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OK, now that I am starting to get the hang of this I feel that this is necessary. The rules of the group are important to me I spent a long time thinking over them.

1. You can post mostly anything to the group (as long as it is written and it is fiction). Fiction = something that is not completely real.

2. All posts must be works that you have written. I am not saying that they have to be original but they have to be yours. If we find out that you have stolen it we will report it instantly.

3. Please try to put your art in the correct folder. Because I have don't know if your piece is fanfic or not. Don't get me wrong I will try to read everything posted here at some point or another but I don't have the time to read everything as it is posted.

4. If there is ever any issue don't hesitate to tell me. I am a very nice person and am very will to help you or try to fix the problem. Just comment on this page or note me directly.

5. If you want to contribute to the group the "Join" button should should come up with that option if not just comment on this page and I will make you a contributor.

Now I need to give credit where credit is due. Most of the inspiration for these rules came from crying-out-loud and ChapterWriterz so a hearty thank you to both!!







I posted in My Journal already. That is pretty much all I want to say on the subject. I am promoting a very capable group manager (with out them knowing... sorry!) crying-out-loud

I have just started my own business (look here or here) and don't have the time it takes to run this group properly. That on top of what it says on My Journal.

So Writers Universe, this is good bye!

More Journal Entries


Unknown Emotions
What are these feelings?
Someone has shown affection towards me. I fell hopelessly in love.
But has anyone ever asked that one question: What is love? What defines love?
These new thoughts currently flooding my mind are new to me, like a flower just about to bloom. 
Its something that i am not used to. No one has cared for me like this, which makes me a bit frightened.
I don't know what to do.
She wants to spend more and more days with just me. To be honest, i'm not sure if its
a joke or its for real. I can hardly believe it myself.
My world is spiraling into a different form, a form that everyone can recognize.
All my life ive been someone who prefers the darkness than the light, 
To blend in with everything around him, like a common tree.
Now, that emptiness i felt long ago has been purged & replaced with something new.
A new model, a fresh start, a clean slate.
Maybe this is something i need, but ive done no searching for it. it just came in.
Like a midsummer bree
:iconkyoryucrimson:KyoryuCrimson 1 0
this feeling
black tears run down an emotionless face
closed eyes against a dark night
the pain extends, arms reaching out
to grasp at my mind
this feeling?
it is a heart filled with loneliness
Eyes shine bright
a blush of heat across warm cheeks
the hope in me rises up
and i dare to dream
this feeling?
it is a heart filled with love
:iconbloodflowsliketears:bloodflowsliketears 0 0
Blue Fire by Tuooneo Blue Fire :icontuooneo:Tuooneo 1,159 78 take a chill pill by JeanFan take a chill pill :iconjeanfan:JeanFan 1,192 81 Alone. by A-L-i-E-Nxx Alone. :icona-l-i-e-nxx:A-L-i-E-Nxx 93 60
A vampires lover
I sit and cry,
Tears streaming down my pale skin.
The red iris' of my lovers eyes,
Dimming as the silver pierces his heart.
The bruises blooming over my body,
Reminders of his once unbeatable strength.
His immortality gone,
Destroyed by a stake imbibed with Alchemist's magic.
The murderer turned to face me,
A small smile on her face.
I was human,yes,
But the rules were clear.
Anyone found in the house were to be killed.
With a small shock,
I realised that I no longer cared.
He was my life,
A part of me.
Now he is gone, And so is my soul.
She closed in on me, stake aimed for my heart..................................................................................
:iconbloodflowsliketears:bloodflowsliketears 3 6
Part of Me
You left my heart in pieces
And I sat out in the pouring rain
Waited for days
And still you didn't come home
My life shattered
You took a part of my soul
The part of reasoning
It can not be given back
And that's why I need you here
By my side
So please come home
Come back to me
Make me whole again
And fill the gap in my life
That you made when you left
:iconbloodflowsliketears:bloodflowsliketears 4 11
I need Freedom
Soaring above the froth-topped clouds
A mere lonely shadow flitting through time
My soul yearns to follow
