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Update 04/04/08

Review week is now CLOSED. The entries are below. No critique is required for these entries, but advice and supportive comments are appreciated.

Something New

There has been a change in workshop dates because of scheduling difficulties; and we thought this the perfect opportunity to take a break from writing and critiquing to do something else. BeccaJS came up with this idea, and she and I (lovetodeviate) will be hosting this week's activity.

(For newcomers, BeccaJS and lovetodeviate are the admins of Writers-Workshop.)


The purpose of this week is to reflect on your writing so far and think of where you want to go with it. It is a non-fiction exercise and you can approach it any way you like. However, we will ask that you proofread and use correct grammar as much as possible.

A few things to consider while writing your review:

:bulletblue: Strengths and weakness in your writing so far
:bulletblue: Changes in theme, style and genre
:bulletblue: Defining moments in your writing: any incident, critique you received, article you read, anything at all that made you sit up and realise something new
:bulletblue: Major and minor problem areas
:bulletblue: Ways in which you can deal with these problem areas
:bulletblue: The benefit of workshops and critique: this includes Writers-Workshop and other workshops to which you belong(ed)
:bulletblue: Challenges faced and overcome: these can be particular workshops, dealing with critique, learning how to use punctuation, anything writing-related
:bulletblue: Goals: what do you want to achieve with your writing? Do you want to get published? Do you want to write a novel? Do you want to use writing as a personal way of dealing with life?

The above deal with craft, for the most part. Feel free to include other observations about your own writing, how it relates to other things you do. You can talk about how difficult it is to make time for writing -- or how easy it is.

Don't be afraid to ask questions. Sometimes, the worst thing about finding flaws in your own writing is realising that you don't know how to fix it. So ask away. When we come around reading your reviews, we will try to help you by offering suggestions. The same thing goes for everyone else. You can relax your crit skills for this exercise, but commenting on each other's reviews is a good way of offering support and advice to your fellow writers. You can discuss your writing hurdles and achievements at this forum thread: Have you grown as a writer?

Writing is a process of growth. The more you write, the more you will change -- usually for the better. Stopping to think should help you realise what you have learnt and what you still need to learn. What forces shape a writer? Why are you the writer you are? We hope you enjoy this week of reflection.

How to submit

Do NOT submit your entry as a deviation. As these are personal reflections, they are unlikely to belong to any literature category. If you feel your entry is an exception, it is best to check with a GD (GeneratingHype, StJoan, LadyLincoln or lovetodeviate) or BeccaJS, the unofficial, but efficient, head of the anti-miscat squad. The best way, however, is to submit your review as a scrap or a journal entry and link it to us in a note, with the subject line "PERSONAL REVIEW" before midnight, April 3. All entries will be posted in a journal so that we can discuss each other's reviews over the weekend. BeccaJS and I will respond to the entries on April 6.


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I'm gona go through all of them reviews eventually, and comment to the best of my abilities. That's something I've decided to do.