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June 30, 2008

A word from Writers-Workshop: Thank you to those who participated this round. It was sad to see we only had 2 pieces submitted to what was a very interesting workshop, but the two pieces submitted both had great quality and understanding of the task set. However both of these pieces did receive a wonderful horde of critique from workshop members for which we're very thankful for.

:star:Special mentions to wyldhoney, :devinspiredinperfection: and itzjusdrama who took the time to read and respond to both pieces.

:bulletred: A public note to neurotype-on-discord who stated in their author comments 'I'll never be a children's writer'- read your piece again and get rid of that comment!

At first, I admit, it was a bit disappointing to learn that this workshop had received only two entries. But two is better than none, and I stopped feeling disappointed when I started looking at the first story and realised the depth I wanted to go into with my critique - and I could. Two short stories was not a strain upon my time at all, and both well worth the effort that has gone into organising this workshop.

I don't really like to pick a favourite between only two pieces, but if I must... I'm going to have to go with neurotype-on-discord's 'This Is Teddy', if only for the degree of attention she paid to my ramblings. She obviously put a great deal of thought into who her audience was, and used language that was neither too complex nor too patronising. She also considered the importance of illustrations, and didn't fall into the trap of over-describing things with words. Reading a story like this without the illustrations requires imagination, and this story lends itself well to that. Any part of the story that was missing from the words was there in the images in my head.

Since yesterday, the author has revised the story and improved it - and in that case, we've all got what we wanted out of the workshop. 'This Is Teddy' is just the kind of piece I was really hoping to generate. Stories for children under five are rare on this site, perhaps because they are so very hard to write. :dev oblivion00: has really impressed me with her ability to combat those difficulties, and I hope that she'll inspire others to write something in a similar vein even now that the workshop is over.

That's not to say that 'The Liar' by batousaijin isn't also a great piece. His audience is older than neurotype-on-discord's, and therefore it's harder to write a complete story for them in only a short number of words. Most of the suggestions I made for his piece involved adding bits, to flesh out the story. I certainly hope he'll work on it further and let me see the result.

As I said, two submissions is better than no submissions, and both of these show great promise. Let's call that a hundred percent success rate!

Finally, I'd like to thank BeccaJS and lovetodeviate for inviting me to host this workshop. It has been an honour and a privilege, and a wonderful excuse to hash out all my thoughts on writing for children and encourage people here to try it.

Thank you everyone! Look out for our news article and journal with a workshop on enjambment!

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Oh gosh, only 2 submissions...that either shows how many people must be out enjoying the glorious weather (fingers crossed ;)) or how many poor folks are stuck in offices working waaaay too hard lol!

Well done to those who did submit-fab pieces! :clap: