botan was a wreck. She met with Koenma to report, but she couldn’t stand any of it. Yusuke’s grief was so immense as was her own. It didn’t matter, all the training Botan went through, all the knowledge that Genkai was safe and that she was the one who made sure of it—none of it. The one who usually had to reassure lost souls now felt lost. This wasn’t right. This wasn’t supposed to happen. Only…Botan knew that was a lie. It was Genkai’s time; she was meant to lose her life to Toguro.It brought no comfort to the ferry girl. Only despair.She took a breather from speaking with Koenma and found herself flying around the island. Flying always helped Botan clear her head, but it seemed even that couldn’t bring her out of the hazy numbness of grief. The ferry girl spotted a large crater, her brows furrowed in curiosity and concern. That certainly hadn’t been there before…Botan cautiously approached and, as she got closer, she made the realization that it was in the spot where Genkai had perished. Yusuke attacked Toguro, Botan assumed. She didn’t blame him. If she had the strength, Botan would do the exact same thing. Tears filled her eyes. Her friends were in more danger than even she could fathom.A rustling in the trees alerted Botan; panic filled her, her anguish momentarily forgotten, and she hid her presence behind a bushy section of a tree. It wasn’t safe for someone of Spirit World to be alone on this island full of demons without one of the contestants. She knew, yet she couldn’t bring herself to leave. Relief filled her when Hiei appeared by the crater. Her shoulders relaxed. No, she and Hiei weren’t really all that close, but Botan considered the fire demon a friend. She knew, with him around, she was safe.Botan was about to go and talk to the demon, but then his energy crackled around him. It seemed, as he jumped up and then punched the ground next to Toguro’s crater, he was trying to compare his strength. Botan was mesmerized. She hadn’t ever seen Hiei train before, not until this very moment.Hiei’s attack ended, and he stood between the two craters. The one he created was barely even a third of what Toguro’s was. Crimson eyes widened, and he murmured a quiet, “Unbelievable.”Botan’s heart dropped. Hiei appeared to be equally shaken and troubled. For Hiei, the wielder of the Jagan and one daring enough to attempt the darkness technique, to be concerned by Toguro’s power then maybe it really was hopeless. Their team really was in a hole they couldn’t crawl out of. The woman paled. She didn’t want to go through this all again. She didn’t want to bring all her friends to Spirit World.At that though, she started to weep, and her oar took her lower to the ground the more upset she got.Hiei heard the sounds of crying and turned to see the ferry girl. His eyes widened; he was surprised he hadn’t noticed her presence. Seeing her tears fall as she sobbed froze Hiei in place. Though Hiei was far from soft, he always hated it when women cried. It reminded him too much of his sister’s plight with Tarukane. Those memories caused his soul to burn with anger and hatred.Again, his energy crackled around him. It broke him free from his stupor. Hiei approached the woman, his steps silent and almost catlike. Botan didn’t react to him, but he hardly expected her to. Blood-red eyes roved her form, checking her for any injuries that could have her wailing like she was. She was lucky it was him who found her and not some other demon. If they weren’t in an alliance, well, Hiei wished he could say he’d abandon her and leave her to the wolves.“What’s a girl like you doing out in the middle of the night?” Hiei interrogated.His smooth voice startled Botan. Amethyst met crimson. “H-Hiei?” she called out experimentally. Then, his words registered, and her eyes narrowed in question. “What’s that supposed to mean?”“Nothing,” Hiei assured her. “Any woman shouldn’t be alone right now, let alone a human or ferry girl. We’re on an island full of enemies, and most of them…well, you already experienced some of the more lecherous buffoons.”Botan wasn’t even going to ask how Hiei knew that. He must have seen it when he used the Jagan to peer into her head and make sure she didn’t accidentally blab his secret. She looked down to the ground and shook her head. “You’re right,” she admitted in a whisper. “I’m…I wasn’t thinking. I’m sorry.”One of Hiei’s brows quirked, and he asked, “What the hell are you apologizing to me for? I don’t care what happens to you.”That hurt. Botan knew Hiei could be cruel, and brutally honest. They shared a few moments together, back when she visited his cell and even when they both ended up at the safe house in the human city on rainy nights. During that time, Botan had seen new sides, deeper sides to Hiei, and he meant a lot to her. She didn’t expect him to still feel hatred towards her for being of Spirit World.Botan stood and then picked up her oar. She was