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somestrangebirds's Workshop: Ekphrasis

This workshop is now CLOSED. See below for a list of entries. In case your entry is missing (We hope it isn't.), please note us. We encourage participants and other watchers of Writers-Workshop to offer critique to these entries.

somestrangebirds is currently reading these entries and will respond with his top picks and critique on December 9.

Cheers! :)

November 25, 2007

somestrangebirds is a wonderful poet and our Poetry GD. His work has been published in several leading literary magazines such as The Rialto, Magma, Smiths Knoll and Stand. He edits the poetry magazine Mimesis.

He has a poetry challenge for us:


:iconsomestrangebirds:: "I want you to write an ekphrastic poem. fotoFRIDAY has had a lot of success with prompts in this vein, but this will be a little different.

"Find a piece of art (it can be a sculpture, a painting--any piece of visual art) and write a poem about/based on it. For this, I'd rather you stick to artwork outside of deviantART. Unlike the fotoFRIDAY prompts, you can't just pluck aspects of the piece out and use them as part of your poem. The artwork as a whole has to feature--think of the poem and its originating piece of art as a kind of symbiosis.

"Now consider viewpoints. Are there characters in the artwork, or even objects/colours/abstract parts that might be considering their surroundings? What are they thinking? To what extent are they aware of their place in artwork, and what is the effect of this? Alternatively, you might be a narrator looking at the artwork, or the narration could be shared by multiple parts.

"Another concern should be form: you must decide what form best matches the content, just as in any other poem, but here there is the added matter of the visual artwork's form. Examine what friction this causes--are there any conflicts generated, or do the forms complement one another?

"When entering and where possible, include a link to the piece of art your poem was prompted by.

"It isn't enough for the poem to simply describe the piece of art; ideally, it must move past it into a realm of its own, only riffing off elements it finds. The best ekphrastic pieces also stand alone, without the reader having to refer to the artwork that inspired it."

Resources on Ekphrasis

:pointr: Wiki article
:pointr: Questions asked about Ekphrastic Poetry
:pointr: Examples of Ekphrastic poems: Musee des Beaux Arts, Poetry Confronting Art

A note from Writers-Workshop: Here are some rules you must follow:

:pointr: This is a poetry challenge. This means your entry has to be a poem.
:pointr: Your poem may have a maximum of 45 lines.
:pointr: Your poem must be submitted as a new deviation or scrap.
:pointr: As somestrangebirds suggested, please try to include a link to the piece of art your poem was inspired by in the artist's comments section.
:pointr: Please use the resources suggested above, especially if you are not familiar with ekphrastic poetry. Read as much as possible and feel free to do your own research as well.
:pointr: Give your poem a good edit before you send it in. And, of course, have fun writing! :)

How to enter:

After submitting your entry as a new deviation or scrap, send us a note with a link to your poem. Include the subject line "EKPHRASIS" in your note. The deadline is midnight December 4, 2007</a>. All times are set for GMT

:+fav: our news article!


December 4, 2007

Entries (in alphabetical order of deviant's username):

Birth of a Muse by Amy--Louise
She Dazzles Me... by batousaijin
Makeup by CrystalSeeker
Water and Sunlight - Ekphrasis by EvenAfterTwelve
Objectified Projection by inspiredimperfection
Mourning Sole by J-Jammer
Going to Waste by Jupiter-Lightning
Pottery Class by kittyfantastic24
train 2 by legna69
Yet to Be Titled by littlemissmoody
refuge by Queen-of-Marigold
Semele by ria88
Letter to Mondrian by dr3amup
Dance by xCamix

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