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A message from :iconnatsumimew: and :iconfalcorn0squirrel:
Hi Everyone!! Bienvenidos (mira bajo)
:iconfoxdivider3: Welcome to Writing-4-life, a group where you can share your skills and inspire others to write amazing things!! This is a group for poets, fanfic authors, original story writers, and watchers alike to comment, critique, and give ideas to one another.
:iconfoxdivider3: Join right ahead and submit some amazing literature! Who knows, today its DA,'s the Bestseller's list.
:iconfoxdivider3: Being a small group, we'd enjoy some invite your friends on DA, watchers, the people you watch, and others to come and join in the fun! You can also help by suggesting affiliates so we could share the inspiration!
Anyways, It's sorta necessary that I lay down the law, here:

> not too inappro-pro. Let's keep this group rated PG-13, k?

> don't troll/spam/cyber-bully/stalk/creep upon any other member of the group. It's just rude, and if reported, your membership in this group will be taken away from you, please contact :iconfalcorn0squirrel: if something happens as well as normal procedures.

> 10 deviations a day, until our gallery starts getting out of hand

> It's nice to be nice. :iconmaromiplz:

> Put your deviations in the right category... :D please? We have lives to, it takes time to sort and file things that can be easily done by the person.

>It is automatic acceptance but submitting artwork like drawings is rude and a hassle for those of us who have to check to clear it out.

> Have fun, and enjoy!!

Well, anyways, thanks for visiting our page!!
-Natsumimew, Founder

Bienvenidos, personas de paises como España, Nicaragua, Argentina, Colombia, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, y otras al grupo "Writing-4-Life" un collecion va a hacer creado despues de 2011. ¿Es posible nos da tus poemas y historias?