prepared to leave without another word, shoulders tight and form hunched over. Hiei took note of her form and could practically taste the dejection she felt over his callous words. They were a lie, of course, but Hiei would never let her or anyone else know that. She was the enemy.Only she wasn’t. His eyes moved back to the crater, and then something hit him. Toguro, her sadness, the tears…“Why were you crying?”Botan flinched before she cautiously turned her head back towards the fire demon. “It’s…it’s nothing.” She was lying. “Trust me; you wouldn’t care anyway.”Hiei felt like he was sucker-punched, but he deserved it after the comment he made. With a nonchalant shrug, he said, “Try me.”Hesitation flickered over the ferry girl’s face. She didn’t know if she could tell Hiei after the heartless remarks he made already. Most likely, he’d mock her or call her weak-hearted. He’d probably say someone like her shouldn’t even be on the island if she couldn’t stomach death, especially when she dealt with death on a regular basis. He’d probably think she was pathetic. Maybe she was.“Botan.”Her eyes snapped open. She realized some time during her mental battle she clenched them shut. Botan didn’t think Hiei had ever really called her by her name before, and if he did it was so sporadic that it never hit her. She looked to Hiei. The fire demon’s arms were crossed as if waiting, though his gaze was on the ground off to his side. For a moment, Botan thought she saw a flash of guilt pass over his eyes. It was gone just as quickly as it came. Maybe it was the light playing tricks on her.Still, hearing the steadiness of his voice made Botan feel safe. Perhaps he meant what he said before. Perhaps he didn’t. Either way, Botan finally conveyed, “I had to take Genkai to Spirit World.” Hiei’s gaze returned to hers, the look in his eyes unreadable. “I know you didn’t really know her, but I…I cared about her. I care about all of you, and after seeing this…” She gestured to the hole. “…I’m terrified, especially when you looked so shocked. I can’t do this, Hiei. I can’t lose all of you to him…”Hiei’s expression remained neutral. Botan could not tell what he was thinking at all. She wondered if Hiei shared similar concerns, if he was afraid of Toguro too, but Botan quickly knocked that thought out of her head. Hiei wasn’t afraid of anything, even if the situation looked bleak.For a while, only silence rested between them; not even the sound of crickets could be heard. Hiei was the first, surprisingly, to break the silence. “We won’t lose to them,” he assured her. “Trust me.”Botan wiped her tears and regarded Hiei with an uncertain gaze, but she could see in his eyes that he meant what he said. That resolve held in his crimson orbs was all the reassurance she needed. With a weak smile, she breathed out, “I will. Please, just be careful.”Hiei scoffed, “Foolish ferry girl,” before he disappeared.
Drive“I have been impressed with the urgency of doing. Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Being willing is not enough; we must do.” – Leonardo da Vinci------------------It was a nice day out which led Botan to make the suggestion to head to the park. Not surprisingly, Hiei shrugged, not at all caring what they did. The two headed to their destination together and found a nice and cozy spot deep in the forested area where hardly any humans ventured.Once there, Hiei immediately started to train. Botan was actually surprised. It wasn’t the first time she had seen Hiei train, but she actually thought that maybe they could just spend some time, sit together, and enjoy each other’s company. She even packed them a lunch. Hiei watched her do it. Didn’t he realize that she wanted to spend time with him?Hiei spent a couple hours performing a series of fluid movements, slashed his sword vigorously but with purpose. He had been feeling a bit stir crazy; so much stress followed him from the Makai. The ferry girl didn’t seemed to notice, and Hiei knew her offer to go out had little to do with his well-hidden agitation.After expending the majority of his energy, Hiei made his way over to the picnic blanket the woman brought and threw himself down on his back, arms stretched out on either side of him as he breathed heavily. The fire demon could feel her eyes on him, but he didn’t point it out. Most likely the overly curious ferry girl was studying him, and Hiei didn’t have the will to stop her.“I don’t understand why you always train yourself to this point,” Botan murmured, her voice full of concern. Hiei opened his eyes to see the ferry girl’s face right above him. The woman knelt behind his head. Her proximity was so surprising, Hiei practically jumped out of his skin. He quickly sat up, avoided collision with the ferry girl, and sat across from her with crossed arms. “You’re already incredibly strong. I don’t see why you’d train until you were this exhausted.”