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We were short on entries this time around, which is disappointing, but it is that time of the year where it does get rather busy. Special mention goes to GrimEden, who took time out to give critique on both of the other entries. We (as a collective unit here, Becca and myself included) need to get back into the swing of commenting on the entries. Lets try for more feedback with the next workshop.

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Well, it's over and look what we have...

Athough the workshop lacked in patrons, EvenAfterTwelve, GrimEden and xCamix threw themselves into the twisted world of crime writing, producing some interesting poetry and a single prose piece.

EvenAfterTwelve made an admirable attempt at Gangster Crime, using a passive and unlikely protagonist to act as a conduit to the tale. Both GrimEden and xCamix made comments on the piece, with the former knocking out a decent critique which was quite delicious to see.  I shall be adding to that critique element when I get the time, hopefully this week.

GrimEden produced a poem that holds the mantle of best submission. The primary voice is detectiveless, allowing the audience to communicate with what is being said, instead of guessing at what is trying to be said. While not perfect, I found this poem the most enjoyable

xCamix made a reasonable attempt at the hard boiled sub  genre, incorporating formulaic aspects of crime into her poetry piece. This has a lot of potential and with some creative editing, I think it could be a legitimate hard boiled piece. I also add extra points for her honesty within her answers to the questions I set out, as with all the participants, identifying parts she didn't like and elements that fit in with the crime criteria.

There are some enjoyable elements to both the poetry and the prose, although there is always room for improvement, which I hope to provide inspiration for, in the way of critique.

I thank everyone who participated in this workshop and the people behind WW, for asking me to do a free for all. I hope everybody has learnt something, whether they submitted a piece or not and I look forward to seeing more crime writing on dA.

:heart: Jes

Congratulations everyone and thank you for your hard work! Look out for our news article and journal with our next workshop and we're onto prose with Negated - Creative Nonfiction!

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I learned I have to write more crime fiction if I want to get better XD

Anyway, thanks for critiquing, Jes :hug: