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This is Writers-Workshop's list of writing resources, collected meticulously over the past 6 months. Thank you to those who gave suggestions: your contributions have made this a better list. As always, we're looking for more resources. So do let us know if you find any useful writing-related articles, and we'll add the ones we like to this journal.


:bulletgreen: Resources that might be useful for the current workshop (:dev :'s Workshop: ) are marked with a :postit:.
:bulletgreen: Latest additions are marked :new:.

Last updated on June 20, 2008


:bulletgreen: Project Educate Articles
:bulletgreen: Writing (Prose/Poetry, Prose, Scripts & Screenplays, Poetry)
:bulletgreen: Editing, Revising & Proofreading
:bulletgreen: Critiquing
:bulletgreen: Publishing
:bulletgreen: Miscellaneous

Project Educate Articles

:bulletblue: Poetry, Prose: Who Knows?
:bulletblue: Truth & Lies: Nonfiction Prose
:bulletblue: Who needs reality? We have fiction!
:bulletblue: Poetry Pickles
:bulletblue: Unreal City: The Lit Forums



:bulletblue: Active and Passive Voice by onewordatatime
:bulletblue: Showing, Part One by onewordatatime
:bulletblue: Editorial - Cliche by onewordatatime



:bulletblue: How To Write by danielzklein
:bulletblue: Step-by-step  Writing Processes, a list of resources compiled by ProsePlease
:bulletblue: Story Elements: The Beginning by writers-in-progress
:bulletblue: Story Elements: The Middle by writers-in-progress
:bulletblue: Story Elements: The End by writers-in-progress

Types of Prose

:bulletblue: "How to" do Specific Genres and Types of Prose, a list of resources compiled by ProsePlease
:bulletblue: What is flash fiction? by SRSmith and sovegna-vos
:bulletblue: How to Write About Vampires by MooglePirate9
:bulletblue: How to Write About Werewolves by MooglePirate9


:bulletblue: Murdering Mary Sue by Cei-Ellem
:bulletblue: Character Development: Physical Description by writers-in-progress
:bulletblue: Character Development: Past, Motives, Personality by writers-in-progress
:bulletblue: Character Development: Speech/Voice by writers-in-progress
:bulletblue: Rounded Characters are Flawed by writers-in-progress
:bulletblue: Rounded Characters Make Decisions by writers-in-progress
:bulletblue: Rounded Characters Change by writers-in-progress
:bulletblue: An Essay on Naming Characters by Cei-Ellem
:bulletblue: Character Creation Tips by illuminara


:bulletblue: Tag Lines by writers-in-progress


:bulletblue: Point of View: 1st and 2nd Person
:bulletblue: Point of View: Third Person Omniscient
:bulletblue: Point of View: Third Person Limited


:bulletblue: Scriptwriting - why not start? by BeccaJS
:bulletblue: Writing a Short Film script by deviantartfilm



:bulletblue: Tips For the Novice by suture
:bulletblue: How to write poetry by PoetryOD
:bulletblue: The Linebreak (also known as "enjambment") by PoetryLibrary
:bulletblue: Show and Tell by PoetryLibrary
:bulletblue: Abstraction by PoetryLibrary
:bulletblue: "Poeticks: On Imagery" 1 of 3 by poeticks
:bulletblue: "Poeticks: On Imagery" 2 of 3 by poeticks
:bulletblue: "Poeticks: On Imagery" 3 of 3 by poeticks
:bulletblue: "Poeticks: On Angst" 1 of 2 by poeticks
:bulletblue: "Poeticks: On Angst" 2 of 2 by poeticks

Rhythm, Rhyme, Metre

:bulletblue: Rhythm by onewordatatime
:bulletblue: Metre Learning Guide by darkcrescendo, posted at PoetryLibrary
:bulletblue: Lesson 1 - Basics of Meter by Professor-Flare
:bulletblue: Handout 1 - More on Scansion by Professor-Flare
:bulletblue: Lesson 2 - More Meter by Professor-Flare

Japanese Concepts in Poetry

:bulletblue: Haiku  exercise for beginners by Wudang-mountain
:bulletblue: A word about haiku by Michael James by MSJames posted at Wudang-mountain
:bulletblue: April Tanka Month: Discussion 1 by Laurence55
:bulletblue: April Tanka Month: Discussion 2, Aesthetics by Laurence55
:bulletblue: April Tanka Month: Discussion 3, Pivot Points by Laurence55
:bulletblue: Senryu by Laurence55
:bulletblue: Haiku form by Laurence55
:bulletblue: Observation and Haiku by Laurence55
:bulletblue: The Spirit of Haiga by Laurence55

Other Forms of Poetry

:bulletblue: Poetic forms by poetic-forms :new:
:bulletblue: A Guide to Visual Poetry by darkdescartes, posted at PoetryLibrary
:bulletblue: Introduction to Poetry by xXShadow-PoetryXx
:bulletblue: Found Poetry, Definition by Laurence55
:bulletblue: Found Poetry, Approaches by Laurence55

Editing, Revising & Proofreading


:bulletblue: What is revision? by GeneratingHype
:bulletblue:  Punctuation's Most Wanted by phantom-inker
:bulletblue: Top Ten Grammar Errors by phantom-inker


