Generatinghype's Workshop: Dialogue

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03rd January 2008

This Workshop is now CLOSED. All entries that have been submitted are listed below.

We appreciate comments and feedback from any of our members to be given to these pieces, even if they haven’t submitted a piece themselves.

Thank you

2nd January 2008

Happy New year everyone!

The deadline for the current workshop is midnight tonight GMT- that's about 10 hours from this update!

Please get your entries in as soon as possible.

30th December 2007

Hello everyone,

This is just a quick reminder to all that the deadline for this workshop is the 2nd of January. Any submissions received after this date will still be accepted, but we remind you that you may miss any feedback given.

Another resource that may be very helpful to you all in this workshop is WordCount’s grammar article: Wrath of the Grammar Nazi

:heart: If you haven’t already, please send some love to our News Article

We hope everyone enjoys the New Year celebrations and remember- drink too much, it’s the one night you can get away with it!

(but stay safe of course!)

24th December 2007

GeneratingHype’s Workshop: Dialogue

We’re back to prose this fortnight and kick starting our second cycle is none other than the much loved GeneratingHype. Nominated as one of this years deviants of the year, GeneratingHype has been a prominent force in the movements of the literature community. Notable marks this guy has made include some excellent contests, literature discussions and community participation- we knew he wouldn’t be able to resist hosting a workshop!


Discovering Dialogue

“The purpose of this workshop is to help people break away from common misconceptions regarding dialogue in print and to help give writers the tools to use dialogue effectively to both further plot and add depth to a story. All writers are encouraged to apply--especially those who have trouble writing dialogue into their stories.”

“Myths and Beliefs About Dialogue-in-Print- There is currently a poll to view about these Dialogue ‘rules’ and a new forum thread in Writers-Workshop’s journal to continue the discussion.

“Writers are asked to write a short story or sketch (no more than 3,000 words) where at least one major episode of dialogue occurs. (In the interest of sanity, a major episode of dialogue is more than 10 lines of dialogue where the speakers switch at least 5 times.) However, writers are encouraged to tell as much of the story as possible using dialogue to convey the most important points.”

“A sampling from the submitted deviations will be reviewed against the "Myths" and "Rules" list and specific advice/constructive criticism will be given to said pieces. General advice will be given to each piece (though not all pieces will be featured) in addition to the "Dialogue Resource Deviation" offered to participants and watchers.”

A note from Writers-Workshop: Here are some rules you must follow:

:pointr: This is a PROSE workshop- any poetry submissions will be ignored.
:pointr: As requested, all submissions should have no more than 3000 words.
:pointr: Your writing must be submitted as a new deviation or scrap. Please try to refrain from using an older piece of work.
:pointr: Give your piece a good edit before you send it in. And, of course, have fun writing! :)

How to Enter:

After submitting your entry as a new deviation or scrap, send us a note with a link to your writing. Include the subject line "DIALOGUE" in your note. The deadline is midnight January 2nd, 2008. All times are set for GMT

Giving Thanks and Feedback

It’s been a fantastic launch to our new community and we couldn’t have done it without the vast amount of genuine support and attention everyone has given to this project. Without you loving these articles, joining our community or even joining in the workshops, this project would have fallen at its first hurdle.

Our special thanks go to GunShyMartyr, somestrangebirds and StJoan who have shown nothing but support for us and dedicated themselves to contributing the past three workshops. There are many reasons these three people are GDs and this is one of them! :heart:

We would also like to thank all of our members, especially those who have consistently contributed some valuable and positive feedback to everyone who has participated in the workshops. We hope you stay with us for the long haul and continue to participate! :heart:

Finally, if any of you have any feedback for us as a community and suggestions as to how we could improve, we have an open discussion forum in our journal.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

Writers-Workshop would like to wish everyone on DA and their families a very merry Christmas and indeed a joyous new year! Take care everyone and enjoy yourselves!

Thank you!

This workshops entries (in alphabetical order):

A Matter of Jealousy</b> by cairnthecrow
Bobby</b> by darksouldream
The Conversation</b> by DariusTheRed
Ashes to Ashes</b> by Erinamis
John Bruckhenman</b> by EvenAfterTwelve
Can You Hear Me?</b> by illuminara
Of Blaise and Toast></b> by itzjusdrama
Let’s Talk</b> by JosephBenton
No Second Chances</b> by J-Jammer
The Elephant in the Cafe</b> by kittyfantastic24
Confession</b> by dr3amup
Kris and Christ </b> by sejongkim1979
Happy Smoog </b> by TheLightsWentOutIn99
Grannys Fairytale</b> by xCamix

Round up on Sunday, followed by a rather interesting poetry workshop by TheHungerArtist that will challenge everyone on their ' poms'!


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Been commenting on a few of the pieces, figured its the least I could do after not submitting anything.