GunShyMartyr's Workshop: Twisted Stories

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GunShyMartyr's Workshop: Twisted Stories

This workshop is now CLOSED. See below for a list of entries. In case your entry is missing (We hope it isn't.), please note us. We encourage participants and other watchers of Writers-Workshop to offer critique to these entries. This is a workshop, after all. :)


November 11, 2007

Our first workshop guest

Besides being a hands-on literature GD, GunShyMartyr is a wonderful storyteller. To know more about him, read <a…>this interview or better still, browse his gallery.

For our first workshop, GunShyMartyr has a prose challenge. Read ahead!

Twisted Stories

:icongunshymartyr:: "Write a short story with an unexpected ending. It can be a twist, or a shocking surprise, or a final paragraph that shifts everything that came before it into a new light.

"It would be best to plan out the details before you sit down and write it all out, but if you can't stand doing story plans then go with whatever works for you. Also, anyone who ends their story with "and it was all a dream" will be shot. Really."

A note from Writers-Workshop: There is no word limit. However, please make sure your entry isn't unnecessarily long. All descriptions, characterisations, sub-plots and tangents must be relevant to the short story. This workshop isn't about boring your workshop host, it's about writing a polished piece of prose. Also, keep an eye out for poor spelling and grammar. Happy writing. :)

How to enter

Send your entry in by note to Writers-Workshop by Midnight November 21, 2007. All times are set for GMT

GunShyMartyr will respond to the entries on November 25.

:+fav: our news article!


November 21, 2007

Entries (in alphabetical order of deviant's username):

Dogma on a Leash by apocathary
I too, was powerful by BeccaJS
Goodbye Mama by danielzklein
The Enchanted Shoes by CrimsonThrenody
City life by CrystalSeeker
Not Even A Mouse by evilredcaboose
Special. updated. by inspiredimperfection
Writers' Workshop Story I</a> by itzjusdrama
Goodby Sarah by kittyfantastic24
Kisses Don't Lie by LadyLincoln
K Prabhu by lovetodeviate
Red Dress by Queen-of-Marigold
Family Secret by dr3amup
Mrs Sarah Breecher by trippedinahole
Dying Lavender by Valkirie
No More Life, No More Love by xCamix

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OH! These were wonderful. <3

>>. -will go and consider writing short stories and get into these writing contests- =D

<<. Awesome turnout.