:bulletblue: A Prosist's Guide to Self-Editing by Mavyrk
:bulletblue: The Art of Refining Prose by ProsePlease
:bulletblue: Punctuation Dialogue: A Guide by GeneratingHype, posted at WordCount (This guide was written for one of our workshops; thank you, Bill!)
:bulletblue: Wrath of the Grammar Nazi by WordCount
:bulletblue: Giving Prose Visual Appeal by WordCount
:bulletblue: Pet Peeves by punctuation junkie, GeneratingHype
:bulletblue: Grammar and Spelling by writers-in-progress
:bulletblue: Common Errors in English by yoyo64
:bulletblue: Grammar Workshop by FictionWorkshop


:bulletblue: Tips For Editing Poetry by suture


:bulletblue: CRITIQUE by tangledweb
:bulletblue: A Guide to Good Critique (Literature) by lovetodeviate
:bulletblue: A Verbose Guide to Critiquing (literature) by Mavyrk
:bulletblue: More Critique Resources


Publishing Novels

:bulletblue: On Writing - Getting Published by mree
:bulletblue: Hot to Get a Literary Agent by mree

Submitting to Magazines

:bulletblue: Resources for Young Writers (Part 2) by WineWriter
:bulletblue: Rough Guide to Submitting to Literary Journals (by email) by PoetryLibrary


:bulletblue: Tips on Self-Publishing by suture
:bulletblue: So You Wanna Be a Writer? by WordCount


:bulletblue: The Best Writing Resources In Print by illuminara
:bulletblue: The Writing Process by LaMonaca
:bulletblue: -ROAD CLOSED- : Writer's Block by SweetBlueSoul
:bulletblue: Write Better: Read More by WordCount
:bulletblue: The Portable Document Format and You by apocathary

:iconlit-source:, :icononewordatatime:, :iconpoeticks:, :iconpoetrylibrary:, :iconsuture:, :iconwordcount: and :iconwudang-mountain: are excellent literature resources.


:pointr: has four gallery directors: StJoan, GeneratingHype, LadyLincoln and lovetodeviate.
:pointr: gets regular news updates from litNEWS.
:pointr: has many clubs and projects, which are listed at Lit-Source.
:pointr: has three forums:
Poetry & Prose Forum
Fantasy Literature Forum
Literature Workshop

:pointr: has two chatrooms: #getlit and #litgdoncall.

Featured Community


TheWritersMeow is a community designed for writers looking for constructive criticism, writing tips, and encouragement. Contests & special features regularly. A friendly, family-like community!


:bulletgreen: Writing (Prose/Poetry, Prose, Scripts & Screenplays, Poetry)
:bulletgreen: Editing, Revising & Proofreading
:bulletgreen: Critiquing
:bulletgreen: Publishing
:bulletgreen: Miscellaneous



:bulletred: Active Voice Versus Passive Voice by Grammar Girl at Quick and Dirty Tips - from WineWriter's news article, Resources for Young Writers
:bulletred: Wiki articles of use: Narrator | Show, don't tell, Imagery, Symbolism, Diction | Iambic pentameter, Sonnet, Ode, Sestina, Villanelle, Prose poetry, Haiku | Tanka | Satire


:bulletred: Eight rules for writing fiction by Kurt Vonnegut
:bulletred: Beginners' Four Faults by Caro Clarke


:bulletred: FARP: Creating an Original Character by Maisha Foster-O'Neal at the Fantasy Art Resource Project - from WineWriter's news article, Resources for Young Writers
:bulletred: Developing Realistic Characters by Tina Morgan at Fiction Factor - from WineWriter's news article, Resources for Young Writers
:bulletred: Describing Your Characters Through Their Actions by Caro Clarke
:bulletred: Problems with names and how to avoid them by Caro Clarke

Plot, Narrative, Dialogue

:bulletred: Effectively Outlining Your Plot by Lee Masterson at Fiction Factor - from WineWriter's news article, Resources for Young Writers
:bulletred: Plot and Narrative: the twin rails of the novel by Caro Clarke
:bulletred: Avoiding exposition pitfalls by Elsa Neal at - from WineWriter's news article, Resources for Young Writers
:bulletred: What is conflict? by Caro Clarke
:bulletred: Dialogue, the Best Action by Caro Clarke
:bulletred: Details, Details by Caro Clarke


:bulletred: Finishing Your Novel by Timothy Hallinan



:bulletred: Imagery by Vince Gotera
:bulletred: Repetition by Vince Gotera
:bulletred: On the Matter of Linebreaks, posted at The Gazebo

Rhythm, Rhyme, Metre

:bulletred: Line and Meter by Vince Gotera
:bulletred: Blank Verse by Vince Gotera
:bulletred: Rhyme and Music by Vince Gotera

Japanese Concepts in Poetry

:bulletred: What is a tanka? by Richard MacDonald

Other Forms of Poetry

:bulletred: Form by Vince Gotera: Couplet, Tercet, Quatrain,  Sonnet, Villanelle, Sestina

Editing, Revising & Proofreading</u>

:bulletred: One-Pass Manuscript Revision: From First Draft to Last in One Cycle by Holly Lisle :new:
:bulletred: Rewriting by Caro Clarke


:bulletred: Duotrope's Digest - a database of over 2050  current markets for short fiction, poetry, and novels/collections
:bulletred: Poets & Writers Magazine - a magazine that shows writers how to get published
:bulletred: I Am Your Editor, Submitting Your Novel by Caro Clarke


:bulletred: Plagiarism by Caro Clarke
:bulletred: Poetry Archives - an educational resource to aid students, educators, and the curious
:bulletred: BBC - Writersroom


Writers-Workshop was modeled on the Guardian Poetry Workshop. It's harder and more competitive, but we recommend you try it anyway.

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