Mysterious Workshop 5: Metamorphosis

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This Workshop is now CLOSED. Please find below the 10 entries into this workshop. We are very pleased with the pieces from this workshop as some of them have excellent qualities to them. Whilst both BeccaJS and lovetodeviate are having a good read, we would like to encourage EVERY MEMBER of Writers-Workshop to read and respond to AT LEAST ONE entry. There are 300 members after all :)


By angel-in-pieces

Stranger (Original, Prose)
Even Stranger (Morphed, Poetry)

By AstarteKatz

Nature of thought (Original, Prose)
Nature of thought 2 (Morphed, Poetry)

By JessaMar

When (Original, Poetry)
Someday Again (Morphed, Prose)

By FiniteIncantatem

The Mixed Tapes (Original, Poetry)
Nefarious Artists (Morphed, Prose)

By GaioumonBatou

Travels (Original, Prose)
Voyager (Morphed, Poetry)

By illuminara

No.93 About to (Original, Poetry)
Cambrian Core- Instalment 001 (Morphed, Prose)

By leoraigarath

Wilting Flower (Original, Poetry)
Wilting Flower- Prose (Morphed, Prose)

By TheLightsWentOutIn99

A Winter in the City 1 (Original, Prose- This is the first part of 6 for this story, all which have been used in the morphing process)
Winter Emergence (Morphed, Poetry)

By xCamix

On a Spring Day (Original, Poetry)
Winter (Morphed, Prose)

By 2pinksink

Between Friends (Original, Poetry)
Between Friends- prose (Morphed, Prose)


This cycle consists of workshops on transformation or revision. We plan to focus more on the polishing on one's writing to higher standards, publishable standards, even.

This third workshop is hosted collaboratively by both BeccaJS and lovetodeviate  and concludes our mysterious workshop 5. Our 6 month celebrations have ended, but we are looking ahead to the next 6 months and looking forward to the future workshops.

We’re keeping things very short and sweet this workshop. Instead of a long passage of information discussing the subject of the workshop, we are letting you all take the creative route and interpreting the content. So here is goes.

As part of revision week, we have discussed revising both poetry and prose. However there is another form of revision. This form is used a lot in creative writing courses, giving you the chance to explore different styles of writing you are perhaps not so familiar with. We call this ‘Metamorphosis.’

Metamorphosis relates to the transformation from one form to another. In this workshop your task is to transform a piece of your poetry into prose or visa-versa. The creative aspect here is not only the metamorphosis. Maybe you can challenge yourself creatively but changing a short story into a tanka or your open poem into a dialogue? It is entirely up to you!

There is no word limit, but please bear in mind due to submission volume, the lengthier pieces may not have the same level of response. Please only submit one piece per member.

:postit: How to submit

Submit your entry as a new deviation or scrap and send us a link to it in a note. Please also send us a link to the original, unrevised version of the piece (and indicate which is which, please). The subject line of the note should be "MORPH". Entries must come in on or before midnight (GMT/UTC), June 11. BeccaJS and lovetodeviate will respond to the entries on June 15.

:postit: How to accept critique

:bulletblue: Always thank the critic. This gratitude must be as sincere as possible, even if you did not like the critique given, because the critic has taken time to offer his/her opinion of the piece.
:bulletblue: If you do not like the critique, it is not necessary to mention so. Simply thank the critic and move on. You can always ignore their suggestions, while not making a scene of it.
:bulletblue: If you are unsure of what the critique means, feel free to ask the critic what s/he meant. Building rapport with your critic is one of the best ways to survive in a workshop and to learn. If you want examples, ask. Similarly, if you like the suggestions given, mention it. Critic's have feelings too. :)
:bulletblue: In the unlikely case that a critic offers rude/sexist/racist/etc comments, feel free to contact Writers-Workshop in a note and we will try to help you. A decision regarding the rudeness of the critique will be taken, and if we're not sure ourselves, we will consult with one of the GDs or anyone else high up on deviantART.

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Why am I always out of town for these things? *sighs*