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Firstly a HUGE thank you to LaMonaca for hosting what has been a rather encouraging and thought provoking workshop. In fact, as you will see below, LaMonaca has written two extensive discussion guides based on the results of this workshop. They're an excellent read for anyone who writes poetry, no matter where your strengths lie.

The was a wonderful slice of critique again, in particular GrimEden deserves a mention having commented and critiqued on a large percentage of the entries with some quite in depth critiques. We would also like to thank everyone who did take the time to critique- we do try to encourage those who submitted to look at everyone else's work too because that is kind of the concept of a 'workshop'.

LaMonaca's responses  

I commented directly on a few of the pieces, and I wrote up this two-part guide based off the submissions:

Punctuating Poetry Part One


Punctuating Poetry Part Two

Insofar as the "official" results are concerned:

I couldn't have asked for a better, more diverse pool of submissions to choose from when creating a general commentary on punctuating poetry.  There aren't any official rules for punctuation and poetry, and there aren't even any set guidelines, so I've found the most success by erring on the side of practicality - and that's the way I teach.

That said, there were several spectacular submissions, and I'd like to congratulate Imperial-Obsession for really taking some risks with punctuation, KrystalIce for keeping it interesting and reminding us that punctuation can be fun, CyberPhantom for a little bit of grammar humor (Go Gangsta'!), and Drunken-Splice for digging deep and experimenting with formatting options that really challenged how certain lines could hold or lose their punctuation.

However, I felt I hate chicken wings, by ilutiern, was the strongest entry in regards to practical punctuation.  That doesn't mean there weren't other strong entries - because there were - but I found the least to say and the most to praise when reviewing ilutiern's choices.

Thank you to everyone who participated.  It was a wonderful experience, and I hope the writers (and the watchers) got as much out of the workshop as I did.



Congratulations everyone and thank you for your hard work! Look out for our news article and journal with our next workshop and we're onto free for all with poprocksandcharlotte - 'It's elementary, my dear Watson; Crime writing and formulaic principles'

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I think ~CyberPhantom commented on nearly every submission.

I know I saw her avatar over and over again as I looked through the submissions.