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August 10, 2008

A word from Writers-Workshop: It's wonderful to see that critiquing is coming back to the workshop. I'd like to mention lambs2ndseal, inspiredimperfection, ElijahSnow, kittyfantastic24 and  PunknEra who commented on more than two deviations each. I believe kitty commented on all seven entries. Good work, you guys!

Turns out batousaijin's move got delayed and he read your entries from a library. He did not have time to comment on them individually, but he sent us his top picks. He will be offering critique as soon as he can. You can also contact him by noting Writers-Workshop (as you know, he has joined our admin team)if you have specific questions to ask about the workshop.

batousaijin's Comments

The Green Canopy by PunknEra, is a perfect example of Naturalism in literature. The reader is kept guessing who has more of an animal within until the very end! :O

Contrariwise, Lisa's First by theAnti-Bambie, shows the opposite, where the main character shrinks away from any brutal instincts.

Congratulations everyone! Look out for our news article and journal with a workshop on found poetry.

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very interesting workshop, hope our host doesnt get abducted by a psychotic librarian while he's trying to comment on DA :evillaugh:

could we perhaps get the list of entries (or a link to em on the previous journal) here too? i had two more entries to read :)

(and omg i love the sound of the next workshop :excited:)