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19th December 2007

This workshop is now CLOSED. See below for a list of entries. In case your entry is missing (We hope it isn't.), please note us. We encourage participants and other watchers of Writers-Workshop to offer critique to these entries.

A quick note for those who have placed a piece in this workshop:

Receiving a feedback for your writing is like a very useful gift, use it wisely. People are taking time to read your work, and even if you disagree with the thoughts they may share, it is always important to take on board what is said. If you can justify yourself why you disagree with points, then do so in a way that isn’t negative or too defensive, after all, art is subjective. Remember: The feedback is not about the person, it is about the text before them.

13th December 2007

Dont forget- It doesn't matter who you are or what ability your writing is at, we would like to see as many people as possible having a go at the workshops! Whether you're an experienced writer, or someone new to writing- these are excellent challenges for everyone!

(Our staff lovetodeviate and BeccaJS always attempt a go too!)

10th December 2007

They say behind every man there is a good woman. Behind the literature community, there is one exceptional woman and she comes in the form of a very dedicated and pro-active gallery director! StJoan is a huge promoter of published deviants and even hosts a section of for those who have managed this feat. This includes her own work; ‘The Betrayers Promise’ .

StJoan, whose name is not Joan, but actually ‘Ali’ has a fantastic Workshop task for us- a free for all! This is out first free for all workshop, and if you are unsure what this means, it is explained in our FAQ .

:iconstjoan: “The challenge is Jazz.

Whatever do I mean? I’m looking for pace in pieces, pieces that move and groove with a style that is undoubtedly intentional and skilfully executed. We’re focusing on the tempo and mood to create and overall tone.”

“Take your inspiration from the lessons of jazz music and the influence it has left on our culture. Listen to the music, analyze it, and incorporate it into your piece, note what devices invoke feeling in you. Be playful in your word choice, utilize the tools of jazz music, and adapt them for you writing. How you do that is part of the challenge.”

But Joan! That is for those poets!

“Like prose cannot have a movement. It does, it should; it is all about sentence control. Remember that different lengths of dialog or description can greatly influence the mood of the piece and the tempo at which it is read.
Your subject is whatever you choose but I want to be able to feel the music of the piece. I want to be sure of it. The clarity of the movement of the piece is most important, to ensure this focus greatly on the tone of the piece and the mood of the setting and characters.”

A note from Writers-Workshop: Here are some rules you must follow:

:pointr: This is a Free for all challenge, which means poetry or prose can be submitted.
:pointr: Your poem may have a maximum of 45 lines, whilst prose can be up to 2000 words.
:pointr: Your writing must be submitted as a new deviation or scrap. Please try to refrain from using an older piece of work.
:pointr: Give your piece a good edit before you send it in. And, of course, have fun writing! :)

How to enter:

After submitting your entry as a new deviation or scrap, send us a note with a link to your writing. Include the subject line "JAZZ" in your note. The deadline is midnight December 18, 2007. All times are set for GMT

:+fav: our news article!

Ps. For all those Brits who are old like BeccaJS and watched the fast show… “Jazz club… Nice!”

19th December 2007

The entires (in alphabetical order)

Skeleton Keys </b> by Aethelwolfess
Smooth Street</b> by Bunnygirle26
Keep it Cool</b> by batousaijin
Mmmm Jazz</b> and a reworked version: here</b> by darksouldream
She Lives on Floor Four</b> by EvenAfterTwelve
Humble Bartender </b> by GrayOne
Insult </b> by inspiredimperfection
Unconventional Hero</b> by J-Jammer
Lady of Pleasure</b> by kittyfantastic24
Smooth Break</b> by Konjuku
Paper Bird</b> by littlemissmoody
Loves Lyrical Song</b> by Neftoon-Zamora
Jazz Workshop piece</b> by RetroZombie
Buri Boogie</b> by dr3amup
Lonely</b> by xCamix

Round up will be on Sunday, followed by our next workshop, hosted by the wonderful GeneratingHype! Get your prose pens ready!

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Dang, missed this one. >_>

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