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October 5, 2008

A word from Writers-Workshop:

It was excellent to see so many people giving feedback to the workshop entries. There were many deviants who made rounds on almost all of the pieces. Keep up the feedback, guys, it is wonderful to see everyone getting involved!

Jade-Pandora's Comments

It's a pleasure for me to announce that the Senryu Workshop was a wonderful success! My gratitude and thanks to all who participated or supported the workshop in their capacity. My thanks also to Writers-Workshop for allowing me to collab with them when it comes to this intriguing and lesser-known/appreciated style of poetry.

I was happily amazed at a fantastic quality of creativity in the subject matter used. Many of you included personal issues and/or societal observations. I was proud to see fluidity in the senryu form and elements of mushin, and was happy to see people taking in what my journals offered, internalizing & incorporating what they learned into their work.  

Senryu, like any form of poetry, takes a lifetime of learning. A workshop offers the basics, an introduction into the style. That being said, one thing I would like to see worked on more is to remember that senryu is a bawdy style. It's in your face, it's humorous, it's tragic. Even though there were pieces that incorporated human nature, they were still more gentle, more haiku in nature. I would like to see more people incorporate the principles of mushin which does not try to stress beauty.  Also, there needs to be an understanding of basic haiku structure. Senryu is a little more loose than haiku, but is not as flowing as tanka. The principles of brevity still need to be observed in the form. This includes omitting capitalization unless the word is a proper noun. As you seek to find your own voice in these eastern styles, always strive to stay with and follow the principles.

These are things to work on as you grow in the style. I congratulate all who honored me as host over their entries! I enjoyed the spirit in which so many entered. Having fun is key to it all!

I take this opportunity to highlight a few entries that represented the concept of senryu. What I found about many of the pieces in this selection was the use of irony, image juxtaposition, and excellent use of brevity to portray human folly or actions. The images in each work are clear and, in some cases, thought-provoking:

Summer Senryu by Elmara
senryu by fense
Senryu Soup by mintleaves
Senryu by ria88

Again, excellent job, everybody! Thank you for participating in what I hope has been a great experience for all of you!

Congratulations everyone and thank you for your hard work! Look out for our news article and journal with a workshop on writing purpose!

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thanks very much, `jade-pandora! :worship: the resources you gave were a huge help. :thumbsup: