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It was interesting to see so many varied pieces with this workshop, as well as the many different responses from the readers. Becca is currently away, and I am currently without a steady amount of internet, but I have read them, and will be leaving feedback as best I can later on. My apologies in the meanwhile. ~Trevor

:star: Special mention goes to GrimEden and mirageode, both who took the initiative and commented on almost all of the pieces themselves.

Negated’s response:  

This workshop was lots of fun to judge, as the entries took very diverse approaches to the prompt; some leaned more towards the creative, some focused more on the nonfiction, and each entrant had an interesting story to tell. I’d like to thank everyone for sharing parts of their personal lives with me, and apologize for my late response. Thank you for your patience!

In particular, I enjoyed neurotype-on-discord’s poetic article on sleep, which was less personal than others but nevertheless was an engaging read, as well as Chapter 42: Language by Halatia, which interspersed a rhetorical dissection of words with a subtle but nuanced character development. Overally, I picked the two entries that best represented the two ends of the spectrum that people went with this, and really utilized the benefits of the genre:

In…, pro-nunc creates a beautiful, surreal memoir that blends reality and fantasy as smoothly as a dream – footsteps resounding in faucets, spinal disks as payment, sex in public places (and always against caulk). The language is gorgeous, creating a tumbling, fluid narrative that successfully transforms sheer nonfiction facts into a work of art.

<a href=“…>Armistice by TerribleTreasure impressed me for its honesty. The story itself is a heartrending, but common one, and the writer does justice to the tragedy of a broken marriage from a child’s perspective. By the end of the read I found myself admiring the little girl for her courage and her strength, and admiring the writer for her eloquent comparison of personal dark times to an era of worldwide devastation.

Congratulations to the winners, and thanks again to everyone who entered and kindly waited for responses. A few of the critiques are still pending, but I’d like to get as in depth as possible with each entry so bear with me.


Look out for our news article and journal with our next workshop, coming soon!

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