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June 02, 2008

A word from Writers-Workshop: Thank you for participating! It is nice to have seen a slight boost in commenting this time, purging away our concerns. Special mentions this week go to TerrorCookie, who gave a really thoughtful critique on :devgaioumanbatou:’s work, MeNTaLPSyCHo, TheLightsWentOutIn99 and dr3amup who all participated productively too.

lovetodeviate's Comments

I got five very different revisions as submissions to this workshop, which was good fun for me. I won't go into any detail about what I think didn't go too well. Ultimately, I think revision is a very personal process. You take what the critics give you, and you figure out your own way to incorporate (or ignore) it in your revision. For the most part, my comments offer personal opinions on the success of the revision and a few suggestions for improvement. I hope you will take them as such.

AstarteKatz's revision was minimal, but was geared towards improvement in general. dr3amup said something very important in his artist's comments: "...I think I have learned something about the importance of punctuation - not so much as a matter of "following the rules" but as a valuable artistic resource." His words are right on the money and his revision reflects the discovery. GaioumonBatou's poem improved sonically, thanks to some excellent critique from GrimEden, who, himself, offered the tenth revision of a poem  -- it was remarkable to see how the poem had changed after its journey.

:star: My favourite, however, was kill-em-with-poetry's Battle at the Lime Trees</i> (original: sparrow bombing). Although I didn't agree with the change of title, and found a few minor problems, I found that the poem had improved overall. I don't always like typography, but that "b oo m" was just right for the poem.

That's it, then. Thank you for the participation. :thumbsup:

Congratulations everyone! Look out for our news article and journal with a workshop entitled ‘Metamorphosis’!

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TheLightsWentOutIn99's avatar
Great workshop! It was fun to read such good poems, knowing how much thought went into them. (By the way, I'm honored to be mentioned, but please switch the first "t" and "h.")