To glide on the currents of the wind
But I a trapped forever in this mortal body
No-one can pierce the hard armor of my mind
My thoughts sink back into semi-consciousness
memories fading
And so I simply go back to watching
The mere lonely shadow
Soaring above the froth-topped clouds
:iconbloodflowsliketears:bloodflowsliketears 2 0
Ode to Purple
If I could,
I would,
color the world
not red, with anger and passion
nor blue, with sadness and depression.
Not white, with innocence and purity,
nor grey, with it's neutrality .
I definitely wouldn't use yellow; much too bright.
If I had it my way,
I'd color the world in purple
embracing the world in it's mysterious delight.
:iconalyth3cat:alyth3cat 5 31
Little Strummer Boy by EMort Little Strummer Boy :iconemort:EMort 5 0
His steady breaths caress my neck, warm and tranquil as he sleeps peacefully next to me. Rhythmically, his heart beats beneath my ear, a sound that usually calms me, pulling me into a deep sleep, his bare chest acting as my pillow. But I stare at the ceiling, unblinkingly now as he sleeps on, utterly unaware. I don't want to admit it, but I can feel it sneaking up on me again. It's that nameless feeling that sneaks its way into my chest, wrapping its steely talons around my lungs until I have to struggle just to breath.  I haven't felt it since I came here. The nightmares have been virtually nonexistent with his arms wrapped around me. But it's coming. Just like it always has. For as long as I can remember, this horrific sensation has gripped me. I used to try and explain to him over the phone what it feels like to bottle your emotions, to swallow the lump in your throat. He promised me it would go away. "In my arms, it'll be so much better. I'll keep you free from those mons
:iconsoimstillunsure:SoImStillUnsure 77 76
Atmospheric Pressure
strands of chestnut brown
clung to her neck for dear life
as the heavens opened,
trembling and wailing
with sinister sincerity.
her chilly naked toes curled
around smooth cobalt pebbles,
and she warmed herself with the measure
of comfort she found in their
reciprocated insecurities.
the feral torrent gnawed at her clothes
and seeped through her glassine skin
to put out the fire that was
eating away at the pairs of bones that
caged her lungs and her heart.
now maybe, if she
pushes her arms back far enough
those blades in her shoulders will finally
slice through and she will
be able to get to her forever.
"Save me."
she whispered,
then she jumped.
:iconlondonrey:londonrey 18 69
3 Different Seconds
3 Different Seconds
by L. Vera
Subject 1:
An excerpt from a tape recording of Martin Stevens' interview with Dr. Henry Wurzbach.
1/20/89 9:00 A.M.
"How are you doing today, Martin?" Doctor Wurzbach's voice entered through the static.
"Good," Martin replied.
"If you do not mind Martin, I would like to go ahead and ask about the first time you discovered your ability," Doctor Wurzbach said with his deep calm voice.
"Sure. Like I said before, it all just kind of happened. Well, I was out with my friends. We were walking home from practice and we got to the bridge across from the park. Michael jumped on the stone wall on one side of the bridge," he stopped.
"Go on," Doctor Wurzbach said.
"He fell... or so I thought he did. But..." he paused again.
"But he did not?" Doctor Wurzbach filled in.
"No. I grabbed his hand and well... he... um... didn't fall."
"So you saved him," Doctor Wurzbach suggested.
"Well, I didn't think I saved him. I just thought it was… I don't know… "
"So did
:iconlverawrites:LVeraWrites 344 1,151
Our Seismic Activities
Once upon a time, every fingerbredth of my skin was covered in the swirls and ridges of your ardent love.
I can't help that I crave the sensation of your greedy sepia fingers between my anxious ivory ones, just like the feeling of your chunky cobweb chatter between my eager ears. Those intricate gossamer vows descend as frosty flakes onto burnt cheeks, but lies are lies no matter who tells them. I am but a gullible ghost, a figment of your adoration. You should have pulled your acid tongue out before it pillaged my insides.
Mornings taste like caramel, but only when they're ripe. They manifest themselves as sunbeams to dent your sinewy skull. The army of adhesions that are in a state of perpetual war with your forehead make you more stubborn even than Napoleon, and more reckless even than me. In the season of reasonable doubt you cured my fear of the dark. The blackest place I've ever been is the back of your mind.
Behind your sugar-glazed eyes there's a map of paradise as you see it.
:iconlondonrey:londonrey 37 128


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