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This group is for any writer who enjoys getting critique, comments, and suggestions from other other terms, an inspirational pool of pure awesomeness (in writing form) You can submit fanfictions, poetry, and original stories--it's all up to you, at writing-4-life.
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Humans are Weird: I Have the Data by Betty-Adams Humans are Weird: I Have the Data :iconbetty-adams:Betty-Adams 2 0
Mature content
A Day on the Beach (1) :icondaddydechef:DaddyDeChef 7 0
A Babyish Surprise part 4
I looked around the room in shock, I didn't even know what to think. I mean, watching plushies the same size as me paying with each other... Its kind of astonishing to be honest. Momma Lucy then walked over into the middle of the room and gently dropped me to the ground. "Now go play with your sibling for a bit while me and some of the other grown ups go talk for a while." I looked up to Momma, I was a bit worried, after all i have never really come into real contact with my "siblings". I guess Momma could tell cause the next thing i know she patting my head with her huge paw and smiling at me. "You'll be ok Joey i promise, they are all very gentle and very kind. Now go on and play for a bit." 
After saying that, Momma walked away from me and too a couple other adult plushies and began to talk to them. I looked around the room, nervous about being surrounded by plushies as big as me. They're were about thirty to forty plushies or 'siblings' in the entire room. Many of them were sp
:iconjlucool:jlucool 18 3
Monster Profile: Emma
Appearance: Emma is a seven foot tall white tiger plush. She looks like a normal white tiger, however the stitches indicate that she is a plush. She is usually wearing a long pink dress. Her eyes are blue. 
Personality: She is a very kind and gentle monster, she has always adored making people happy. She will usually invite anyone who finds her home in the woods inside. She does not have any evil intentions however, if she finds someone who is truly sad, she will invite that person to stay with her at her home. They will then become Emma's type of child.
Bring Plushies to life: She has the ability to turn plushies into life for short periods of time. She can also control them to do whatever she needs them to do. She usually uses them to comfort someone or give company when a person is at her home. Because her powers are weak, she can only control so many plushies, unlike people like Momma Lucy who can control hundreds. 
Sleeper making: Emma can create any type o
:iconjlucool:jlucool 28 14
A Diaper Fairy Story
Heather opened her eyes, confused about her surroundings. The last thing she remembered was sitting in her bed and getting knocked out after being surrounded by.... glitter? Heather looked around her surroundings, she could clearly tell she wasn't in her own room. She could tell however, that she was in some kind of adult... nursery. Everything around her was things you would find in a nursery, a changing table, a toy box, a few big plushies, a few dolls. Even where she was sleeping was baby like as she was sleeping in a crib with a mobile playing above her. She then looked at her clothes, she had a solid pink colored t-shirt on, and a... diaper!? Even more questions began to go through her head as she tried to detach the tape from the very thick diaper around her waist. But after a few minutes of trying and to no avail, she gave up.   
She was still very dazed so it took a while for everything to sink in. But once it all did, she heard the door in front of her open. The pers
:iconjlucool:jlucool 46 2
A New Look, A New Family, A New Home(A plush tale)
John woke up the smell of cigarettes again, he could already tell that it was his Aunt Sheril walking down the hall into my room. 
Its been five years since Johns parents death. And every year his abusive aunt does the same thing on that day, she talks about his parents and makes fun about the fatal car accident that they died in. He never enjoyed it, but if he did anything, then she might of whipped him or started more rumors again. 
"Alright you piece of crap, its time to get up. I'm still tired so your gonna have to make breakfast, and if I don't like it, then Ill whoop ya. You got that you ten year old brat." John hated how she always used him for her own personal gain, a day didn't go by when she would force John to do something. And the worst part, he would get whipped by her own personal belt if he did the smallest thing wrong. "Yes Aunt-" John stopped midway thought his sentence as his Aunt walked up to his bed and pulled his hair hard. He tried to look away from
:iconjlucool:jlucool 23 2
Mature content
TG TF: Me to Cleo :iconsupersonicgreenski:supersonicgreenski 70 20
Dracul Drabble: Smoldering Saint vs. Rime Reaver
Asphodel and Jeanne both stood in the town aflame, with Iodac escorting out those he could.
While Jeanne was fine with the villagers being let out, she felt her glare intensify when she saw the clergymen leaving. "Your friend is saving those corrupt leaders."
"Our organization finds value in life, the measure of the person who has that life isn't really relevant," Asphodel said haughtily.
"So you're fine saving heathens who use their flock and betray them? Who recite one word, then do the opposite?" Jeanne asked as she drew her sword.
Asphodel shook her head. "No. I admit I'm not the most devout person. Being seen as an unholy monster kinda put a damper on my dedication, but not all of those leaders are bad. I don't think it's worth throwing out the good ones with all the bad."
"A platitude without purpose. All it takes is one bad apple to soil the bunch."
Asphodel folded her arms. "So you'd rather lead them by murder? I think killing is one of those big rules you aren't supposed to br
:iconbenji-blacksky:Benji-Blacksky 10 2
Dracul: Predators and Prey
Asphodel was usually one to enjoy her hunts. Going out in the dead of night, seeking those who would make for decent repasts. Time and patience went into her hunts, including making sure that her meals were suitable.
Those with wicked hearts, those who would not be missed, she had to make sure they were just right, to avoid robbing the world of someone doing good and incurring chastisement from her allies and the superiors in Dracul.
Finally, she found one...A man named Milos Vahn Dehl. Milos was a known thief and murderer, one who had eluded custody many times.
"Let's see if you can elude my fangs." Asphodel smirked, revealing her sharp teeth before walking towards the man.
He was in the backstreets of a city, trying to break into a inn.
Asphodel could practically smell his smug satisfaction, but she could certainly feel excitement just before she struck, swooping down.
However, before her sharp nails could plunge into Milos' neck, a hand grabbed her wrist, holding her back. "What?!"
:iconbenji-blacksky:Benji-Blacksky 9 2
I Am
I am the shadow, and I am the light
I am the sunlight, and I am the night
I am the battle, and I am the fighter
I am the water, and I am the fire
I am a raindrop just ready to fall
I am the world, and yet…
No one at all.
:iconmikkimarie:MikkiMarie 2,748 691
Day in the Life
I wake up in the morning and rub the sleepy out of my eyes.
I pull the blankets a little bit higher until the chill in the room subsides.
The house is quiet, I step out of bed and do a few quick stretches.
I felt a couple of bones crack.
As I gingerly make my way towards the window, carefully stepping over mounds of dirty clothes on the floor, I open the blinds to a bright array of yellows and oranges in a crisp clear blue sky.
Not a cloud in sight.
I close them again and trot to the bathroom.
I take a quick glance in the mirror.
Masses of tangles and dirty pores scattered across my face.
My eyes are still puffy and red from trying to fall asleep the night before.
It was such a relief to turn off all those ridiculous thoughts when unconsciousness finally took hold.
Those aren't the most pleasant of thoughts anyway.
I stand there in the same shirt and shorts I've worn for the past three days, debating on getting in the shower.
Maybe later, I'm just so tired.
I make my way out and into t
:iconstarrshine1597:Starrshine1597 1 0
her wisdom
It is painful for me to watch this play, play-out as those like
you come before me, a being of perfection and elegance
as if you hold some relevance to the purest embodiment
of what those wish to be.
As if any answer i could give you would due, just because
it came from me your queen and not some irrelevant fool,
but tell me/your beautiful queen/...he who seeks enlighten
meant for those who are looked down even by the likes of tools
what purpose do my words have if they are ignored till death
brings blade and hardship is the bride you never knew was
yours till you opened the door and laid her on the bed like
any other newlywed.
:iconbackjack-kitsune:Backjack-Kitsune 4 13
Mature content
Weightless :icongracefool-lyn:Gracefool-Lyn 0 0
The trauma and grief keep resurfacing,
Despite my efforts to shove them away.
Hold it together--
Bite back the tears
Because life keeps spinning,
Keeps turning
Faster and faster,
Out of my control.
Hold on tightly;
Don't let go,
Or you'll lose what little you have left.
:icongracefool-lyn:Gracefool-Lyn 14 0
You are a risk
Sorry God,
The first name I say,
The first gaze,
of the day
Is not yours.
Never believed,
I cannot stop thinking about,
As one can not stop breathing and blinking,
As heart never stop pounding.
He is always there,
The invariable like you.
The first breath I take,
The first step I lay,
He is the consciousness,
He is the means.
He is always there,
As you exist.
The force of every action,
The source of every inspiration,
I bid every moment to him.
He is always there,
As the prayer I say.
The madness of my guts,
A risk, worth taking,
Where there are no calculations.
As the belief in you.  
I can see him.
I can feel him.
I bet,
He is always around me.
As the shelter like you.
:iconantvak:Antvak 25 1



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Alright people, we're up to over 2k members which is an awesome means for celebration so I'm going to reveal something I've been working on.

As it may be obvious, I don't hold a lot of presence as a leader, I do try and comment on the works that come through here, for awhile I actually did an immense number but that's still miniscule compared to the number of submissions we get.  I like to give everyone space to do their thing and don't really invoke much participation.  Whether this is a good or bad thing I will somewhat ignore.

What I want to say though, is that I do have a blog where I am going to be  reading and reviewing people's work.  I want to let everyone know that if there's something they really want help on or just need a new set of eyes on, I will be very willing to help.  Just know that if you send me your 30 page 10pt font novel it probably isn't going to get read in a timely manner, never the less though I'll give you what I can. is where I will be at, you can send me links or submit pieces, whichever you prefer although I'll tell you know I'd like submissions because they make me happy.

Thanks for conglomerating into a mass that I can enjoy and rule over.  

Keep writing.
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