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:new::new: Now looking for workshops for 2012 onwards! If you have hosted before, you are welcome to host again! The more ideas, the merrier! :heart:

Hosting a Workshop

Did you know that any member can host a workshop? If you feel you have something you can offer and would like to share this with your fellow writers, then why not consider hosting your own workshop? All you need to do is fill out our wonderful proposal form and tell us what you would like to do.

:star: If you want to host a workshop, but are stuck for ideas, why not check out the comments under our What would you like to see? journal and find out what out members are interested in!


:bulletred: Before filling out the application form, please ensure that you agree and follow these rules.

1. You must already be a member of Writers-Workshop. We'd prefer you to have participated in one or more of our previous workshops already, so you have an understanding of our format.

2. Please only send in one proposal at a time. We appreciate enthusiasm, but if you focus your attention on one workshop it will likely be a stronger application.

3. Please have a clear idea of what your workshop will be about. We will not accept any vague proposals (i.e. "Well I was thinking something about poetry" ).

4. You are willing to commit to the workshop period you are given. We understand you may have a life outside the internet, but as we ask hosts to review the entries, make top picks and critique as much as possible, we do need a fair degree of commitment from you.

5. If your application has been rejected, please wait at least a month before you send in another proposal.

6. If you have previously hosted a workshop, please wait two months before you submit your next one to give others a chance to have a go.

7. Please carefully consider the content of the workshop you are planning. We look for people who have some kind of experience in the subject area they want to workshop. (For example, please don't ask to host a workshop on children's prose if you have never written for children before!).

8. We do look at your deviantArt galleries as part of the workshop application. This is to review your suitability for hosting your intended workshop.


Please fill out the fields listed below and send your application via note to Writers-Workshop with the subject line: ‘Workshop Proposal’

:bulletgreen: Your Deviant name:
:bulletgreen: Your workshop title:
:bulletgreen: Intended focus: Prose/Poetry, or if you are open to having both included in your intended workshop.
:bulletgreen: Task proposal: Please give us as much detail as possible in this field, including a brief of your workshop commentary, what the task will consist of and links to any resources you may be using.


Should you host a workshop with us, we have a few requests and expectations of hosts, which might be a good idea to keep in mind when applying.

:bulletred: You will be expected to host for a period of time (three weeks) that we will chose to fit into the workshop schedule. We will do our best to have your dates scheduled well in advance. If you are unable to host during the time we designate to you, we will need at least a week's notice before your workshop is set to start so that way we can have proper time to account for this.

:bulletred: The group moderating team will be assisting with the workshop as best they can; however, if the workshoppers have questions in regard to the focus of the workshop, it is expected that replies to these questions and concerns will be prompt.

:bulletred: When the submission period is over, hosts are expected to leave feedback for the workshoppers in regard to the subject matter. Nothing else is required, per se, but many workshop hosts in the past have left critique for the workshop participants, which is greatly appreciated on the end of those taking part in the workshop.

:bulletred: Hosts are also expected to have a results write-up after the submission and critique periods are over, as a means of wrapping up the workshop. These write-ups will be posted in the workshop blog on the last day of the workshop (we will inform you of the date for this).

:bulletred: As a workshop host, you will be given certain rights to manage the group. This will include the allowance to post journals and accept/reject submissions to the workshop gallery. It also means you will have temporary access to our back room and private areas. If you are accepted as a host, we expect you to treat these areas with respect and privacy.

:star: If you have any questions in regard to this page, feel free to leave them on this journal or send us a note via the ‘contact us’ button.

Good luck!

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I will see what happens at the beginning of the year, because I'm interested in hosting one if I can manage it.