Jon-Law's Workshop: Results

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Jon-Law's Workshop: Results

May 4, 2008

A word from Writers-Workshop: Good work with a lot of variety this time; from stories to limericks, we enjoyed it all.

Thank you, Jon-Law, for workshopping with us, and doing it in style, too.

:star: Special Mention: I don't remember Writers-Workshop receiving a limerick before, so this may just be the first. Even if it isn't, Life: a limerick by Amy--Louise is good fun to read.

Jon-Law's Comments

Ok, that was more work than I expected. It was also, thanks God, more entertaining. Not that I thought you'd all be literary Steve Erkels, just maybe literary Jimmy Fallons. It's not an easy thing to write funny; the best way to learn is to try, then get told how it's not funny, but how it could be. Some pieces were overtly funnier than others, but they've all got at least a glimmer of promise.

Instead of picking favourites I'll just tell you what I liked best about each entry.

In no particular order


The Dish and the Spoon by Gibah.

That the cow is the wise one.

In Sanity pt. 1 by Mizusaka

The name "Alexander Johnathan-Walter Gretzky."

Gourmet Novel Recipe by BeccaJS

The too-believable combination of hobby writing and a distracting cat. Also the recipe format, classic.

The Magnificent Madame Mim by sammehsweet

The characters and the grunting.

The Pocket Monkey by TagViiloru

One of the oldest and funniest slapstick scenes, dude vs. monkey.


Number 2s taste best by inspiredimperfection

"Whatever. It's gone."

Concerto Starnuto by batousaijin

The first of two snobby classical art critiques, both smirk-worthy middle fingers to dead fops.

Thoughts by GaioumonBatou

"Way to go, Stravinsky, way to go."


The contrariness to public opinion. Certainly not the all caps, my ears (eyes?) are still ringing.

Life: a limerick by Amy--Louise


A Kitten's Tale by Deltabeta

The fond calling to mind of a Calvin & Hobbes poem.

Bathroom by daowns

Not the sort of poem you bring the kids to. It wants some work, go give him the benefit of your writing wisdom.

Charge of the Orc Brigade by wyldhoney

Humour in the vein of D&D or WoW might be an acquired taste, but "Canine to the left of me / Canine to the right!" is a classic play on a classic line, appreciable by all.

War Memories by Yuskity

The daring into darker territory, which, though it sounds counterintuitive, compromises none of the humour.

Cheers to everyone who had the stones to get picked apart. To those who didn't, give it a try, it's actually quite pleasant if you've got some oil and a midget to rub it on you.


Congratulations, everyone! Look out for our news article and journal with the start of our mysterious fifth cycle.

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