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When I challenged all you dA workshoppers to step out of your own skin and into someone or something else's, the key things I was looking for were a strong voice and an original concept... but when I read the entries that came back, I was absolutely shocked.  So many of the poems I saw went completely over and above all my expectations -- there was a real mix, some real quality stuff, but above all, heaps of fantastic ideas from a bunch of very confident writers!

Some of you played it safe and stuck rather close to your usual voices and styles, which I was a bit disappointed by -- the point of the exercise was to get you to write outside your comfort zone, but I do know how hard that can be.  And even those of you who didn't or couldn't find a wildly alternate perspective still managed to challenge yourselves in other ways -- you all came up with poems that sparkled, and you did it to order... no mean feat.  Basically, everyone who took part in the workshop should feel proud of their resulting poem, regardless of how well it fit the bill or how radically different you chose to be.  I'd say the overall quality was top class, all round.

However, there were some people who really stuck their necks out and played around with the challenge the workshop gave them.  I saw poems from the point of view of yearning, frustrated stuffed toys; one which could have been the sky or could have been the sea or could even have been God, and the not-knowing was the best part; even one from the point of view of a love-lorn toaster!  There was also a caged bird and a high school killer... so plenty of variety!  These alternate perspectives illustrated huge bravery on the part of their authors, but they were also pulled off with great confidence.  These strange and unfamiliar voices were celebrated, exaggerated, and they carried me along with them -- I never failed to be convinced and taken in by them.  I was really, really impressed.

I think my runaway favourite of the lot was The Slices of Your Bread by Elmara -- it was a strange and brave concept skilfully executed, it was sad and sweet and funny all at once.  We discussed the form as well as the great content and Elmara was a very gracious receiver of my suggestions, making a few little changes which vastly improved an already very accomplished poem.  A lot of the poems made an impression but this one really stuck in my head.  Really strange, sweet, beautiful work.

Also highly commended are dr3amup for Last Day of School, which dealt unflinchingly and somehow beautifully with a very tricky subject, and Feel Good Stunt by TheLightsWentOutIn99 ...a trippy, image-laden piece which really reminded me of the Beats, my favourite writers -- this poem does a lot in a very small space.  Both are worth a read -- as, in fact, are all the poems submitted!

Thanks to Writers-Workshop for the opportunity to unleash this exercise on the unassuming dA public.  I absolutely loved working with the WW staff on the project, as well as seeing all dA's hidden writing talent come out of the woodwork to show off their skills.  Thanks to everyone who was involved... if any of you want further feedback, don't hesitate to get in touch!

Keep up the good work, all! x Claire

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:clap: good work everybody :nod: