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June 15, 2008

A word from Writers-Workshop : Thank you to everyone who participated in this workshop! It was refreshing to see a few more entries than our latest few and we are assured that perhaps exams were the cause of the quiet period. There was also a good amount of critique going on, but we would still like to see more, especially if you are submitting also.

:star: On critique we would like to give a special mention to TheLightsWentOutIn99 who was generous enough to critique on every single entry. I hope that although the workshop has finished that those who did participate will return the favour as TheLightsWentOutIn99 only received one comment, and that was from the hosts.

We would also like to welcome those who participated for the first time, and hope they continue to do so!

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Becca and I decided to divide the entries for each of us to read: I was to read the poems (whose original forms were in prose) and Becca was to read the prose pieces (whose originals were poems). Becca did some extra work, and I apologise that I wasn't able to do the same and read some of the prose entries.

It was fascinating to see how such a varied set of prose pieces turned into poems. Here's my favourite:

:star: In my poetry revision workshop, I offered GaioumonBatou quite a harsh critique because I didn't think his poem was as good as it could be. But what I love about this avid workshopper is that he's always learning, internalising what he likes in a critique and making good use of that. This time, I found myself enjoying his poem, Voyager, which he had "metamorphosed" from a non-fiction prose piece, very much. It's very interesting to see what he chose to silence and what he chose to highlight in the poem version: the result was a dark rendering of childhood memories.

BeccaJS's Comments

On a personal level, I would actually say that this was a highly successful workshop for all those who participated. Although we don't have ten polished deviations, what we do have are ten pieces that have evolved into something else, possibly aiding the writer to either revise the original or continue with the new piece. Writing in my opinion isn't just about the end product, you need to be able to explore and try new things to improve the end product sometimes going out of your comfort zone.

:star: My top pick for the prose deviations is Wilting Flower by :devleorigarath:, which created a powerful life story which has some great potential to be furthered. What I liked most about this piece was that we had a character you could connect to, something which I felt the other pieces needed. Although it may need a good amount of revising, the raw elements of the story are touching and effective. I really hope that this is revised in the near future.

Thank you again everyone who has participated whether in submission or critique! Look out for our next workshop on Children's Prose, hosted by the lovely ThornyEnglishRose!

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:blushes: It was a strange experience for me, very hard and challenging. I grew very fond, in a strange way, of that story and I will definitely try to revise and edit it in the near future (as soon as I'll finally have some free time and the right mood!).
Thank you very much for this workshop, and as usual - looking for more great challenges :)