“There’s always someone stronger,” Hiei pointed out, his voice neutral as he stated the simple fact. “And no one will wait for anyone to catch up. I train this way to get stronger, to overcome plateaus. I’m not foolish enough to believe that there won’t come a stronger foe one day, even though most of the opponents I battle now are nothing but weaklings.”“But still…” Botan mused, “Don’t you ever want to take a break? There’s only so much strength you can achieve at one time.”“True,” Hiei agreed with a nod, “but I’m not just training to get physically stronger. I also train to build upon what I already know. I’ve seen enough fights, studied enough fighting styles, and I’ve even been trained in different scopes of swordsmanship. But knowing those styles is not enough. One must apply what they learn and see to perfect those styles. Having the strength and the will to win is not enough. One must do.”“Hm,” Botan pondered, her pointer finger touched her chin. She knew Hiei was talking about his ambitions, but at the same time the words resonated with Botan in a way she didn’t expect. For a while, there had been something she wanted to do, but her fear of a certain reaction prevented her from acting upon that desire. “So, you desire to get stronger.”“I do,” Hiei replied. He didn’t understand why the woman stated the obvious, but she always said the strangest things to begin with so it really made no difference.“And when you desire something, knowing how to do it isn’t enough,” Botan repeated. “You have to apply what you know.”Hiei gave a nod. “That is correct.”“And if you have the will to do something, that doesn’t mean anything unless you do it,” Botan stated, her eyes full of understanding and determination.“Right.”After Hiei assumed he settled her curiosity, he leaned back and closed his eyes. He never expected to feel Botan’s soft lips against his seconds later. His body froze in place, but his eyes snapped open wide as he watched the woman, completely startled.Her eyes were closed, but she kissed him with such an urgency that Hiei never knew she possessed. When she pulled away, awareness flooded her eyes. Botan realized what she’d done and appeared a bit fearful, perhaps fearing repercussions.Timidly, she uttered, “S-sorry. I-I don’t know what came over me.”Botan attempted to get up and run away from this, but Hiei didn’t let her. He grabbed her wrist and pulled her back to him, closing the distance between them once more.
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*( WRITING COMMISSIONS )*, Have you ever struggled to find a fanfiction that was exactly what you were looking for? Have a great idea that you want to bring to life? I am a writer with over 10 years of experience and love for the craft, and I offer writing commissions to help make your dreams a reality. I am comfortable with all styles of writing and am accepting both SFW and NSFW requests. Please note that I do reserve the right to decline a request should I believe I lack adequate knowledge of the source material or am unable to write a certain aspect of your request. ( By initiating correspondence or requesting a commission you state that you have read and agree with the terms and conditions mentioned in this journal. ),Please review my pricing and special offers.Fill out the commission form listed at the end of the journal.Submit the form as a PM.All payments will be completed via PayPal.After I receive your commission form and discussed your expectations I will send you an invoice for the work.Payment must be received before work is done.If unsure of the final word count, an invoice will be sent with the minimum discussed word count ie. A commission request of 2000-5000 words will receive an invoice for 2000 words as a down payment. Any additional words above this will be invoiced separately.,Flat rate of £1.25 per 100 words.I will be doing small edits and reworks for free, but major changes to the commission will not be done as these expectations would have been set before writing.,This list is not exhaustive but my notable fandoms are : Marvel, DC, Disney, Dragon Age, Final Fantasy, Persona 5, Historical, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, True Blood, Supernatural, Vampire Diaries, Star Wars, League of Legends, World of Warcraft, Diablo, Sailor Moon, Dungeons and Dragons, Overwatch, Assassins Creed, Detroit: Being Human. I will also be more than happy to write original characters and original ideas provided that you give me a thorough enough outline.,If you are requesting NSFW content you are stating that you are of legal age.After payment, the content is now yours to post where you choose so long as credit is given.Canon characters are not owned by myself and anything I write are simply works of fiction.No refunds will be given.Username:Email:Word Count:POV:Fandom:Character(s):Outline:NSFW: Y/N If Yes, Kinks:Additional Notes:

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