TheHungerArtist's Workshop: Results

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TheHungerArtist's Workshop: Results

January 20, 2008

A word from Writers-Workshop: We're tempted to really boast. This has been our best workshop so far in terms of numbers -- 26 poems written in a matter of days is no joke. What impresses us (admins and TheHungerArtist who sent us a note saying so) most is the fact that you guys have eased into critiquing each other remarkably well. Our roles as moderators seem to have reduced to mostly administrative work, while you have been doing much of the critical work. This makes us feel proud and sentimental. Let's also mention the fact that critiquing is one of the best ways to learn about writing. It will feed into your own writing.

26 entries means we've had new participants. Welcome aboard! We were delighted by the humorous poems sent in as well.

We're very grateful to TheHungerArtist for having workshopped with us. After going through the entries, we can tell that many of our writers needed to focus on word choice, and this was an excellent way to do so. Thank you, Taylor!

:star: Special Mention: CrystalSeeker for commenting on (almost?) all entries.

TheHungerArtist's Comments:: Good day to you all. I've been reading all 26! of the entries for workshop, most of them multiple times. If I'd known that so many people would submit I would've tried to make it harder. This level of participation was quite unexpected. Seriously though, a special thanks to everyone who gave it a go.

On to the poems -or- lamentations on the letter E.

TheHungerArtist's Top Picks

[In no particular order]


:star: Sibling Fight by Negated

Despite the predictable I-walked-away/I-walked-back narrative structure the language is surprisingly lively (even without an E). "Craving nobody but / an owl naming my motion, no / call of blood or marrow." It's a poem where something as ephemeral as a spirit can be snagged on "shadow and branch." Even though he gives up on us at the end, it's hard to ignore what has come before.

Honourable mentions:

A Favour by 007-bewareofthesnowm

In many ways this is a coded poem, a series of images that seem like they go together rhythmically but aren't really comprehensible as an image narrative. However, the voice in the poem is so strong and convincing that I'm (almost) willing to overlook it. Excellent avoidance of E, and a fairly successful poem to boot.

Worship by GeneratingHype

Is a very subtle narrative poem in the key of "It's cold outside." Good use of tercets (without the rhyme, of course). This poem works on a couple levels. The speaker is trying to manipulate and seduce the "you" into staying and the poet is trying to seduce the reader--to keep him/her hanging onto the lines

Of note:

mocking moonlight by rasiqra

rasiqra's poem is a bit of a conundrum because, honestly, the title, mocking moonlight, isn't particularly interesting, but the poem is definitely readable and "slightly saucy." Should be read along with the Suzi9mm's "legendary" photo…

For a brief foray into psychoanalysis check out itzjusdrama's Paint our World and read my comment.

Award for the most densely "coded" poem goes to Memnalar for Work according to Job. Come for the poetry. Stay because you're still trying to figure out what it "means."

ihateryanhume should be noted for submitting not one but two entries for the workshop. Both of which stand out from other entries as having a distinctive narrative style. Excellent job.

xCamix should be recognized as a crazy Italian who submitted a poem in English without the letter E. For those of you who felt like you had a tough time with it, just try to imagine xCamix's linguistic toil. And for any other non-native English speakers I did not recognize as such: excellent work!


Congratulations, everyone! Look out for our news article and journal with BeccaJS's free-for-all workshop on characters.

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